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Chatting in the dormitory at night, roommates wonder how much pain Aunt Flow brings. Mr. Perfect He Zhi Zhou has never bothered joining in on these petty talks for amusement. That is, until he became a woman and laid in bed with a white-cast complexion……

Chatting in the female dormitory at night, roommates sighed over the current pairings in the school of engineering, Shen Xi was a little curious that the problem with these topics is that there was no way to test them. Until she became an male engineering student and a bar of soap dropped in front of her……

Introduction in one sentence: About how a top-scoring perfect male with no desire in the opposite gender and an amusing female lead were set up like lightning setting the ground on fire spreading out of control—leading to a sweet and rippling life……

Life is so long, don’t be so arrogant. Some things are bound to deviate.

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The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: Completed
I really find this story cuuute~! At first, you really can't help but be torn and feel vexed. After all, contrary to the summary where you only get the feeling of a female and male being bodyswapped without baggages or any strings attached, that is definitely not the case!

... more>>

Here, we have a female who is head over heels in love with her childhood friend already; that although that childhood friend may be 'passive' at the start, neither affirming nor against FL's advances, we get to see later on some depth of what he truly feels... basically we finally have the chance to see his perspective about FL and their "unlabelled" relationship. That is to say, we get to affirm that after all this time, he truly does care for FL in the romantic sense. Since they grew up together, he just didn't realise how special FL really was for him until later, when she "broke up" with him to be with ML openly, albeit starting out "faked" in hindsight, in order to (primarily) resolve their issue.


However, how it resolved in the end was well-done. Some of you might still feel aggrieved and hoped to stick with the second ML, considering he was with MC for far too long than the main ML; then again, ML is not at a complete disadvantage either. I say author really did well in painting, planning and controlling the pacing, the development of the story. It was really good and true to the personalities of the characters. Suffice to say, they (i.e. the characters) were fleshed out very well.

I do initially agree though when tanzmoon said "ML truly picked the short end of the stick." After all, between our two leads, he was the more logical, clever, smart, calm and collected one. Ability-wise, he was the creamest of the crop, and him taking over FL's body can be considered more of an advantage for her than her on his body. In more than one occasion had FL "forgotten" she was now on ML's body and acted a bit effeminate, completely ruining his initial cool/aloof image. Whereas FL's body now taken over by ML acting cold and scoring high on her CET can only be considered an "upgrade" on her part to a cool/intelligent beauty. But! Do note that FL and ML are two completely different/diverse entities in the first place. One is an aspiring engineer, the other a dancer. So, before you go on berating FL for sabotaging ML's image, ML likewise caused chaos on FL's dancing opportunities, even made her lose her original spot/the original offer given to her by her department to be the main dancer on a special event, something she really practiced hard for the past months before they swapped.

Anywaay, bottomline, both FL and ML had their own strengths and weaknesses. And it's interesting to note how, bit by bit, they try to compromise to their situation, learning about each other in the process. FL is loveable af. She knew some of her shortcomings (most of it coming out comedic), and was very apologetic for acting out of place once she realised she wasn't ML-like and wasn't embarrassed to admit such mistakes and ask for ML, the more clever one, for help. And ML, esp. once he realised his own feelings for FL, began to soften around her, understand and appreciate her, and see her in a different light. But of course, since he's so inexperienced in that department, some of his attempted "confessions" can only be considered pitiable as hell. XDDD lol

As for the romance, it was cute, a bit slow but very understandable, considering their circumstances. Though them falling was inevitable, it didn't happen abruptly. FL did not easily fall out of the old love nor did she quickly fall in for the new one. Then again, like in real life, somewhere in between, it just... happened.

I read up to the translated part, Ch. 7 part 3/Ch.34, and MTLed the rest. As such, there are some things I'm not very clear about. Then again, I don't mind rereading it again once the translated versions are up. Hui3r is an excellent translator group, having read some of their other works like Heyi Shengxiao, so... all the more reason not to hesitate.

