Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World


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A man was about to commit suicide and decided to search for a way to die on the internet, but then he found an odd site that asked a lot of questions and had a point based system that allows you to create skills for a character. He took interest in it, and when he was done setting his character, he was asked, “You will now be transported to a world with the settings you chose. Coming back is not possible. Do you still accept?” Without thinking much of it, he pressed YES and found himself in another world with the skills he chose to have.

Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World average rating 3.3/5 - 556 user ratings
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A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon
Isekai Meikyuu De Dorei Harem wo
Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o
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New Dragonflyetc rated it
February 23, 2018
Status: v8 illustrations
Between several harem novels I've read, this is the one I liked the most. It doesn't mean that it's the best, it's just my favorite. It doesn't have an omnipotent MC as "Death March", nor has a huge harem as "In a Different World with a Smartphone", nor as silly funny as "Jobless", nor it is slow and fluffy as "Manga wo Yomeru Ore". Sometimes it manages to have a similar progression pace as in "Re;Monster" and "Gun-ota".

Here's the situation. This is a cautious but active MC with videogamey abilities... more>> who gets transported in a generic medieval world with swords and magic and has dungeons here and there, and the MC just wanted to have a good life, cook delicious food, plenty of s*xual life, to do profitable businesses and to do some productive dungeon exploring. Generic, isn't it? By the way, the novel is narrated in a slow pace and it doesn't have too much action.

The MC, Michio Kaga, is a 17 year old guy who was tired of being bullied and ignored and he was thinking to suicide. Please understand why he has low esteem about himself throughout the novel although he is indeed very strong but not overpowered at godly level. Also, we'll discover shortly that if someone has shortage of mana (used to cast skills and magic), this person will get depressed and the depression won't lift up until the mana is recovered likewise.

One of the things I find interesting about this novel is how the MC has progressively adquired each of his slaves. Each one of them was adquired with the MC's sweat and work (earning money, doing quests, participating in a task that only he could do, etc.). And of course, the slaves need to understand each other and the MC needs to powerlevel each adquired slave from scratch by going through low dungeon levels every time and hoping that they'll be useful to progress to higher levels.

Many people seem to misunderstand why he is like a coward. He is usually very cautious since his life is now precious to him (as he was given a second life) and since each slave is hard to get (and a very beautiful woman), he rather go overcautious than to lose any of them. Contrary as some reviewers might imply, he doesn't see his slaves as s*x objects. We can criticize the MC's preferences to have only female and beautiful slaves. He has a mindset of a young boy afterall and he is capable to train any person he wants, so he can just choose a beautiful/cute slave and just overtrain them to be competent in the dungeons.

Each slave seem to have a different role in the party and a distintive story. The MC is the leader and the manager of the slaves' job and level progression. The MC is also the battlemage of the group.


- Roxanne is a loyal dog/wolf girl. She is the leader of the slaves and she is devoted (almost an understatement) to her master. She has a good background story which I rather have you read. Her task is being a elusive tank and a scout. Her smell sense guides the group and she has an insane ability to dodge almost everything. She thinks that her master is the coolest and she is willing to die with him. She also is the one tasked to instruct the new slaves and doesn't tolerate anyone to be disrespectful with her master.

- Sherry/Seri is an intelligent and independent dwarf. She is the second-in-command slave, a bookworm and since she is naturally skeptical, she is the only slave that discusses things and points of view to her master. She had previously a very low esteem since she failed to get her two jobs she wanted, but the MC made her wish of being a blacksmith come true (and she can also access to the other job she wanted, shrine maiden). She is a bit cold, but only when she gets drunk (which is hard to do so), she reveals how she likes her master and how lovely (or "dere dere") she could be. In the dungeons, she is tasked to be a mid-range support and the one who briefs in each floor, and she is probably the second physically strongest slave of the group.

- Miria is a straightforward silly cat girl. When she came to the group, she had to learn the MC's language, not only how to fight with the group. Her mind is occupied by fish to the point of being a bit annoying, but she is a competent slave and she likes her master as much as she doesn't want any other master (well, the other slaves say the same). Interestingly enough, she doesn't have the stereotypical "-nya" suffix present in many catgirl characters in many Japanese fiction stories. Her forte is not her intelligence, but she is a versatile physical attacker and her sight helps her to see better at dark places and identify monsters and items.

