Dragon Poor


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After being summoned in this other dimension world, all of the people that were summoned had their classes awakened. As someone that doesn’t even know English, Kim Sunhyuk had awakened as the lone Dragon Rider. But wait, there are no dragons?!?! They looked down on him, shunned him for being worse than a regular soldier, and called him a dragon-less rider. But little did they know that he would soar the skies on one above them.

Come forth!

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드래곤 푸어
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New fangyuan rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: c152
Interesting concept but the novel eventually fell into mediocrity. MC has a supposedly unique class that is overlooked by everyone (because dragons supposedly do not exist) but I find that MC was never in a difficult situation to begin with. More base stats and stats increment compared to others, able to learn multiple skills easily and tame dragon subspecies. With all those cheat codes from the start, no surprises that MC became a Chad real quick.

... more>>

The romance part of the novel is not to my liking. I really do not understand why the author had to try so hard to pair a 14-yo princess with MC who is close to double her age. Like why insist on this pairing? Sure, it might be something normal in the novel's civilisation but it's just something that I cannot come to terms with.


Would I recommend this novel? Well, if you have not read many Korean novels, you might find this one readable and maybe interesting. If you have read a lot of Korean novels, this novel feels like another novel written with template A <<less
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New defry rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c42
The writer is talented, he make things fun & you could get into the mindset of the characters & the biggest issue is just that, you immerse yourself in the story & when contradictions come up, it's too off-putting.

The issue is that contradictions happen too many times. The MC was deemed as tr*sh, so he was sent to do hard labour & he would get constant abuse & humiliation for being rated as low tier. The MC over time discovers his powers, works had to develop & sets himself a... more>> goal to be strong enough to break free from the chains of the royals & their system.

The author somehow does a 360 & realizes that similar to the start of the novel... he needs the royal/noble system to be used as a path or stimulant for the MC to grow stronger & the plot to develop. The author could have easily focused on bonds & how the MC could have grown to like the people in the division he is but maybe it was too cliched for the author? Yet, should have chosen something more cliched & believable than constant contradictions.

Examples of things making no seense or contradictions:


The author made the MC as an adult, went through the army & is not a inexperienced neet, a somewhat capable adult in the modern world. Yet, somehow the MC becomes blank when facing a big "general" in awe, the MC even admits his mistake & feels a bit suspicious about the obvious plan of the general promising something vague & not what the MC requested as a promise. The reward the MC gets is more like a punishment, more responsibilities & chains to the kingdoms & royals which was the opposite of what the MC wanted so far. We get s*upid excuse of "you'll end up poor as you don't know how to make money", even when we got plots that the MC's vague expertise is way better than the current world. He kept saying things like "I'll pay my debts to the kingdom", like what debts? The MC was kidnapped, he didn't get summoned by agreement or his will. This was used as an excuse to make the MC chained/linked to the royals.

The MC travels outside of the military world, Hansen shows peasant/plebs from villagers & tells the MC that's his future, to become poor & possibly starve. The MC somehow buys that & the author believes that the readers will buy that too? I didn't because this was not the actual medieval era but it was fantasy medieval era, the MC's powers/talent would allow him to survive in any condition & get success, further proof as the MC survives in a mountain full of snow & ice with his powers. Then he comes back to barracks with reasoning like "meh, this will do", makes no sense.

The worst part was in chapter 42 where the MC meets the guy who was responsible for rating him as low tier, that guy doesn't even apologize, acts like a tsundere "it's not like it's my fault, just doing my job" & the mc's reasoning for forgiving was "at least he didn't harass me"... s*upidest thing I've read. He officially labeled you as tr*sh, just because he didn't play or kill the tr*sh... then it's all good? He was the reason why the MC got all the abuse, humiliation. The guy didn't apologize & all of the sudden, they're getting along.. it makes no sense that someone who refused to take responsibility for his action or doing his due diligence to suddenly befriend the mistake he made. The novel didn't mention that Gibson was the one who suggested for him to be a rider but it was the royals or higher ups that gave orders to commanders to try to efficiently milk out the maximum profit out of the MC.

