Both are Foxes


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She has stunning looks and talents that are even more amazing, but she hides both deeply because she understands that beauty is never a blessing. One who is beautiful can only bring trouble, especially within such a society where evil runs amok. In addition, one who is too crafty is disliked.

So to the common eye, she is an ugly woman, so ugly even ghosts would be too afraid to look at her, a weak, ignorant lady.

An imperial edict forces her to marry the well-renowned prime minister of Dong Ling. She cleverly deals with her situation as she faces hidden and openly disdainful looks, smiling coldly and looking on indifferently. She did not want any of this. Why do women make things harder for other women?

She is the ugly, cowardly, useless, frail Lady Zi Yinye. But she is actually the handsome and brilliant prime minister Ye Yin!!

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Dou Shi Hu Li
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beabonne rated it
November 10, 2017
Status: c37
I don't understand the negative reviews. I like the MC, even more so that the male lead is the only one that brings out her childish side, it makes her more likeable that she is not the usual perfect female MC. I also like that even if she in transmigrated, the story doesn't focus on it much ... more>>

as she did so long ago

(more like it's BECAUSE she could deceive his omniscient eyes) and seems content to let her roam free. For now. ;) I really love the way the story is progressing even though right now it's focusing on the girl more than the romance. It's still fun with the girl cross dressing and toying with the men around her

like when she was teasing them by imagining them paired with each other

. All in all, I hope the updates keeps coming and please give this a try. <<less
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December 27, 2016
Status: c3
I will rate with more chapters out. So far though, it's definitely a above a 3 (not sure what's up with all the 1 star)

Can I just take one moment to appreciate this story that has no reincarnation/second-chance/transmigration? It's simply a woman who is extremely talented and beautiful who accidentally got engaged to the most eligible bachelor in town. Our MC is a very decisive woman who is actually quite the crafty woman seeing as how she can literally stay a shut in for years and her main family... more>> can't do anything to her. So far as we are introduced to our also immensely talented male MC, he seems to be the calculative one but he isn't a heartless person. They haven't met each other yet as of chapter 3, but I can imagine that he would at least treat her respectfully and not bully her based on rumors. That's usually a good sign that the MC isn't a total butthole.

Will wait and see what direction the story will go. Translation is done well and I look forward to more! <<less
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dysry rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c14
The MC fakes her appearance, talents and personality to a point where no one knows anything about her, then sneers at the rest of the world for underestimating her and judging her based on what they see. Overall it's a lot of ego with nothing to show for it, aside from a few hints and snide remarks. The one redeeming feature is that the male lead is actually a decent guy, even if the person he's started to care for doesn't really exist.
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Keimichi rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: Completed
I've got to say, this is a surprisingly decent story. There's some strong points and weak points, and in my opinion it might come down to personal preference. Characters: 4/5

MC is a little Mary Sue ish, but not a Mary Sue. I'll explain what I mean by that. MC is smart and cunning, and quite talented, and of course beautiful, and very much praised for it, which makes her seem like a Mary Sue because she is a little too perfect. However, the difference is that she does not make... more>> the plot bend backwards for it to happen. If she's smart, there's people who can equally match her wits. She doesn't magically become super dumb when the plot requires it (although she might fake it if it is to her advantage). She is not overpowered in terms of physical prowess, but not weirdly weak. Overall, I find this to be a very believable and pretty constant protrayal. (Some exceptions when she acts childish in front of the male lead, however it is not insufferable and definitely limited and maybe justified later on). People who find her intolerable in the first few chapters as a weak wife who hides her true appearance/whatever and yet scoffs at people who underestimate her: please read through it, she gets better and that section is merely the setting for the story (like a prologue) and is not representative of her personality or characterization. She becomes more down to earth later on, and manage to maintain her cunning to the end of the story. Most of the story is gender bender, and this is not described as her simply dressing as a guy.

