After Dressing as a Male Lead with Multiple Personalities


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Yu Le transmigrated into a male lead of a danmei novel. This male lead was particularly pe*verted and had a total of three personalities.

The main personality is gentle and kind, silently admiring his childhood sweetheart, a genius violinist, from afar. Eventually, he sacrificed himself for love.

The second personality is vicious and crazy; in order to defeat the main personality and gain control over the body, he secretly colluded with the CEO gong, courting death in all kinds of ways.

The third personality is a little sister, a cute idiot who chased stars all day long.

In the end, this supporting male lead turned into a fool and was admitted to a mental hospital.

After finding himself in his body, Yu Le’s back turned cold: …Fortunately, I am the only one in my body now.

In order to avoid his tragic fate, he gave up on the little shou from the very beginning and worked hard to become the best security guard on the protagonist’s road of love.

In order to match the leads, he tried to find Mr. CEO at the concert: “May I ask if you know a man with a straight nose, a big adam’s apple, good looks, and who is capable at first glance?”

The man next to him frowned: “Little idiot, do you think my nose is straight enough? Is my adam’s apple big enough? Am I capable enough?”

Yu Le was taken aback: “I’m sorry Mr. CEO, I was taking liberties.”

In order to make up for his mistake, he pretended to send flowers to the little shou in the name of Mr. CEO, but he was discovered by accident.

Little shou was shocked: “A Yu, I didn’t expect you to love me so much?!”

Yu Le: “No, let me explain….”

In order to prevent the third lead, a green tea celebrity, from sneaking in, he dug out his female attire and mixed into the crazy fan circle. Following his schedule with a camera every day, he closely monitored his movements.

In a certain interview, the big star said with a smile: “I have a male fan who must be present at every event. He is proficient in photography and make-up. Although he likes women’s clothing and often resorts to stalking me, his pe*vertedness is still very cute.”

Yu Le: “…???”

Realising that something was going wrong, he immediately packed up his things to run away.

But things soon came to light.

The three men had turbulent emotions and dark faces as they backed him into a corner.

The little shou’s face was gloomy: “A Yu, why are you doing this?”

The CEO’s eyes were dark: “What is your purpose in approaching me?”

The big star had a copy, paste fake smile: “Which one of us do you like?”

Yu Le: “… I’m sorry if I was ever misleading, but I actually don’t like any of you.”

The faces of the three changed drastically: “No, you must like us!”

“Pick one of us right now! You have to choose!”

Then it’s best to stay out of the little shou’s way; he can only reluctantly point to the green tea star: “Then…I pick you?”

He immediately showed a victorious smile and bent down to kiss his hand: “I am honoured.”


Big star: “A Yu, you and I are a perfect match!”

Yu Le was shocked: “How is this possible? You’re so abnormal!”

The big star was surprised: “You don’t actually think that you are a normal person, do you?”

Yu Le: “Aren’t I?”

He stated the facts as he reasoned: “A Yu, you don’t shy away from wearing women’s clothes, you are an extremely picky eater but insist on eating everything in front of others, and you even have the mental capabilities to lead on three men to love you, but you still think you are a normal person…Look, you are a pe*vert.”

He smiled: “I’m a green tea, aren’t we made for each other?”

The little pe*verted heartthrob is attacked by the big green tea.

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3 Reviews

Oct 01, 2023
Status: --
Currently mtling because it's so interesting.

I'm just a little confused about where this is going and who the actual ML is. I rlly like Yu Youzi, but it seems like the gong is Zhuluo...

EDIT: lol I didn't read the description above. I thought Zhu Luo was the gong Wtf. Because the MC would always have this feeling of affection in his heart when facing Zhu Luo hahaha. It's the green tea, the gong is the green tea. MF I feel so s*upid rn, only finding out who the ML is after 32 chapters I feel like I missed out on a lot of flirty gestures made by the ML towards the MC.

... more>>

I guess it makes sense. Zhu Luo obviously only became interested with the MC after he started avoiding him and the "Ayu" he likes was the "ayu" from his childhood, his best friend, who always stayed there with him and secretly loves him. On the other hand, Huo Anong (the og gong) also knew the og Yu Le way before the MC transmigrated since they knew each other online. The only person whom the MC actually only met and talked to after transmigrating is Yu Youzi. And Yu Youzi only know this version of the MC, there was no other "ayu" for him. Only the MC who transmigrated. Even though he's a bit arrogant and narcissistic and he only thinks the MC is his "new toy", his behavior towards the MC says otherwise. He's the most understanding person open-minded, not even flinching after knowing that the MC is supposedly a "ghost" possessing other's body, even jokingly referring to the MC as a "monster" who seized people lol. He also always comes to MC when he's vulnerable, taking care of him when he got a fever and even barging in Zhu luo's villa because he thought the MC was in danger lol. He's so cute and clingy.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 08, 2023
Status: c12
actually pretty good so far.

very light and somewhat cliche, don’t expect a fully-fledged plot line, great to pass time! Though I may be biased, this completes all my guilty pleasures in webnovel of this nature. Haha.

im currently at c12, it may change, it may not. Looking forward to future chapters~
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 17, 2023
Status: c15
Thank you so much to the translators and of course the author, for writing this! Really like the novel~


I think my favorite aspect is that Yu Le is extremely conflicted. While wanting to escape from his future fate by distancing himself from Zhu Luo, he finds himself completely unable to do so, because of the original owner's feelings. I really like it when he has to adapt his plans according to the situation that was given to him, rather than the world simply falling into his favor. However, don't be mistaken- he is very proactive- he makes use of the opportunities given to him- or creates them when there is none. I love his character!

I'm excited to continue reading this book, because I want to see how the other characters develop. Will they develop beyond how the book describe them, and "take control" of their own lives? Will Yu Le see them as actual human beings and treat them as such, rather than categorizing them between "main characters" and "cannon fodders"?

I hope to see some sort of imposter syndrome. But before I get into that: First of all, he died, but he does not seem to be troubled at all? I don't know his life before the book started, but I expected that he had family and friends- for him to completely forget about them seems unrealistic. Secondly, does he not feel anything after taking control of his present body? Like emotionally- because he is a imposter- he does not really belong in this body nor the world. Pretty lonely.

Also personally, I feel bad for the other personalities- I found it cute that they had their own lives, and I wish they appeared in this novel!

I hope these issues is because the author is using these plot points to foreshadow something in the future. If so, wow! If not, I'll still read the book because I am invested in how he will manage in his new world- emotionally especially hehe

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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