Even the commander had hate against foreigners, so did the riders. All of that disappeared somehow, the riders make a bit of sense because he fought with them saying "i climbed my way up like you guys" but the commander makes no sense for the hate to disappear?


Stopped reading, got too immersed that things that made no sense made me lose enjoyment of this. If you can turn your brain off, I am jealous of you. As it's only 42 chapters, I more than welcome someone who read more than me & prove me wrong. <<less
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Darvene rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c25
I rated 5 stars only as the story is far better than the other two reviewers gave it credit for. This story starts slow, but the bias in the other reviewers pissed me off. I'm at the latest current chapter and plan to continue reading. Now, to the review. Style: The author isn't crap. Ther are decent, and the worldbuilding is slow but constant. No info dumps, but rather, a well thought out progress. What you need to know, you know. Its a solid 4/5 stars. ... more>> Translation Quality: Solid. Mistakes are limited, and speed has picked up considerably. It paints the novel in a good light. Characters: I enjoy them, but they aren't the best. Far better than I've seen in many books, but not developed too much. 3.5/5 stars. I'm sure I could do a few more parts, but I've got novels to read. Look, it's worth a try. I enjoy it, you probably will too. TLDR; It's way better than the other reviewers say, give it a chance <<less
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Nightbringer rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c143
2.5 stars. The novel itself isn't that bad. There are some decently flashed out characters the world isn't completely bland and uninteresting. The biggest problem of the novel is the protagonist. Because he is not one. At least not in my books. In close to 150 chapters he has not made a single decision for himself. Not a single one. I won't go into any spoilers because I can't be arsed but he only ever does what others tell him to do. I absolutely hate the japanese ln trope that... more>> says that royalty/nobility of another world is to be worshipped like gods and this is supposed to be a korean novel. At first it seems like your usual solo power fantasy then it's territory building then it's harem...I honestly can't really recommend it. Pity because the translation is on a good level. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c11
It may be too soon to rate this novel, but till ch 11 nothing happen, yes the MC have cheat advance power, yes he is hardworking, yes they belittle him thinking his class is tr*sh, but the essence of the story itself is lame. The MC doesnt look like he have strong interest in his story, its just narrative story about what he do, and other around him do and little about what he think or feel. For 10 ch of story its lame, it cant make you want to... more>> read more, its stale and not exciting whatsoever.

There is not enough background of the story or the MC and people around him, only the description of his power and the situation which is mostly too boring. Maybe it will get better, maybe it will not, but one thing for sure I dont want to read this again. You cant even feel strong feeling in the story either its good, evil, romance, or whatever, its just a narrative beginning that is not exciting enough for people to read further.

The author really really need to learn to write an exciting and interesting story, not just 'promise' it will become exciting but just the exciting part only, there is too many stale and unimportant information in the beginning until ch 11, it bore me out and maybe others.

So those who want to try this one, prepared for at least 10 chapter of boring narrative and nothingness of story, if you can read past that maybe you will find this interesting, or maybe not. <<less
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Wyntile rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: c14
A solid 2 stars out of 5. Just remembering the crappy translation quality and bad story "Kumo Desu-ga" had me annoyed to no end. So rejoice! Since the translation group for this novel also did a popular Korean LN series called "Everyone Else is a Returnee", you don't need to worry about any bad translations.

If I were to put a short summary of my thoughts of this novel so far, is that Dragon Poor is an inferior version to another Korean LN called "The Main Character Hides His Strength". If... more>> you are familiar with that novel, then you will be aware that Dragon Poor uses a similar world system, where...


...a bunch of summoned people from modern Earth are forcibly summoned and trained to be the weapons/pawns of the fantasy world. Where unlike "MC Hides His Strength", this story starts with the protagonist and other Korean citizens being summoned and shows the protagonist's training in the fantasy world's military.