- Vesta is a humble tall dragonkin girl. Although she is a dragonkin, she looks like a very tall redhead human woman with very few scales in her arms and legs. She was born in a slave family and her slave standards were broken when she came to the MC's group since the MC cares for his slaves as comrades/family instead of treating them as expendable battle fodder. She is the sturdy physical tank, she does dual wielding and she provides defense buff to the group. Since she's submissive, she doesn't discuss and she usually says the catchphrase "I think it will be alright" to agree with everything.

- Rutina/Lutina is a sheltered elf who was previously a proud noble. She was the only slave adquired without buying and she was the most rebellious and prideful at first. After Roxanne and Sherry explained her how the slave system works and the consequences of her rebellious actions, she became submissive to her master and especially to Roxanne (although she's more frightened than submissive to Roxanne). She needed to be explained about the world and some job mechanics since she was sheltered. She seemed to eventually like her master enough as she suggested to have MC as her owner "just in case" when she can just not tell it since she was against being a slave at the first place. She dreams to be part of the lords' assembly and she mentions it many times. She is the most beautiful and the rookie of the group, she is having self-esteem issues and she is tasked to be one of the mages of the group (the MC is the primary mage until Rutina is fully trained).


Although it has a pattern of "get slave, have s*x (written in few lines), explore dungeon, cook food, repeat", we get different arc stories to help us see this otherworld better. While the pattern is getting cycled, we get a grasp of the ID system, how to access some jobs, the slave traffic system, the auctions, the monster card system (similar to Ragnarok Online), the races, the exclusive race jobs, the dungeon exploring, the monsters, the towns, the small businesses, some recipes that the MC imported from his previous world to this otherworld, the nobles, etc. Also, the MC is seen sometimes being eccentric in some mundane stuff not only to the slaves and other people, but also to the readers too, sometimes giving the feeling of reading a filler chapter.

Many reviewers complain about how much s*x does the MC do and think. Objectively, there are more lines and words in the novel about cooking and tasting than the actual s*x scenes, which are surprisingly scarcely descripted. The MC thinks a lot about his slaves' s*xual attributes, but keep in mind that he doesn't externalize his perverted thoughts to the point of being creepy to the others except to the readers. Although he is undeniable perverted, he doesn't act like a scumbag R18 novel protagonist. I insist to say that he values his slaves to the point of being too precautious to prevent them to die on him.

Lastly, right now the translators of the web novel just reached the original autor Sogano Shachi at chapter 221 and he is currently writing 3-4 web novel chapters yearly because he is more focused to his light novels (storywise, the 8 light novel volumes just reached a bit more than half of the web novel chapters) and the manga adaptation (which right now reaches web novel's chapter 31). The updates will be hellish slow, so if you plan to read this novel, read it without rushing. <<less
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New Panda-Kun rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: --
This book revolves around s*x more than a set plot. It is a power trip of the author. MC wants to get some p***y and be 'cool'... If you think that a woman wants to sleep with you and be with you because you're a nice guy that OWNS them it's generally a delusion/power trip.

The MC is a scumbag who doesn't care about the girls a millionth of the way he acts in front of them. The only reason he even 'protects' them is that he likes taking them to... more>> bed.

This entire book seems like it's for a guy who can't talk to girls but feels like he deserves to sleep with whomever he wants to.

The characters are shallow and generally seem so much like a 2D cardboard cut out that the only pleasurable part of having them around it reading the bits where the MC beds them.

Besides the shallow characters and the nearly nonexistent plot and the needlessly wimpy MC, there isn't much else to talk about.

I read as much as I could before giving up on it. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone besides misogynistic pricks. <<less
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Amplify rated it
December 27, 2015
Status: --

Are any of the following extremely important to you? If they are, then this novel is probably not for you:
Fast paced plot.
Big, bad evil guy that the protagonist is trying to overcome.
Exciting, intense battles in a Labyrinth or an other world.
A big plot like the protagonist trying to save his family from the evils of the government, or trying to get rid of corruption in the world or anything like... more>> that.
The MC quickly getting his harem together all at once.

Because if those are important to you, then you should probably give this a miss.

"But Amplify, why did you rate it 5/5 and why should anybody read it if it doesn't have any of that stuff?"
Good question imaginary commenter I just made up! It's simple really:
It's because it is incredibly comfortable, once it gets going, and it lets me release my frustrations from many years of romantic comedies.

