The Untouchable President


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After a vacation, when she returned to her country she caught her fiancé cheating. She angrily left and disappeared.

Five years later she returned with her talented kid. Afterwards, her son participated in the piano competition. Unexpectedly her son actually came looking for his father.

“The camera on this side, take me to take a look! My name is Xiaoxi my mommy is called Tang Siyu and she’s very pretty! I’m four and a half years old this year. I’m looking for my father, you probably look like me, please be sure to contact me, oh!”

After that, he was gone from the front of the camera again and said, “Oh, I’ll wait for you!”

In the background, a woman became mad. A few days later, a mysterious man came to their doorstep and claimed to be Little Xi’s father.

Tang Siyu looked at this tall and handsome man, who her son was a carbon copy of, and then became angry.

Five years ago, the bastard who pinned her down was him?

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Zongcai Die Di Re Bu Qi
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sharon.nayoung rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c34
I cannot read the raw novel as it is, so I have to rely on the translations. Let me say, the translator is very good at their job. However, this novel is probably one of the worst I've read. I don't even want to bother reading the rest of it because of how awful the beginning is.

So the main female lead gets r*ped and sexually assaulted, unable to speak and has her v**ginity taken away in one second by the aggressive, awful male lead who COVERS HER MOUTH so that... more>> he doesn't have to hear her screaming. She has a baby that she probably didn't want, left her family etc. Her life was basically ruined by him. As a woman, I cannot explain the disgust and horror I felt for her as she had to go through that terrible situation. I hoped that the male lead would feel regret and ashamed of himself, but that time never came. His only motive was to take his son away from her, saying that she "stole him" and that it is "his son". He feels no sympathy for her and no shame for himself. All he wants is his prodigal son, and blames the woman for taking his child away. He threatens to destroy the female lead's father's company if she does not allow the father and son to meet, which is the most pathetic and vile thing I have ever heard in my entire life. He took the child away from the daycare, which is kidnapping. Even as the child's biological father, he has no right to take the child out of the mother's custody. He has no plans to even compensate the female lead for her emotional trauma, all he does is threaten her over and over and plan to take her baby away. He doesn't want the female lead to tell her OWN SON what travesty she experienced at the male lead's hands, because he is a manipulative sociopath who needs to have control over the entire situation even though he is lying between his teeth.

Honestly I don't care whether or not he redeems himself. If he behaves this way as a full grown adult man, I have no qualms with believing that this is his character and this is what he thinks is okay to do. I don't believe that anyone can go from a kidnapping, chauvinistic, condescending, and manipulative rapist to a nice man. He needs therapy and he needs to be kept away from children and women. This is the problem that I frequently see in CN. As long as the male lead is handsome, tall, cold, and powerful, it doesn't matter what he does as long as he "loves the female lead in the end". I think it is disgusting and barbaric to think that way, to allow a man to take a child away because he threw some money at the issue. He has no redeeming qualities, and honestly if the author is going to portray the male lead as such a disgusting human being in the first thirty chapters, I don't really care what he will be like later on because I am stuck on this image of him. Do not read this novel, because you will go away from it believing this lies that this is how men in real life behave. Rapists in real life stay rapists. They do not reform their ways like this man apparently did (from the rest of the reviews. I refuse to read past chapter 34.) Do yourself a favor and read something more wholesome and less abusive, less condoning of r*pe and s*xual assault. I recommend "our second master" and "easily set aflame". <<less
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DaBrick rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c200

What will happen if Ning Xi from hidden marriage didn't have the time to cultivate feelings with Lu Ting Xiao and immediately know that he is the one who r*ped her and left such a big trauma to her life? Well that is what happened in this story. What happened 5 years ago between MC and ML became the thick barrier between the two of them. The only reason MC can tolerate ML is only because the little bun. Little bun really played a big part to bringing MC and ML together.

In the first 100 chapters, you will definitely hate the ML cause he's such a narrow minded, proud, and the type of person 'you should be grateful that I slept with you' kind of person. But he really changed after chapter 120.

He really reflect on his mistake in the past and blamed himself for being such an idiot. He also learn to seduce MC, like how he deliberately use only a towel after he bathe and show off his body to MC, he also learnt to cook to satisfy MC, he learn self control (the time he goes to the bathroom to take a cold shower are endless), he also do stuff to please the MC. He became more thick faced, childish, and shameless (in short he throw away all his pride too woo MC) but just like I said before, the thing he done to MC left a trauma on MC so ML really took his step carefully because he doesn't want MC to hate him (in these times, he always blame himself for being an idiot in the past)

MC is also not swayed by ML. She is not cold blooded (you can even see her crying) but she is a strong person. When she made a decision, she will not easily changed it which lead to ML always trying to be in MC good favors, to redeem himself, and to make the MC give himself a chance again.

