Cannon Fodder Battle


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Travelling through the world of various missions to help people avenge and fulfil their wishes, she encountered various scumbag men and women, white lotus green tea…

Tong Xinlan, who has been impacted said:

To be kind to scumbags is the greatest harm to innocent good people!

It’s time to kill!

Cut them off!

Wait a minute and immerse the adulterers into a pig cage!

No CP!!

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kawaii12345 rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: c35
Well the first arc is a very strong revenge oriented arc. The author spares no effort to make the antagonists completely disgusting. Literally radioactive waste or the AIDS virus are more desirable than these people 👍

Why not 5 stars then? Well first the writing starts off annoying. The author likes to repeat the same descriptions, motivations again and again. Second while the revenge isn't bad, it's not that great. There's antagonists that were exceptionally deserving that got off lightly. The reveng took far too long too happen, and it was... more>> neither hands on or actually revealed to the antagonists just how they had been setup.

Bottom Line: I'm going to read more <<less
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Raebit rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c2125
I like it. This is one of best Quick Transmigration!!

The MC has bottom line, and the host she get is not just female human girl, she can be male too.

... more>>

In some arc she become horse and dog, she accept it pretty easily this is very important.


The system is unreliable but it serve purpose for being unreliable, you will know it after reading the ending.

'Everything has purpose', don't be mad at her unreliable system.

I really like each arch especially the ending. Why she become a host.

It doesn't abruptly added nonsense, I think the author thought the ending first before making the novel, since in some occasion the author give us foreshadow.

I recommend it a lot, for people who want to read casual novel with quick transmigration theme.

The novel isn't about dog blood, face slapping or revenge, heavy plot, it is 'rational' type MC.


The ending (?) remind me of 7 seeds to be honest.

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