The story is extremely slow paced, about a guy who gets sent to an Other World which has Labyrinths. As he finds out more about this Other World by scientifically scrutinizing as much of the workings of it as carefully as he can, he decides to form a Slave Harem by fighting in the Labyrinths so he can buy a new member of it roughly once every 35 chapters. Most of the novel is spent doing the following things:
Fighting in the Labyrinth (with his harem members once he has them)
Shopping with / generally enjoying downtime with his harem members
Getting to properly know each of the girls and spend time with them
Trying to slowly figure out the inner workings of the world and how things work exactly

That's it and that's honestly enough to put it in my top read novels, the purpose of the story is in the journey, not the destination and I cannot stress that important point hard enough. It's the slow growth of the MC and his harem members as he gets them, as they slowly make their way through the labyrinth and the normalcy of daily life. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the eventual conclusion of the novel is simply that they grow old together in comfort of each others company and you know what? I'm 100% okay with that.

If you haven't read Mushoku Tensei all or most of the way through, skip this spoiler:

This novel is basically late Mushoku Tensei, minus Hitogami.


Yes, the MC has many faults I won't deny; including the facts that most of his brain is in his penis, he has little self confidence and he's paranoid almost to the point of wearing a tin foil hat. That being said, his perverted nature, combined with his kindness for those who are close to him, is also one of his greatest strengths if you hate being teased. Almost all Romantic Comedies tend to tease the relationship (s) between the main characters, and years of reading / watching them has left me feeling jaded.
I consider this series to be a Romantic Comedy of sorts and Michio is different for your standard Romantic Comedy MC. There is almost no teasing and if he wants to have a 6-way with his beautiful harem while the girls are wearing naked aprons with stockings or whatever else, then the only thing stopping him is making sure his girls are happy with it and 100% enjoy the experience.

If you like comfortable at a sedate pace, if you like Romantic Comedies but hate the teasing, If you don't mind reading about s*x (this series is mature), then please consider reading this series. For me I enjoy it a lot as it makes for great contrast to things like ATG and other Xianxia novels, giving me some comfy after having read high action. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: --
This is just horrible. Please move on and don't spend your time on this. Its just another typical scheme of getting all the girls he can have s*x with. Honestly why do most Novels have such a cliché plot these days?no this doesn't even have a plot! No wonder people have been self publishing more online... lol
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Bakaleaf rated it
July 6, 2016
Status: c215
I think most people who read this have some high expectation (especially when they see the harem part).
They failed to notice that this is a slice of life, It means it follows a day to day basis on how MC grow up into a new world (so technically its expected to be at slow pace). Actually there's a plot if you fail to notice it then its your lose not mine.

... more>>

MC was sent to another world got a certain legendary title (The Hero Tittle duh..) by accident.
Along the way he was force to choose between two paths (If anyone still remember the dream thing) It was to live a simple life in this new world or follow the path of a legendary hero in the past.

This is your average person we are talking about not some other MC who have some experience in novels, anime and etc. So we can't blame MC to be extra careful. Next is the coward part of the MC is a side effect when MC Mana is almost depleted which is normal in that world (when mana is near zero one well have negative emotions).

And while at it we must not forget that this Novel is called Slave Harem for a reason, and yet this can't be called a hentai novel which give to much details to s*x. (People who over react on the s*x part has just super wild imaginations.)

Another thing is its not that the plot is not moving, base on the latest chapter a lot already happen. (MC already joined a secret organization and got himself an ELF is already a big achievement in my part)
(when we talk about slave having an Elf is a must..)


I guess some people just half halfheartedly read it and miss some minor details which is important in the story.
Although the dungeon exploring looks like a Loop which is repetitive but for me it isn't. There is always something new and if you fail to notice it then this novel is not for you.

I hated repetitive chapters and never ending fillers but surprisingly this novel is different. I have been following this since the very start and I can say that its one of my favorite novel. People who focus to much only on the s*x part of this novel serious something is wrong with you guys. There is more to this novel than s*x (moderate your wild imaginations or just read another H-novel there is plenty at Novel update just search for it)

And I say people has bad habit of putting to much expectation to any MC. The MC in this novel has Zero Knowledge in another world so comparing them to other MC with vast knowledge and theories from novel, anime and etc. Is kind of unfair. Those MC can have major achievements since most scene is already expected base on there fictional knowledge.
What we have here is an MC that has no idea where to start. So what if he got Hero stat epic skill and so on. He has no idea if this is good or bad.

