Dark Empress


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Why was her fate so rough?

Everything has turned disastrous.

She a high flying working girl has transmigrated into a black charcoal.

In addition, a completely unfavoured Empress!

That pervert Emperor can go to hell!

No matter what life, men were to lick her toes.

Want her to serve a man, dream on!

But, she didn’t expect the Emperor to be handsome and seductive.

She wasn’t interested in one moment but rolling with him in the next.

But his acceptance level is high, that he can chew on a piece of charcoal.

And she doesn’t mind reciprocating since he is the meal.

But this ancient man sees her as a new toy.

Did he think that by having her body he could have her heart?

Although she is now an ancient person herself, she has long decided she would not spend the rest of her life in the harem.

How could she let herself become a poor woman waiting for a man to occasionally bestow her with his favours…

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Date Group Release
09/17/18 Zubeneschamali c8
09/14/18 Zubeneschamali c7
09/11/18 Zubeneschamali c6
09/09/18 Zubeneschamali c5
09/08/18 Zubeneschamali c4
09/04/18 Zubeneschamali c3
09/01/18 Zubeneschamali c2
08/27/18 Zubeneschamali c1
08/27/18 Zubeneschamali prologue
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New dramamonster rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: c8
This was a fun read. A 28-year-old, beautiful, confident, hard-working woman transmigrates into the body of a timid, plain Empress. Her modern soul has zero interest in trying to please the Emperor. He already has a harem of pleasing, gentle beauties and she wants to get out of the Royal Palace and live her new life. Of course, that's exactly what catches his eye and his heart...

This is different from the other transmigration stories because:

  • the heroine is an experienced, confidant woman who has lived and worked a lot, rather than a naive ingenue
  • the story moves very quickly, and there is quite a lot of smut
  • there are almost no harem politics because she simply doesn't care
There are some very minor typos, but the translation is good and the plot moves fast.
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New Liri rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: c8
This time, the novel is everything that the plot promises and more. Greatly recommended.

The story is simple and fun to read, but never too silly. Every now and then, it switches between commentary to funny to adorable and gleeful moments, with sad and vulnerable moments in between. It is a great mix of a little of everything. The character and the plot are very interesting so far and I keep looking forward to it!

I really like the MC. She is strong, smart and independent and refuses to budge to any... more>> expectation. My favourite part is how she is playing the conceited emperor like a fiddle. Again, like the plot promises, he falls head over heels for her, while she remains an ice-cold woman. There are a lot of stories, in which the modern woman entices the Ancient guy through her modern mentality, but I think that this novel executes it very well, better than most. The female comes off as smart and strong, creating fun situation without being too ridiculous and stupid. However, what also makes her a great character is that every now and then, she proves to be vulnerable as well, making her a round character. However, I will have to deduct one star from the rating. While it is great in terms of plot and characters, the MC and story have one flaw that really bugged me. The story is very superficial and contains a lot of beauty stereotypes and appearance bashing.

She is constantly complaining about being ugly because of her dark skin, which is not only offensive but terribly superficial

+ Warning <<less
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Nekonekochan00 rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: c4
Found another gem (hopefully)

The plot was interesting and so the characters. So far the interaction between the MC and ML are hilarious and cute.

MC doesn’t fall in love with the ML at first sight (refreshing) And the smut part has a potential also. Lol. 😝 Just hoping that this will not be another typical stereo type transmigration.
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wisteriag25 rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: c5
So far, it's good.

Maybe a gem for smut and romance. But still can't fully tell if it really is good.

A woman who doesn't fall in love at first sight and a man who found a new interesting toy. Like every story, they would collide/ clash and fight over things then roll on the bed.

But the writings are good. Translation okay.
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seawaterwitch rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c7

When the Emperor fall in love with The Empress and try to keep her to his side.

And the Empress who had her soul change now has change of her heart too.
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