Chasing Tides


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Two pitiful and hateful bad little fellows.

Sui Yi said that Ning Lan never spoke a word of truth. Only later did he learn that his “I don’t like you” was also untrue.

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Chasing the wave
Trục Lãng
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rymes rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: Completed
The author's description ("two hateful little fellows") is pretty on point. I MTL'd after chapter 13 and will keep up with the excellent translation by BlackBox. If you like angst, this is a must-read. I'm not a fan of entertainment or grovelling novels, but this novel is slightly atypical of the genres (in a good way).

Came and stayed for the MC. He's a poor, hard-working, mature kid who is deep in debt and stuck in a web of lies spanning everything from his age/background to the tiniest little things. He... more>> lies all the time. MC pursues the younger gong ML throughout most of the book, which was a pretty refreshing change of pace. He's gradually worn down by life and ML's immaturity, which leads to his eventual breakdown and the grovelling segment of the book.

ML is a principled, responsible young master who hates lies and betrayal. Despite his sheltered background, he is in some ways less naive than MC who tends to be more trusting. As the leader of the idol group, ML is very demanding of himself, and unforgiving of others. That makes him a decent leader, but not necessarily a great one. His character grows throughout the novel by leaps and bounds.

You can see this train wreck coming from a mile away, folks. There is always at least one misunderstanding tearing our couple apart even as their hearts tell them otherwise. This is fiberglass, not fluff. As far as the yaoi tag goes, there is action "below the neck" and it comes relatively quickly (around the half-way mark) ?

As far as entertainment novels go, the development was relatively realistic. It's not monotonous and I appreciate seeing how MC navigates various sets and circles without a golden finger. Most of the plot is centered around idol development, and there are moments where the dark side of the industry is explored.

The ending was wrapped up a bit too quickly for my taste, but it is a HE. <<less
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Roro97 rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is about MC and his suffering journey. *sigh *sighhh he didn't have it easy since the beginning (he didn't make it to his college exam, got many debts both from himself and his mother, he got sold to a weird man by his mother) and finally that things were starting to look good and he becomes a Artist,

he got into misunderstandings with his singer group and got into scandal and kicked out!*sad face *sad face...

At one point I wanted to dropped it because MC was kinda irritating me. I thought after he became an artist, he will thrive and flourish but noooo he keeps borrowing money from ML and continue to let his mother play with him, and belittle himself by letting people misunderstanding him or feeling kinda inferior! So I was kinda annoyed but I forgive because my Baby suffered soo much *sad face.

But luckily we got happy ending!

He got kicked out from his singer group but he start cooking, got Netizens (fans) again after post photos of his dishes, and a shop.


The ML well he is endearing all right? He keeps giving him money, cherish him and love Him so much but possessive too. However me I don't like this ML even though he's quite good (it might be because he kept misunderstanding MC and his thoughts were kinda cringe/eeehh for me I don't know but I didn't quite appreciate him) but hey that's just me. Anyway I recommend, it is such a nice read.
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dona rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c12
What a rollercoaster. This MC is just unfortunate. Really unlucky in life and easily misunderstood. The tags above really weren't lying. His life comes in a package with heartless parents and huge debts. I really don't like showbiz novels but I got really engrossed reading this. Mainly because this story focuses more about a young male navigating through a harsh life and somehow ended up becoming a pop star.

It's a solid plot and and everyone is out biting each other in order to advance, and the protagonist gets hit with... more>> knives most. What he's going through right now is downright bullying, and ML is still too young to be fully reliable. It's a bittersweet novel. <<less
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Artistdani rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c9
I really like this story! It's about a man who's out of money and has a complicated past but his luck turns around when he gets recruited by a talent agency and is put into a male idol group. There seems to be a very possible relationship between one of the members and the MC so I can't wait to see how they fall in love! I also think the MC is unique because he's able to keep his calm and seems pretty street smart. The possible ML seems very... more>> caring and seems to have soft spot for the MC. Overall, I look forward to reading more when it updates! <<less
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angelstar1000 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel.. A shame that I had to mtl it, overall was easy to understand.
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Doytch Magient
Doytch Magient rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: --
When you find an Abusive type Novel and they just currently update only a few chapters, the cliffhanger is f. Uncomparable. Im sorry it seems blunt and kinda offensive but this is just how unbearable I am rn.
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