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Once upon a time, an Alchemist Grandmaster from the World of Immortals accidentally took possession of a playboy, who hailed from a rich and powerful family, and became a student in the middle of his midterms.

By the means of a miraculous immortal technique, he blended in and mingled amongst the femme fatales’ group to dominate the city! The nature of this novel’s origin is shamelessness to the core; having no sense of shame is just a basic foundation, but if the most shameless isn’t set yet, then become it!

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New PiCrazy31415 rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c87
Since I've just gotten back into stallion novels like Womanizing Mage and VPAATP, I decided to try this one out as well. This dude MC doesn't act like a 10k cultivator at all, which I don't really care about but is still kind of ridiculous sometimes, even though his attitude does fit quite well with his young playboy body. Though most of the time he does still act even younger than 18, which is kind of a turnoff. This is not as much of a stallion story as the WM... more>> and VPAATP: he's definitely not OP in the cultivation world, already running into some more difficult problems, and it seems like it's pretty hard for him to get girls. I mean there's probably 6 interested in him right now but he barely has any progress besides kissing 2 of them in 80-some chapters. Come on, LL in VPAATP already got his first time in like the first 20 chapters or something. Honestly, this slow romance progress isn't too big of a deal, but it does get pretty exasperating when there's only 80ish chapters translated out of almost 3k chapters. This is an insanely long series, and it's still ongoing. I would be willing to read it to the end, but given the very daunting number of chapters, the lack of an end in sight, the relatively slow progress, and the headache I'm going to get from MTL, I lack the motivation to do so. Dropped. <<less
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March 5, 2017
Status: c10
I've only read 10 chapters, but this is too much.

He says this to some random lady he just met:
-- "Yes, my beauty formula can make you eternally youthful, but it will not come out yet. Otherwise, it would bring chaos to the world. At most, I can make some anti-aging products. Moving about too fast will only bring disaster." Cheng Yu unwaveringly said. --

He does this in a pharmacy. In front of random people:
-- Cheng Yu reached for the teacup to his left and stretched. That cup flew... more>> into his hand as Cheng Yu loudly said, "Ah! Good tea!" Then the teacup flew out from his hand to return to its original spot, as if nothing ever happened.

But everyone was stunned, what was this? To be able to retrieve objects from the air like that? An immortal? This youngster is too mysterious, is he an Immortal? A Devil? --

He doesn't tell people that he's an immortal, but he suddenly has divine abilities. He doesn't even try to hide it. The author doesn't try to develop anything properly.

This kind of dialogue keeps happening:
MC: "I can make an immortal pill"
Normal person:"Stop spewing nonsense"
MC proceeds to make an immortal pill

It's just too ridiculously blatant about his power and nobody cares. Nobody questions the fact that his personality changes, and he has magical powers. I commonly enjoy wish fulfillment stories, but this is kinda cringey.

I don't rate stories when they've only just started, but I would give this a 2/5 for what's happened so far. <<less
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White Head Ice Prince
White Head Ice Prince rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: c5
OP Alchemy immortal takes over modern rich Play boy's body and gradually becomes Op again and improves his reputation. It's kinda good, and recommended if you're into this type of genre. Read the Tags. Minus one star for lack of realism

... more>>

This Thousand Year Virgin seems pretty good at picking up girls, *raises one eyebrow* even better than the playboy who should have more experience in this field. There is a lack of skepticism towards Scammers that one should usually have when told "I have a formula to make you eternally youthful"


It seems immortal/cultivation pills can still be concocted with available herbs/medicine and cultivation is also possible. Its still young so might edit if I remember. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: c48
This story is really hard to read. The author is a idiot. Nobody in this story knows what a lie is. They think everything a guy says is true. The MC goes up to random people and tells them crazy stuff. Would you believe a guy telling you he has immortal pills? The translation also doesn't seem very good. The whole story feels super cringeworthy. Cultivators start to show up at chapter 48.
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SpaceMan89 rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: c27
Down right disgusting, for a godly student the MC is dumb as sh*t. His personality has been subsumed by the original body, how else can a virgin immortal turn into a stupid f**k like this?

I was looking for some humor and action but I got a retard obsessed with pretty girls. Haram aspect is fine but the MC comes off as desperate and inexperienced, begging in some cases then turning 180 the next.
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You-Know-Who rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c1260
I'm not gonna say so much, cos this novel so disappointed...

i dont get what the author want to achieve with this novel ? almost all it's story just keep going around and round, you could say its main story progressing so much slow, almost never progress about 100-200 ch. almost all of the arc/plot in the novel is same, dont have something unique. I'm bored with its story.

if u skip 10-20 ch, u dont have a feeling something lost, cos almost that chapter just trash talking that dont have much... more>> influence with the main story.

and for now its already about 2400ch, and based on the story its progress just about 1/5 or maybe 1/6 of the whole story, ah so much trash talking that dont have so much influence on the main progress..

so if u like a trash talking novel that keep going round and round you can go ahead and start to read it :' ( <<less
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AnonymousX rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: c81
Pretty good novel if you don't take the story too seriously. It reads so far as a good slice of life kinda novel, that has a decent plot and fast pace.

Also, the translation is awesome and the release speed it quite fast too.
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Hitexh rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c8
Well.. This is a fanservice novel.. An old 1.000 years cultivator transmigrate into a 18 year young master. The first few days he go out, he want to kiss a woman. The next day, He make beauty pills. The next day, He give her family a daughter in law. I believe, in his 1.000 years cultivation, all he did is making babies everywhere filling up all the jiang hu as his descendants fighting each others also for woman. This old cultivator cant earn my respect, even evil sect cant contain... more>> his lust, but Im aware some people still like this kind of novel. <<less
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Bangy rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: c53
Honestly I was a little septisch, but the more I read, the more I like reading this novel. It's maybe not the best one, but it's a easy one to read and very enjoyable. So if you're searching for this kind of novel go for it.
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