What I didn't like the most about this novel is that I have a hard time visualizing and imagining what this world looks like. Apart from being given barely any story/world exposition (like do monsters, adventurers guild, demons, exist?), I feel as if the author does a bad job trying to describe the surroundings/places of the world. The story progression is also slow as heck! While I don't expect every LN protagonist to be overpowered right off the bat, you'd think there would be a faster story pacing. Where 14 chapters in the story is still primarily focused on grinding, making me start to lose interest in the protagonist and this story as a whole. The author doesn't even bother using other summoned characters to its full potential, the military characters are portrayed to be ignorant and s*upid - so don't expect much from any character.

Would I recommend this? No, since I will guarantee you that there are better isekai LN series better than this one. The world is boring, the protagonist is boring, the characters are boring, and the story is boring since (again), all I currently imagine is a dull grey world since the author has pretty bad writing skills. I would recommend giving "The Main Character Hides His Strength" a try if you haven't, since that novel takes a different take on summoned to a fantasy world troupe.

I may be reviewing this novel too early, but seriously - some people just don't have the patience to bother reading something that doesn't interest them right away. Or in this case for me, right after 3 chapters are read. So if a novel can't be interesting by over 10 chapters then, this simply isn't worth my time. <<less
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Ignus rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: c50
4 star story raised to 5 for uniqueness and enjoyment.

The story telling is great, even if the writing itself is sub-par.

The writing seems to skip scenes and some details here and there. This is both bad and good.

... more>> In essence, only the most important parts of the story are told, no repeat boasting about the same event for 3 chapters, no face slapping young masters appearing one after another in order of strength. Just a real story being told.

Although it creates some confusion and disruption. At the same time it adds charm, and lets the reader fill in parts with their own imagination.

I really look forward to any future stories by the same author, perhaps more matured and comfortable with his story telling. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: c52
Giving 4 stars (for now) and hoping this gets better. This is newly translated, so it's natural that this rating may change in the future as the story develops. That said, the writing is solid, and I'd be surprised if the quality were to drop.


  • This is a good example of a story where you eagerly anticipate the direction, challenges and growth of the MC. It hints at the goal, then reveals each step, one at a time- to create a journey that is naturally shaped upwards.
  • MC is mostly likeable and reasonable
  • Characters are done well, and interactions, relationships & responses are mostly natural.
  • Plotting is solid. Story direction is properly influenced by characters and events.
The Bad:

  • Some of the drama is a bit overdone.

    The prejudice against 'foreigners' is a bit excessive- especially since they're supposed to almost be 'saviors'. The hazing/hate is also overdone if you ask me, but 'whatever'.
    The MCs first major battle where he repeatedly loses focus and is pressured is a bit excessive-- especially considering he's ex-military (not that that means a ton- but it should help). People needing to almost 'slap the panic out of him' despite the life or death situation... I know what the goal was, but 'a bit too much' I think... In other words, a bit 'overdramatic' at times.

  • Pacing is a touch slow at times- but it's mostly acceptable.
  • Another 'All transmigrators are from my home country' story.
The Different:

  • There is some slight cleverness in the 'external guidance' factor which allows the MC to be provided direction without the usual need to force 'lucky events' and such needed to otherwise have the MC follow the (obviously) odd path needed to grow.
    Also, stories like this (Not full 'RPG mode') aren't usually the ones to use LitRPG elements (character sheet), so I don't really see why it did- but it's actually barely used, which I appreciate.

    A lot of LitRPG stories go full 'RPG Game' mode, where weapons are +n, and items can be identified to get game-like stats (which this currently is not doing). Don't know if it'll be added later, but given the rest of the story mostly doesn't acknowledge 'the world is gamified', hopefully this won't develop.

