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The demonic army is where the worst of the worst gather. A man who survived for close to ten years, the illegitimate son of the Valt family, Raven Valt, is assigned to accompany Duke Alan Pendragon, the contractor of the white dragon, and be his guard. But due to an unknown conspiracy he is killed along with the duke and his dragon, Soldrake. When he opens his eyes, he’s back seven years in the past, and even more strangely, as Alan Pendragon…

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백룡공작 팬드래건
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41 Reviews

New Asphyxia778
Nov 28, 2023
Status: --
Came from the manhwa. The plot is good but the romance really throws off the story and doesn't make sense. Dumbs down the characters. Honestly this story would be better as a action revenge story only. Also some settings don't make sense like The Pendragon is a ducal household how do they not have soldiers and control over their own villages. It's absurd.

The story could have been better
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Mar 05, 2021
Status: c30
Korean novel written in style closer to western fantasy.

Concepts of system and any kinds of levels / power classification do not exist here.

It's also breaking the common sense of fantasy novels by making most of the lowest level creatures much stronger and more useful (like goblins who are sly reconnaissance experts in the army and portraying orcs as almighty high level creatures capable of going 1vs100 against soldiers). It's not bad but still feels somewhat strange.

At first I planned to continue reading it while treating it as a novel with... more>> somewhat unusual setting and strange common sense but its world-building is simply too half-assed and ludicrous. Sometimes author can even pull something completely nonexistent out of his ass.
    • As one of the 5 strongest families in the empire Pendragon Dukedom is described close to a level of some random village chief. They can't even gather 100 soldiers for an expedition. Even some random thugs have more than 50 people in their band close to duke's territory.
    • They don't even have control over surrounding villages. What a joke. Can the setting be any more absurd?
    • Knights and soldiers are useless. Their get-up is at the level of some street hudlums and beggars.
    • Ruthless MC who is accustomed to the sight of orgies somehow transformed into stuttering blushing ret*rd.
    • After successful expedition with 0 casualties author put some ridiculous scene showing how MC is going around giving compensations to the families of deceased soldiers.
The last one completely killed my interest in this series. This author is simply too delusional. MC didn't even have much soldiers in the first place, I have no idea where author suddenly found tens of families who needed to be compensated.

It's hard to imagine what other strange things will be introduced in the future. <<less
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: c177
Dropped at 177 due to how the author handles women. Directly relates to the previous review from Ujer, coincidentally.

Translation is great, and the concepts aren't bad, if not particularly original, but the writing...

... more>>

So let's talk about Lindsay and Luna: both are major chars and love interests for the MC, but they get written very differently. Lindsay is written to be much like a loyal dog who is submissive to the MC but showers him with unconditional adoration (and also has huge tits, which the author reminds you of basically every time Lindsay is mentioned), while Luna is shown as having some agency and some smarts right from the start.

Luna is one of the first to realize the MC has changed since they've been reincarnated and quickly decides not to side with the people around her opposing him. She also goes out of her way to try to bridge the rift between her family and his caused by them breaking off their betrothal (rightfully, given that the MC's body was previously owned by an incompetent idiot who was in a coma).

The romance competition ends up being framed as Lindsay, Luna, and the princess (who is basically characterized as Luna v2 complete with previous betrothal but with a higher title and less face time in the story so far), and... the MC's sister, kind of (at one point she gets physically placed with the other romance options and competes for her brother's attention with them and supposedly loves her brother really deeply etc. She's also weirdly interested in her brother's s*x life, and is either c*ck-blocking him or throwing women at him at various points. It's... weird).

Luna, the char with the most face time, the most smarts, and the most agency ends up "blinded by love" and unwittingly leads the MC's nemesis and two assassins to him, in disguise. However, she "redeems" herself by throwing herself into the knife meant for MC, saving his life by giving her own etc etc.

MC, who has been portrayed as cold and calculating thus far, suddenly learns the meaning of love because of this. He doesn't return Luna's at all, but immediately goes out of his way take extra care of his family and finally decided to lose his v-card with Lindsay. So the smart girl gets dropped, while the big titty maid advances.

This v-card bit gets a full, agonizing, chapter at 176, followed by a chapter of the castle gossiping about it and the MC getting congratulated for it in 177. This is a thing in part because the author has repeatedly set up situations where MC has been alone and romantic with his legal wife/concubine Lindsay, but hasn't touched her because he's been interrupted, usually by his sister.

