The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, but… (LN)


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Having rescued the beautiful princess who was kidnapped by the Demon King, the Hero’s party returns. That Hero, the King said, could take any reward. As everybody expected, the Hero said. “I love you.” Taking my hand, the princess’s maidー But IーI’m a mob character!?

This is about a maid with a predisposition to retort [tsukkomi] and the history’s strongest Hero, a promise of disregarding a new sense of fantasy romantic comedy.

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Yuusha-sama ni Ikinari Kyuukon Sareta no desu ga
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Devilsdeal rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c21
Im having trouble liking this novel. I guess it is suppose to be funny or something, but all I am reading is someone who is being forced into marriage slowly. She of course has the "choice" to say no, but the "hero" is literally cornering her socially. And as of chapter 23:

the "hero" puts a tracking braclet on her that "just happens" to look like engagement bracelets. Oh, and she is unable to remove it because if she tries it tightens around her wrist. She practically begs the hero to remove it, but nope.

It is getting unbearable in the sense that this is suppose to be comedy but I am failing to find it funny. I cant really recommend this as a comedy, nor a romance. The romance being for the things I stated earlier if you read the spoiler. Even if she comes to like the "hero" it will only be because she was frigging brainwashed into it.
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Wynter rated it
January 31, 2018
Status: v1c23 part2
I gave this novel a 4 because I was interested by the idea of an OP hero falling in love with a mob character.

While some people may be put off by Greed's yandere-ness tendencies, I can understand where they come from.

... more>>

Imagine that you were Greed. You were given the gift of being loved by the spirits and being able to use all their powers to their fullest potential. In that same world, the vast majority of the population are only talented in one or two spirit powers.

Demons are the only beings in that world that are capable to wield immense power. Now later on you become a Hero. Some one that the Goddess herself has chosen to fight against these demons.

You alone have enormous power. Power to rival the strongest countries. Power that is equivalent to the elementary forces of mother nature.

People will fear you. Despise you. Want to use you. Control you.

Very few will want to be standing next to someone who can end the world if they so choose.

You will be alone. Yet what if one day, after seeing people's fear and worship gazes, you see someone who makes your heart beat in the first time in forever? That they make you smile. That they make the pain that you went through all worth it?

If you find that special someone you would want to protect them. To guard them against your enemies. You would do everything in your power to make them smile at you because to you they are a miracle. They are your liferaft amidst the stormy waves


So while I don't approve of what Greed has done to Aria, I can understand it at a certain perspective. <<less
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SublimiSomnium rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: --
I've read the manga up to chapter 6, the WN version to chapter 6, and the LN to chapter 2. Honestly, I wish the translators would decide on only one version and focus on that one so it can get released faster, but that's just me being greedy. The MC is a wonderful "straight man" (aka tsukkomi). I love how she stands her ground and thinks for herself despite the hero's best efforts (which, since he is max spec'd is a considerable accomplishment). Unfortunately, the hero seems to be devolving... more>> into a yandere, but I'll still read it since I currently have no idea how she'll be able to avoid the danger he represents. Even if it futile, I'll probably still enjoy learning how she matches wits with him. While this premise is refreshing and competently executed it's somewhat a guilty pleasure since I can't help feeling sorry for the MC. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: v2c9
Imagine a complete stranger suddenly proposing to you. You can't reject or anything because threats and he's a yandere stalker walking nuke. You've suddenly lost your freedom and right. You're weak and powerless, you have no say, can't make your own decisions, can't choose or love anyone else. Whether you like it or not, you're now chained to him. Your future is literally taken away from you.

This is what's happened/happening to the MC. This isn't romance or anything, even if MC will probably fall in love later, it's pretty much... more>> forced marriage. He literally stalked her, got all the personal information and everything, while they only met once and she doesn't know anything about him. No, I don't give a sh*t about Greed's past or circumstances. <<less
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ThatOneJester rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: v1 ss1 part3
Up until CH2 of V1 I rather enjoyed what I was reading, you know?

However halfway through CH2 up until the end of SS1 which takes place just after chapter 23 my opinion plummeted rather low...

You see, if you read the Title, description, and the associated tags you have a story about a hero who go's above to norm to propose to some character with no real relation to the story.

... more>> It could have been wonderfully adorable and romantic.

Yet the actual story has nothing to do with Romance or Comedy?

You see that "Male Yandere" tag?

Yea, that's the entire novel in a nutshell.

Now that's it for my non spoiler-ish review alright?

The novel is written in such a way that I can't give really any info on why I hated it that would NOT be a spoiler...

If you read the continuation of my review it pretty much explains the entirety of up to CH23 in a shorter form.


The Male lead A.K.A the "Hero" is a yandere creep of a stalker who quite literally forces the marriage onto the Female lead.

Aria after hearing what she can about the "Hero" almost immediately go's to try and quit her job and leave the country, but is stopped by one of the "Heroes" party members as soon as she tells the Princess of her plans.

Which also irks me a bit by the way, EVERYONE is working together to get Aria to accept his proposal (Except maybe 1-2 people who are never heard in their rejections).

I mean he literally puts a device on her wrist in the form of a Marriage bracelet that not only ties their lives together (yea if one dies so does the other...), it also has a magnetic effect pulling them together.

The "Hero" seems to force anyone getting between his getting married to her with force.

