Dragon Ball God Mu


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Upon opening his eyes, Muyang realized that he found himself in Dragon Ball’s world filled with dangerous people like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu.

However, decades later.

“Captain Ginyu, let’s run away, we are no match for him!”

Jeice looked back in panic.

“Lord Frieza, the demon has caught up again.”

“He even destroyed our home planet.”

“This bastard!”

Frieza looked at Muyang with bloodshot eyes filled with anger, but sadly, there’s nothing he can do, even he’s no match for Muyang.

“Come on, show me what you can do.”

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Legend of God Mu of Dragon Ball
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6 Reviews

Oct 10, 2020
Status: c140
Edit: ooooh noo.... this was going so well too.... so basically, this guy now has the infection that seems to be in most Chinese novels. You know the one, where they act all nice and then they're psychotic? Yeah, that one.
... more>>

He also now is married to his little sister figure, and now almost every chapter is filled with deviancy, it's just annoying at this point. He literally does her so much that she needed three Senzu beans to not die and is implied to now have an addiction to them. Luckily there's no cultivation... yet... he found this alien race that has advanced technology and they just so happen to have a device that can tell how much lifeforce a person has and convert that into years of their life, which is not good if they start trying to increase it.... he also got them to build him a bunch of ships, a dragonball radar, and a ship with gravity control up to 50x gravity, but that's not a bad thing. He also trained on this one planet and killed an elite child Saiyan in cold blood after hiding and training until he could beat him, by the time he came back to earth he has 600 power level, and in comparision, raditz has 1, 500 at the beginning of the sayain saga, keep in mind that Goku hasn't appeared yet, nor has Gohan (Grandpa) become old.... which is weird now that I think about it since he found Goku's pod... but Gohan is still super young... either way, Muyang has a huge headstart, and the Saiyan he beat had a power level of 800 when Muyang killed him, so even if he was lower than Raditz he might still beat him.

Overall, I'd say it's now 2 to 2.5 stars, only held up by it's good start.

Old Comment (just to see how much I liked it) :
This is a good novel, and even though it might look that way at the beginning, it's not about cultivation. The author actually makes a new Martial arts school for the MC to reincarnate into, and their attacks are actually pretty unique, if not a little weak. Also, the MC starts out before dragonball, and trains for awhile, and at the novel pacing right now it seems like a reasonable increase. The translations pretty good, however they have put the free translations on hold because people were re-posting it to other sites, however they are still translating it on their Patreon, I think they might be on chapter 60, and while I'm not on their patreon I think they'll start releasing a chapter every couple of months. Anyways! Back to the story! To summarize, basically this Dragonball fan gets reincarnated into Dragonball

a little bit before Dragonball in this school called the HeavenlySky school (this is just a weird name, they do not cultivate here, they practice normal martial arts) where he learns their martial arts, and after some time passes he is taught their beam skill, which isn't that strong in this world, put the teachers don't know that as the school is kinda hermitized by mountains, they do still venture out put it's not super easy that kids could wander out. after a little bit he finds Goku's empty pod and finds the materials for a scouter and salvages the rest, he also discovers a golden finger of sorts (not a cheat skill, but a strong skill) which is basically just if image training put your soul in the time chamber with increased gravity and everything, as it drains his mental energy, but lets him train without expending physical energy and allowing him to hide his training, also time is slower in there, but not to an extreme amount, I think just 2x, however he does still need to eat and all that, on top of it draining his mental energy. where it last left off he had barely won an early world martial arts tournament, before it was public to everyone, and ventured into to the woods to both find Korin and before that, train

it looks like this MC is creative and I hope they make their own techniques like Piccolo does, except, you know, not Piccolo's moves.

Edit:Good News! They seem to be posting the chapters again!
(New Edit: I guess that was actually bad news in the end)

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Aug 29, 2021
Status: Completed
(Old Review : At 530 chaps)

This one's a really polarizing 'Story'. 'Story' because its not exactly a fanfic but more like an AU. You will either like it or hate it. Personally, I didn't like it that much or rather the many parts of it.

