Due to a Mishap, I Gave the King a Love Potion to Drink and I Became Queen


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Due to circumstances, Iris needed to get married quickly. She only had one chance to capture the man in her sights.

At the Royal Ball, armed with a love potion that could manipulate body and mind, she aimed for a quiet and sombre earl.

Alas! The King, Ernest, drank the fruit wine she had dosed with the potion, and then confessed his love for her before the guests of the ball!

He proposed to her under the spell of the love potion, and became rather forceful!

Is what was to follow, a sweet married life or was it to be tainted by lies?

Associated Names
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Koushaku Reijou no Konkatsu: Biyaku no Shippai ni yori, Kokuou Heika no Niizuma ni Natteshimatta Watashi no Tenmatsu
侯爵令嬢の婚活 ―媚薬の失敗により、国王陛下の新妻になってしまった私の顛末―
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Cmdt_Aeon rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: c22
Where do I even begin ? This story is not just bad, it borderline unnerving...

Spoiler warning : I don't care about destroying the surprise and nor should you, but now you're warned.

... more>>

Let's first address the MC :

She has the power to decide her own husband by herself, which means that no matter who her sister bring she can just say no. The only thing that I saw from her in the first two chapters is that she don't trust her sister nor men, with a good reason to boot, she just lost all hope in making her sister understand her (which I understand why) but know she will never have issue with the people she'll bring her. So how the f*ck did she get swayed that easily by the guy that already betrayed her ? Better, why did she even listen to his plan in the first place ? Only reason : because plot. That pissed me off. Author never needed the potion in this setting, all he/she had to do was do the same, go to the ball and get proposed by the king, which is already hard enough to refuse, especialy when you know he is bad with women. The rest of the plot till now depends on the fact that she is too DUMB (not dense, just dumb at this point) to get the clue that there never was a potion in the first place. Why ? She seemed quick witted in the first two chapters... well know what ? Don't care anymore, as she lost hope in her sister understanding her, I did in her getting back her brain.

The story :

What, there is one ? Jokes asides, there is no need in the potion, never was in fact, not with this setting, which made the story fall flat. Could have been fun if the potion was real and she really needed to get back the flask, but there was no potion in the first place, just a plot of the king to marry his beloved... why use that plot tho ? I mean, she is still active in the society, so why go this far ? Because author decided so, but I need a logic reason behind it, he isn't nobody ffs he is the king and she is an influencial noble thanks to her talent, he just has to propose and she can't refuse him, and the worst part : he knows it. The story is even slowed to no ends because of this potion, if there was no potion then she would have saw that he is serious, because they are similar, she would have begun to cultivate some feelings and this would have been a better story. Heck I could rewrite the story without the potion and still have an interesting story, would even argue that it would have been better.


TL;DR : The author has no story to tell and just earn time pointlessly by using a potion that never should have been there and that needed to make the MC really dumb.

Should have noted 1/5 but one bonus point to the trad because she is really patient. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 13, 2019
Status: c30
The translator is absolutely brilliant. Zuben's choice of words 💯💯💯. Some people found the translator's comments annoying, but I think otherwise; they're very engaging. You couldn't have done better Zuben sama! Thank you so much for translating this story!

I was checking out the raws and here's what Google translate showed me "his *choke* JAUNDICE coloured eyes....."

Like seriously? Jaundice? XD 🤣🤣🤣
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
seawaterwitch rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: c16
The story is unique. I enjoy the story.

I don't mind with translator comment. Funny remark tho. Just like you read and share your thoughts with your friend.

Also I love the translator works. I love to read their works. Sometime I read a novel because I follow the translator.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Uhoh_ rated it
August 10, 2019
Status: c41
Umm first of all the author's comments throughout the novel is annoying. But as the story progressed I couldn't agree with her more. I don't even know why she translated this when it seems like she's irritated by the characters. The dialogues are questionable, the characters is questionable, the whole story is questionable! I don't even care about spouting spoilers so get ready.

There really should be a rape tag on here because that one time he got angry at her he just went on full yandere mode. The MC's brother... more>> in law, I'm not even sure if he cared about her at all. The MC is utterly stupid for god's sake. Sister is a shining white lotus. Sister in law is suspicious for emotional blackmailing and on her way to be a white lotus. The whole plot stemmed on the MC not standing up for herself. I don't know what ties her to her sister that she could not leave despite the malicious intentions???

Do not waste your time. <<less
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