Little bun is definitely the plus plus point in this novel. Also the ML family are all really likeable! They all know that ML is in the wrong and persuade ML to quickly woo MC and marry her and give little bun a complete family.

There's also the MC ex fiance that I have mixed feeling for QAQ I really hope he can find his own happiness since its pretty much set between MC and ML.

The story are really good, there's little face slaps (and when there is, you can hear the slap noise *auch) so far the only antagonist are the step mom and half sister and that's it.

Really recommend 10/10 but you just have to bear 100 chapters until the ML really get sweet until you got diabetes (or toothache) the first 100 chapters is where they introduce characters and all the background story and after that you'll get plenty of ML ways to woo MC :)

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mingguiwen rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: c29
Oh wow, so in this novel r*pe is okay, and later on there are no apologies delivered to the victim. I thought if the ML would show serious remorse for what he did, then maybe I wouldn't hate him, but nope. He acts like he did nothing wrong -_- seriously disgusting
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Naomiyaki rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: c49
So I'm not going to give a rating yet since I've only read up to ch.38 (the chapters translated but if I picked a rating solely on the translation quality it would be 10/5. The translation is great but the novel has issues that I can't really see being turned around idk why all these reviews r saying it's cute and not dramatic cus I'm not seeing it right now.

For starters the plot is pretty generic to the Chinese novel/web novel formula. The ex is now with her sister after he cheated and the richer and more influential ML is pursuing her for some reason for another. Add a kid for cuteness factor and a plot device and the only thing that's changed is that the acting is replaced with piano. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on what your taste is.

The bad thing so far is just how infuriating the ML is. He literally r*peD the MC and although he was drugged, is unapologetic about it and blamed her for separating him to his kid that she didn't know was his and continuously threatens to take him away. He threatens to destroy her fathers company and blames her for not telling him to stop even though she did and he covered her mouth to shut her up. I'm almost surprised at how much I read this novel just to hope that he gets hit by a bus multiple times. It's not a necessarily bad thing that the author is managing to make us so riled up about this walking tr*sh because flawed characters are the first step to character development but then I remember all the Chinese webtoons I've read and I'm concerned. They always end with the ML only being slightly apologetic and the MC falling in love with her assaulter like a weird version of stalk home syndrome and her IQ dropping by about 300. That's why I'm refraining from putting a rating but first impressions are that the ML sucks and the only thing you'll get out of reading it right now is frustration and the feeling on wanting to take out a character form your screen to drown him in his own blood.

Update - ch.49

Yeah I'm going to rage quit, I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel and the ML has gone from piece of walking tr*sh that might be human for story purposes to a walking dumpster fire that needs to be tortured and killed and then sent back to the past to relive it all over again. He's threatening to r*pe her again if she doesn't allow him to see their son and yet every time he's with them he trys to subtly convince the kid that he doesn't need his mom and that he's better off with just him. People r saying that getting this riled this means this is good story telling and the author wants you to be mad but that's only if this was a horror corruption story not a romantic love one because there is no light at the end of the tunnel at least for me. It's like reading remarried empress but knowing that the empress is going to get back with the emperor instead of the prince of another country even though the emperor has a tr*sh mistress. The ML of this story is even harder to redeem let alone turn into a reasonable love interest. At least the emperor treated the empress with some respect as a human and as a colleague, the ML of this series treats her like a machine that produced his son and a stress relief. The son is starting to be annoying too because he's literally a naive walking piece of cardboard that only has one mode: cute angel baby

He's irredeemable scum at this point and the fact that she falls in love with him later is so unacceptable to me that I cant read anymore. So I quit.
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chibiheaven rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c710
This is a cute story if you can get past the beginning. Definitely not a novel to take seriously; it bears all the similarities to novels of the same genre witht the usual tropes.

What I enjoy is really how non-dramatic everything is. All the couples are cute, harmonious, and considerate for their partners - which means I can have peace of mind, not cry or be resentful, and really just enjoy the interaction.
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TigerCub rated it
September 1, 2018
Status: c212
This is actually such a nice story seriously.

If you guys liked Hidden Marriage, then you'll definitely like this.

The MC's no pushover, but it doesn't mean that sh'es irritating (at least in my perspective) and the ML although overbearing, is actually kinda adorable from another perspective in his pursuit for her.

... more>>

Of course, I'm not saying that the ML isn't too overbearing at times, it just that he has his moments where this is really only the surface, and he's got a knife mouth but tofu heart.


Yeap, if you're into the stories where the ML is the one chasing the MC and not the other way around, here's the story for you.


Yeah, the ML is the one that starts sprouting romantic feelings for the MC first in the story rather than the other way around.

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ElianaDiana rated it
July 7, 2018
Status: c12
Cute! Where can I get a cute son like that?! ❤️❤️❤️ The translation is easy to read. Not much can be commended by just few chapters but I was reading it in one go and it was interesting although quite cliché in certain plot.

