The Virtual Character I Personally Raised Wants to Marry Me


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Xu Sili died at a young age. He woke up again only to find that… not only was he alive but he had become the new emperor of an alien empire. The empire was in a miserable state, facing a crisis of being destroyed by alien beasts at any time.

At that time, he fell down on the emperor’s exclusive gold throne. In front of him stood a handsome man in a white military uniform. The man wore knee-high black boots and stepped on his chest. There was a cruel and bloodthirsty smile on his face as he placed the laser gun to Xu Sili’s forehead. He declared, “Die, new emperor.”

Wait, wait! Xu Sili was confused when he saw the man’s face clearly. Why did this man look so similar to the virtual character he raised? Huh? This was the good-looking uniform that Xu Sili put in long hours to gain!

Sheng had a secret. He could hear the voice of God.

During the time when everyone around him was going crazy over the princess, he knew that everything about the princess was actually a gift from God, the one who truly saved him from the s*ave owner—

It was the great God!

He was mysterious and powerful. He had the most moving voice in the world. He stirred Si Sheng’s mind every night, keeping him spellbound and unable to sleep. Si Sheng wanted to see ‘Him’ so badly that he was going crazy.

Finally, there was a day when God asked him, “What would you do if I appear before you?”

Si Sheng knelt on one knee and humbly offered his loyalty. However, he realized at this time that he had a deeper… wilder ambition in his heart for God.

This is probably a story of the main character transmigrating to an alien world and rebuilding a home with his virtual character.

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New JinLing rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: c76 part2
The plot is a mess. There were a lot of abandoned settings that I'm not sure why they were still even included in the story. Scenes that were supposed to be emotional just felt anticlimactic. MC is very inconsistent. Smart at times, downright naive at others. Also, what's up with the ML? He's a creep. Not the "yandere" creep, but the type where he takes-advantage-of-MC's-unstable-emotions-to-perform-shameful-acts-with-him creep. Not sure if it was consensual, I didn't read the H scenes due to it being so abrupt and distasteful.
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YoriMei rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c115
Before you start this story I recommend at least reading this part of my review if nothing else because I think the summary is a tad misleading:

The story is mostly a world/empire-building novel with a romantic subplot on the side. At least the first 50 chapter focus on MC building his kingdom, the next 50 deal with MC trying to integrate NPCs and Players into one harmonious existence (NPCs die for real, players respawn) and the romance happens in small bits in between the kingdom building. If you know of... more>> anime, it's a bit like Sword Art Online or Overgeared where NPCs are basically sentient but only exist in the game world with both the real and VR game worlds co-existing.


Our MC's a bit blackbellied and very focused on his kingdom while our ML is the obsessive yandere type. Not the "little black room" type but "takes MC's used teacup and preserves it" type, it didn't bother me because ML also thinks of MC as a god like existence, but if that is something that concerns you then be wary at the very least. I honestly really liked MC's world building schemes, and it's refreshing that the game world MC transmigrated into remains an actual game world. It gets really interesting to see how MC cautiously tries to instill loyalty amongst the players so that the players wouldn't turn his kingdom to ruin and murder his citizens (players think it's a game, for MC and co, it's their actual lives) along with dealing with the fact that he's dead in their world but can meet again with his family in the game world (and whether or not they think he's just a bunch of code).

Now, the bad. I don't have many complaints honestly because it's still currently on-going, but I do think this story is one that shouldn't get binge-read because it gets to be a lot sometimes. There's also this part where MC, who was a famous singer before he transmigrated, opens up this digital bubble tea shop in this separate online internet-world in an effort to raise money for his kingdom. The problem for me is just, why bubble tea?? He already recorded a few songs to sell online (like iTunes sort of deal) that were selling, has a past as an accomplished singer, and his powers deal with singing, so why start a bubble tea store?! It's not a huge deal breaker, I just think the author could have used these chapters to strengthen the singing aspect but alas.

Overall, it's a bit of a refreshing take on "transmigrated into a game" and kingdom-building because the game-world stays a game and MC will later on be forced to deal with players who very much see it as a game. While not perfect, it's very interesting and I highly recommend giving this story at least a shot.

edit: some people have dm'd me asking for a link to free raws but I buy on jjwxc, so please stop asking me. I don't usually mind but when you get 20 messages with just "link to free raw's please", it's a bit annoying. <<less
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reflect2moon rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c2
Although I've only read two chapters of the novel, I am totally in love with it.

What first attracted me to this novel was, of course, the cover. The beauty in the cover is so dazzling!