Not to mention I saw one of the later volume covers showing Aria being held in the "Heroes" arms while smiling..... yeaaaaaa not likely.

Her only skill lets her view things in a realistic manner as well as be blunt with her opinions on things around her.

The only way that cover will be true is if she is brainwashed or he saved her life or something from let's say a demon out for revenge against the hero.

But even that would probably not happen since all the past stuff would be such a turn off for a relationship that any woman except one that is really into having other decide their every life function.

I have to say I wasn't expecting to be so creeped out by the "Heroes" many actions...

I won't rant anymore about the bad stuff I guess, but let me tell you there are at least 5-10 more things I want to post in this but am too tired to do so.....


My final judgement..?

1.2 stars and a wonder if the Goddess of that world has something against Lady in waiting A...

(That.2 is only there for Aria who's only skill added with her personality made me smile on occasion, but was not enough to raise it a star.)

If you love agressive guys when it comes to love, and women who are all about caving into pressure, this is the story for you!!! ;D <<less
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Scipo0419 rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: v1c16
Personally, I can't recommend this novel. The Hero is just that disturbing. He poses as if he's giving her a choice but due to his nature, she LITERALLY can't do anything BUT marry him. If she runs away, he'll track her down with his Spirit magic. If she refuses him, he'll destroy the kingdom/world. If she says she loves someone else, then he'll just kill that person and remove the "competition". The kingdom won't help her because they want ties to the Hero and, well, they don't want the kingdom... more>> to be destroyed by "keeping her from him". Hell, even the Hero's childhood friends realize how f*cked up he is and are BEGGING her to just suck it up and go along with it to prevent collateral damage. She. Does. NOT. Have. A. Choice.

TL;DR: "Marry me or I'll destroy everything you know and love."

Giving it a 2/5 because the translation quality, while rough at points, isn't that bad, and the first few chapters were actually pretty funny before it became disturbing and twisted. <<less
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greycolors rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: v1 ss4
This series is a bit odd. The premise sounds like its a set up for a wacky, very self aware comedy series focused on a picture perfect hero being weirdly affectionate to the lowly maid character. This... isn't really what the series is. The web novel and comic have a bit more of the goofy aspect, but apart from the beginning, the LN is largely fairly serious. Rather than have everything played for laughs, the story describes the hero's tragic backstory and circumstances fairly straight, and the people in the... more>> setting all treat the events with an appropriate weight. When the hero gets up to antics, rather than laughing it off as a comedic sociopath moment, the characters actually find it weird and disturbing. The heroine is actually the only real oddball, who seems to possess modern awareness of game and story tropes, used modern lingo, and seems slightly disconnected from the rest of the world's sensibilities. The story also has kind of weird pacing, given that the hook was the hero and the maid interacting, yet they have had almost no time together in the entire first volume. I wouldn't say that the story is bad, as it's actually set up a bit of a mystery, but if you go in expecting string of laughs and sweet moments, you will be disappointed. <<less
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September 18, 2017
Status: --
I've read the manga first before stumbling across the LN or WN. Frankly, I don't mind the ML overbearing and yandere tendencies because I think it's just the same as any other novel I've read here. Granted, the other ML (of other novel) possessiveness were there but not highlighted because the author focus more on their journey, growth and adventure rather than the romance.

Even the title is 'The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, But...' so what do you expect? The MC would suddenly go on a journey and made a... more>> breakthrough to Mid-Level Xiantian? Please.

'Male Yandere' 'Possesive Characters' 'Lack of Common Sense' need to say more? <<less
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December 2, 2019
Status: v2c18
The series is alright, but not everyone's cup of tea.

I like how the MC is trying to be as reasonable as possible within her limits but everyone around her is so pushy. The hero himself is unaware of it, but he's developing a little but at the same time is becoming more and more of an unstable yandere.


I can only write this far because the rest of the links are now dead. I would like to be able to read the next few chapters, but at the time I made this post, the links to "Manic Josei"'s chapters are dead. : (
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Frk Brise
Frk Brise rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: v1c23 part2
I am giving this story three stars now only because I am going to keep reading this for at least a few more chapters. Otherwise I would have given it two stars purely because the hero makes me very angry and he plainly put upsets my stomach. He is cornering the protagonist into marrying him and and so far there has only been one person who has given the protagonist the opportunity to say no. Everyone else is urging the protagonist to marry the hero - either to save the... more>> world from ruin, for political purposes or because they think the hero is a catch (which he so far is not in my opinion). I even found myself *spoiler alert* rooting for the second prince who (very much like a certain creepy vampire) watched the protagonist while she slept. I rooted for the second prince who at this point is nothing but a minor character instead of the hero. That really says something.

As mentioned earlier I am going to give this LN a second chance to give the hero time to redeem himself (though I find this unlikely).

Conclusion: I am not sure if I can recommend this LN to anyone else at its current stage. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
March 18, 2017
Status: v1c5 part2
Grammar: 2.5/5
Writing: 2.5/5
Story: 3.5/5

I'm interested in seeing where this series goes.

Grammar is not the best I've seen as far as translations go, but it is passable and does not really hinder the reading flow. The writing style is not bland, but also seems to lack that little bit of something to give it some spice. The story is fairly novel, I enjoy seeing the different views given by the author in regards to this implausible situation. I sincerely hope to see this story evolve into something more than... more>> just comedy. <<less
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