Survive As the Villain’s Cousin


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The criminal who appeared in the novel and turned the villain evil!

Who would’ve known I would be reincarnated as her?

I took a deep sigh and made a resolution.

‘Let’s raise the twins with love to prevent them from turning evil!’

However, after seeing the twins, the villains of this novel, sleeping peacefully in a cradle, I felt healed.

‘Alright. No matter what, let’s all live in the Duke’s house together…’

I won’t care about the novel, and get along with the twins, but the sub-male lead who shouldn’t have gotten involved is starting to get obsessed with me!


“……Why are you avoiding me?”

Sirius’ pink eyes shone in the moonlight.

I was so fascinated by his eyes that I couldn’t answer right away.

“Is it because I’m cursed?”

The husky voice sounded sorrowful.

I had to say that it wasn’t, but strangely, no sound came out of my mouth.

It was true I avoided you, but it was for your sake.

“Are you running away from me? You were the one who showed me the light, and now you’re scared?”

Although he spoke politely, his eyes were that of a beast who was looking for his prey.

I instinctively felt that he wasn’t putting up a pretense like usual. He was being serious. The feelings that came from my heart were hitting me honestly.

“Please, please, don’t take another step back. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Ah. Where did I go wrong?

I just tried to stop the villain from turning evil, but why did the sub-male lead become black?

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September 19, 2021
Status: c13
Its okay but the Holy Mary attitute, willful blindness and passiviness of the FL got on my nerves, I had to recheck this wasnt a Japanese novel since it sure felt like one.

... more>>

The og!Sernia was actually inocent and was cursed into insanity and DEATH by the Nanny because her existance stopped the Nanny from having her cake and eating it too (keeping her cushy job and having her child in the mansion with her) and when she tried to curse the FL too but was foiled by the butterfly effect the FL begged the Duke for the right to judge her and she just fired her arggghhh, before the FL keeps going on and on about how it was og!sernia fault that the twins where ruined and all the deaths caused by them, but yet when the true culprit was there she let her off freely, she released into the world the kind of person that will curse a blameless CHILD into insanity and even worse that woman was completly unrepentant, was only sorry she did not succed and was discovered and did not came across as particulary mentaly stable, what the heck FL?! I actually feel sorry for her child that now will have her under the same roof (I actually really hope the Duke had her killed or imprisoned behind the FL back), and no, just firing her its not enough for literally cursing a CHILD a fricking child under her care and failing, its like saying that a babysitter should just be fired after she tried to shoot the child and only failed after she pulled the trigger because she got scammed with defective bullets. That offence if not punishment deserves at least containment from society (via jail or mental institution)

Later on inmediatly forgiving the girl that over some jeaolusy endagered her life and made her relive her death trauma was more understanble since at least that one confessed on her own and was truly regretful since she intended to humillate her not kill her, but still this its setting a very annoying pattern


The ML is literally cursed and has no feelings and is basically indifferent to everything and everybody and yet


from some "reason" he cant explain saved the FL from drowing even if he will had normaly just had watched anyone else drown and he is drawn to her eyes *rolls eyes*


I am still going to keep reading anyway when it gets updated XD since its still so early on the novel. <<less
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HitchHiker rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c20
Seems interesting so far. The translation is only slightly better than MTL - slightly polished MTL. So it's understandable that some of the complaints about the MC in the comments is because of difficulty in understanding the logic explained. The story looks interesting so far. If the translation becomes really hard to follow, I might just do actual MTL.

I really like that the MC is a mature, sensible woman in the body of a girl. It's clear why things happen differently because being neglected and treated differently (corner room, not... more>> invited to social events, considered by nobility to be secondary to the twins) would affect a young, orphaned, sensitive girl (original Serin) very differently from a mature woman. Looks like she is quickly gathering a harem of admirers in the most cliche way but it's all believable.

I also love that she is forgiving and measured in her reactions rather than plotting revenge for the slightest provocations like some LN MCs that seem to be popular.


I saw a review mentioning the MC easily forgiving the nanny who cursed the original soul. Actually, the nanny tried to curse the original soul but didn't really succeed either in the original or in the current. Basically, a curse requires an equivalent sacrifice and the nanny didn't have enough money to pay a sorcerer for a real curse. She got cheated by a fake sorcerer. In the original novel, Sernia was jealous of the twins and very sensitive to how she is treated. So she noticed the nanny didn't like her and checked her room. There she found the cloth doll and killed the nanny on the spot because of which there was no chance to question her or find out the truth. So eventually when they found the diary, hair and earring, the blame fell on Sernia and she had no way to prove her innocence. She was distraught and killed herself. While the nanny was a trigger for what happened to Sernia, she wasn't right in the mind already. So, firing the nanny and keeping her from getting any more high paying jobs is a suitable punishment for what she was trying to do.

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ConsiderableWave rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c1
Still too new to get an accurate reading on but with a bubblegum sweet reincarnated ex-kindergarten teacher as the FL it's not too surprising that the ML is going to probably be the dark possessive yandere type.

I got a good vibe off it but my rating is subject to change.
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Drenlith rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: --
Giving it a high score because the negativity w/o reasoning felt unwarranted at this early stage. Will revise on review on a later date.

Story so far is sweet, but cliché: the typical kind of cannon fodder character that managed to be in important figures good graces and receives huge indulgence and protection from said important figures.

It's merely the beginning so that's all there's to it.
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Smaforte12 rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: c1
I enjoyed the novel so far, not too sure why they stopped posting but I do hope it comes back.

I loved how you can view the FL and ML thoughts, it’s good to see each sides perspective.

the story is cute, I can already see a hopeful cute romance in the horizon.

I am quite hopeful for a psychotic side to the ML to unfold hehehe
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