Cultural Relics Are Not To Be Messed With


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Upon realizing that his degree in an unpopular field of study might present challenges in his job search, Qi Chen approached the task with a sense of apprehension. However, when he stumbled upon a recruitment post, he instantly sensed that something was amiss.

The job position advertised was for a Cultural Relics Restorer, but as Qi Chen read through the listed job requirements, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of confusion and disbelief.

The requirements were as follows:

1. Preference will be given to candidates who possess extensive knowledge of various metal antique restoration techniques.

2. Strong mental resilience and the ability to swiftly adapt to unexpected and surprising circumstances are highly desirable traits.

3. Candidates must possess the capacity to defend themselves and be comfortable with living life on the precipice (This requirement is of utmost importance).

Perplexed, Qi Chen couldn’t help but wonder about the perplexing final requirement, which seemed completely unconventional and out of place in the context of cultural relics restoration.

Associated Names
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Cultural Relics Are Not To Be Disturbed
I'm Not Repairing Cultural Relics in the Forbidden City
Wén Wù Bù Hǎo Rě
ดาบบรรพกาล วสันต์หวนคะนึง
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Fisho rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: --
Translator here to leave a possibly biased review. Do note that this is still being translated over at Chrysanthemum Gardens (up to ch39 at the time of writing this review)

Musuli fans rejoice cuz she never fails to deliver and this is one of her shorter works so it's definitely bingeworthy.

First of all the setting:

It's kind of a modern cultivation/fantasy which is probably one of my fav genres cuz it makes it easier to read than full blown historical or cultivation novels but still gives that supernatural vibe. Musuli executes... more>> this setting very well and her ability to incorporate humor at the right times in her writing definitely lightens up the tone of things

The story:

Man the mystery is real thicc here and the pace at which everything is slowly revealed throughout the story is just right. Don't be fooled by the humor though she knows how to embed knives (there's a reason Musuli is nicknamed Mu dao (knife) li within the Chinese community) but hopefully no one's gonna bleed out too badly from the knives here at least compared to some of her other works (cough Global Examination cough Panguan ;-;).

The CP:

Honestly, I have to say that the interactions between the CP is probably one of my favorites. Long Ya be this ancient demonic knife whose mouth is as sharp as his true form but his heart is like legit tofu (only Qi Chen has the special privilege to experience that) and Qi Chen probably looks like one of the most unbothered people ever but would be screaming on the inside. The subtle ways in which Long Ya displays his care and trust of Qi Chen is the most pure thing ever and the way Qi Chen gradually grows to rely on him more and more is just SHASKDFASDKJFSD

Anyway definitely give this one a go if you're a fan of Musuli's works already or are looking for a modern fantasy that stabs you and feeds you candy afterwards XD <<less
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SheTurnedMeIntoANewt rated it
February 19, 2022
Status: c27
Still early on but I personally have been enjoying it immensely

this series is still being translated over at chrysanthemum garden (if you’re willing to go to a bit of trouble to get passwords) but I think it’s still worth it :)

I just really like Mu Su Li’s stuff in general though

... more>> it’s an urban fantasy series with mystery elements and a focus on Chinese myth and more specifically antiques and cultural artifacts

MC gets a job at what he assumes is a front for like, mafia money laundering or something and when it turns out it’s actually a front for literal magic he’s like oh. Okay. Benefits are still choice though. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

lad does not blink.

ML is hilarious. When given the chance to talk he will choose to verbally scalp you 100% of the time. Made all the better by the fact that underneath he’s low key kinda a softy.

we’re already getting hints of something bigger going on behind the scenes but so far it’s been MC trying to do a fairly low key if unusual office job and instead having bizarre magic hijinks accost him like a clingy ex every time he turns a corner. It’s honestly great and super fun to see how everything goes down each time. <<less
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IndigoEye rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: c48
I would say this novel is not bad, but also not amazing. It's okay. Try it out for yourself, I feel like this will be a novel that some people will love, some people will hate and some will be lukewarm about it like me.

The story is in a modern setting with fantasy elements. There is one big mystery that is being discovered through smaller mysteries the MC and ML solve. That is generally very entertaining, but I did not find myself all that interested in it this time. The... more>> problem is that so far, the ML is very OP, he just solves things basically with a wave of his finger. Meanwhile MC is just getting in trouble, so the ML can sweep in to save him and carry him through it (often literally). As for the big mystery - from what I have gathered, the ML knows some kind of very important information about the MC and does anything to keep it from him. At this point in the story, it seems like this information is going to be the key to the entire mystery. That's not interesting to me, just frustrating. I want to go in and grab the ML by the neck to make him spill the beans.

About the main characters. The MC is okay. The ML, though... The author went for the tsundere type, which I do enjoy usually. But I think they went a tad too far with this ML. It's like he has a hedgehog permanently stuffed up where the sun doesn't shine and taking it out on everyone around him. He is extremely verbally abusive, he can't talk normally at all. He will lower himself to help people if they are in serious distress or if the MC is hurt, but that just makes him not a complete jerk. I can't really find him attractive and would feel sorry for the MC if he actually started liking him. <<less
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guge rated it
December 29, 2022
Status: c82
Absolutely adored this! Fisho clearly did too, the translation is done with such love and joy, it was a really quick and smooth read. Plus, now I know that the character for ghost is literally in the name of the scholar tree!

