Dragon Emperor, Martial God


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Lingyun, a fierce and savage cultivation genius takes over a dead teenager’s body. Coincidentally, they are both named Lingyun. Set in a alternate version of the 21st century, teenager Lingyun has been killed by someone with a grudge.

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New brazen08 rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c430
Another name: I was Transmigrated and decided to be low-key but what can I do? I'm just too handsome and popular so instead I will just make a harem. My low cultivation? Nah, I got a godly plot armor.

The title is a trap. The summary is misleading. He's not a genius in cultivation but rather in upgrading his harem. Let's do the math 3 times his cultivation is equal to his harem. Though I don't mind harem but this novel was a bit overboard.
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kunbaskier rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: c350
Im out at 350 chapter.

I really like novel in our modern time/on earth. But like always author had to put racism... of course classic conflict with Japan... MC got some power and feel like superman, don't afraid nothing! Goes everywhere and show his mussle, because he is MC. He doesn't need brain. For example..... more>>

conflict Japan/China for some island for many years, but no problem for MC. He goes there, kill people. Japanase told him, they got island with support USA. What did MC? F2ck off, from now it belong to China (me), who comes i'll kill! The most funniest thing is MC power is enough only for small pray! Any better elder can kill him with one palm...

There are more like that. And he is man with 2 lives? He is like idiot/spoiled kid.

Romance? If you like pokemon-catch its for you. It is like: MC meet new girl, he dosn't need to do anything, girl in next 5 minutes will open her legs for him! Why? Because he is super handsome! And his dimple are...!!! WTF almost in every chapter author need to write how handsome he is with dimple!

My dimple I choose you! Go! In next 5 secounds! Congratulations! You have catch new girl!!!

And MC never kill woman! Even enemy/assassin woman! Why? Because she will join to him!

Enemies? Only stupid arrogant charactes without brain like MC.

And the best is his low-key at start novel. I need to be low-key. In next chapter...

he fought with 30 gangsters in school! He thrown/tossed human to sky like ball to 10m in school on eyes many people! Fought with police, slapped many important people (for example police director) in public and everyone cheer for him.

Lol wtf! 0 realism...

1/5 (only for modern novel). Should be 0/5. <<less
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S. Capo
S. Capo rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: c1355
A bit of a pity that this novel is discontinued. It says here in NU that is it completed which is kind of a trap.
... more>>

Great at first, then it became more and more nonsensical. I love harems, this novel mainly focused on it. The problem is he has this bs way of dealing with girls, plus the author just sends girls here and there (either kidnapped or forced to marry someone or just pure bs going somewhere, just like fades on the background) just so that he can focus on one girl at a time. Cultivation part is a bit confusing (cause his cultivation level is called differently from earth cause he came from a different world) but it is still ok at first then it also became nonsense in the end, cause of all the OPness and stuff. I get it, that the MC is OP and he can beat the crap out of anyone higher level than him but it keeps on repeating that over and over and over it became boring. Plus there is this plot armor which for some reason he cannot use at will (the author seems to refuse that it is a plot armor so he does this) but come on, it became really annoying.

The author tried to put different personalities to the girls but he forgot all about it later on until all the girls are the same where you cannot identify which is which cause they all act the same way (childish, jealous, sweet, gentle) good personalities but if a 28 years old and an 18 years old acted the same way in the same setting, it gets weird but bearable since I know it is hard to write a novel so I still appreciate the efforts, still I dont know why it is discontinued, possibly lost support but a good read if you just wanna find something to do when you're bored, but dont expect anything out of it, purely about harem, MC showing off how OP he is, MC beating the crap out of normal people. (MC actually fought more normal people than cultivators), author describing MC's handsomeness and stuff about his former world and cultivation and plot armors. Nothing to expect from the story, even the bed scenes are bland.

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May 29, 2017
Status: --
Read the first chapter and found it fitting my taste, would continue to read the other chapters but just one tiny problem, the release frequency is kinda slow.

Guess I'll just wait till more chapters get translated, it'd prolly take years to reach the 100th with this cycle of release, hope it'll be worth the wait. Anyway who knows the translated chapter (s) might be release faster in the near future.
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Nightlash rated it
February 5, 2019
Status: c209
Novel starts off very well, reminded me of Returning from the Immortal World. However, just as RFTIW, it eventually grew to be super repetitive. It starts off with the MC taking over a body of a crippled boy (as usual). The cool thing however was how the body was fat and how the MC transformed it over time. One of my biggest annoyances though was the harem. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for harems but this was sloppy and horrible. He meets a girl once and instantly has a... more>> relationship of some sort with them, around over 4 girls now?? The novel just started really becoming sloppy, going down the same road of RTFIW, however if I were to chose any of them id recommend the latter (sadly it was taken down).


1) Don't read if you like slow cultivation, the novel has this but does not focus on it

2) Bad Harem/Romance <<less
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Renjisea rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: --
One of the story that you can see that the MC is as bad as the enemy only in different skin. MC got all the worse personality and traits, you can note it yourself. I can't seem to find anything good or inpiring from the MC at all.

*Go to chapter 140 to see quick summary of story.
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