Demon Boss in the Human World


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The general of the demon world possessed the body of a third-rate small time celebrity. This was the story of him coming over, determined to make preparations for the demon world’s invasion of the human world, but accidentally got mixed in with the entertainment circle instead.

From endless scandals to endless gossiping, and from a nobody to a hot topic, the third-rate star had become the most eye-catching male god in the entertainment industry with a leap.

The reporters were tirelessly unearthing the ‘story’ behind him!

The object of their gossip had expressed that he had a pair of very strong thighs, and anyone could feel free to hug them! Please, come and hug them!

Gu Yan says: Stupid humans, what I want to conquer is the human world.

Domineering and ruthless villain boss bottom x Cheating protagonist type beautiful and aloof dominant top.

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New Jajachin rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is okay. Yah it's okay but it feels like I was reading two different stories. The other part of the story turn into a romance, like plain romance. I've got high expectations on FZC at first because I thought that he is the other main character but then I was so shocked when I reached the 49th chapter like the story line turn 180°, FZC was like an existence from another story after that. If I were to comment about the entire story, as I have said it... more>> was okay, but the action scenes are.... Just read it for you to know. So, about the smut, I think the author was having a hard time expressing their thoughts about it because it feels like it was rushed and like I was kinda confused because QY have just thrown him (Gu Yan) on the bed then suddenly he have entered him, I was like 'That was it?' but yah.. The story is nice. Not really one of the best but you can read it when you have spare time. The starting point was okay but the progress was rushed especially the QY part. So yah.. Just read it. <<less
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dontbotherlovingme rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: Completed
To tell the truth, I've read this novel because I've got nothing to read so why not try this?

I don't have any special feelings with regards to this novel. Indeed, it's somewhat new with a demon possessing a body of a third-rate actor etc. However, it's no different with other BLs by which an OP protagonist transmigrated into the body of an actor with bad reputation blah blah.

The MC, Gu Yan is your cold-blooded demon that thinks humans are just ants/food. He has this superiority complex that he thinks he... more>> is above others. This is understandable because he is a demon, basically a carnivore. His mission is to open a portal so that the demons from the demon world would enter the human world and bring demise to the humans. So how can a demon hide his identity with a powerful cultivator hunting him? Also, how did he became a demon? What are those dreams he is dreaming?

The ML, Qin Yao is a powerful cultivator who is a thousand years old and kills demons indiscriminately. He has this immense hatred towards demons. Why?


His master, the person he loves the most was killed by a demon.


Major Spoiler!


And yes! You got that right! Gu Yan was his master. The reason Gu Yan became a demon was due to the intense betrayal he felt when he was a general in the past. He was good, he's loyal to the emperor, he protected the citizens but why did everyone betrayed him? Why did people mocked/hated him even after his death? So he sold his soul to the devil. The ML, btw, was in retreat because he was cultivating to become stronger so that he can protect the MC. But after 10 years, when he returned, he found out the MC was already dead so he became really cold and killed those who framed the MC. However, many years have passed but he still bears the guilt of not protecting the MC. He wanted to destroy the world but he remembered how his master always say there are still good people so he endured. He tried to summon the MC's soul and return it to his original body but the soul cannot be found. He then realized he cannot summon the soul of his master because the soul was in the demon world.


Gu Yan and Qin Yao are very different from each other. One is a demon and another is a cultivator that kills demons. So if they find out the each other's real identity, how will their relationship break through? What about their beliefs? Who would compromise? Who is the real enemy? These are basically the major conflicts that you would encounter when you read this novel.

I love how the author wrote the MC as someone who was righteous before and then became a cold-blooded demon who has his own beliefs due to his nature. He was calculative, pretentious and smart even towards the ML. He watches everything like a play. Even the ML asked himself if this was really his good master.

This novel was good but not entirely my cup of tea. It has some good points, however, maybe because I've read countless good BL novels and I've read this spontaneously, I did not feel anything special from this novel.

However, you might like this if your into cold, calculative MC's and devoted, aggressive ML's.