I usually don't like speaking and comparing but when it involves certain novel that I love I can't help but react. Its not the novels (authors) fault if there tiny little brain can't comprehend and appreciate the truth about the story. But I hope they moderate there insult and bad impression towards the author and the novel.

Its because you don't like it doesn't mean others won't. And just because we like it, it doesn't gave anyone the right to downgrade the reader who love this novel along with the author.

This novel is great for people who love simple Living, expect a slow plot (Read twice if you think you miss something or find it repetitive, since its not)

The s*x part is just a little fan service, ignore those people who have to many to mention about s*x in this novel (This is a mature novel but not a H-novel who gave to much details on s*x).

It might look slow pace but MC is a total newbie in new world stuff, his PR is very low, MC is not a coward but more of a overcautious type. What I love in this novel is how MC grow stronger along with the girls, He always focus his relationship to them and always do his best to improve them. He always try to do things on his own pace which look slow to readers but it can't be help since he basically have no idea where to start.

If you manage to appreciate this novel then your one of the few who see the truth about this novel. Its definitely a good read for my part. <<less
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FranckOA rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
Usually I wait until a novel end to rate it but this one is so boring that I dropped it somewhere before the 100th chapter. But as the translators seems to have catched up with the author at this time (and it was quite an impressive work kudos to them for that), I'll review it.

My point of view for this novel....

Well, I would say that there is weak characterisation and dialogues (and the author still manage to make the few dialogues incredibly repetitive, don't make a drinking game with with... more>> the sentence "_As expected of.." there or you will die from acute alcohol poisoning in a few chapters), slaves choro (easy to bed) -heroines with as much charisma, character, backstory and ego than a potted plant (and ther are 5 of them as it seems in the latest chapters) that get bonked off screen by a boring paranoïd MC that love to bumble about useless stuff (and all the story is told from his point of vew), slow as hell repetitive story going nowhere, never ending grinding in a lot of dungeons that are all the same and that finally amount to nothing much in the end, uninteresting and impersonal generic game-like system world that feel weirdly hollower and hollower as you read the story, consecutive filler chapters that you can skip without feeling that you missed anything, etc...

So I note it 1/5 as there are no lower ratings. <<less
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Readerfanatic rated it
April 28, 2016
Status: --
This trying to be some kind slice of life genre but its falling so horribly for my taste. Too boring since its so repetitive. MC is a person who don’t trust anyone of his harem as of ch92 more like the longer the story the more I feel he scamming his harem. Lastly what hate with this MC is I feel he just treat his harem like some object. The environment is so 2d the world is so synthetic XD. I can’t feel love with this novel so I drop... more>> it. <<less
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Novelty rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
This novel is one of the worst I read. This is just typical wish-fufilment trash and a major reason why it got the views and translation it has is probably cause it has s*x in it. The story is just so bad. The MC is a dumb, angsty teenage boy whose mental age is probably closer to 5. His harem is no better and have very little in the way of personality. The titular dungeon is boring without any interesting aspect and the story is written in such a mind-numbingly... more>> boring way. It can go on irrelevant nonsense for chapters. The writing is also evidently garbage.

Final verdict?

Don’t bother reading it at all. Chapter 1 itself is so bad with all the MCs angsty whining that I nearly smashed my computer. <<less
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diamonds rated it
December 17, 2016
Status: c216
I don't fault it for a perverted, horny, dumb, paranoid, cowardly, slavemaster MC. I fault it for being boring. Just being extremely slow paced does not cause it to be boring. It's the magic system and repetitive slog of dungeons and counting attacks that makes it boring. You can switch the names of the dungeons and it would make no difference. They even contain some of the same monsters. The characters are not very well developed. The dialogue is incredibly repetitive. Let me check a random chapter.

... more>>

"Did it, desu."
"Rather than that, should we go up to the 31st floor?"
Sherry gives explanation.


The Job system and cheat are a little more interesting. But you can just read "I've Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless" instead, which actually has a competent story.

