Divine Protection of Many Gods


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Junno is thrown into a fantasy world with starter equipment, a sword, and a bag of assorted coins. He decides to become an adventurer and earn money. Upon receiving his status plate, it appears that he has the divine blessing of many gods. Then he chances upon a slave.

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Takami No Kago
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Parth37955 rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
It's your basic, MC got reincarnated, gets slaves kind of story. It's not bad, the MC isn't merely a ball of lust. He uses his brain, always a plus. He's got a bunch of blessing from various Gods, making an excellent support character (his blessings empowers his allies/slaves). All in all, it's a not a bad way to spend time. It's a harem.
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Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
I like the story, but having a hard time with it at the same time.

... more>>

MC saves a girl JUST as she becomes a slave. Pays her debt and she becomes his slave right then and there. They go back to the inn and he sleeps with her and the other slave, she does so willingly even tho she was a former Nobles daughter and she worked really hard to try and repay her debt to avoid this scenario. Later she is so in love with the MC she takes a blood oath that even when her deb is paid off she will remain his slave for life......... ugh total reversal of her goal.


It is ok and something to read, but not taken seriously in any sense. MC solves all problems at a moments notice. you do not feel any threat to him and the girls just melt in his hands. /sigh 3/5 at best. <<less
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LazyLuong rated it
January 10, 2016
Status: --
The author skips potential storyline, and timeskips as if the author can't be bother writing about it and just wants to go straight to the harem. The same can be said between the relationships between the MC and the people he has a relationship with.
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Interdict rated it
December 18, 2015
Status: --
Seems like a fairly typical s*x slave harem fantasy. Girls who have suddenly become slaves are overjoyed to be bought and “saved” by “master” and broken in on the first night. Oh master I love you, it's love at first sight! Chapters are very short too.
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ninthlite rated it
December 18, 2015
Status: --
Day one buys a slave and she immediately falls in love with him. What is with these Japanese novels and having willing slaves anyway.. Of course the MC is op as f*ck so there is no conflict there.
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Sumire rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: c68
Up until chap 50 it's still an enjoyable read but varius things just make it unbearable. The mind set of the characters is not that bad, clever fighting scene when the MC make full use of his skills, relationship development was forced but not unbearable. Somethings just seem off that I can't enjoy this novel anymore.
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Ssjn4vega rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c58
Not my favorite but it's fun enough to pass the time, the story feels like it's missing something but at least the characters aren't annoying.
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Rknmffr rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: --
Although I agree that this novel is not the best when it comes to writing or action, it's not too bad either. In the beginning it felt a bit iffy (especially the first 16 chapters that had shitty transaltions) but as it progresses it gets better.

Maleander's comment is stupid. Half the stuff he wrote under the "spoiler tag" is false.

... more>>

First of all the girl isn't a noble, she's just a merchants daughter (so not poor but not high class either). The reason she had the debt was bc she blew up an alchemist lab and many materials with it so she had a super high debt of 15 gold coins. Still she may have been able to pay it since she was a remarkable alchemist in training but she got a curse (which is a pretty common occurance in this novel) which makes her alchemist skills basically null i.e. She can't pay her debt. Then she tries to become an adventurer since she heard they make a lot of money. She meets MC there and he helps her out a little. Afterwards she impulsively goes to kill goblins even tho MC told her to wait bc she needed to pay her debt in 7 days or she becomes a slave. MC then saves her from golbins who trapped her since she has no combat experience. She clearly has feelings for him (cuz he's her knight in shining armor). The main point is the fact that it's not that she despises the idea of being someone's slave, it's that she can't become anyone's slave bc that would mean that they have to first pay her debt of 15 gold coins and since she's cursed she's not very good at anything or useful so no one would buy her and ofc people would be prejudiced against buying a slave like that. This means that she would be sent to a "concentration" camp where she would have to do manual labor 24/7 to pay off her debt (its a scam meaning almost no one ever manages to pay their debt there).

The MC, in her eyes, pays 11 gold for her (she managed to earn 4 herself) who is not able to battle or craft anything so ofc she would be touched. He brings her home but DOES NOT HAVE s*x WITH HER. He has another slave whom he saved from a similar situation and HE ALSO DOES NOT HAVE s*x WITH HER (he's not a wimp he just respects their feelings). He only hugs them and cuddles with them. Especially first slave bc has lived a miserable life and he always comforts her (which is why he sleeps with her since she feels afraid of being lonely).

