Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka


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The digital management system was reformed, and a loophole was accidentally found in the operation of Hell, which caused a young man to die inexplicably before his life was over.

Because Hell’s Officer didn’t pay attention to the fantasy world, with uncanny skills Ayaka began to emerge step by step in the powerful world. However, what Hell didn’t expect was that the fantasy world and the real world in the end was actually the same way.

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chocolatechipcookie rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c39
I'm not biased on gender bent stories, stil, I'm conflicted with my review lol

The premises were kinda okay, not bad but it's like the author suddenly changed after a few chapters. The protagonist is a bonafide Mary Sue, the universe bends to her will. Doesn't help that almost every chapter has lines that praises the MC's "beauty", this could be fine if executed well.... if

The MC's character isn't as fleshed out as well, his/her personality is puzzling, it doesn't make sense. S/He's so disgustingly arrogant? On second thought, this could... more>> mean that MC was one of those tr*shy type of fans. Wish it was addressed though. Then there's also moments where you're wondering "Where did MC' braincells go??" I don't know if this is the author's poor attempt of a "flaw" or it's just plain as day plot armor paving the way for MC's success.

Long story short, it really does feel like a self insert fanfic. Was hoping it wouldn't tbh, I don't mean to insult fanfics because there's genuinely some that are so good that they can become their own world.

This is one of those MCs with strong af golden halos. It's like power level p*rn or something. I guess it's one of those guilty pleasure reads where we're not supposed to think too much, I was really hoping for better though. Maybe it will get better, hopefully it will by the time the main cast is complete. <<less
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sinker_91 rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c301
This fanfiction is okay. The time travel is weird though. The spoiler is from the raws so if you don't want to know just don't look at it.

... more>>

She is sent back in time by a gate in Hell that Bardok (Goku's father) found. The gate sends her back to around when Majin Buu was created to fight a different Majin. In the process she inherits the power and position of Supreme Kai. She is noticed by Wis and Beerus, but she disappears. So they appoint a new Supreme Kai. In actuality she goes back through the gate in hopes that she will return to her own time. She does go to the future but not enough. So she continues going through the gate multiple times. She witness major events in history and even participating once. Such as the destruction of the Saiyan's birthworld and her killing the perpetrator. When she finally is back the gate turns to dust.


It also mentions that she has an infinite lifespan, so long as she does not get destroyed entirely. So I'm gonna guess that it also includes something like her appearance not changing due to age after she turns 25-ish <<less
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FakkuNano rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: c250
It has potential at first. But the story getting more weird because of time travel which is should be banned by god. Yup its time travel, not timeline travel. U know how she has another self which named hongye or something which is appeared on cell saga. She is also has another self wich is old generation supreme kai.. Its soo confusing. And idk how time patrol or lord chronoa didn't make an appearance. When she travel between the time, she created history herself which make look like the original... more>> dragon ball use to be. U know, when whis and beerus make an appearance after majin buu saga, they are quite shock seeing ayaka still alive after million years. While she still only in 40. Well the story itself is messed up because of MC. So I give it bad story review. <<less
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