Overall I find this an enjoyable read, with a progress I'm looking forward to.
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AvERaGeNP rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c20
There is nothing really to look forward in this novel. MC is granted inactive class, the dragon rider, which is not one bit interesting and somehow I have to sit through chapter and chapters of him slowly being fully able to utilize it. The rest of the premise isn't anything new either with multiple people getting transported and MC being ridiculed because of supposed low tier skill. No new idea and the main hook being not one bit interesting are the problem.
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Jarrow rated it
March 18, 2018
Status: c6
In the first 6 chapters, the only descriptions are of the 'dirty castle' and 'hard bench' variety. Those 6 chapters cover more than a month of events including forced transmigration of random Korean civilians into effective servitude, harsh physical training, awakening of magic / game systems, segregation by talent, days of travel through a new world, and finally hazing and more harsh training at another location. All of the above deserve multiple chapters of worldbuilding, yet are handwaved into emotionless meaninglessness in a matter of a few dry sentences.... more>> This does not meet even my minimum threshold for artistic integrity. <<less
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blueratel413 rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: c174
I will rate this series on five categories; Characterization, Plot, Setting, Pacing, Grammar.

Characterization refers to exactly what it means, how unique are the characters in the story. Do they stick out? Does the audience find sympathy for them?

I give this a 2/5 for Dragon Poor, the MC is someone who is a modern military man and it shows in his motivations and lack of motivations. He's a soldier following the orders of his superiors, and with his success given more and more authority. The story consistently tells of how he... more>> is traumatized by the actions in war but never shows it well. All the other characters are very two-dimensional. The Mage is a crazy scientist, his squire is loyal, the Knight is dutiful. I can honestly say his dragons have more personality than his companions.

Plot refers to the conflicts and events that happen. Does it capture the reader's attention? Do they surprise readers? Obvious plot holes?

I give this a 3/5 for Dragoon Poor. This is a military/battle novel and it shows. All the battles from the beginning are reasonable in their outcome, even if the outcome would obviously be a curb stomp. But that is pretty much all the plot you will get. Noble conflict? Nope. Difficulties in financial troubles? Nope. Even the romance never had much tension.

Setting refers to the background setting of the novel. Is it logical? Reasonable and understandable? Unique from other settings?

I give 4/5 for Dragon Poor. It is a fantasy world, but the rules of the fantasy world aren't iron-clad. They are intentionally left blurry, so while you have magic there is no explanation for where it comes from or what limit it has. While the culture isn't perfectly realistic (most fantasy novels aren't either) and there is a stratification of society, it has a Watsonian reason of Knights that can take on companies of troops.

Pacing refers to how fast the story advances. This is something harder to rate because it is based on individual preferences. Some people want conflicts and events to happen quickly others would like them analyzed more.

I give 3/5 for Dragon Poor. I usually like a fast-based plot, where the MC becomes stronger, grows and changes quickly. Yet in this, I feel like it would be better to slow down the plot more to build more narrative tension and show more of the things we are told.

Grammar refers to the style and word use of the author/translater. Consistency, tone, and all the other details.

I give 3/5 for Dragon Poor. Simple but consistent. At no point did I not know what was being written, but it reads really bland.

I gave my final rating of 2.5/5, which rounds up to 3/5. This is because while the setting and characters have potential the author squanders it. Often telling how the character is feeling instead of showing, and it never seems to impact the MC Gary Sueness. <<less
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LongXi rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: c95
It's a great novel, fillers are minimal with great progression. It's more of a story on how wars work and affect people and how they make them grow, with the addition of course of dragons. And that's it, nothing too deep in the world building, with reasonable and logical scenarios, it's a good and short read specially if you plan on reading it after it gets finished being translated.
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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: c52
Excellently written novel with an unusually human protagonist for Light Novels/Web Novels (even if a couple of the supporting cast are somewhat cardboard cutout LN tropes, but they pull it off well so it's fine), and beautifully translated as well. Rather than "I am a paragon of honor, and will fight to the death those who dishonor me!" Or "I'm going to build myself a harem of hot girls!", this MC has a much more grounded, realistic mindset. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about people disrespecting him or is... more>> oblivious to the fairer sex, but he prioritizes his wants and needs in a much more normal, human-like way. His very first priority at all times is survival in this harsh world he's been thrown into, followed by his desire to return home, and then everything else can take a backseat to that. He still gets aroused at the sight of a certain attractive naked woman, and when given a reward from the royal family he uses it to exact petty revenge against someone who was extremely rude to him. But even then, while he does embarrass someone much stronger than himself with it, he makes absolutely certain to get the Royal Family's guarantee that revenge won't be taken against him.

