CEO Above, Me Below


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“You want to steal my genes then leave?” He grabbed her and tried to force her to hand over the child that was born three years ago.

She never had a baby? Then conceive one!

The delusional CEO’s desperate love. Her inability to resist as she fell deeper.

OK, the baby is born. She handed it to him and left!

Yet, he had her hog-tied and thrown onto the bed. Furiously boiling with anger he roared, “Woman! Who said I only wanted one?”

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I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
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New Thaxus rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c28
I gave 1 star because that's the lowest you can give, otherwise it would have been zero.

Insane ML repeated raped the MC and somehow thinks that she is hiding his child. Everyone else around just watched as he kidnaps her, repeatedly raped her, leaves her in a forest with no food and water where she collapses and goes into a coma. Did bone of these idiots ever think that this bastard should be locked up in a mental hospital and never released?

Authors who think that repeatedly raping someone will make... more>> them love you are sick and retarded. <<less
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Mango Guy rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c11
Idek what to say about this.. first time I have rated something so less. I have only read 11 chapters, but I REFUSE to give a rating after reading a few more chapters. First off.. idek if this is supposed to be ero or a fetish. I am not gonna consider it as such.

Also, as I am in only 11 chapters this might get better in the future. But I will not be changing my rating.

You have a female character who is raped by the male MC. Because he thought... more>> she was the one who seduced him 3 years back to get a child and climb up the social ladder. This is ridiculous by itself. (You are super rich and intelligent!! Just get a doctor?) But he then seeks her a week later, and when she still claims she was never pregnant... he raped her again. In public.


he then takes her to his house... and gets a lie detector. She is not lying. So? He raped her again... and that too after she has fainted, trying to protect herself by biting his neck.


At this point, even if this was a hentai I would have dropped it. But this is supposed to be drama, mature, jousei and f**king romance. I have added the adult genre. Why?

Even if the author makes this a sweet story later on where she loves him...I REFUSE to accept it.

Even the worst of r*pe victim falls in love is better than this... considering the descriptions. And... the synopsis. It promises a lot more of this 'heroic, manly and dominative' MC loving her.

Call me whatever you want, but this start doesn't promise much to me. I have read other works where female MC is forced but this is the absolute limit. The 2 star rating is because the writer did a good job at portraying the angst. This is probably the first time I am reading about a girl being raped in CN and then going, "f**k that bastard!! Why do you have to do that? Just leave the girl alone!!"

Conclusion: this is an irrational review that I am writing immediately after reading. And I intend to stick by it. Gave 2 cuz good grammar and reader mind f**kery. Is this recommended? Go.. try and gain some experience as to how being repeatedly raped feels like. This is not Mango approved. <<less
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somniel rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c12
I must post this review in protest. The oldest posted review glosses over some incredibly unacceptable content in this story. The male lead is a rapist. Full stop. He may only r*pe one girl, but he does it repeatedly, and everyone around him not only condones this, but plays along with the lunacy. Again, the oldest review states the guy is mentally ill. I suspect, from what little I have read, that the author has never considered research into mental illness, the behavior of people with specific mental illnesses, and... more>> the likely behavior of people around the mentally ill; all of the people in this story have acted either as morons or madmen.

I'm not familiar enough with present day Chinese culture to say for absolutely certain, but I doubt there is anyone sane anywhere who somehow magically believes that their own experience of being raped (and bizarrely, at that) is a dream resulting from being a man-hungry virgin loser. The female lead is physically enfeebled by repeated r*pe and being knocked around.

This is no Beauty and the Beast (a classic of fairy tale Stockholm Syndrome, to be sure), it's a wildly erratic, senseless case of reader abuse. <<less
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Fathom rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c1110
If you're a fan of "Beauty and the Beast", you might enjoy this novel. The male lead has a mental illness, everything from paranoid schizophrenia, OCD, and anger management issues. Like Belle from the "Beauty and the Beast", the heroine is only one to see through the beastly behavior and see the positives of the male lead and eventually falls in love. Despite that, his behavior doesn't really change or go away, instead, the heroine just adapts and learns to manipulate the male lead on a bit more controllable path.

There... more>> is some forced copulation in the beginning, but nothing detailed. Maybe it's Stockholm syndrome, where the captive falls in love with the captor, but she really does end up choosing the male lead.

The first part of the story so far is amusing and a bit light hearted how the male lead pursues and entraps the heroine. The heroine of course tries to cater to his insane impulses to think of ways to escape.

The second part of the story is a bit more depressing and heavier. The male lead's mental issues get more oppressive and scary. It gets a bit more realistic to see how such mental issues becomes uncontrollable and everyone around the heroine has to deal with male lead's hair line trigger anger. Of course, through some very heavy consequences, the male lead does indeed learn to grasp a tiny bit of control eventually. It's never completely resolved because the story wouldn't be that interesting if all the quirky things the male lead does goes away. Once the male lead starts to be able to adapt a bit more, the story lightens up again similar to the first part of the story.