Read this now! I think you won't regret it! <<less
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ASAP rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c96
The first half of the novel is pretty good, detailing the plan and actions of a demon general to conquer the human world. However, the later part of the novel talks too much of romance, and it takes a strange turn. The op protagonist falls off the power scale and becomes more like a "captive." At the end, the plan to conquer the human world was trashed after a "shocking" revelation (tbh I saw that coming), and the novel ends with some frankly ridiculous drama... And here I was expecting... more>> the eventual fall of human race for real. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Hm. ┌༼ σ ‸ σ ༽┐

Considering this story objectively, it's not very deep. The MC is a demon general who came to the human world in order to free all demons and conquer all humans. Oh yeah, the body he inhabits is that of an actor. The story focuses on acting shenanigans, MC throwing his arrogance around, and skimming the surface of moral dilemmas.

... more>>

The humor revolves around the MC's hair-trigger thoughts about how all humans are ants and deserve to die/be eaten, yet somehow he's still roped into doing actor jobs and flits around many different human characters. The author uses a variety of different lighthearted and fairly shallow plots to show people gaining the MC's sympathy and changing his view of the human world. We even have hidden identities reveal, extremely OP characters (so OP that people are too afraid of hugging their thigh OP), some dog-blood drama and blackening with the ML...


The author doesn't spend enough time to really flesh out many of the side characters; frequently they enter and exit a scene with the sole purpose of changing some view of the MC or adding to the humor, and many of the hidden reveals are completely predictable...

YET, it totally hooked me and pulled me in. ¯_ (・᷄ㅂ・᷅) _/¯

The MC absolutely carries the scenes. He's completely aloof, arrogant to a fault, and pretty much The Big Bad around (#2Cool4HisHumanIdentity#). I've never seen this character setting for an MC before, so 10/10 originality. He's a headcase mixture of self-rationalization, hypocrisy, and bloodthirstiness; it's fantastic. His interactions with the people around him are filled with manipulations, snark, and straight out shamelessness (and no one knows that better than the ML). It's one of those enemies-to-lovers situations I like so much. Both MC and ML are on the same level as each other and their push-pull interactions are explosive. If you're a fan of angst, there's enough of that as well (a bit too much on the misunderstandings/lack of communication for me, but I can forgive it) with a couple great throwaway one-liners to hit you right in the gut.


I heavily appreciate how horrible the MC and ML are to each other and how they absolutely deserve each other. In the beginning, I was definitely a fan of one of the second leads... a super super big fan, but as the story continued, the author really truly convinced me that the MC and ML fit each other. What makes the relationship awesome is because it's full of flaws. The second lead was TOO perfect/understanding... he became a doormat for the MC from the first time they met (in a way he deserves someone better than the MC :P).

Because both the MC and ML are so flawed; they hurt each other, they misunderstand each other, they don't even have the same morals! their falling in love despite all that was what made the relationship meaningful. I'm tired of seeing one-sided pandering or spoiling over and over again in CNovels.


I can't help but wish it was longer/more detailed. The characters and relationships would have gained a lot more depth (or maybe I'm just wishing too hard for a second Mo Dao...). But anyway, the author's more realistic/mature worldview has created a beautiful story of redemption in its various forms, and the ending was very fitting for these two horrible star-crossed people.





Also can I just say the MC being chill and taking initiative to seduce/kiss whatever humans cause his character setting is a demon and he just totally doesn't care, is just super hot and awesome?? like seriously tired of those blushing 'virginal bottom' types...



ALSO-- ok i'll stop now


Here is a rare story about a MC who is searching for vengeance but actually encounters something totally different-- go on, give it a shot. Translation is wonderful! <<less
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Enther rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c7
Really interesting plot, but I just could not get into it after finding out the ML is QY and not FZC. I would really prefer it if FZC just didn't exist. Nobody, especially with his reputation, would act the way he acted towards the MC unless they were the ML of a BL story. Which he apparently isn't. I understand the need for the MC to have a powerful backer, but there's no way anyone would willingly, happily, support someone in the mc's position to that extent, even if... more>> the MC saved him. It's not like the MC couldn't have made opportunities for himself. I mean he's a literal freaking demon with mind control powers and other OP af qualities. And I really freaking like that about the MC. His really freaking confident and arrogant attitude are really fun to read. I'm freaking disappointed that I just can not let go of the FZC thing. Like, make FZC reluctantly pay off his life debt and have his interest be piqued by the mc's really good acting that goes against the mc's horrible reputation. And then have him to continue to back the MC as a side project or something while running his own company.