Then I read the synopsis. I fell for this novel.

I read the first chapter and I fell in love, hard.

I read the second chapter and I fell further.
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Bluestar83 rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: c46 part2
For some reason I can't open the updates from mushroom, was I banned? But the story is really interesting developing the kingdom and stuff but I wanted to see him work on his singing skills. It's really nice to read and sometimes it has cliffhangers that lead me to finding the translator for a good talk. Other than that, I recommend this book.
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chimashe rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: c350
This is definitely worth the read.

My biggest regret though is binging all 350 chapters cuz now I'm left hanging and wanting more. TT^TT

☑️ World building

☑️ Smart MC

☑️ Slightly yandere but very respectful ML

☑️ Wholesome family bond

☑️ Xiao Wu (chibi skynet)

I really want to read more novels that are of this quality.
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Yanissa rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: c211
This is a gem. It's still ongoing but I am hooked.

Whether it's the plot development or the characters they're all written so well. The novel makes me wish there's a game like this in real life..

Even the humour is added at the right parts.

Like when the MC's second brother always had to bear the blame for derailing the game planners designed timeline or when the game planners gained approval for the spectacular game experience when none of it was in their script.


The romance is golden although it feels like a subplot because the world building is just too interesting. Of course I will always support the main couple but the way the side couples are developed are also well done I ship every pair except the ones that break the main CP.


I just love how both the main characters are vinegar jars.


I'll edit this post in the future maybe when new chapters are released.
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7starkiller99 rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

Better Summary: MC is obsessed with his 2D husbands and spends all his life savings to make a video game where he helps out ML in the game. After his plane crashes he mysteriously crosses into a mysterious space. MC also can see future game forum which says that his template character was killed! Before he can find out more information he crosses into his template character who the ML is threatening with a gun. MC gets his template character's memory and is super panicked about... more>> ML deciding to kill him. Just as MC freaks out, the MC somehow gets a super OP ability to sing and also turn people into his s*ave puppet.

The novel continues with all sorts of your typical nonsense. The author likes to continually change the story based on their whims. Best example of this is how author whitewashes Mc's former scum father by having MC go through a trial to the past. There's a lot of other BS occurrences, most of which are crazy stuff happening to put MC in danger and give him chance encounters with ML. The sheer impossibility of any of this stuff happening goes through the roof. Moreover, the author can't decide on one thing and has MC continually mess around not doing things the ruler of a nation should be doing. MC is assassinated, faces danger from alien beasts, and even starts his own bubble tea store. There's mystical trials, unusual cultivation, and even deep political conspiracies that the author makes up on the fly. Author absolutely had no plan while writing the novel.

As for romance, it takes about a quarter of the novel for ML to discover Mc's identity because the ML isn't too bright. MC is also a weirdo who refuses to communicate with ML anything especially since MC acts super OOC. The fact that no one notices how different the MC acts is absolutely laughable. When they finally get into a relationship, the story becomes much worse since the author's only concept of drama is either MC and ML s*upidly not being honest about anything or MC not dying and being saved by plot armor.

One major issue with the novel is the Mc's character. He's no child, having been an established actor for many years and his own career. When he goes into the game world though, he becomes a helpless worthless little baby pretty boy who can't do anything. Author lays on the tropes pretty thick, from constantly describing how pretty and weak the MC is to detailing how everyone is shocked at the Mc's looks and outfits. As for the empire itself, it's another huge case of Mary Sue MC where not only can he swiftly solve inequality of the whole nation but also provide superior methods for ruling, combat, and infrastructure. Just about everything the MC does is right and perfect. And at the same time, he's a helpless weak unable to care for himself (faints several times) weakling who ML has to dashingly carry away. Also author really loves making ML think of MC as a cat smh.

As for Mc's family and the handling of gamers, this part is more minor than you might think. It's not as huge a focus, with the Mc's guards getting more screen time. Not really a plus or minus.

Overall, a somewhat ridiculous story with weak romance and misguided plot line that doesn't get resolved well along with a somewhat rushed ending. -900Tril/10.