All together, it's just weird and kind of creepy, and feels ridiculously forced. This is far from the worst I've read or anything (no aphrodisiac bullshit, no explicit misogyny, no r*pe, yet), but it's just so incredibly awkward that it stands out, especially since the author put some effort into constructing this rather than it just being some lazy crutch (like an aphrodisiac, or r*pe, or whatever).

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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet
Jan 25, 2021
Status: c12
What seemed to be interesting is marred by bad writing and the typical shitty Korean misunderstandings that annoy readers at how s*upid it makes the characters seem.

MC takes over someone’s body years before and we are always reminded of this every chapter it seems, you’d think this is a Chinese novel with the way stuff gets repeated over and over.

Romance is shit, woman who wanted to break the engagement started to have feelings when he broke it. He still keeps her around for no reason which goes to show that... more>> she’ll be his partner later in the novel.

So much s*upid sh*t that the author took from other novels to shove into this one. <<less
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Feng Tian
Feng Tian
Jan 30, 2021
Status: c39
While the novel appears mildly interesting in the beginning it doesn't take all that long for rather severe flaws to appear:

1: Soldrake is absurdly overpowered, at the very least in the beginning. Nothing can threaten him and his army with his dragon waifu at his side

2: The cliche of recruiting his enemies best chess pieces. Only that he doesn't even go out of his way to do so. He just lucks out.

3: His enemies (and allies) are mildly lacking in the mental faculties. And with that I mean a 4-year... more>> old could run circles around them without breaking a sweat.

By no means an exhaustive list, but its pretty clear this novel is going nowhere. <<less
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Jan 23, 2021
Status: c34
Very generic hero, very generic plotline disguised as something unique, very generic harem. Its not a bad read but its nothing special either. Dialogue is pretty generic. Plot is generic. Hero is generic. So many plot points that should have possibly be saved and expanded as we progress through the world has been rushed into this slush within the first few chapters. It gives me the same overarching feel that "Mages are too OP" does so if thats your kind of novel then feel free to read this.
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May 24, 2021
Status: c158
Novel itself is quite enjoyable even though there is glaring plot hole like a dukedom has so few soldiers. The author try to justified it but really, it is kind of forced and weak.

I have tried to ignore it but in latest chapter (158), the author tried to forced a conflict by making a noble lady to travel with less known merchant with no escort at all. That is s*upidity to the highest and truly just a lazy writing.

I felt really annoyed with this s*upid writing and no justification can... more>> be given other than the author think the reader is s*upid enough to believe this is possible. This lazy writing alone cost two star reduction. <<less
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Jan 22, 2021
Status: c34
Premise: Convict Soldier dies in the battlefield but goes back in time. The twist is that he's in the body of a hero named Alan Pendragon instead of his old body. Him as a 17 year old Alan Pendragon, wakes up from a 3 year coma, 7 years in the past, with a Dukedom in shambles, a weak body and lots of infamy, nothing like the previous image of said hero. Now he must find out what happened, all while regaining the Dukedom's former glory and trying to avenge his... more>> original family's death.

I left some things out because the premise was already a little convoluted. Like a contracted dragon and some kind of mysterious power the soldier named Raven had before his time travel. What matters is that the novel is pretty good. Well written with expositions at the right places, well balanced descriptions and little to no random info dumps, there isn't a gamelit system and the people in the world have to actually work for their skills and magic, which is pretty rare in korean novels.

While the MC is a little bland and too perfect but the rest of the cast makes up for it. One of my favorite characters so far is a non important side character called Killian, which mocks the MC at first, gets his nut squashed and then redeems himself as a trustworthy and charismatic knight. It was a great character arc. The great aunt ghost was also great and funny. Seems like a trend of the side characters being more interesting than the main ones.

The plot is also interesting, with foreshadowing to a time travel paradox and the meddling of gods, pulling strings and causing the deaths of many people. The worldbuilding seems dnd-like in regards to monsters and magic: dragons, griffons, goblins, orcs, fighters, berserkers, mages, druids, etc.

I'll stop here since there are only 34 chapters so far and my goal was to elaborate on the premise and convince you to read. Translantion is excellent as usual and I hope this gets lots of attention. A great choice of novel for wuxiaworld (finally!). Hopefully it'll remain great until the end. <<less
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Nov 24, 2021
Status: c263

Please just no..

It was so great! But after chapter 200 everything just went to sh*t slowly but surely.

... more>> and I gave up after ch 263 and went through the ending spoilers myself, and f*cking hell the ending will let you be unfulfilled and be suspense

Harem tag? F*ck that don't even include that in this shit. Even the Main one SOL the dragon doesn't get what it deserves

absolutely disappointing, I was having so many great expectations and hopes as I was really attached to the characters. But now It f*cking tore me apart.