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MyRAMEN rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c10
Its the typical Japanese novel reincarnated into another world. Although no real special characteristic it is a good novel for those who like these types. Only negative is author skips over story lines that should of been written about. I would really only read this if you are bored and trying to start a new "easy", "justbecause" type of novel for transported to another world novel
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TamaSaga rated it
November 19, 2016
Status: c50
It started out great, but once you get to 36, the author starts introducing these really annoying girls to the harem that make you think generic baggage.

... more>>

One of them goes on to have an ability that somehow saves the day, except the situation is so specific that if it happens again you would think that the author has a fetish for zombie invasions. Failing an upcoming apocalypse, I can't see how this girl is meant to contribute. Maybe the author recognizes her limited usefulness because he tries to advertise the girl's other traits to keep her relevant. Every time the MC looks at her, it's to say that something about her is attractive. But it feels like it's being in monotone or something because, as you read it, what pops up in your head is a black kitchen-sized plastic bag filled with cardboard cut-out words like "she's pretty", "attractive eyes", "kissable lips", etc. Comic Sans. All Caps.

In other words, it's like you're waiting in line in a public area minding your own business when a random couple suddenly starts making out right in front of you without regards to the TPO. Go find a room!

As for the one after, you get a fail sob story that's supposed to warm you up to her. I like Tsunderes, but what we see here is a forced matchmaking with a girl that's not expressing tsuntsun, she's just annoying.

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admira rated it
December 2, 2015
Status: --
It's kind of... average-feeling. Like there should be more, but there isn't. The logical leaps for him acquiring his female companions doesn't really make too much sense to me either.
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Ignus rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c25
Story started out well. Felt like a Game Elements, Action, Fantasy story. Even if the MC would become OP, he still needed to level up and practice skills. Even the typical slave harem members were somewhat interesting with defined classes. (Regardless of cardboard cutout personalities)

But then came the Slice of Life... Shopping for girl cloths (Which hardly any men like to do in real life, so why would they want to read about it?)

Meeting up for a date, (Saying the same lines... did I make you wait?)... more>> when they live and sleep together... I mean, just leave the hotel room together.

Even though there is less Slice of Life in this story than others, the main issue I had with it is being lost, not understanding 1/4th of the total text because: Either what is said contradicts itself in the next paragraph, or conversations nuances are lost in translation, or skipped/too short/lack of transition by the author.

Its a thing that bothers me... Overly long explanations that are confusing to read, taking up a chapter, when it could be explained in 1 or 2 sentences, or the reverse, where many things are occurring without clear indicators aiding the reader in following whats happening. <<less
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Vrethalya rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: --
"I love master because master is kind and strong. Also, master bought me out of a whim, so it's an obligation for me to love master."

wellp, even the distrusting slave started to trust MC in 2-3 chapter. It's a story of a fluffy world where harem and companion is easy to get, where distrust among human is not real, and where respecting their savior equal to instant harem. Jeck, it's almost looks like the author's fantasy if he was trapped in the other world.

In a sense, it almost feels like... more>> death march kara, but with less detail, slow progression (wellp, most chapter focus on him wooing his slave harem, and skill checking by doing quest, and only 1 major event so far), and every plot hole would be filled with "because of divine protection watchumachalit" (basically plot armor).

wellp, since it's still 40ch long, I guess it's fair to gave some time for it to develop <<less
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BQDJ rated it
November 15, 2015
Status: --
It’s a novel with short chapters. The concept is really similar with The Man Picked Up by the Gods, he receives blessings so he’s destined to be OP.

The novel is a bit weird since he arrives completely lost and as readers, we’re lost too. But no explanations are done, he just arrives and boom, time lapses and he buys a slave. The novel is a bit lacking since he receives blessings from a lot of gods and he ends up not using a lot of them. There aren't a lot... more>> of exciting parts, so just read if you're really really bored <<less
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Finore rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c74
Started off nicely, there are some issues with it, but what killed it for me is how demons are treated.


Turning a demon into a boiler using brainwashing... that's messed up on so many levels.

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