If you read a 4-star review of this mentioning how it's a "slice of life", just mentally flush that review down the toilet.

vaendryl's review has it about right. I'd love to believe StupidMinataur, but nah. <<less
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blasblas rated it
February 11, 2017
Status: --
Absolutely terrible.... just mind-numbingly slow and terrible. The MC has a brain the size of a peanut and balls of an even smaller size. He runs from enemies he could defeat in one or two hits, is scared of just about anything (even to the point of abandoning a woman getting beaten up by very, very, very, very weak thieves, constantly makes excuses not to do anything and narrates his life as if it was a murder mystery with clues in every single encounter drawing out unnecessary details.

Before I go... more>> on, I'll give a description of the MC's cheat power. He has 98 points he starts with which he can allocate and reallocate to a variety of things, like discounts, exp boosts, bonus spells, and bonus weapons. This allows him to get the Rank 6 weapon "Durandal" which one-shots most things in the beginner area, and can kill the bosses in those areas in 3-4 hits, it has a lot of useful abilities like MP Drain, HP Drain, Level Difference Mitigation, etc. This weapon costs him about 34 points, I can't remember the exact number. As you can imagine, he can get equally OP armor and sh*t with his remaining points. It's honestly a very interesting premise, and that is why I started reading this. Now with those details out of the way, I'll get to my reasons why I rated this 1 Star.

Did I mention details? Yeah, the MC spouts so many unnecessary details, and he repeats these unnecessary details repeatedly, similarly to how I've been repeating the exact same thing for the past few sentences. Worse than the unnecessary details is the unnecessary experimentation, because the MC describes in excruciating detail how he tests his elemental magic on every new mob he encounters, and then repeats the process every few level ups.

This brings me to the last annoyance I'll mention, because this light novel isn't worth the effort of mentioning any more, is the MC's painful fixation on magic early in the story. He gets magic as his aoe attack, but he uses it on half of the mobs he faces, even solo mobs, for no freakin' reason. He's just wasting time and mana, running away from mobs he could easily defeat with his sword, because he "can't defeat it with 3 spells" when it would only take one or two slices of his sword. He could just get OP armor and an OP weapon, and massacre his way through the labyrinth, but he doesn't. Why? Because he's just that freakin' stupid. It's not as if he doesn't realize that he can do this, he knows, but he just likes his spells so much that he can't bear to give up his MP Drain sword for a nearly as OP sword with all the same buffs except MP Drain, when he doesn't even really need that much mana when he can just keep his spells as backup for when he gets cornered by a lot of mobs.... he's just so slow and irritating even when he has a looming time limit... it's just so frustrating.... Ahhhhhh! <<less
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vaendryl rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: c213
The beginning is very strong and satisfying and I'd recommend reading it just for that, but eventually the story gets stuck in a syrup covered swamp and nothing ever really happens. Chapter after chapter is exactly the same and nothing changes and nothing very interesting happens. Even for slice-of-life standards!

after the series jumps the shark (some time after getting the third slave/harem member) it becomes clear there's no risk to anyone, battles are common, extremely verbose and the same every time.

the MC and his harem slave party do get stronger... more>> over time but it's painfully slow and there's no real drive for the MC and his party to even do so other than for the sake of power and achievement itself. There is no antagonist, no threat to the world. This is not such a bad thing by itself, but there's absolutely nothing else to replace it. Nothing to keep you interested and look forward to the next chapter.

it's not a bad read at first but you should not hesitate to drop it when things start to become boring. <<less
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onelamefrog rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: c150
It's not slow, it's stagnant. The characters are entirely 2D with no development. Every chapter is spent experimenting in the dungeons or kitchen and doing some side ecchi. The experiments take entire chapters and usually detail one mechanic out of one system or unveil one usage of one item. Conversely, romance can be written off in one line. There's no story because it doesn't know where's its going or what to focus on.

It's bad - there's no direction, no development, and no point. The translations and writing are passable, and... more>> it may even be a decent read for a short while. The problem is, I can't remember what chapter I left off on because they all read the same way. It's mind numbingly boring and I implore of you to find something more stimulating to waste your time on. <<less
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Grarg rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
Way, way too slow. 180 chapters in, none of the characters have ANY character development. The only interesting parts so far have been the addition of new characters but it gets boring again once they settle in. There's no clear plot direction. The MC is kinda spineless and skeevy. He fusses over things that I could care less about and after this many chapters, he hasn't told his girls ANYTHING about himself because he's scared of.... something?
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SerialBeggar rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: c217
After binge reading this for several days, I've caught up to the current chapter 217. My most generous assessment is that, overall, this story is pretty crappy. You won't miss anything if you pass on this.