Disclaimer: I read this a little before I made an NU account so I don't completely remember what I've read and even then I didn't read very far into the story. I put 7 chapters, but that an approximation. So if you can get past the fact that some of the characters dynamics are really unrealistic, you should definitely try reading this yourself. <<less
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binkspinx rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: c96
The story didn't have much substance, not to me at least, but that's probably because I've read better stories with the same tag which kinda builds my hopes up for this one. I ended up disappointed.

It took almost 70 chapters building up the plot, and the remaining chapters looks rushly made just so the story can end. Negative points for that.

About the MLs, I don't mind having a lot of possibility of whom the MC will end up with but in this case, it looked rlly forced and unconvincing.

The smut... more>> too was just thrown out of the window. I know several BLs survived without smut but to just cut the smut abruptly looks hilarious to me. It's as if the author did not even try. It would probably have been better if there was no smut at all.

Also, the way how the character thinks change ALMOST EVERYTIME. The character development is there but you can't feel it since it's really unstable.

And lastly, another minus points for the ending. The ending looks like an unnecessary drama. It's actually better to just not include it and make do with an open end instead.

I was still able to finish reading it despite all my complaints and that's because I have nothing to do. If you have spare time and nothing else to read, you could try this story out. But if you're looking for some great read, you should prolly just skip this one. <<less
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blrblrb rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: Completed
I MTL'd the whole novel. It was a good and fun read but it also had its flaws.

The story overall was interesting. Gu Yan is truly a cold-blooded demon for most of the story and he doesn't hide his coldness. He's not a super OP character as he's careful with hiding his identity (but reveals his powers when needed) and has weaknesses. He's smart and calculating, and he's a good actor!

Although the author explicit said that the ML is Qin Yao, I low key wanted it to be 3P because... more>> of how well Fu Zhe Chuan treats Gu Yan...


Adding to this, I think the author developed Gu Yan's relationship with Fu Zhe Chuan too much. Gu Yan only sees FZC as an ATM but FZC is soooo good to Gu Yan. I feel like their relationship was better developed than the CP.


Seeing Qin Yao slowly develop his feelings for Gu Yan was also very fluffy but it went 0-100 after he discovered Gu Yan's true identity and then I was like when did this happen????


Honestly, the whole story changed shortly after Gu Yan remembered his human memories and his identity was revealed. The author used the reveal as a transition period but they did it too abruptly. Qin Yao suddenly became 100% devoted and in love with Gu Yan. Although his reasons are understandable, Gu Yan's personality wasn't the same as before and he was still cold to Qin Yao. Also Gu Yan's reason for not destroying the human world leaned more on the logical side, rather than emotional. After recovering his memories, he was still angry at his past. It would've been nice to see him slowly melt and show nicer feelings. But his reason was more like "demon world is grim and desolate, and human world is not, so maybe I shouldn't destroy it".

Maybe it's just how I interpreted it...


The story got a bit repetitive at times as we are constantly reminded of how cold Gu Yan is and how ruthless the demon world is. And the pacing could've been faster.

It's a HE but I'm unsatisfied by it.


It could've been a very satisfying HE, but the author threw in a demon lord twist at the end. And then they threw in another twist IN THE LAST CHAPTER that almost made it BE!!!! After the almost-BE twist was fixed, the story just ended with a couple more sentences! Ahhh author how could you do this...

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Honefuusen rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: c96
A star crossed romance between a demon and demon slayer I guess. If I said more, it will be spoilers.

The conflict is pretty straightforward, which is nice, simply the demon trying to open up a way for the demon realm to wage war with the human realm. In the end, justice prevails. And, while as the story progresses you started wondering if this is going to end in tragedy, it has happy ending. So don't worry and start reading, people.