P.S. Still, not too many similar stories. If you're extremely desperate for interstellar territory management, I suppose it might be okay for a low tier skim. Novel is way too long for quick enjoyment though. <<less
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May 24, 2021
Status: c161
this book draws you in, the characters are interesting, the world building is stable and the main couple is surprisingly healthy not to mention the minor relationships that are featured every now and again. There is just enough plot that you don't get overwhelmed by lovey-doveyness and just enough lovey-doveyness that it can break you away from the more serious parts in the plot. There are misunderstandings but none of them are exaggerated to the point that they get annoying and most of them are pretty reasonable.
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Deerlight98 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c217
Story is reallllly interesting! I say the love story is cute too, some side ships are adorable and also I’m not sure if the author is shipping them or not but my feelings feels that they are being ship! Ahhh I hope they get together ~~ and also I think this story could really make those people who love games stories like 1/2 Prince or something could really like this! The plots are also laid out and you can see that how the future might turn out like the goals... more>> or something. But there are also some elements of surprise that you would not see coming. It is pretty interesting, have to say the story flow is quite smooth. The idea is not bad at all.

I super recommend reading this! <<less
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Queen-O-Blood rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: c1
So essentially this is kingdom builder in space it's honestly quite boring and just "worship his Majesty he did something everyone else could do isn't he so great 😃👍!!!" Over all I find myself not really liking the main character because tbh he is lame and the author is obsessed with making him taller dispite originally being small and on the young side.

So when the author makes him taller not only does he fit in the story less but also his pants apparently. Like the author never mentioned anything like... more>> an appearance change or anything dispite the height difference so essentially it's just this tall baby faced punk with long hair and jeans that stop at his ankles. Honestly sounds gross which doesn't help when the ML is a lil bit*h who comments yeah it's not appealing looking. If the author made the main character look cuter it would be fine or heck even just left him how it was it would at least be a bit humourous. His brother out growing him would be funny.

On the other hand I feel absolutely no suspense at all. They act like there is this threat of being invaded by a lizard tribe or something however I feel no suspense from that at all they pretty much might as well not even exist because at the countries weakest state they don't even have any setbacks... Like at all.

No war, no natural disasters, no great beast invasion. Yeah they act like that could be a thing at the border but little did the author know they were being dumb the whole time! They write like it's a thing of the past so appertly the front lines could be held with like 30 wizard dudes and some guys with sticks so

the almost 200 wizard dudes that were discarded like nothing because appertly everyone including the schools became ret*rded after the great space flood

should absolutely decimate that whole ordeal.

Over all I'm annoyed and this is dumb so meh. <<less
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ynnohana rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c442
I loved this novel!

So it's basically 400+ chapters of the MC developing his kingdom and all the various subplots the players and NPCs meet. These are all pretty short so they can be read as mini-arcs. It's not really a novel to binge-read because it might get a little repetitive though.

The romance isn't the focus of the story and other than the part where they get together, there isn't any long focus on them but they get random sweet moments throughout the novel. Honestly I wasn't really into them as... more>> a couple so I didn't mind. BUT I loved the side CPs, especially the big brothers' one. I can't wait to read the extras about them. And there are many interesting side characters that appear every once in a while, I was always happy when my favorites came back. The characters are probably the thing I liked the most about the novel, along with the interactions between players and NPCs.

For things I didn't like, I hoped MC would have let the players move the game plot by themselves every once in a while, I could understand why they were frustrated with him always stealing their quests. Also, the last chapter felt a little rushed but hopefully the extras will make it better.

I liked the fact that it was only a game honestly so I could have done without that twist at the end, but at least the fact that it's a real world gave an explanation for his transmigration I guess. I just feel bad for his family in the other world, I hoped he wouldn't tell his brothers about it.


All in all, it's a good novel to read slowly, it's pretty relaxing. <<less
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Jwel rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: c220
Im enjoying this novel.

MC died and was trasmigrated into the game. As the emperor, he tried to improve the kingdom. When the players came into the game he wanted the players and npc to work together. He doesnt want players killing the npcs cause for him their (game) world is real.

I like the development of MC and MLs relationship. ML already has clues about MCs identity he just want MC to tell him honestly. ML is very supportive to MC. He also considered MC as his god since MC was... more>> the one who saved him from s*avery and gave him skills and ability in his previous life (2D game).


MCs is like a bard. His sound ability allows him to stun people/creature in a certain range. After leveling up he was able to control it properly. He also got the healing ability by singing. He assisted the players in a raid againts beast wave. MC also learned the skill of the previous emperor. It is a destructive skill that release sound wave to kill everything around him in a certain range.

ML is OP but he let MC grow. He just guard MC during the fight.

I feel sad when MCs second brother didnt acknowledge him the first time they met. 2nd brother thought that he is just a data modeled after his dead younger brother. MC was so broken hearted. Good thing it was cleared out.

Xiao Wu the AI is so adorable. It is funny how he transformed a civilian ship into a war ship. This allows them to defeat the lizard empire war ship who are trying to invade.