The story started to drag when the majority of each chapter is focused on the Labyrinth runs. Frankly, I'm surprised to say it because I like Labyrinth stories. However, it felt like I was listening to a min-maxer muttering about how he should arrange and rearrange the skills in his build and point allotments.... more>> It was interesting early on, but there's no end to it. The MC describes and evaluates almost EVERY INDIVIDUAL FIGHT he has in the Labyrinth. For almost 200 chapters! (O.o)

Perhaps it would have been better if the fights were actually exciting and dynamic, or even had a chance of failure, but they're not. It's obvious that the combat is based off of a typical console game. Everyone does their one thing in every engagement as their turn comes around. The same with the Labyrinth monsters. There are no surprises.

Now, there are parts of this story when he's not in the Labyrinth. These are kind of interesting. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them.

The MC is too fixated with himself and s*x, and unbelievably, holds no wonderment about this strange world he's now in. Any new info he learns is treated like trivial trivia (oh, so it's like that, huh?) and he's embarrassed to pursue the topic as "it'd show his ignorance". This is just an annoying cop-out by the author to avoid world building. <<less
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GabeZhul rated it
November 27, 2016
Status: c216
[Edit]: Score lowered to 2 stars after reading http://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/ive-became-able-to-do-anything-with-my-growth-cheat-but-i-cant-seem-to-get-out-of-being-jobless/

It's pretty much the same premise with the same job/class juggling and power-leveling with a harem of slave girls stuff, except actually good.

[Original Review]: This story had potential, but is was completely killed by the absolutely dreadful, repetitive writing. How bad is it, you might ask? I would go as far as to say that 50% of the story reads like a system log in a CRPG.

"We entered the dungeon. We fought goblins. A group of three goblins took... more>> three fireballs to defeat. I switched my skills. The next group of goblins only took two fireballs to defeat. We received a random ingredient. I switched back my skills and took out my sword. I beat the next goblin with my sword. It recharged my mana. I put away my sword. The next group of goblins were defeated by three fireballs again."

Now imagine that for entire chapters, with nothing else in-between. It's just the narration dryly and matter-of-factly describing every little mind-numbing detail of the dungeon-grinding experience. In a better written work all if this would have been done with a single line saying "We went into the dungeon and grinded until the girls took a level and we collected a fair number of ingredients." Not here though.

Then comes the second most dreadful part of the story: the food discussions. Seriously, the number of times the author repeatedly describes what the characters are eating, how they are eating, about food-preparation and consumption is absolutely mind-numbing.

Combine all of the above with a snail-paced plot and a fairly weak slice-of-life structure, and you can understand the number of low scores this story received.

But then why do I give it three stars if it's so dreadful? Well, because it is not all bad. This story could be best described as an ocean of boring crap littered with islands of actually interesting and sometimes even compelling chapters. Practically any chapter that doesn't focus on either dungeon-grinding, food or the action-house is surprisingly interesting.

However, if I wanted to point at the one saving grace of this story, it would be the protagonist and his unique approach to the setting and its gamey mechanics. I also loved that while he is slightly OP, it's not due to high stats or overwhelming power, just that due to his ability to reset his skill points and re-allocate them he has access to opportunities and skill-combinations normal people in this setting can only dream of. That, combined with his meticulous analysis of the effects of his abilities often leads of surprising and even subversive moments, which I greatly appreciated.

I also liked how some of the gamey elements, like skills and the dungeons themselves, were integrated into the setting. For example, I really loved how the protagonist's haggling skills were actually only working on people who were using the Arithmetic skill by practically hacking into their built-in calculator, and these merchants were so used to relying on the skill that they trust it even when it is blatantly obvious they are being ripped off. I like that sort of creativity in my fiction.

In conclusion I would say this story is worth a skim through for those islands. Here's a tip though: If a chapter starts with the protagonist and his harem in the dungeon, eating or preparing to eat, you can safely skip that chapter. 90% of the time you won't miss anything, an in the remaining 10% you will know if something important happened right away and you can backtrack to see what it was. <<less
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Thormation rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: c143
Two and a half stars would be more accurate for this. It's not awful, but it sure ain't good. But when you are waiting for your once-a-month updates for the actual good stories to update, it's a way to get a cheap Japanese novel fix without making yourself nauseated.