The third part of the story is the violence and revenge plot lines. I honestly think the heroine is quite pitiful. She's constantly being kidnapped and the male lead is always going berserk trying to find her. I would think that by the 3rd or 4th time of being kidnapped, he would have surgically installed a locator chip inside her body. It seems illogical for a tech genius to not have thought of that.

Despite all the violence, the characters in this story seem to all have their own military power to some extent. I don't remember reading about any police or law enforcement even appearing in the story even when there were heavy death tolls on all sides.

Overall, it's an interesting story that's romantically much different from other stories. I do think the male lead is what makes this story so interesting. The heroine doesn't really have much strength, other than her ability to control the Beast, and getting tricked by villains. She does certainly suffer a lot, from her adopted parents, adopted sister, jealous women, and other vengeful characters. Her character probably resembles Cinderella the most as she had to suffer bullying from everyone around her when her adopted parents were finally able to conceive their own blood related child. This starts a chain reaction effect that ultimately builds the heroine's character and makes her a little more realistic. Sadly enough, even her eldest 2 twin children have their own psychological issues from seeing the violence in front of their eyes and their own constant kidnapping dramas. Unfortunately, the children were also drawn in all the revenge drama and have their own suffering.

As of chapter 1110, the story still hasn't ended, but I'm hoping it will draw to a close soon as their last remaining villain has been dealt with. There's been a lot of emotional roller coaster feelings throughout this story, and I do wish that the happily every after ending is finally coming soon. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: --
If you are here there is still time!.... not everything is lost! (brain cells FTW)

This novel is..... How should I say this.... Terrible!

Literally all the characters in this novel have some kind of mental issue! (its cannon!!!)..... The ML is.... not someone you can reason with, the MC a typical damsel in disstress and everyone around the ML drop IQ points instanly!.... All the other supportive charactes are there to give a psycology lesson! (it would be an intresting novel for someone studying to be a doctor lol XD)... more>> <<less
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CBC rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: c38 part3
Well, I'm putting my non-existent reputation on the line to stand up for this novel. It's oddly addictive with its Hana Yori Dango meets Beauty and the Beast characteristics (good description Fathom!) I strongly believe the low rating is because of the rape/injury the ML deals out to the main character. Not to support that kind of crap, but if you put on a tough skin, you'll get a pretty entertaining story that has a satisfying karma flip on the second ML. I usually read... more>> novels based on ratings but I decided to give this a try because a drama was based on this novel plus the translator (who know best of what's to come) keeps on trucking despite the haters. Keep reading past chapter 13, it gets better! <<less
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Optimistfonow rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c87
Before I get into the very nitty gritty of my take on this exceptionally controversial work, allow me to state that I personally read the first 11 or so chapters and couldn’t go on, like my fellow reviewer Mango Guy. I was horrified, disgusted, and completely caught off guard by what I had just read. I had been seeking out a sweet story with a mildly yandere male lead and this story was anything but. Yet, that night I kept thinking about it and what happened to our heroine later... more>> on. Would tragedy continue to befall her? Would the male lead ever get his just desserts (in this case, heavy therapy or a good rework of his current moral values) ? That is how I found myself at 2 am on a school night diving right back into the novel. Later on, once I caught up to the translation, I found myself wondering how I could get caught up in such an amoral setting. There was no justifiable excuse for what the ML did to our poor FL, regardless of his mental state. R*pe is rape. It’s a terrible act that continues to impact many innocent individuals to this day.

But how come I felt compelled to keep reading? Why was I so drawn in by this story and plot? After doing some considereation of my own morals and beliefs, I didn’t find anything in me that seemed to condone the story or the actions contained within. So I turned to the internet, never a terribly reliable source, but much more convient than the local library at 5am. Recalling a class disscussion from a while back in one of my classes about Aristotle’s work, Poetics, I brought up his discussion of tragic catharsis. Tragic catharsis is used mostly in modern contexts when considering the adolescent obsession with horror movies or gore. The theory basically describes how we humans can morally watch activities that may not help us in leading our best lives and how this actually ends up helping us lead better lives. (Bit too late, but turn back now if you can’t stand any portion of Aristolean ethics.)

The concept of catharsis in Aristotle’s work is heavily linked to the idea of purging ourselves of negative emotions by watching something where it is acted out. The horror movie, for example, purges both our fears of the unknown and other horrors that world may offer as well as the desire for the thrills that accompany the sensation of fear. In these instances, the cathartic release is either a drug or a medicine, depending. Aristotle moves away from the concept of catharsis as a purge to look at it as a type of purification of our negative emotions, similar to a cleansing of the soul, if you believe in the concept of such a thing.