I thought if I stay through it. And endured it. Things would get better, but damn it doesn't. Lingering some little hopes but even so shattered

spent a week nonstop reading this. I regret it much. <<less
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Sep 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Here's my relatively short review of the novel since this novel has a LOT of world-building in it as well as decent/average character development.
    • The MC is a typical somewhat ruthless, somewhat scheming/cunning, and powerful protagonist that is not necessarily as overpowered as most "shounen protagonists", but still powerful enough to hold his own ground against his foes or in battles. It appears that the protagonist is overall pretty "omniscient" in a sense like most Korean novel protagonists where they always have hidden cards, maneuvers, or back-up plans in case the first plan doesn't go the way it should have. It's important to note that Raven/Alan Pendragon (they're the same for most of the novel) is someone who was a commoner that was thrown into constant battles and wars for a decade and got reincarnated into a seemingly golden-spoon-fed life of Alan Pendragon so it's understandable that he doesn't truly act like a noble or someone as high class (like the female protagonists of your average/generic villainess novels do miraculously in a few days of transmigrating) . You can count manners and etiquette thrown out the window as well as the novel's seemingly built common sense since the protagonist only obeys the rules that benefit him in the end (not complaining about it though) .
    • The "love interests" are Soldrake, Luna, Lindsay, and Ingrid, but let me rephrase that. It's love interests, but they're the ones in-love with the protagonist first, not the other way around or not even mutual love initially. I can't say too much without spoiling the entire of the novel, but you can ensure that the first signs of romance you see in the beginning 50 chapters of the novel are going to be his main love interests. His love interests aren't as annoying as your typical harem novel love interests, but some of them are quite a pain to deal with mentally (the princess being one that I personally dislike the most) . There are good interactions between all of these "love interest" characters, even if they're not out of romantic interest, and I'm quite happy with who he does end up with in the epilogue (you won't be disappointed, I promise) .
    • For the "adventure" or "action" scenes, it seems that the novel skips them from time to time, I think? For example, let's say the protagonist was going to do something. The next chapter that follows will exclude any details of the battle or action/adventure scene and it will just follow-up with the results like the battle already happened and us, the readers, were supposed to know what happened. Don't worry though, for the most part, the important scenes are there, but the action sequences are really summarized so don't expect action scenes explained as well as novels like The Second Coming of Gluttony or Overgeared. If you're into those kinds of scenes, then go read those novels since they have much better written-out scenes (also involves romance/harem so I'm sure it floats your boat if you're reading this as well) .
I saw a lot of people being curious about the ending and I know that the ending plays a huge role in the overall "attractiveness" of the novel since I personally have a bad track record of reading Korean novels that get axed out of nowhere, have relatively weird/odd endings, wrap up the story by obliterating every character one by one, or use some weird last-minute cliche to "kill off" the protagonist to only bring them back a chapter or two later proclaiming "oh hey, I'm fine so you shouldn't cry". So, to help out anyone who hates these types of "bad endings", you decide below by reading the somewhat detailed spoiler about this novel's ending and key points to see if this ending is or is not to your taste. I personally have mixed feelings about it since a lot of details that I wanted to know about ending were left out or really ambiguous.


Okay, so to start off, I will just say this information that I am about to reveal is based off the combination of MTL'ing, reading the Korean raw chapters (since I can read Korean) , and looking through the Korean wiki page for this novel to confirm what I read was "correct". It should be noted that the author of this novel did give off a feeling that he did get lazy after the climax of the story in which he starts to get mediocre in his writing technique by using more stereotypical fantasy reincarnation cliche's, purposeful dumb decisions made by female harem candidates, and unnecessary superficial tension to build up "suspense". First, Luna is dead; she died when the villain killed her and has her "soul" of some sort trapped in some weird magic spell that takes on her figure. The protagonist does kill "her" but it essentially is just freeing Luna's soul from the evil magician, allowing her to go to heaven I suppose. The protagonist does end up with Lindsay and has two children with her for the "second part" of the entire novel. Then in the "third part" and epilogue, the Soldrake and the protagonist sacrifices themselves in a battle (so yes, Lindsay is left a widow) where Soldrake dies before the protagonist for some ambiguous reason, most likely due to her sacrificing herself to protect the MC in an indirect manner. They are then told in the heaven realm or supposed transcendent realm that the battles that they fought so far are related to a major battle between the various gods that exist in the upper realm. A bit of discussion later, Soldrake and the protagonist are revived thanks to the other gods, the God of Light, and the Demon God (the Demon God is a good guy in this novel) ; the Demon God also states that the protagonist will most likely end up as the next Demon God years later along with Soldrake ascending to Godhood as well to be a Dragon God. This part is most likely due to, in my own hypothesis, the fact that the gods themselves have granted Soldrake and the protagonist their wishes to be revived back in the world but are probably given bodies made from the same energy/material from the heaven realm hence making them immortal (so the progression would be human -> Demi-god -> God) . To follow through, the protagonist and Soldrake returned seven years later into their world where Lindsay and her two children grew up a bit without our protagonist around, but apparently, the protagonist is a bit too self-conscious to appear before his family since he's supposed to be "dead". He notices that one of his children, the son, is kidnapped by some shadow-like figures and rescues him. He also learned that Elena Pendragon (his mother) is dead and someone tried to impersonate her as well which leads to him rescuing his biological younger sister, Mia, from another shadow organization member that was about to assault her. This leads to the reunion with his family and it's assumed that he also was able to reunite with his wife, Lindsay, and the two children altogether hence having an overall happy ending with Soldrake as his supposed second wife involved as well.