The novel features an MC so bland that I don't even remember his name, and whose entire personality can be summed up as "mildly paranoid and frequently horny". He's OP, of course, because heavens forbid that Japanese novels could ever feature characters... more>> who face actual conflict and have to struggle to make incremental gains. This MC's entire life goal, once he finds out it is possible, is to accumulate a slave harem that can help him fight in dungeons so that he can get money to expand his harem. MC's OP cheat is actually something that could be interesting, but not in the hands of this writer, who seems to be as monofocused as his MC.

After the first 5 chapters or so, where the character and fantasy world are being established, the story breaks down like this: 65% fighting generic video game monsters in the most uninteresting dungeons ever imagined; 10% shopping for new harem slaves, gear for said slaves, and food; 10% cooking and eating; 9.9% bathing and getting aroused enough to do s*x acts with his slave harem; 0.1% descriptions of these s*x acts (this is literally the least s*xy R-15 novel I have ever encountered) ; and the remaining 5% of the time exploring the extremely generic game fantasy world that the MC has been thrust into.

The s*x slave characters are more fleshed out and interesting than the MC, but only just. They are given a bit of description and a few characteristic actions and behaviors, but once that is nailed into place, none of them ever grow, either as characters or as people. The few recurring characters outside of the harem are barely given names, let alone personalities. And the settings are so thinly drawn, you can't really distinguish one town or village from another.

There are worse examples of the "Japanese HS student is teleported to video-game-like fantasy world and is given a cheat power" genre to be found on this site--*much* worse--so the relentless tediousness of this doesn't earn it a single star, but if you are bored and are all out of stories on your reading list, I encourage your to take another plunge into the Series Finder and dig a little harder. I have 99 better stories than this in my reading list, and only delve back into this one when I am bereft of any other updates. <<less
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What rated it
May 31, 2016
Status: c102
If I were to sum up this novel in one word it would be filler. There is so much filler.

The only people who I would suggest this to are people who enjoy extremely slow slice of life fantasy novels. Otherwise this may be one of the slowest and most boring novels I have read so far.

The writing is incoherent at best, as things that I assume are suppose to character building are put in place but then stripped out in the next chapter. The MC's actions don't make any... more>> sense as he constantly does things that he knows won't benefit him. Every third paragraph seems to be about something totally irrelevant. The only reason I see it being there is to make chapters look longer. Flags are constantly raised but then ignored, if it is suppose to be sarcastic commentary on how ridiculous some cliches are it's not very good.

Examples of the criticism above being that he trains his magic despite that he has an OP sword. We're told he trained in kendo his past life to the point where his bullies stopped physically hurting him and his abusive father was scared of him, but we never see any sign of it. There is literally a couple paragraphs worth of writing dedicated to saying that he should't go outside because it's CLOUDY. He see's WEAK thieves that he knows he could capture for money (which he NEEDS) and just ignores them and just watches them as they beat up some random woman. Did he save the woman to add them to a harem? Nope. It takes around 30 - 40 chapters just to get one, ONE girl.

The only things that consistent in with the MC is that, the moment he sees a woman his d*ck does all the thinking. He has a ridiculous paranoia and doesn't seem to trust anyone. <<less
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kamueee rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
After rethinking and shortening to the important things:

-There are some good moments time to time
-simple story

-lot of character personalities are missing/ too simple
-MC sometimes goes retard and make no sense in anyway
-there is no storyline with any deeper feelings... or anything
-the world is a bit stupid/nonsense
-the story sometimes too slow

... more>> *edit2:... MC is more and more irritating...

ch0 -> ~90 -> ~150 -> ~190
3/5 -> 2/5 -> 1/5

Seriously... in the last chapter all you can read about is MC's blah-blah and paranoia.
The last new characters personality was killed like after 1 chapter and become a "mindless" s*x-doll....

