Death King Karnak


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Karnak, a human born as an illegitimate child in a fallen aristocratic family, rose to the transcendent rank and became the Death King. Even god couldn’t contend with him.

However, after becoming transcendent, he missed his human emotions, such as satisfaction and other things.

So, with his oldest friend and second-in-command, who shared his belief, he decided to return in time with Barros and start over.

However, something seemed wrong with this timeline.

Now is the beginning of the new adventure of the Death King Karnak.

Associated Names
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salyeong-wang kaleunakeu
사령왕 카르나크
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October 7, 2023
Status: c14
Not rating quite yet, because I still need to read more. Decided to stop and leave a review for those trying to decide if they should read or not.

MC (Karnak) regresses back to when he was 20 and just learned necromancy, along with his incredibly snarky butler knight, Barros. Their lives were very hard when they were young (which is what drove MC to learn necromancy in the first place), but for some reason things have changed. They don't care why there was a change - what's important is that... more>> they are in a better situation than they had been the first time around, and now they can fulfill their goal to be a mediocre aristocrat & his country bumpkin knight. Vague foreshadowing shows that outside forces are going to interrupt their plans, of course...

Neither of our main characters are s*upid, and they act like people with regular intelligence would. MC defies the usual regressor trope and doesn't go out of his way to use knowledge from his previous life to become OP, because that's what he did the last time and he wants to live low key and also differently now (at least as of chapter 14, we'll see). Provisional 4/5, because while there are no major issues I'm not really into it yet. <<less
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