Dressed as an Abyssal Dragon Hatchling [Holographic]


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Jing Nian enters the body of a young dragon hatchling and shares a body with the small dragon.

At first, Jing Nian is extremely cautious, fearing being discovered by the group of wild and crazy hatchlings from the abyss. However, later on, Jing Nian is led astray by the young dragon and relies on a single [Dragon Milk Roar] to dominate all the bosses in the abyss, becoming domineering and carefree.

—Until the day the young dragon turns 200 years old. The game instance [Dragon Abyss] begins.

“It is the lord of the abyss! It is the last giant dragon in the world! It is the most powerful and evil boss of the abyss instance!”

All players want to achieve the first kill of the dragon, and a hundred-player group gathers with great momentum at the entrance of the Dragon Abyss, hesitating to enter and accidentally breaking the small dragon’s teeth-grinding board.

The young dragon cries in frustration…

The young dragon cries and even blows a bubble of snot…

Jing Nian, who realizes that he has entered the game: “…I feel like crying even more.”

Huo Yi lost a dragon egg and eventually finds a young dragon flapping its wings desperately but unable to fly, crying with snot bubbles, in a holographic online game in a low-dimensional world.

Never mind the weight… at 200 years old, still a crybaby? Raise an egg?

Huo Yi turns around and walks away.

Of course, after all the hardships to obtain the dragon egg, giving up on raising it is impossible.

【Mini Theater】

Jing Nian, who doesn’t want to be treated as a boss to be defeated, sneaks out every night while the young dragon is sleeping and secretly runs off to hug someone’s thigh: “Boss, can I tell you a secret? Can you protect me?”

Huo Yi, who had long noticed that something was off with the dragon egg’s soul, remains calm and collected: “Tell me.”

As the hundred-player group gathers once again, Jing Nian decides to betray the small chubby dragon to save himself: “Actually, I’m just a stray soul inside the body of the abyss dragon. I can help you form a contract with the dragon.”

Huo Yi’s gaze deepens: “Good.”

And then Jing Nian realizes: The small chubby dragon wasn’t the one who got bound, it was him! QAQ”

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Nyaa.23 rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: c30
MC jas a genetic deffect, cue weak body n overly protective fam. MC got into a holographic world n can't log out. MC's soul is in a dragon egg.

It's funny how the dragon knows about the dragon n MC's soul but must act that they don't know MC. Cus they think that MC is super shy.

Good familial love. The 3 brothers of MC went into the game to find MC.

... more>> A love interest in the form of a NPC???

My only problem is that sometimes MC acts like an infant n his thought process is just 😭 I know he's stuck in a dragon baby's body but still. I love weak, silly MC but can't seem to enjoy this one. Might give it another chance in the future. <<less
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