One thing that really stood out to me was

when it came time for his first ever battle, the author managed to extremely skillfully convey so many things: the claustrophobia of being stuck in full armor with vision narrowed by the helmet's visor, the stress of being in a life-threatening situation, not to mention being in the most dangerous position that shoulders the lives of his comrades as well, the way that high-stress situation can limit one's ability to think and narrow one's perception of their surroundings even further, the added stress of being forced to take another human life for the first time... It's very rare that I get sucked into a novel but the author and translator managed to get me to the point that I knew exactly how he felt, I felt like I had experienced everything he had.

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Raneday rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c41
In all honesty I could say that it's one of the typical "weak to strong" kind of novel where MC was often mistreated/neglected in the beginning due to some certain reasons i.e being unable to fit with others, bloodlines, looks or perhaps their hobbies. But for me this novel still has ignited my interest to read it, due to the fact that our MC here is more realistic one compared to others. Add in the fact the character development that we could see and his ability to cope up with... more>> the situations err his pretty flexible imo.

Btw the comedic scenes was a additional bonus for me. Beware of the drunk Suhyuk - 24th Heavy Cavalry Regiment XD XD <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c39
Starts off pretty average, his character isn't ideal, however, it is realistic. Him being rather sheepish and slowly growing from that makes a lot of sense honestly, even if he was in the army, killing with your own hands is something completely different as the repercussions of your actions are right in front of you. It's only a small part of his character progression, but as I said it's more realistic compared to people who are transmigrated and kill people on a whim and have bold heroic characteristics.

It gets more... more>> interesting, even though there's still not many chapters, I think it improves a lot after around chapter 10-15 as the story starts to kick off. Should be a lot of fun! <<less
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SunDream rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c34
This novel is fantastic. The characters are human, who feel organic and realistic in the given situation. The MC isn't just a clichéd murderbot figure that is the norm for these kinds of protagonists. He's powerful enough to be satisfactory, but there's still a good deal to look forward to. The story itself can be humorous, but still takes itself seriously. Translations are good. The story really picks up half way through, and there's a consistently good development throughout. A solid read overall, will definitely be keeping up with it.
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Pranefuji rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: c309
This is ok, I enjoyed it for what it was. There are aspects of the novel that kinda suck. I vaguely remember it being a bit queer phobic in the beginning and middle section. The author has a bit of a hardon for a powerful imperial / monarchy.

I liked the humor around the dragon, and the fights in the first half are fun. At a certain point there is sort of a wave of a hand, the hero left dramatically and wins the important battle, without any real detail on... more>> it. This continues on as a pattern for several battles. You learn about the victory from other perspectives and it doesn't really seem to track as interesting.

View point of the novel's politics is, there are all these cruel kingdoms and nobles, but the enlightened philosopher king ruler of noble and magic blood that makes you especially capable by birth, is cool and dandy and should have all the power. Also poor folk are ignorant, ungrateful, looking for handouts and don't understand the blessings given to them in the Refugee Arc. Really weird politics in this one. Novel has finished at this point tho it looks like there are about 30 chapters of epilogue / extras. Not particularly interested. <<less
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HappyLulu12 rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: c236
The story is actually ok, almost decent. The problem I have with it is pp in this story arr mostly sh*t that boil the anger inside me. (The MC is decent tho). Wish that arthur write less about those sh*tty pp so I can enjoy the story more.

