Dark Magician as a Hero


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“If you can use magic, then you will become popular!” Chris who has been deceived by those words, continued to practice dark magic in the mountains. He ended his days of training and helped a beautiful s*ave girl that was attacked in the middle of his journey to the city. That girl Olivia has a curse which is “cursed with bad feeling when pointed at favor”, and was banished from her household because of it.

Chris, who had fallen for Olivia at first sight, ask her to marry him. He experienced his first night with Olivia who accepted the offer, and in addition to “rising up”, he had the purpose of “making my bride happy”. Chris who visited the temple to unravel the curse of Olivia, is suddenly recognized as a “Hero” by the oracle of the Goddess of Law. Because of that, Chris’s life changed completely, and suddenly gets a mansion. One day, he was asked by Diane-san, a millionaire who was good friends with Olivia ..?

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Although I’m a Wizard with a Dark Attribute, I became a Hero Somehow ~ I Think I'll Try My Best So That My Wives Can Live a Good Life Anyways~
Busy Wizard: This Warlock Just Wants to Provide for his Wives!
Yami zokusei no mahōtsukaidaga, naze ka yūsha ni natte shimatta ~ sore wa tomokaku yome ni ī kurashi o sa seru tame ni ganbatte nariagarou to omou ~
闇属性の魔法使いだが、なぜか勇者になってしまった ~それはともかく嫁にいい暮らしをさせるために頑張って成り上がろうと思う~
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12/30/18 Working NEET Translation v1c3 part3
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06/18/17 Working NEET Translation v1c1 part1
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penshit2000 rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c1 part3
Overall, it's quite good, however the "dark magician" isn't really a dark mage, he just knows more about dark magic cus of the old teacher, so the title is kinda silly, 2 chapters in and he's already the hero, story moves fast, and sometimes it's kinda hard to tell what's going on, he's not shy about s*x like most protag's but if you like a story with lots of s*x that's an ok read this is worth it, long chapters for lots of time killers too
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unereve rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c3 part2
The novel is not very bad, rather slightly interesting, if you don't look at the descriptions of the political situation, these ones are written quite poorly. But what destroys the positive emotions of the novel is the terrible translation, neither Japanese nor English are native for the translator, hence we don't have right context and we don't have literate text. The original story is 3.5/5, but due to the bad translation quality it's rather 2/5.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
stevedtat rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: --
Story 4/5

Translation 2/5

The story could be really good, but the translation is really hard to understand. It's best to breeze over it and not read word for word. If you do, you won't have any idea of what's going on. So it's best to just look at the words and let your brain fill in the blanks. I know this is like having a 3 yr old read you a book and make up the story as they please, but it's the only way to even have 1% of the... more>> story make sense.

Had to stop at v1c2... I couldn't handle the translation anymore. It's just way too hard to understand and I can't seem to enjoy the story <<less
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apetros rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: v1c2
The plot is promising. However, it seems like the plot is a filler and the main part of the book is describing s*x scenes. I mean, I enjoy a book with R18 content, but the author doesn't explain the world or the background of the characters or the magic system/abilities. Simply jumps from s*x scene to s*x scene, which makes it tiring.

They met -> had s*x -> slept -> had s*x -> walked 100m -> had s*x...
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bigstew rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: c95
some long drawn out chpts, later on the MC starts going other places, sometimes with his 2 wives, since author stopped writing in 2018 after 3 yrs and getting licensed, seems no more updates will happen but u can mtl up to 95 to see kinda what direction the author wanted or tried to go, main theme is laidback and focuses on s*x while OP MC takes odd jobs here and there to earn money, as another mentioned earlier, starts off as hero pretty quick but no save the world... more>> crap and finds out

1st wife and later second wife were cursed by here sister cause love goddess gave to much blessing/power to sister which started the whole mess throughout story since here sister wants reverse harem, eventually hero ends up close to distant prince who runs/grows local city and terrortory after meeting him after church announces his hero status, gets mansion and undeveloped terriorty for destroying large wolf spirit, so no money problem, builds some relationships with nobles but doesnt really care, lots of regular s*x while trying here and there to help first wife over come trauma from curse by sister

, glad author got licensed since it seems the wn started pretty good but slowed down s*x scenes later some what but seemed it would pick back up before author stopped posting, worth mtl ing the wn <<less
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Orcanaman rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: c3 part2
I like it.

Clear and simple I like this novel. While the s*x scenes are a little above average they aren't scene's that drag on and on, their is still interaction between the MC and other character as well as his wive they are a little iffy on why the first chick falls for him but they have a whole "after the gal game" feel going on and the FL bad luck is explained so it is reasonable in a outlandish sort of way... more>>

and for example the second FL her love for him is explained as her being raised and taught that way and her own disposition being" we'll I am supposed to make him fall in love with me anyway so why not fall in love back"

and they explain away they no aversion to s*x with this whole "as long as there is a half decent reason everything is cool" so if you need s*x ed for reasons you can go and get it no question asked and while that is weird it helps the story flow right with none of that pansy *rap that most novels have <<less
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