Helli does an excellent job at the translation. Couldn't be better,... more>> really. <<less
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January 3, 2019
Status: Completed
i actually really liked this, didn't expect it. lots of fantasy and action. it sorta reads alot like a shounen novel, which was pretty nice too.

ive read so many of those quick transmigration stories where basically the characters' backgrounds are just filler and are just to make the the mc/ML seem cool. in this one though, the MC is believable as a demon boss and is pretty consistent about that. MC is pretty strong and badass (not a pansy). theres enough complexity in the demon part of the story that... more>> made it interesting.

the MC views humans as ants and basically wants to destroy the world. he decides to maintain his identity as an actor in order to complete his goal, so he mixes into the life of the entertainment world. on the way, he begins to realize the human world is more than it seems...


pros: MC and ML are pretty cool, powerful etc., has nice character development, story actually has fantasy elements and is pretty original despite the cliche transmigration/demon/showbiz element.

cons: side characters are forgotten (even tho I liked them), cannonfodder characters were typical, has annoying dogblood chaebol family drama, abrupt ending, plotholes, (some things were never explained)


i mtl the rest and was super confused at the end.


typically the MC and ML get together but somehow all of a sudden the ML goes away leaving MC by himself cuz he was gunna die. (idk tho, mtl wasn't clear) im inferring the ML sacrificed his cultivation or something... MC is depressed, goes looking back at old final battle w the evil boss. finds bloodstains, and somehow the MC figures out MC is there. MC digs up passageway and finds ml, whos hair has gone white.. and ML is not dead somehow.. and then somehow MC somehow saves ML and then the end. there was not alot of explanation and then it just cuts off. I didnt get it haha ^_^'

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rhianirory rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c12
i was excited that this story is based in the entertainment field but from what I've read in the other comments I'm not sure how relevant that is in the later parts of the story. It was that, not him being a demon, which made me interested to begin with so I'm a little worried i'll just end up dissapointed later on. It's still early days yet so we will have to see as the novel continues.

after the past few chapters I have to say that I'm a little sad... more>> that FZC isn't the ML because I really like him. I think if this was a story without the whole demon/ demon slayer aspect to it he probably would be; there's enough mundane mystery around the accident to keep readers interested in reading even if there wren't any demons involved and it was just a transmigration kind of thing for GY. <<less
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Sceer rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: Completed
I liked MC's interaction with other characters, and how he treats the "ants". But the MC's character became very weak after his secret was revealed. It was too fucking bad, the misunderstandings are even unwarranted.

The MC became so dramatic and kept on acting pitiful. I was very disappointed.
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hy-d-ra rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: c96
although the idea of the author is present, and conveniently achieved, but from middle till the end I started to struggle with this one. many episodes were bundled together, but actually had no effect on the story whatsoever.

since I believe due to chapters originally being updated you can often see almost same passages dropped here and there due to reminding of the novel premises, but in finished version it created the atmosphere of repetitiveness and most of development that was trying to squeeze through got lost. it doesn't create development,... more>> it creates stagnation if you insist on same things over and over again the reader will believe those things instead and will get confused if you start claiming something different.

the storyline is fairly weak, sure many thing happen conveniently, but sometime it was on the borderline of being silly. characters just happen to be in same place, same time, no explanation deal with it that's how novels work. some events were so abrupt like why. plus the plot development was really slow. instead there was an attempt at developing feelings but... I feel they were kinda forced. it's hard to believe it all because too many times MC recalled how ML helped him time and time again never abandoning him, but at the same time he turned back to his old preaching - I'm a demon, I'm a demon, can't feel, can't this, can't that. I could believe it if they were like lovers in past life but then their fates were broken and meeting again he would recall some of it, but his fate changed. the conflict tried to rely on it many times as well, like MC is the same person, yet different at the same time. but where the love came from? for ML of course it was love/obsession, but MC was new to this stuff, so it felt kinda strange the whole - oh, suddenly I love you.

and also 'backer' things, sometimes I feel they all bankai-ed each other with their backers ahahah

anyway 3/5 for the effort and due to respect to the author who improved in later works <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c96
I loved this story! Great ending that had me desperately checking to make sure there wasn't a tragedy tag before continuing. I thought the character development was great, though I wish more of the side characters would come back in the end. Contrary to some of the other reviewers, I actually didn't like how cold the main character was in the beginning, but this was going in with a rough idea of the twist towards the end (which I also really enjoyed). Overall, great story, great characters, would recommend reading... more>> if you liked dramatic bl novels. <<less
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RedHorn rated it
March 25, 2019
Status: c96
First half of story was good. But then everything that it had built up was just trashed and thrown away by the way the MC and ML were forced together at the end. So much potential wasted...