She will take on a male identity in order to fulfill her promise of helping her friend (male) to unite a kingdom. She becomes a strategist, and be very politically powerful and influential for it. She is said to naturally have an influential and powerful aura, mannerism, behaviour and perspective. This will follow her through the rest of the story (and a lot of it will remain even when she retakes back the role of a girl). I think this is the part I admire the most, because often when it comes to gender bender, it is just a simple cross-dressing and yet female MC's still act girly to the point you wonder how blinded others are to not notice. This is a huge contrast to how she acted in the first few chapters as a weak wife, and as a young girl hiding her true self, as she is more experienced after.

She will never become a true damsel in distress waiting to be saved, or wait for the ML to solve her problems for her. ML is decent enough, although I personally think he could receive a little more character depth. He pretty much lives for the sake of the MC, which makes his existence a little weak. (In return I find the rival has more depth than him). Still, he is not a jerk and is quite decent all things considered, and thus it is hard to hate him. Side characters: mostly okay. I need to praise the existence of male friends for the MC— guys who support her fully without being in love with her, a pure platonic friendship. The different other characters also have their own stories. However, it's a little sad that some of these side characters characters don't have more screen time, but for how much they appear, they have enough depth to make the very little screen time they have interesting enough. Nothing earth shattering, but decent enough. This is not saying there aren't some paper cut villains. Story: 4/5

Decent story. Not what I was expecting out of a love story for female target; as it was more politics oriented than pure romance. However the politics aren't heavy either, and it's nothing like the "how to be backstab each other inside harem" type, but more bold and upfront. As someone who likes intelligent characters and plots aren't daringly brilliant, but they are good enough. This is because there is enough foreshadowing that you can believe that things are planned beforehand and characters do thing for a reason. The side characters also have good intelligence, enough to make you believe that when MC's them, it is because MC's are actually smarter. (Contrast this with series where characters are said to be smart, but this is only because everyone else doesn't even have a shred of common sense or brain cell). Romance: 3.5/5 (personal rating is 4/5)

If you're looking for something heavily romance oriented, then this isn't for you. I'm not someone who likes romance stories a lot, so for me it was appreciated. There isn't a lot of fluff, and a lot of the romance is influenced by outside events rather than person-to-person interaction. The interest lays more in what the romance brings rather than the romance itself, imo. So if you're looking for good ML and MC time, then be prepared to wait for a long time, since this simply isn't that type of story. Narration: 3/5

Overall, I like the fact that the story doesn't drag on with the detail. However. There is something really weak with the narration, which is how it deals with "show, don't tell". In fact, a lot of the story happens with "he said, she said" (basically, expositions). Just characters summarizing what they planned A but actually was hiding their motive of B in return to what the other character was secretly planning to do. By explaining this to a friend/subordinate/their enemy/whoever. This makes a lot of the important plot points less interesting as we are only getting what is happening second hand rather than witness it happen. I think this is a very big reason why I find this webnovel "decent" rather than "amazing". Still, overall, this is a decent casual read. Those who stopped within the first few chapters, I suggest you give it more chance, as the real story starts after

the MC fakes her death and takes on a male identity

and everything else before is a prologue of sorts for the sake of setting up the story background. <<less
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Czarinananana rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: --
Well it's not that bad. It's just that for me, the story- The female MC rather feels too Egoistic for me... The Male MC rather is an ok guy for me, and I'm also a bit annoyed with the Female MC as she tends to judge the Male MC and one sidedly accuse him deep in her mind as a bad person. This novel requires a lot of patience for those romance seekers like me and I must say, unless you have too much time in your hands and you have nothing else to read, you will find a hard time trying to get yourself reading this novel again/continuing reading this novel. I'm also not pleased how there are concubines appearing like f!cking parasites in the story.
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Dizaster rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: --
Chapter 121 is the last chapter of main story. Remaining are some extras. Having painstakingly read through the entire plot, I believe I am entitled to give it a fair judgement.

The entire novel can at best get a 3.5 star rating. The concept of the novel was very good byt the execution is where I believe the author has failed.

The idea about a sly, independant and intelligent women who aims to prove that women can be much more if not equally capable as men by reuniting and solidifying a country on the verge of extinction spunds cool. In fact the MC has lived a rally cool life which makes her adnirable and respectable to both the readers as well as all the citizens of nation Zhi.