But anyway the MC isnt dumb, not a yes man, not white lotus (still kinda too kind for my taste). The power system is interesting and the fight scence although not great but still above average. The females arent brainless fall for MC... more>> for no reason. For now I still feel like I can dig in it more.

Edit: at first I thought 3.8 is kinda low and the story is underated but now I think it's not the case. There are so many unnecessary part that make the story feel lame. MC also kinda disappointed me with his mindset. I am disappointed at how he interacts with the princess. They barely know each other, the times they met can count with two hand and each time isnt long in anyway. He got abused because of the duke hate him being with princess, u can say at first there no chemistry between him and the princess and he didnt feel that way (keeping thing cool), he even got so freaking many abuse and trouble because of her. But then he just suddenly fell so hard for her (I emphasized the hard part) and he scare of her, doing anything she want him to like a faithful husband (except for the war part). The sudden development annoyed me because I also dont really like princess's personality (not bad just somewhat annoying, but make sense cause she will become a ruler). Their relationship just isn't seem equal to me and I'm all about equal relationships not oneside make demand and otherside just do it (she also help him alot but still feel like a shitty kind of romance between a boss and a employee in typical Chinese novel)

Also recent chapters are kinda boring that I just scroll through it really quick just to get the core things that happened, it's just not enjoyable anymore when all I get is politic shit, war where MC just wrecks demon army like they are nothing (50000 vs 1 still nothing man) and a bunch of cringe characters just there to try make story not too lame but most of them are muscle heads and if u dont like muscle heads that dont regard other consent and constantly verbal abuse or challenge a fight (some will like it and call it manly or competitive, competence whatsoever but to me they are just noisy nuisance battle jankys, u will feel like just skip through the chapter to know the plot like me <<less
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jumping rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: c92
there's a big problem reading this story and that's the fact that I feel piss off and mad 70% of the time.

clearly kidnapping a large amount of people and force them to fight is a big part of that reasons. But the way the author wrote the story makes is even worst.

the MC is just so passive, like the guy is not scared in an battle but *feels it* for an weak ass old man that every one calls king. The king is just a old man that spent most... more>> of his time in his *office* with paper work or politics.

i personally thinks if the author just make the MC grow some ball and maybe try leaving the country to see the world. Or betray them. You know, something a bit interesting other than his *given* op class. Which is the only thing that had keep me reading to ch 92, in order to see what happens when he get to higher level. <<less
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Zeusomega rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: c195
Read it till 100 and drop it

The story had its moments but going ahead it's small flaws only ended worsening

It starts of with a military experienced MC who is more of settling down in peace/returning home.

... more>> Then it slowly delves into the whole foreplay of otherworlders and natives, racism etc..

It's in these two phases the story is somewhat engaging and doesn't necessarily fall out from fluid logic, but there onwards it just keeps falling like a snowball down a mountain.

MC loses his individuality, slowly turning into this comical "hero in road, dog on bed" type not in a female domination way, it's just his way of losing common sense when dealing with opp s*x...

And the main plot progression which started out interesting just turns out to be cliche, and MC getting derailed from his objective time and time again for petty reasons which ohh so magically always turn out to be connected to his main goal..

Ugh I mean the author tried to start with something original and then mid way went "f**k it, let me get my textbook" it's just that, the author uses the cliche western fantasy lore as a carrier to his "comical" expedition of a modern Korean soldier who unintentionally gets involved in a harem, and an epic saga of dragons and elves.

This would please any static fans of jap novels, as there is an exponential increase of dense headed harem dramas along the later chapters.

Ps: I might actually complete the novel as it's just around 350+ chapters and I've already read around 200, so if there's a change then I'll update this review <<less
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