I have a special place in my heart for the types of guys who do not believe in using doors even if they're right there, so Long Ya very quickly became a favorite of mine. It's also extremely refreshing to have a gong who is emotionally explosive, disliked by... more>> everybody, says what he thinks instead of holding it in and causing misunderstandings, is very much a tsundere... in short, very much not a facially paralyzed CEO. Unlike in other stories, his kabedon-ing and throwing the shou on the bed are legitimately some of his most restrained behaviors in the whole novel. The Long in his name is supposed to be the same as in dragon, but it's better to think of the dangerous temper of a western dragon as well as the imperiousness of an eastern dragon.

I thought initially that he was the one in ancient clothes on the cover; this is not the case, do not expect him to fit that image at any point.

I also love love the focus on art history/archeology. It seems obvious now that a lot of supernatural, urban fantasy, modern cultivation and demon stories should have people working in the field of cultural relic restoration.

I'd say this novel left me with similar feelings as the angel and hotel receptionist one and the one about the tree spirit shou and fox prince gong who pretended to be a puppy. Except like way shorter and without any of the stoicism present in those gongs.

Honestly I wish there were a few more arcs, I really enjoyed the mystery writing, and would have liked to see more of their relationship, and the other characters. Just have to wait for the extras, I guess. <<less
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Nana_ rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: c85
I finished the main story + 3 extras (I can't find the last 3)

The plot is good, I really like Mu Su Li's stories, but I feel like she didn't have the patience for the romance scenes, as I wanted more scenes of them being cute LOL, but it makes sense not to have as many romantic scenes, I feel like the Their love seems like a mature love rather than an explosion of adolescent passion that needs to be asserting itself.

Even so, the romance between the MC and... more>> the ML wasn't rushed or meaningless, it had all the context of the plot, I simply feel that the focus of the book is not the romance but the adventure and mystery itself.

About the adventure and mystery, in general, I really liked it, the pace of the writing was ideal for me. I don't want to comment on this so as not to end up giving away any spoilers.

As for MC and ML, you can know the MC's thoughts during the novel so I don't think it needs an analysis, but as for ML, sometimes he doesn't seem to fully understand feelings (which makes sense since he is a demonic object) and naturally doesn't show many feelings other than anger at feeling shy, but it's really cute to see how he's constantly showing love in small actions (I feel like he's basically an emotionally blocked person, but tsundere).

Anyway, to conclude, I liked the novel, it's good to read and fun, better than many I've read these days.

I apologize for the grammatical errors, I don't write very well in English. <<less
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Reijir rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c82
This is an ok novel. It lacks emotions. The MC mostly exists to ask questions so the author can explain what is going on. The romance is barely there and entirely one sided. Feels like ML loves MC and the MC just goes along with the flow. Does the MC love ML? Didn't feel like it to me. He just kind of falls into the relationship because the ML wants it and it's easy to just go along with it. I felt sorry for the ML, didn't feel like he... more>> was important to the MC at all. Feels like the author just didn't explore any emotions.

Characters are very one dimensional. It's a short book so side characters aren't explored very well but that makes it so that the last parts of the book don't have much impact. In such a short novel, the author spends a lot of time talking about the environment so much so that entire pages can be skipped and you would have missed nothing.

The plot is ok but lacked the finesse Musuli usually has in her other books. If you have read enough of the author's books it's pretty similar but lacks proper buildup. All in all it's an ok book to pass time but the author herself has better books in her repertoire. <<less
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Oxan rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: c1
Looks promising hmm

First impression:

Looks cool, the cover hooked me up, and tags says there's immortals so hope it wont dissapoint me.

Im gonna change my review after I read the first 50 chapters. ;&Gt;
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LazyDays rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: Completed
Nice and short and funny.

Hahaha the ML is permanently pissed off and shouty but he's soft and tender on the inside, while our MC is super relaxed. It's a fun dynamic
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Iza_3 rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: --
This book is fairly short but, you get so much information nonetheless. Plot, relationship, backstory information. You get them all. I also can relate to ML... bcs I'm hot-tempered and impatient too...

To me the relationship between Qi Chen (MC) and Long Ya (ML) was adorable. I liked them so much!

I... won't say more bcs I'll give spoilers and I'm lazy... like Qi Chen lol

Anyway, read it! It's a good one!
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Fisukisuki rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: c82
Finished reading the main story, waiting for the extras.

Calling the ML as Tsundere doesn't feel right even though he has Sharp Mouth with Soft Heart. He feel much more. His actions toward MC also much more!

I really amazed with how the Author wrote the story. Hinting things from the start that actually is a Major plot for the story.

... more>> It's not Episodic kind of novel. It's Mystery solving and yet those case relates to be the Major plot.

And I especially love how the auhor wrote the Relationship between MC and ML. All the Actions between them makes so much sense since the revelation!

Anyway it's really Great Lovely Novel and I'm Absolutely LOVING IT!!! <<less
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