I have no idea why am I reading this... <<less
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sgrey rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c220
This story is about horny teenager who got his hands on some s*x slaves in another world and for the first time in Japanese novel he uses s*x slaves as s*x slaves to fulfill his teenage fantasies! He never fails to remind his slaves that they are indeed his slaves by constantly reminding them how much they cost. Every time he buys something for them, the situation goes
- But master, this is so expensive!
- Don't worry, you are much more expensive!
- Ok, master, thank you very much!... more>>

It gets really old really fast. By the way, for those who hope at least to get some ecci parts, there is almost nothing of the sort here. Yes, they have s*x and take baths together, but the way it is described is almost ok for children to read.

Action is pretty bad here, or should I say that action is barely there. Whenever they fight something difficult, it ends very quickly. MC in his party are always in the dungeon and the author does not fail to describe every little detail of it! There are loooong description of how they walked, what they smelled, how MC want to grope the girls every single moment all the time, etc. All the stuff that is not interesting to read after maybe 2-5 chapters about it.

And every 10-15 chapters there is the same thing happening over and over and over again. MC gets new slave, then he f**ks her the same day, then he brings her to the dungeon, then the girl is surprised how strong he is, then she is surprised that she can eat together with him and then promises to serve him forever. Basically this pattern is repeat in a cycle all the time.

All characters are forgettable and nondescript. There is nothing ever happening in this story other than some key points, like buying a slave. Everything else does not change anything, so you can skip 20-30 chapters and be just fine reading because there will be nothing new there. What I means is that nothing MC does or noting that happens in the world have any influence or changes the setting in any way. There is no progress in any direction, other than MC gets more slaves as the story progresses (or rather not progresses). <<less
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hellogarry rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: c40
It had potential at the beginning but started being too boring. It was way to repetitive, the % discount and sword exchange doesn't need to be explained in full details every single time. The pace is way too slow and the MC is just way too paranoid that nothing is progressing.

And when I thought it was going to be fun when he got into the dungeon but what do I get? More paranoia of the MC and nothing gets done. I was hoping he will clear or make some achievement... more>> but there was nothing.

I'm fine with Harem and the R-18 stuffs but seriously the slaves should at least have some personalities. They are not blow up dolls. The premises of the story is already way too dull considering how the merchants are too stupid to count because they use skills and doesn't realize they are getting ripoff for f-ing sake they are merchants they should realize that much of a big difference well I'd let that slide as the MC's skill but at least make the Heroines have personalities and doesn't just go do whatever the MC wants first thing after being bought. <<less
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calebra rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: c219
I honestly couldn't decide whether to drop this series or not while I was reading it. I was leaning more on dropping it but I'm the type who wants to finish whatever stuff they started if I already invested enough time on it.

This might just be a difference in opinion but my main problem was that this guy mainly thinks with his d*ck.

Sure, he actually takes extra precautions for their safety. I don't mind that. But
... more>>

that one time he suggested getting a housemaid just so he can increase his harem number ticked me off a bit. Though it might just be because I thought it was impractical and stupid to waste money for such a thing when he has his usual slaves to work on that when they're not busy.


Second problem is, wow, too much repetition. In the scenarios, the words, the thoughts, the sentences. You name it. It came to the point where I started skimming or ignoring those repeated lines. And also, it felt like I was put in the shoes of a pervert who only wanted to expand his harem.

And one last thing that bothered me a bit,

the noble elf that took interest in him for some reason? Why? He realized it was him, big deal. It was enough to make him invite the main guy to his office to start a small talk? I let it go with the thoughts of "because the elf guy was branded as an eccentric and impulsive man" but I highly doubt that scenario would smoothly transition to them talking like that in the elf's room.


Though there's one scene I enjoyed quite a bit. It was when Sherry

got drunk and became dere. B E S T


Well, if you don't mind the stuff I mentioned then go check this series out. <<less
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X9Killbot rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c126
The MC is powerful but not overpowered, and the story is interesting, he is actually taking his harem to his bed, slow development pace, and the characters are fleshed out quite well.

The writing is bland (a lot if ___ does this, ___ does that), very little descriptions of anything around the character (we wouldn't know anything about how the MC looks if it was't for the pictures), the conversations are also quite bland, the character is paranoid to the point that the people he is closest to don't... more>> know about his powers (I never liked that in a character [not saying he should tell everyone but he should at least explain some of his powers to his slave harem so they can help him come up with strategies]), and it really doesn't go into the lore of the world.

Overall I would rate this as average for a light novel <<less
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