The start, like the author's previous fanfic, was pretty good. But as the person named 'sir' said it in his/her review, the MC goes full on psychotic for a while. The MC isn't really something new tho. Except the full on psychotic part, he's... more>> pretty much the same as the author's previous fanfic's, 'The strongest legend of dragon ball', MC. Tho maybe a bit better? Idk since he's yet to turn god for now.

Edit (After Completion) : Yep, he's the same. Same shitty ass pretentious f*ck. Like at one point he talks about how indifferent gods like gods of destruction, zeno etc are and how little life matters to them and yet in many chapters you'll find him being pretty similar. For eg-


This one time he travels to this parallel world where goku and co. Are pretty weak, so he gets cell (under his control) to host cell games and kill a bunch of people who came to challenge him (cell) who under his (MC's) control.

In the end he lets his OC kids and their cannon spouses (Android 18 & 17) defeat him (cell) making those deaths of innocent people useless and not even achieve his goal of making goku and co. (Parallel world) strong enough.

In the end he's not that far off from those gods he fears and criticizes after he too becomes one. Also, he's personality's pretty 1 dimensional since he stays the same throughout the story (except start when his character was pretty good & interesting). The only two distinct emotions would be lust and the strange habit of interfering in others personal life and having every OC character marry a cannon one (lol).


There are plenty more problems, like he's personality (or if he even has any) isn't really that distinct and/or consistent since he's pretty much like your generic Xianxia (the mediocre ones) MC. That is, not only having a heaven defying cheat and talent but also h**ny AF.

Many times it feels like he acts on the author's whims somewhat? I dunno for sure but I do personally feel so. Imo, characters should feel like a real or somewhat real 3 dimensional independent entity i.e., a real person or somewhat like a real person. Though for the most part it's probably that he's (the MC) unlikable. It's really hard to like him.

Honestly, I would've dropped this fanfic already if not for unique plot progression the author has created. Its really good imo. The only problem is well the MC and the other OCs? Maybe not the later but definitely the former.

One of minor things I've noticed is that the author seems to treat consent/love/marriage really lightly in his fanfics. No, there's no straight up r*pe in this fanfic but you'll know after you've read this or author's previous fanfic.

Coming back to the plot, I'd say its really good. I liked it. It's one of the main or maybe even the only reason I'm still reading this. I dunno why but this author seems to have a tendency to ruin his own novels by creating one of the most unlikable or annoying MCs. He did the same thing (imo) in his previous work too. Its always like, a really good plot and progression and the MC is good at the start which hooks you up into the story real fast but then "BAM!!!", the MC goes either ret*rded mode or the psychotic mode or just slowly becomes unlikable.

Also, the OCs are pretty pointless. Not like useless but pointless. They don't really add much to the story and rather just annoy me further by breaking the originally cannon shipped relationships (for eg. Android 18 and Krillin) and taking their place (Except shasley, she's pretty cool), replacing the cannon character while the replaced character ends up with some lesser known or unknown character. It's pretty shitty imo. Tho I'm still able to overlook that for the plot. (Its that interesting lol)


The author even made it so that when goku and chi chi had a baby, the child born was a girl whom they name Hongye (of course its chinese!! What else did you expect?? Lmao), and not Gohan which is probably because of how big of a cheat his talent is lol, especially if he's properly trained and developed (personal opinion/theory).


I also tend to skip the parts where OCs interact, power up etc just to save myself from the annoying frustration lol. Except-


That one time where Android 18 meets her real mother of another parallel universe and then stays with them (That part was real sweet) because the original 18 (Lazuli) is already married off to some s*upid OC (lol).


There's also the fact that author forcefully tries to insert chinese culture. Like, more than there already is in dbz. Be it their sect name, mountain name, saiyan name, marriage ritual, people constantly drinking tea all day (I mean even saiyans on planet vegeta drink tea in this fanfic lol), all black hair black eyed saiyans and humans are east asians and other hair color eye color are westerners (even tho this is a whole different world) etc etc. All these kinda breaks the whole feeling and uniqueness of dbz world tbh.