Will follow this novel of course. Thanks to the translator!
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Wolfess2150 rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: c57
Okay first off, please excuse me for the word choices I just felt that this was so bad that I needed to use these words to express how I feel about this story. Second, I love the female-lead and most of the characters are all mostly okay.


This story's ML is so d*mn sh*tty. I don't really write comments (This, in fact, is my second). But I have to warn my fellow readers that this story is terrible. I have read several stories about the ML r*ping the female lead, but... more>> in those stories, they are very regretful about what they have done and they try to make it up for the female lead. But in this story not only does the male lead apologize he even told her that she stole his son from him. Her father was very disappointed with her and he kicked her out of the family, leaving her, by herself to take care of one kid.


When the FM tells him that she doesn't want him to see her son, he THREATENS to shut down her father's company. And so the FL begrudgingly agrees. I mean if I was in that situation, even if I had a sh*tty father I would agree to let him see my son. I mean it's just seeing him right, how bad can it be? That was my inner thought reading this part of the story.

Until I read the next couple of paragraphs that explained the ML's inner thoughts. He was thinking of fighting over custody of the child with her. He r*ped her and ruined her relationship with her family and he still wants to fight over custody with her? That is do f*cking wrong.

Then later on in the story, he threatens her with various reasons to let him see his son. I think that if the ML was more apologetic to her the FL would have let him see the son without issues, so why the f*ck does he need to threaten her? It's because of his d*mn f*cking pride.

And it gets even worse.

Her son wants a father and so he tries to get his parents to hit it off with one another, but I can't believe how selfish that is. His mother is pretty much-sacrificing everything for him but he's trying to marry her off with someone who r*ped her? But, he's still 4 so I think that can't be helped.

Around chapter 40 the ML buys the other 3 suites to the apartment/mansion that the FL lives in. FL still has the mental trauma of when he r*ped her and she doesn't want to see him. But then now he moved right next to her, and she has to see him every day. He starts picking up the son from school and joining in on their everyday life without even apologizing to the FL even once. And to make matters worse he threatens to r*pe her again when she tries to argue with him, saying things like I don't care about what happened that night and I will be able to do it again.

Then around chapter 54, he decides to break down the wall that divides his apartment and hers. He then adds a door that separates them with a fingerprint lock that only has his and her son's fingerprint on. So while the FM can't enter the ML's room the ML can enter her room whenever he wants? That f*cking messed up.

And even if she wants to tell the police I can bet that he has connections with the police department. Now the only place that the FL can feel safe without being invaded of her privacy is her locked bedroom. Not in her apartment building, not even inside the apartment.

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Diya rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: --
I read the first 20 to 30 chaps and I was done I mean the FL would be sick if she could ever be with a rapist and to top it off the Male lead is certified human scum I tell u... I mean he feels that raping that girl is just fine and his attitude is as if she should be grateful to him that he r*ped her and further tries to humiliate and threaten her that's outright disgusting. I feel even if it is for the child she... more>> should not compromise with being with such a guy I mean even if he eventually changes that doesn't change the fact that he is a rapist, she should also gradually tell her child what kind of a person his father is and teach him to be respectful of women and be a gentleman. It would be really refreshing if FL ends up with some other guy other than the ML coz frankly speaking I dont get the whole cold CEO but super rich n handsome ML idea it feels too one-dimensional. I have specifically noticed in CN LN 's like in romance genre u will find a lot of novels that actually start with the FL being r*ped by the ML and that's their first interaction and later they actually fall for each other and the Male lead gets to get away for r*pe just like that.. These novels really showcase r*pe being normal or moreover romantic like seriously...I want a FL who can actually get the rapist jailed rather than falling for him just coz the plot needs romance and he is rich and handsome. r*pe is a serious crime and shouldn't be promoted in any way even if it's just for novel plot or whatever.

PS: just my honest opinion nothing against the author or CN LN. <<less
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nuttyreader rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: c49
I read through this and really cannot stomach this crap.

This writer thinks it is ok to r*pe someone as long as they do right at the end which I assume from the description that the cold ceo will dote on the fl.

From the beginning, the ML is just abusing the fl. The supposed smart kid supports the abuse and let's the "father" blackmail and further abuse the mother. Wow this is pure and simple crap.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lilithlunette rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: c47
i cannot with this one. Seriously. I can stand a bit of r*pey culture because I sort of understand it. And I can stand a bit of overbearing ML. But what I cannot stand is the blatant intimidation and threatening of FL when ML was the one to r*pe her in the first place!!!

If you enjoyed this, kudos for you. But please keep in mind of the fact that fiction is fiction ... more>>

If FL was r*ped and sexually assaulted then threatened using her son by the ML, NO SANE WOMAN will tolerate or be ok with the man afterwards

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