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Jul 28, 2021
Status: c219
at chapter 219 the author decides that he wanted to no longer write the novel and gave up what a joke dude
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Dec 13, 2021
Status: c357
The novel is ok but I don't like the direction it is heading. I should have dipped when I had the chance but I stuck through to 300+ chapters, even went through the raws as I was hoping that it got better but my expectations did not bear any fruit.

To start off I didn't like how the author handled a lot of the female characters. Though this has a harem tag it's not a harem. All the author is doing is just throwing ladies at the MC just for him... more>> to push them to the side. As love never really blossoms and is one-sided from the female perspective. At some point, it turns very similar to wuxia novels or even worse, where it seems like the author didn't know how to progress the storytelling so they just throw in a female character that just so happens to be this important so and so daughter that like the MC to move the story forward.

Plus I didn't like how they treated some of the side characters.

The author didn't show much mercy and kill off some of the important side characters. Some of the deaths were fitting, some feel like the author was done with the book and just did so to end it all.


Overall, the beginning up to the arc where the MC clears his "original" family's name was the best. Everything else after just slowly went downhill from there. The battles and fights were still interesting but everything outside of those was just lackluster. This is just my opinion so take it for what it is. <<less
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Feb 15, 2021
Status: c59
Well, everyone seems to see only flaws in this novel, but I personally like it a little, I understand everyone want as much logic in everything as possible, but if you just let it go (in some cases it's better to just stop yoir brain) and just read, you'll suprisingly will start to enjoy it. Yes it seems unlogical, yes some things are cliche, but everything is not that bad, I give this nove 4 star (5 to make overall rating higher), because I was able to shut my brain... more>> while reading it and enjoyed it a lot. <<less
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Jan 31, 2021
Status: c42
A pleasant reading if you do not judge the mental faculty of each character that appears in each chapter.
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Aug 10, 2021
Status: --
Well well well how the turns have tabled...

Sigh this was going so well we were dodgin the harem and all

But then it came why it allways sucks and is wish fullfilment at its worst. Makes all the female characters worse and the MC a d*ck and an as*hole so yes I dropped this because of the harem. Ive never read a harem novel that the harem makes better just worse
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Ignis Lux
Ignis Lux
Mar 18, 2021
Status: c89
Duke Pendragon is great. I don’t understand how people are giving it 2/5 or similar ratings when they only read 20 or something chapters. The MC is both physically and mentally strong (as in he’s intelligent). Romance is great as it does not take center stage but is not left behind either. Love that the MC is from the onset cold and ruthless and we don’t have to read hundreds of character and hope for character development. Finally, the translation smooth and, although I've not really paid attention, I haven’t... more>> seen any errors. <<less
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Jan 23, 2021
Status: c36
Like the other said, this is a very generic novel where the MC (Raven Valt) travel back to 7 years ago to a different body (Alan Pendragon). He has power, status, loyal subordinate, and one thing that I like is his personality development.

Even though MC has plot armor on almost every arc, the interactions and misunderstandings between him and other character makes me enjoy this novel very well.