Maybe its because the author's a chinese writing for the chinese and hence to make them feel included does this? Idk lol

But in conclusion, I would still its say worth reading (at least first 200 chaps minus the R-18 psycho shit) and if not for the MC's disappointing personality, I would've given this fanfic 4.5 at least. But since there is one, 3.5 at best and that too for the creative plot progression.

Edit (After Completion) :

Nah its pretty sh*t by the end. The author gave the reason of readers wanting the plot to progress faster so maybe that could be the reason maybe (idk). Anyway, 3 stars at best. Even excluding the MC 3.5 at best (Its that bad at the end haha).


But of course, It might not be that bad and this could be just me after all lol ;)

Edit (After Completion) :

Nah, its that bad lol, me from the past haha.

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Nov 05, 2020
Status: c706
from the same authors as The Strongest Legend of Dragon ball, honestly you cant get any better than this for a fanfiction based on the Dragon ball universe, the creator has learn from his mistakes in his prior work and developed past it, this is a much better book, Protagonist is not a saiyan or overpower being, his main quirk is to ascend in level of life from mortal into God similar to a Cultivation novel and the authors even created some type of Ranking of God that seems... more>> logical and like his prior work the flow of the story and how it ties into the next arc/plot is very well done.

if you enjoyed Legend of Dragon ball then you are gonna enjoy this novel just as much if not more. <<less
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Oct 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Good story !!

Finished translated google ;P Start slowly but after some chapters he get more and more power full.


main road in power is to destroy his sacred space and upgrade god (lvl? XD) eventually his space become universe etc.:}


Just read it ;]
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Jul 10, 2022
Status: --
I read the authors work: THE STRONGEST LEGEND OF DRAGON BALL before this and I gotta say this one is better paced, but If I had to choose between the two id prefer the other over this story here.

This story is good, great even when compared to most of that crap ive read on this website, but there is romance in this story (if you want to call it that) and most of these authors along with their readers are virg*ns that have never even seen sunlight and have never... more>> known the touch of a woman. The closest thing they have had was their waifu body pillow. So of course, just like many stories ive read before this, the romance is full on cringe and the women in the story all walk all over the men around them and you will read the occasional "Women are scary" cliches. Luckily in this authors stories the women don't walk all over the MC and they aren't some cardboard cutout of weak and useless Sakura from Naruto either. They are strong and useful, but don't try to take the spotlight from the MC. Between the authors two dragonball stories we have some common themes im not a fan of as well.

Both stories our MC spawns into the world with a little sister that ends up becoming his wife later and it's so obvious from the start that she's put there purely to become the future wife and it would be way less boring if he found his wife later in the story imo. Another similarity is the fact that the MC always makes s*upid wishes with the dragonballs. The MC also has a very biased hate towards Vegeta and Vetega seems to be a constant joke in both of the authors stories. Vegeta was the most hardworking character in dragonball with the most character development as well and didn't deserve how the author wrote him TWICE.


Ill be honest, aside from the romance and a few other little things, this is a decent story worth reading if you have a lot of time to kill or just want something to read. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: c703
From all dragon ball fanfic out there, this fanfic is the best. It start very slow because he is originally earthling with meager power. But trying so hard to be powerful enough to face the powerful antagonist. It explained very well how he cultivated into high power level or dimensional level.

The drawback is when MC cultivate into lv 7 dimension, the pace of story is getting more faster which is seem no challange at all. Also because MC already powerfull enough in cell saga n majin buu saga, its like... more>> the original passion of z fighter reduced. Since MC is already god level at that moment, he should let z fighter fight against cell or majin buu. So that if they lose, MC could teach them how to not underestimate the enemy when the enemy level is already powerful enough to threaten the entire universe.

The story itself is decent. Which is mixed with db kid, dbz, movie, db super, super db heroes, db gt, or manga. Its bit regretfull the chapter is only 703 because the pace of story is getting fast after cell saga. <<less
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