After Aristotle’s discussion of these two different takes on catharsis, he moves onto his view of catharsis and the role of tragedy. He calls catharsis a type of tragic pleasure, the feeling of renewal one gets after witnessing a fictional tragic performance. But how does this all tie in to my opinion of the story? Reading this novel acted as a kind of catharsis for me, allowing me to experience the horrors of the FL from the safety of my room and bed. The existence of such horrors in the world terrifies me and I worry constantly about both myself and my loved ones being put into such a scenario. The catharsis I gained from the novel was similar to that I found in watching Saw, or reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. I felt the emotions the FL and I was afraid and sad and discouraged right along with her. I can’t say that I have no regrets about reading this novel. But I started this cathartic process and I am determined to support the author and translator until the end. I suppose the main reason I gave this work a 4 was because of this reflection of my own moral character that it gave me. I know what is wrong with what is going on with the novel and I am going to (hopefully, depending completely on the benevolence and generosity of translator-sama) experience the final cathartic release of a happy ending.

Final point, though it may cause the hell-beasts of the internet to descend upon me and wreak havoc on my simple mortal existence. When I was reading this, I was inexplicably reminded of the classic Greek tragedy Medea. For any of you who were not forced to read it in your youth, go google it. That or Oedipus Rex. Either one works as an example of a seriously amoral work that does have merit to it, merit based in the completely terrible atrocities contained within. Feel free to disparage, bother, henpeck, correct, insult, condone, condemn, celebrate, disavow, disdain, set fire to, curse, offer a sacrifice of ten virgin souls or the latest Kirby games to either myself, this review, or any other possible things in the world. In the end, this is my review, a reflection of my views of the work, and my personal opinion of all that has occurred. I am always willing to hear new views and there is nothing a philosophy major loves more than to hear a new concept! Onward onto new novels we go! (^-^) <<less
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Pigupug rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c44
None of the characters are likeable. Not even a single one. They are all generic character types that can be found in countless stories.

Forceful, rich, arrogant dude - check
Pitiful, weak MC - check
Pampered and favoured sister - check

And cmon, just reading the sypnosis, what the heck kind of reasoning is that? He doesnt believe she has never given birth before, but somehow managed to get all her other particulars? Its the most stupid reason to have for raping someone.

I guess the only reason I continue to read is... more>> that I am at least a little interested in the MC's past relationship. Hence the 2 stars.

Update: The translator have been changing the story just ever so slightly so that the male lead is less immature. It really makes the novel a better read and I don't seem to hate it as much. I would probably increase my rating to 3 stars, due to the translator's efforts. But since this rating is for the original story, it shall stay a 2.

2nd Update: The story gets better as the ML actually treats the MC with more affection. I'm tempted to increase this rated to 4/5 because it's actually rather engaging (since I'm still following it hehe) and the ML is now only 40% of an a**hole. MC hasnt changed much and is still weak. <<less
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LIght Novel San
LIght Novel San rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c12
He is so damn annoying that motherf*cker!!! Him and everyone that surrounds him is so f*cking illogical.

He can't make mistakes? Is he perfect?! Damn you!!

The female is sooooo pitiful under him... he's not dreamy at all he's a stud horse!!!

So what if he's described as handsome and almost perfect? The heck is that? At least make his brain logical!

The novel is very disturbing😢😢😢😢
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omenfairy33 rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: c12
Good work with translations, but the story............... is too disturbing, wrong... Author got it all wrong. ... more>>

ML is a a rapist, delusional... crazy. He keep raping the MC... even rapes her when she is unconscious. I think it was hell for the MC. I dnt know what Author was thinking... the powerful stubborn CEO/POWERFUL MEN are trendy, I guess... but this was wrong beyond words. There are not even drugs involved. If MC starts loving ML back,....I don't know what this story is even trying to sell. Rapist is rapist. Author shouldn't glorify attractions in the form of rape.

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Novelana rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c52 part1
This story is absolutely good..

If you are like me who got fed up by those fairytale like story that has no hardship, no good plot, so cliche or just no character development then this novel is for you...

But beware... The people who commented about the ML you should know that he's attitude is what makes this novel so different from those dreamy ML in those fairytale like-story. Its like it was this novel strong point.

Though he's abusive to FL but the author backed it up pretty well by saying he... more>> have a paranoid illness right? So you should know pretty well why he's like that but don't worry there will be a time where character development will come to our ML and as well as our FL in this story so be reasonable but I'm not saying what the ML did is ok but who cares this is A story and this is THEIR story. And by the way the FL is realistic so you can relate to her and her situations that's why she's so pitiful and as for the ML don't worry as I said character development will come...