So, you can read this novel when you bored and confused cause 'there's no interesting reading'. Don't expect too much on plotline because... more>> like I said before, this is a very generic novel. <<less
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Mr. Disgruntle
Mr. Disgrunt
Jul 10, 2021
Status: c142
I enjoyed this novel



... more>> .

up until the point the author got lazy. What do I mean by lazy? Well, the author wants to endanger the MC, so he writes about the MC's enemies tricking his most-likely harem member (I dropped the novel at this point, so I'm not sure if she even becomes part of his harem). Under normal circumstances, you'd think, okay, sure, what's lazy about that? Seems like a valid plan. Well, this most-likely harem member was touted as an intelligent woman, one of the first people to notice the MC basically became a different person, and when a guy came up to her and was like, "I got ice cream on my boat, want some?" She was like, "Oh, nothing suspicious about that. Hell yeah, I'll go get me some ice cream all by my lonesome without my entourage of guards that have literally been following me since the start of the book."

This may be the only single instance in the book where the author gets lazy, but I wouldn't know because I'm not continuing. There are plenty of stories out there without characters who were lobotomized by the author for the sake of a plot point. I rated the book a 4/5 because it was a solid 4 before I dropped it, but if I had continued reading further, I'm guessing my rating would drop down to a 3. <<less
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Mar 24, 2021
Status: c95
I don't understand people rating this 1-2, sure this might not be the best but at least its decent enough, unlike tr*shes (which you should be rating 1-2 stars but somehow gets 4-5 ratings) that are anything but understandable. Also a reminder this is fantasy, expect logic not to fit here perfectly.

(Not putting spoiler tag even though I knew how to just to let new readers properly know the novel, not those biased ****)

1. The pendragon family is ONLY known for contracting the strongest dragon, soldrake, emphasis on... more>> only. So the duke died the contract got nulled and the supposed hier was not able to successfully inherit the contract then fell to coma. The whole territory was deemed to be lost unless the contract is established, so people left the territory in search of better life away from their current territory that doesn't have the protection of the dragon. And thats how the pendragon that was hailed as a glorious territory was reduced to one measly castle, few tattered soldiers and a few villages.

2. Now the MC is not a noble since he's from a family of knights but his an illegitimate child so his basically a commoner. Then he got set-up, his entire family framed and he thinks it was his fault, his father and brother plead guilty just to let him live. He got drafted to the demonic army (an empire army division) where the worst of the worst gathered, there he vowed he would cleanse the name of his family and take revenge so he moved with only those goals in mind so don't expect him to have experience with relationship and romance! He might have some experience with women but it was mostly about physical needs not about romance.

3. Soldrake (the ultimate waifu in this novel) might be the most powerful being in the world but she doesn't have enough power to destroy an empire alone, since the royal family are known to be powerful individually (i assumed them to be so, since prince Ian demonstrated that the royal family knows martial arts and there's no way their founder could be elected as emperor during the founding of the empire when one of his comrade contracted the strongest dragon) and there are also dukes that contracted dragons that can keep soldrake in check (of course with the empire's support).

4. Romance is decent, not the best but then again who expects an amazing romance from a harem-fantasy novel, only idiots would, we should be even thankful its decent. There are people complaining about the two ex-fiancée coming back to MC hoping to be loved, but the MC clearly rejected their advances, keep reading or at least don't post shitty reviews just cause you didn't let the issue conclude.

My rating should have been 4.6 but decided to rate this 5 since reviewers isn't doing this novel justice. <<less
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Jan 07, 2022
Status: --
Not gonna lie.
The Plot itself is not bad actually but seem likely romance part is ruin about 40% of good story just like that.

Aside from MC's mom, his second sister and his dragon.
The rest of those females can just dissapear for all I care.

The story will be MUCH MUCH better without them.

The way writer intuduce MC was so nice and cool but the way he/she just dump most females (Not include MC's mom, his second sister and his dragon of cause) to MC is just sooooo Sigh....

... more>>

I rather have he f**k all those those femals and leave them rather than have him like...
"I don't know how I fell about you but I f**k you anyway"


The most boring part for me is everytime the maid who later become his wife appear.
After 200CHs I basically skip every part that she popup in the scene.

She is Annoying as f**k!
I know its typical harem Novel but come on! <<less
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Jul 17, 2021
Status: c205
Honestly, this only shows that reviews can't be trusted. So many s*upid and biased people in these reviews that It's ridiculous. Just read it for yourself and you will se how god it is. I would say the only downside is how the MC was interrupted when he was with his wife, but it doesn't matter as eventually they will do their thing.

UPDATE: It's very disappointing how this novel became so bad. Unfortunately, I would give it 2 stars by the end and that's just for the first 200 chapters.... more>> After that it's a steaming hot of garbage. It's like the author changed. <<less
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