Don’t Try to Bend Me


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As a recognized beauty in the Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University, Gu Jiqing’s pure and lustful appearance captivated all the girls in the school. However, on the first day of school, he admitted that he was a Gay and reportedly even twisted several straight men.

Zhou Cibai, as a recognized member of the Architecture Department of Tsinghua University with a height of 1.9 meters and bursting with a hormonal aura, is praised by all the girls as a big walking general attacker. However, he was clearly a homophobe from the first day of school.

On the first day they were assigned to the same dormitory, Zhou Cibai said with a stern expression, “Sorry, I’m not interested in men.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Jiqing thought to himself: Fortunately, anyway, he doesn’t like large dogs either.

The two hit it off and thought they could get along well.

However, when Gu Jiqing took a shower and forgot to blow his hair, Zhou Cibai would blush and slam the door. When he woke up and forgot to wear pants, Zhou Cibai would blush and slam the door. When he was sick and rubbed his palms unconsciously, Zhou Cibai would still blush and slam the door.

Gu Jiqing thought to himself that Zhou Cibai must be homophobic to the extreme.

Until one day, he was drugged at a bar. In front of Zhou Cibai, he was about to find a young, handsome, clean, and lively fellow to help him. Zhou Cibai, however, pressed down on his waist and said through clenched teeth, “Gu Jiqing, do you think I’m not handsome enough or do you think I’m not clean enough?”

Gu Jiqing blinked in confusion and said, “Ah? Isn’t it because you can’t?”


When Zhou Cibai was in junior high school, he had a goddess whom he fell in love with at first sight. However, because of a gay stalker, causing him to lose face in front of his goddess, and from then on, he kept a respectful distance from gay.

As a result, Gu Jiqing took a bath and wanted to seduce him with wet hair. He exposed his thighs when he got out of bed to seduce him, and when he’s sick, he even softly acted spoiled to seduce him. And even the red mole on the corner of his eye was the same as his goddess.

Zhou Cibai finally couldn’t bear it anymore and said with a cold face, “Gu Jiqing, can you restrain yourself a bit? Don’t try to bend me all day long.”

Then that night, he put Gu Jiqing to sleep.

Zhou Cibai, who grew up believing that holding hands meant falling in love, looked at the rubber cond*ms on the ground and felt that although he has h*mophobia, he still had to take responsibility for Gu Jiqing.

So he decided to destroy the goddess’s photo, bid farewell to the past, and establish a formal romantic relationship with Gu Jiqing.

However, Gu Jiqing, who had been pestering him all night, just laid in bed, lazily hooking at a photo of the goddess, and asked in a muffled voice, “How come you have a photo of me from middle school?”

Then he raised the corner of his eyes and lightly wrote, “Oh, by the way, ten thousand yuan has been transferred to you, just think of it as your hard work charge last night. You’re welcome.”

Zhou Cibai, who has h*mophobia, with a fortune worth only 10,000 yuan a night. “???”

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1 Review

Feb 26, 2024
Status: Completed
I don't know where to start; it simply left me speechless. From the main characters to ML's family dynamics and their small group of friends, everything is just lovely. Seriously.

MC may come off as someone kind yet distant, but only he knows that he longs for the freedom to stop saying "yes" to everything and be free in his own way. However, due to the way he was treated, he sees himself as a selfish person who doesn't deserve love. When he meets ML and experiences the feeling of being... more>> loved and cared for, fear and insecurities arise strongly.

I felt bad for him and everything he had to go through. Although I understand that MC's mom only wanted to protect him and ensure a good future for him, I can't help but blame her a little. Was it a problem to take time to care for her own son when he was sick? Did she really have to let others intimidate MC and limit his talents just because he was better than the legitimate son of that family? Did she really need to overly please and prioritize that legitimate son over MC all the time?

I'm sorry, I don't want to justify her actions. MC developed insecurities because of it and had to be excessively kind and pretend just to "thank" a family that never valued and cared for him as they pretended to. Even at a very young age, he realized that everything he had was not his own and that he had to pay for it if he wanted to leave.

It's reassuring to know that ML arrived when MC needed support the most, when he thought no one needed him, and again, when he thought no one would accept him as he truly wanted to be. ML is someone who, despite appearing fierce, is quite the opposite. He is the sweetest and shyest person in the novel. I lost count of how many times his ears blushed.

Their relationship took time to become official because MC wasn't sure if he deserved ML's love, and later because he needed to resolve his family issue. ML was willing to wait, trusting that they both felt the same. The love they share is the sweetest and most charming I've read. I loved how ML speaks to MC, encouraging him not to do something just to please others, and how MC observes every little gesture of ML to ensure he is not unhappy.

The brief mentions of characters from other novels by the author were also interesting and exciting for those who have read those works.

In summary, it's a highly recommended novel if you're looking for something fun, tender, and incredibly sweet. <<less
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