I definitely like the pairing MCs elder brother (in real life) and MCs elder brother (in game). Real life elder brother is a dragon race in game which is very rare.


Im still reading the raw and following the translated version. <<less
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Asteroit rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c427
I seriously love this novel.

Its a lil bit slow burn... more>>

but MC and ML are very sweet. They slowly reveal their secrets and understand each other.

Of course this novel not only focuses their relationship but also their world which is "game" for players. MC is the emperor in this world and ML is his Marshall. MC tries to control players because players are like double edged sword which can make Roland Empire shine or sink. There are a lot of characters with appearance and personalities. Also Sometimes the author writes from another point of view like players. We can see what they are doing as well. Their reactions are literally hilarious. I was so caught up in the novel that I didn't even realize I had read all the chapters available.

So I really recommend this novel

If you like to read from other views or like the world building type read this as soon as possible so you can also suffer from the lack of chapters like me ~ ♡

I normally dont write reviews but this one is really exciting that I wish the author could write 10 chapter everyday...

I hope I didn't make much mistakes in the grammar..

⁄ (⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄) ⁄ <<less
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beemiracle rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: c129
I love it, it has many elements that I personally enjoy very much, especially the godxfollower pair is so * chef kiss *


... more>>

I feel that the romance is super cute, the missions to make the city better are very entertaining, the secondary couples here and there give me life, the virtual world within the virtual world and the songs as powers are the best of the best !!


I love this type of setting and subplots, so if you like something above, give it a try! &Lt;3 super easy to read from MTL. <<less
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: c94
so far the story is okay. As expected, its a kingdom building novel.

there are occasional steamy moments but the scum male atmosphere in the current part I'm reading isn't doing it for me.

our male lead si sheng has paranoia issues and our main character xu sili is too dense to realise what's wrong
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puregarnet rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: C63.2
So far, veeeery interesting! I really love kingdom building elements especially when it is done slowly with thoughts and proper escalation! The first part was this kingdom building and it was nice. Now, the MC basically have to plan the tutorial/beginner mission system for new players so the players won't go crazy and start killing his people to level up as players do haha. Sooo good! Only con is to romance progression lol.
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BrainlessGenius rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c47 part1
This novel has been on my reading list for a while now, and I only started reading it recently after I stack up enough chapters.

The only thing to say is...

I regret it.

I regret reading this when it's not finished translating yet, since I want more!

It hooked me up after a couple of chapters and the premise kept me interested enough to delay my school work.

The plot is refreshing.

... more>>

it's similar on someone transmigrating to an interstellar world with added game elements and building a kingdom from the scratch.

There's also a but of slice of life in the business part and the excitement and hype of waiting for the actual 'players' to arrive and the reunion of MC and his family.

Unlike other stories, the people MC cares about in his previous life actually appears.


For someone who has been reading BL for years to the point of already knowing where the story will go after reading a bit, this Novel really brought out the excitement of the old days when it was my first time reading novels.

Ch158 edit

So after a hundred chapters... Is it still good? Yep, definitely.

It's just that I just wanna warn that MC and ML... Seems to be a bit too OP-

Well you can still feel the joy of world building, and author somehow master the art of plot hooking where she'll set up an interesting setting for you to look forward to, but yeah, MC and ML are extremely OP ah


most prominent example is Xiao Wu, the artificial intelligence that could practically do anything, like what the hell, he blew up a battleship with supposed to be low quality equipment he upgraded... And it's said to be a top notch equipment when they supposedly should still be struggling on getting low quality ones


Don't mind my rant, I just think it's going a bit too fast.. <<less
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Poison_Ice_Blade rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: c49
*Flips story over* wheres the rest of it?! I need more! 🥺 I really like this story. Its like eating fluffy sweet bread. Very entertaining but kinda slow. I really love these slow kingdom building types of stories

MC is only slightly dense to ml’s love but that can be forgiven most of the time because ML is super intimidating.

MC also has an interesting background. Rich boy singer. Who gets to use music magic. Its like watching a support main trying to dps. Bruh just accept your a support character.
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Goodreadsonly rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c310
I loved this one. The worldbuilding is great and it's so interesting to see the development of a game through an NPC pov.

The MC and ML's relationship develops pretty fast but it makes sense. The MC only really has the ML to talk too, who understands the MC's situation.
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Mizukimiho rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Absolutely love this novel! As far as storytelling goes in my opinion it is as good as the Korean novel The tr*sh of the count's family.

I love the romance and world building of this story. Wish I could move there myself!
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