Duke, I Want a Child


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Julius was taken prisoner as her younger sister. She had been dressed as a man all her life, and her younger sister left a will to live normally.

Wear a pretty dress, meet a good man, have a lovely child, be happy…….

‘In other words, wear a dress, meet a man, have a baby.’

According to her sister’s instructions, she will marry into a marriage set by the enemy imperial family. Not surprisingly, the assassins come to the wedding night without a groom.

It turns out her husband is Theo Astolf, the enemy who destroyed his country?

…Well, he won’t even recognize it anyway.

“I want a woman who can survive by my side until the end.”

“I need a husband who can give me a child.”


“Baby, There’s no way to make it by myself. Can you help me?”


The moment when the interests of a woman who doesn’t know what’s normal and a man who’s never been ordinary coincide.

“…Huh, yeah! It tickles.”

“That sounds good. Can I continue?”

“Ah! Archduke, I, uh…….”

A romance that they didn’t even know began.

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아이가 필요해!
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c5
These are pretty short chapters and they read quickly, so as of chapter 5 this is clearly still setting things up.

What we have learned so far: the imperial family in this world are absolute dicks. They have selected 6 brides for our ML and then murdered each one almost immediately after the wedding. He has just returned from a fight (war?) to find out the 6th was brought the night before (and was married to him even though he wasn't there - wtf?). He is expecting to enter her room... more>> and find a corpse.

Chapter 5 is the guards snarking about this one being a fallen princess and the ML realising she's the only person he captured alive when he toppled a kingdom for the imperial family (as in, he didn't want to kill her so the imperial family will do this and then kill her in front of him because they are pricks and like to make him suffer). I'm hoping in chapter 6 he opens the door and it's our FL (very much still alive), since we haven't seen or heard anything about her yet.

So far he seems like a pretty decent person and the faceless imperial family are coming up on hatred inducing. It'll be interesting to see how this develops, but it's definitely too soon to provide an overall opinion/rating on this one. <<less
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