How story starts

  • non typical shou protag aka not dumb, weak, unreasonably selfless or gets bullied hopelessly by ML - I actually really liked MC's cold, arrogant personality
  • decent entertainment circle plot
  • no apparent "insta-love"
  • good settings that could potentially build up great character development i.e. how does MC learn to care for the human world as well as other people? how does his unrevealed past affect his current self? how does his dangerous love plot with ML slowly unravel? - sexy fight scenes and angst plz etc etc
How story ends

... more>>
  • MC goes from being an atypical MC to literally being a typical cliche helpless MC
  • they throw away the entertainment plot to reveal the final big demon king that we totalllly didnt see coming
  • you thought there was no insta love? jokes on you turns out ML actually loved MC from another lifetime and of course the person from his past that he so cares about turns out to be MC, #1 typical ML rule: no one can even come close to how he feels about MC, in fact lets just ctrl + delete his feelings about literally anyone other than MC and make him a yandere
  • lets also throw away the side characters, ML is too OP
  • lets trash the ML's cold aloof personality as well, make him super jealous and then super caring typical ML at any random point, 100% ignoring the fact that this kid is supposed to be a socially awkward and isolated loner
  • MC's feelings about ML? Well it's too hard to write actual character development so let's just suddenly ramp them up from non-existent to my-life-is-meaningless-without-you by the magic of *you guessed it* rape! Yes lets make it super amazing dub-con rape by making the demon king possess MC and then without real logic, randomly confess and initiate s*x with ML

The character with the best potential in novel is tbh FCZ. Now I didn't support him at first since I felt like the main reason people liked him was purely because at the start he had the complete *Im the ML* starter pack and people love to go for the guy that seems like the ML purely because he is the ML. 90% of people ship the MC with the first guy to show up purely because in the end in most cases he is the one true destined ML but


FCZ actually deviates from the stupid typical "I'll do anything for you ML".

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learningabc rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: c81
A run-of-the-mill BL transmigration story with not much substance. Story is not really believable. Characters are not really believable either. The world building is also lacking. (As of Chapter 81; but there's only 96 chapters)

At least the author tried to make the MC and ML relationship dynamic a little interesting.

I can't rate it 1.5/5 for some reason. So I've just rate it as 2/5.
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Immortal Eagle
Immortal Eagle rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Demon Boss in the Human World is a nice enough BL novel. Although a tad lackluster for me, as it didn’t really stir up any feelings from me, it qualifies as, at the very least, a 4.5/5 star novel. It’s a bit bland, but maybe I’m just a little empathetic? The plot though, is good for a BL. It’s just that I’ve read so much BL that I really don’t see any that are very interesting. ... more>>

So, basically, the MC is a high-tier demon and the ML is a cultivator (look for wuxia novels if you don’t know this term) who vowed to kill all of the demons. MC is given the task by the demon lord to infiltrate the human world and open up a sort of portal between the worlds so that the demons could set forth on Earth. Then, MC is dragged into the body of a “third-tier actor” Gu Yan. He starts acting, gets famous, meets some other people who get interested in him, all that jazz. And during all of that, MC has to hide his identity as a demon and meets the ML, Qin Yao who suspects him of being a demon. Then he tries to confirm his suspicions, gets convinced that MC is indeed not a demon. This seems boring, right? Well, the backstory is more interesting and ironic. So, 1000 years ago, Gu Yan was actually the master of Qin Yao and a righteous general committed to eliminating demons. And Gu Yan, spoilers although you obviously realize that, is killed, possessed by a demon (?), by the one he raised and cared for, Qin Yao.... I still can’t except that... ehh.. I’ll just stop giving spoilers to anyone that would read this ridiculous review of mine.

Anyways, I’d just like to say that this novel is pretty good and I recommend you read it! You definitely won’t regret it, I’ll tell you that. So go ahead, hop to it! <<less
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lighterxx rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: c96

God I never cried so much to an ending, I almost gave up midway of the last chapter.

Writing is splendid, translation is great, supporting characters stole my heart, male lead and MC had such fucked up things. I loved it, it was not as addictive as other stories, but every dot and sentence had meaning, it was just great.

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Scaranpannoir rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c96
This story is full of ups and downs, but if you're a fan of a more logical view plot kinda story, then I'd recommend this. The most vivid part of this novel is... Imo, I think it's the emotional road, like how the MC first was... And it totally explains why he'd choose to do that at the end, and ML is so edgy I swear XD definitely a good read.
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