For those wanting a break, and want to read something cute and light, I definitely recommend reading this. I don't really get the 1-star raters for giving this a very low score. :T Imo, an average of 4.1 is too low. Perhaps a 4.6-4.8. Oh well, either way, I hope these words will give some encouragement to other readers out there to seriously give this a try. <<less
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macy2 rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: Completed
Cute story, however it does drags a bit and nothing really important happens for a series of chapters until they switch back (in which it just becomes plain fluff afterwards) ; other then that its the MC ruining the ML's image and dignity. The ML is stubborn but he's careful to maintain her relations and not cause trouble. The MC on the other hand does not at all; she's impulsive, acts upon her emotions, requires people to clean up after her messes and is selfish. She's an happy-go-lucky person (and... more>> dare I say shallow and spoiled) that spares no thought towards the ML's life and pursues her own goals and desires selfishly. This selfishness continues even after they switch back. Honestly although I dont have an outright problem with her character (I mean a lot of MCs are like her) but she wont be a character that I particularly like or support if there was a better alternate for the ML. <<less
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Wonder Star
Wonder Star rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a cute story but it gets a little boring after they return back to normal. The ending is bittersweet but then you've got to trust He Zhi Zhuo. There has always been one girl who has touched his heart unexpectedly, when he only thought he would end up alone. Fluff and lots of it. &Lt;3
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crimsoniv0j rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: --
This one so far is the best of the gender bender novel type Ive ever read. The translation is great (kudos to the translator 👍👏👏). I just hope this will be continuously updated. Waiting for more chapters.
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Arnissan rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: c3 part2
Chapter 1 is quite confusing with droping like 8 or so characters and making ir really hard to understand who is who. But if you read further all becomes clear in the first 3 chapters and after that it flows quite nicely. Solid read so far.
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June 3, 2020
Status: --
pretty good, just slices of life, no strong plotline or whatnot, a shortcoming I'm bothered the most is I hate that the FL is crybaby, not even reasonable crying, just overly emotional. I know some peeps irl maybe like that but wished there's a #weaklingprotagonist tag added.
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Kodokkepo rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: Completed
First, I was a little doubt to read this kind of story. But who knows, I could’t stop laughing and aww-ing while reading it. Really, it’s really rare for me to find a story that could made me laughing so hard while reading it. And don’t make me start with the ML, even though he was cool, and very hard to please, but once he fell in love with the FL, he spoiled her to end. Ah my heart! And the FL, she was perfect in her own way. ... more>> Any recommendation like this kind of story? <<less
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EnchantedMe rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: --
Sigh, I got to admit that this novel is a great novel. Both the ML and FL interaction with each other is great and all. However, I am not really fond of the 2nd ML who is the ex boyfriend. He is nice and all but there is a limit to being nice too. He obviously loves the FL but he would do more for another girl than he would for the FL, unconsciously hurting her in the process too. Sigh, so I am super glad that the FL... more>> will get over the 2nd ML and start anew with the ml. It's so sad just reading the 2nd ML and fls interaction... I think there is no point for the 2nd ML to get hurt over losing the FL because he obviously didnt put FL before the other girl so he reaped what he sowed. Obviously the ML is cold and all but he still treats the FL with respect and even unconsciously supports her unreasonable actions because it helps soothes her heartbreak from the 2nd ml. Even after the FL broke up with the 2nd ml, all the 2nd ML does is focus on school but gets angry and sad whenever he sees the ML and FL together. But when the other girl comes around he goes out of his own way to do whatever he can to help her even if he is dead tired. But towards the fl, he only focuses on school, school and never really put the same effort towards the FL as he did towards the other girl. So obviously this boys kindness is a kindness that every girl wants in a man but a kindness that will hurt the girlfriend. Obviously school is important but even the ML focuses on school but still goes to the FL whenever he realizes something's wrong with her. So I would say that the novel is great, and no I'm not rooting for any 2nd ML syndrome here at all. The ML in the story is the best fit for fl. Give this novel a try if you think your okay with this kind love triangle, but I will assure you that the ML action towards FL will for sure heal the unfairness that FL receives from the 2nd ml. <<less
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NightEmpress rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: epilogue 2 part2
I loved this novel so much!

It's so cute and so fluffy and has a kinda different concept as compared to other modern day romance novels.

So basically, In the first half of the novel, the FL and ML's souls get swapped and they have to face hilarious and embarrassing situations while being in each other's bodies. Although the ML in the FL still makes her appear cool due to his aloof nature.... the FL in the ML though... haha, read and you'll find out. I felt so sorry for the ML... more>> sometimes lol.


The romance is really smooth. The FL loved her childhood friend in the beginning, the second ML but his feelings for the FL were really ambiguous and when she left him, he realised that he, after all did love her. As for the ML, he was someone who absolutely had no interest in the opposite gender and he was as cold as Antarctica of course. But after the whole body swap thing, he grows close to the FL and slowly falls in love with her. He loves her alot and she becomes his most important person.


In any case, read this story because it's really sweet and different. The ending got me like but it was still a nice bittersweet ending anyway, mostly sweet. <<less
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Shafyra rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: --
This is light hearted story and full of sweetness+fluffy+funny af! The MC and ML are too adorable.
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tanzmoon rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c3 part5
It's quite hilarious (after their souls were switched), I find the guy MC is truly pitiful, he truly picked the short end of the sticks! The translation quality is also good. Looking forward to more.
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