So keep up the good work author-sama and translator-sama.. Thanks for the hardwork~~~~ <<less
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SkeletonLady rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: c82
I know quite a number of people might dislike this, but I am in love with this story. The first thing I look at in a novel is the plot, and the plot here is very interesting to me. It's got a hint of mystery which does a successful job in making me anxious to know more. I know both Gong Ouyang and Shi Xiaonian both got their fair share of issues but I still find them loveable.

People who are expecting sunshine and rainbows, and something light may not enjoy... more>> this. It's tagged Josei and not romance for a reason.
But so long as there is a happy ending and both the MCs end up together, I can die in peace. XD

Another big plus is the translator, 'Amater Translations' who is doing her best to make it as enjoyable as possible for the readers. And I firmly believe she's achieving that. (I mean I'm beyond satisfied) <<less
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Rou Azure
Rou Azure rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c8

Urgh..... Bad taste... Not at all dreamy ML. Wth is wrong with him?! I'm seriously looking for ways to kill him. There's no way a romance would come out of this nonsense! Such forced reason to f*ck the MC. There is no limit to imagine a dreamy life likely from novel.. but this novel is a no for romance.. I can't read anymore.. if before this I kinda enjoy r*pe type of story because the image the author gave of ML are dreamy like at least. But the ML in here are goddamn lunatic or hell psychopath.. My head hurt a lot just by reading the few early chp. I hate this!


I gave it 3 star because author hard work to create this novel and also for translator, thanks for translating this.
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misanthropethatenjoysreading rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: --
If I were her, I would rather die than be kept as a f-ing s*x slave. He's literally mentally insane and I dont get how anyone can actually enjoy his type of ML. The MC must be someway mentally retarded to be allowing him to conduct such disgusting things upon her- how can she even fall for him?! He's domestically abusing her and r*pe isnt a f-ing fetish wtf its gross. The MC is very dumb.
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simranrexwal rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: --
This novel is very good. And the translator is doing a very good job on this novel. I hope that the translator could keep up the good work...

Love you amater translator❤
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Bkgksan rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: c73
The story is very different than usual romance novels. The FL lead has a very sad life and some things that happen to her make you cry. The ML is an odd one, but you tart understanding him a bit. There is rape, which is the reason why there is low rating for the novel but the story develops slowly. The translator does a good job!

The ML thinks that FL drugged him and slept with him and gave birth to his child that she has hidden. He is high IQ... more>> low EQ male who has trust issues and paranoia. He is attracted to FL but has never been in a normal relationship to realize it. People always use him and so he assumes the same of her. He cannot understand why she doesn’t want to be with him. At the point I am reading, their relationship is undergoing subtle changes. It is definitely worth a read. Hope translator continues and won’t quit! <<less
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quril rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: 82
My only regret is not picking up this series the first time I saw it because of the bad reviews. I hate harem so I DONT read anything with a harem tag. I know what to expect when I read something with the r*pe tag. If I later regret reading this, it wont be because of that
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dahksahna rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c73
Its not really bad, if you gloss over the ML is a complete prick, am just reading and cheering for the FL and the day she finally conquers his butt and teach him a thing or two about RESPECT
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WAJOW rated it
June 14, 2018
Status: c58 part2
There's a lot of hate for this novel and a lot of people praise the novel and say that it's amazing; personally, through reading this novel I found the story line to be quite interesting and one that is written well enough to make so many people sympathise with the FL and hate the ML, most of the time. This story is one that you should read quite a few chapters of to see it's true value; yes the ML is kind of psycho and has a serious case of... more>> paranoia and does a lot of horrible things - but if you get past all that you see the ML as one who is extremely insecure and kind of cute. ML wears the colour green well *LOL*, but his level is kind of the norm if you're into all those black belly charas. Overall the translation quality is good and I think that this novel is well worth giving a try :) <<less
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April 14, 2018
Status: c36
This is unreadable I’ve tried a few different chapters and none of these characters have any redeeming qualities. If this is what Chinese “aristocracy “ is supposed to be portrayed then all I see is a case if schizophrenia. Very disappointing and I won’t continue to read this
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Villan rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: c933
I got addicted to this story.

now I thought It will be end but author lazily update I guess. I read all chapters in raw version i.e 933 chapter.

Story of course nice and emotional after full reading.

... more>> Hero is paronoid, after he got in love at first sight (he had her photo from long since while she graduating but she don't know) and he saved her from her sister r*pe plan. He planned for her so that she fall in his love trap.

Gong ou and Gong yu love same family sister. Both lover have gay brother.

Its difficult to read gay story 😅😵i can't ate my food bcoz of those love scene., 😕

I hope you should end this story soon with Lancaster family end. 😎 <<less
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