Dyeing Your Pheromone


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Luo Xingyun is a straight Beta man, an ordinary and fringe character with only mathematics and physics in his heart.

Two seats away from him was the top Alpha Pei Yan, who is handsome and compelling, a schoolboy in the south of the city, and a master of all disciplines.

One day, Luo Xingyun witnessed Pei Yan being surrounded by school bullies in an alley. So, he silently pulled his misty blue turtleneck sweater up to the top of his head, picked up the crowbar, and gave the school bully a sap from behind, securing Pei Yan’s victory.

He fl**ked off his clothes when it was over and hid his merit and fame deeply.

Since then, the legend of a well-known thug has been circulating in the college. No matter how the school bully tries to track him down, there is no clue at all.

But then… Luo Xingyun realized Pei Yan was always staring at him vaguely since then.

A few days later, Pei Yan asked Luo Xingyun to go to his dormitory.

Luo Xingyun pushed the door and entered. He found Pei Yan sitting there, concentrating on his misty blue turtleneck sweater.

In front of him, Pei Yan rolled up his sleeves with fair fingers, and held them to the side of his face like a gentleman inviting him to dance. He even sniffed him lightly.

“It smells good.” He said with dark eyes staring at him.

Luo Xingyun: “…Classmate, I’m Beta.”

Pei Yan: “Are you sure?”

Luo Xingyun collected his own body surface secretions and even distilled a bottle of pure Omega pheromone.

It is Pei Yan who is biologically compatible with the differentiation at the age of 18.

The process of differentiation is unstable, Pei Yan enters the susceptible period at the same time, A value explodes, and a series of psychological problems appear, including monopolistic desire, aggressive desire, protective desire, destructive desire, and all kinds of unknown dark thoughts.

The doctor advised Luo Xingyun and Pei Yan to set up a support group. Pei Yan protects Luo Xingyun’s safe differentiation while Luo Xingyun gives Pei Yan psychological guidance and maintains reason.

Luo Xingyun: “How can you get better?”

Pei Yan stared at his long and white neck and gently l**ked his canine teeth: “If you let me take a bite, I will be alright.”

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Nhiễm Phải Pheromone Của Em
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cookieconquerer rated it
August 10, 2023
Status: Completed
This isn't great but it's not the worst either. The synopsis makes you think this is a sweet story, it is not and instead is a series of the MC encountering bullying/near-r*pe scenarios with campus life thrown in. Sweet/romantic scenes, while present, are not the real focus. also, trigger warning for this story: forced/r*pe situations. School bullying/violence.

I have several main issues with this novel that makes me think the writer is young/this is an immature work for them.

First, for an omegaverse with 6 genders somehow the shou is obsessed with being a 'straight man.' This makes no sense in a native omegaverse dweller. Sure there are men and women but in a universe where beta also have g**ital cavities in both sexes this concept clearly doesn't fit. In addition, unless I read it wrong, in the early story there was even a throwaway line about 'gay' marriage being legalized. Which again, makes no sense. It doesn't help his switch from 'straight' to 'gay' was very sudden. There is no transmigration so I have no idea how this concept would even sprout here.

In addition, the execution of the alpha/omega is very immature/poorly built. In the first place there's some measurement system for alphas but omegas don't have a rating system.

Our alpha has some kind of power with his pheromones such that they can become physical entities/an extension of himself. No one else has comparable powers other than 'seeing' pheromones. Omega don't seem to have anything special/comparable power wise. Counseling is mentioned offhand but not elaborated on. The fact our shou is a late differentiator becomes more of a forced plot device through the first half of the story with him having fevers etc, and while they SAY they should be concerned the actions of medical staff/adults don't always match up. In the first place, how is a late differentiator unable to obtain state support, you would think they'd be more likely to receive government subsidy/support due to the higher likelihood of medical issues. Also, how is it the student's responsibility to change his gender in the school? Why is his brother not proactive in making sure the hospital/school are up to date in this supposedly serious situation? He's his guardian but basically thrown in there just to be an evil mother in law.
Also, The principal being so focused on 'early love' rather than actual issues in front of him is infuriating and every few chapters in the book. Like you see a student get out of a nice car once and assume he was lying about being a poor student all this time and decide he doesn't need the scholarship/subsidy for omega students? What. A student tells you he's differentiating/an omega and you assume it's a joke?

Gender differences are mentioned and the author uses almost r*pe/forced situations to demonstrate this and make our 'genius' shou decide to study biology in his spare time to improve inhibitors. Because not studying/improving them means his 'head was in the sand.' Perhaps this is to demonstrate high school main character syndrome but tell me how he has any responsibility to 'fix' this? Being good at math/physics does not mean you can just automatically lead experiments for biological agents.

In addition, I found the shou's brother particularly irritating in his obliviousness when his brother was kidnapped. Like you didn't see anything wrong with your late-differentiating brother suddenly sending you an address? Didn't think to check whether it was an alpha etc? Then, after a medical situation where your brother was almost r*ped etc the focus is on who bit him to save his life rather than the bullies who trapped him/delayed his care?? His friends supposedly visited you often to learn instruments but you had to go to the school to choose one to play spy/interference between the gong/shou?? Overall, the shou's family situation is a bit ridiculous and overly pitiful.


Another constant plot device is the use of netizens/school network. For a campus novel these netizens are irritatingly constantly self-inserting like the authors' mini-fangirling session. Towards the end I just started skipping all those whole sections of chapters and did not feel like I missed anything.

Personally was not a fan of his friend group, which was constantly referred to as the 'autistic' group. While they're a staple of campus novel, their personalities were not fun for me to read. Perhaps they were just too 'teenager-esque' to me?

Finally, the shou is a math/physics lover and this novel throws out terms/theories like money is free. He uses it as a love language, and while quirky it does get a bit dull. I definitely started to skim. May have rolled my eyes a few times, which was decent exercise lol.

The gong is a typical alpha. Throughout the story he will continually paint himself as black then compare the shou to snow (which is apparently what the shou's pheromone smells like, if that's even a smell). So be ready for that little metaphor to repeat over and over.

If this story does anything it's repeat itself/structure like a student cramming before a test repeating vocab words like they're a mantra. It's basically a cycle between the classroom, early love, bullied, classroom, almost r*pe, classroom-early love- and so on. Hence why I can only say it's average but really not a novel I would recommend. Bullying/almost r*pe situations are a constant plot device which I'm not a fan of.

It's not a sweet/fluffy story. The shou isn't the whiny/weak type, so guess it has that going for it?
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 9, 2023
Status: Completed
While I do agree with a lot of the things a previous review says, I think its a nice pass time read. It's not really something I'd recommend reading if you're there for a quality read though.

Like a previous review said, there's a lot of s*xual harassment that happens both to the MC and other characters. There is also mentions of marital r*pe and child ab*se as well.

What I liked about this story was how we got to see the character growth of the MC and ML. The MC grows... more>> to overcome his past shadows and learn to accept love while the ML battles himself to control his possessive (kinda yandere) nature. I loved seeing the interactions they had between their friends and classmates, as well as the online forum lol.

I found it a little confusing so I will put it here, they are high school students, around 15-17 for the duration of the novel, so don't expect them to act mature all of the time.

Overall there are a bunch of plot holes and some repetition, but I would still rec for a light read. I would not read for quality. <<less
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