However, the author has failed to bring out the true potential of the plot by focusing on the wrong aspects of the story. She/ He elaborately describes some of the pretty boring stuff and kinda skips over the main attraction in a summary format which TBH is antagonizing. A good example would be:


Four years prior, Ye Yin’s slew of actions shocked the world. Four years later, he and his wife, Xie Lanzhi, were dubbed the most affectionate couple under the sky.


Those four years worth of info crammed in a couple of paragraphs is totally unfair. The slew of useless info that follows totally overcasts the grand deeds of the MC which could've made her one of the most admirable femal protagonists in ancient times out there. Another good example would be how she establishes a village based on modern civilization which was mentioned only on the day it was ruined. Aargghhh.

It had briefly mentioned how she had suffered a great deal bith mentally and physically during her PM tenure as she had to engage in scheming and dirty politics which often challenged her moral values all for the purpose of greater good. However, by the time I had finished the story, I had totally forgotten about all those brief but inspiring short moments mentioned here as I was almost dragging myself to read those last few unpalatable chapters which I read solely for giving a fair review. The rest of the book after which is completely describes the common CEP troupe where the more powerful ML schemes and lures her into love trap which puts her in an endless struggle between love and distrust and hence begins the game of hide and seek. I reckon a good fifth of the book is spent ML looking for MC if not more.

Finally I could say with confidence that not a single soul out there can finish the entire story without cursing at the author for totally ruining a great plot. I am thinking of writing a summary of this novel on the forum so people can read the great plot minus the irritating details under spouler tag. Wheter I do that is still debatable though.

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AC253 rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: --
There are hints of spoilers in my review, so please skip if you wish to read through and form your own opinions without any prior influence. My ratings may be updated depending on whether or not the MC develops herself.

First thing's first - this translator is one of my most favorite translator of CNs. Their grammar is nigh perfect and they often include notes for those not accustomed to Ancient China or CNs' nuances (ie. titles, names, honorifics, etc.) This is definitely one of the better translated CNs on this... more>> website.

"A person’s appearance does not determine who they are."... Wait, am I really reading a CN? Jeeze, all the fat-shaming and importance placed on beauty in these web novels have made me almost expect this type of mindset to appear - and it does within reason. But unlike novels where it feels like the author is sending their personal opinions through descriptions of beauty, any discussion on how sly the characters are or a woman's role is in tune with the story setting. Take a cookie, author.

It stated off so wonderfully. I loved the way the main character was written - she was more down to earth and cool without being cruel in the beginning - and it wasn't a reincarnation story for once. I personally don't like OP characters that starts off being Amazingly Powerful, but of course there's always exceptions, and I honestly thought this would be one. I truly wanted to love Zi Yinye, she's everything I love on paper without being a Mary-Sue.

Too much to hope for, I guess. Hubris is often cited as a fault of the villains in LNs, and yet the MCs are just as much at fault. Zi Yinye just gradually became more dislikable, scoffing at those who underestimate her - even though she was the one who created the misunderstanding in the first place!- and looking down at those "below her." It's common enough in all LNs now for me to ignore, but this trope is also much worse in Stunning Edge and other CNs, so I'm not utterly dissapointed.

With politics, a rounded setting, and two likable leads, this was originally a four star (not five since there wasn't anything revolutionary or brought me to the point of addiction). Knocked off a star for the stagnation of the MC's character, but her Mary-Sue-ness wasn't as repulsive as some other stories I've read. If the characters and ideas she expresses are more thoroughly developed in the future, I'll change my rating.

All in all, a well-translated slightly above average story with mediocre characters. Not amazing, but I'd definitely recommend it for fans of CNs despite my rant above. <<less
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lilychan25 rated it
July 2, 2017
Status: c24
I usually like strong female charterers but in this one, she fools everyone including the ML that she is weak and pathetic for a long time. May be I was expecting something different, the story line is moving to a different tangent

She fakes her own death and goes off on a crusade to unite two kingdoms


Lost my interest as there is basically no interaction between the ML and MC

May read this may after some more chaps come out. May be..
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Yuuki Mei
Yuuki Mei rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: --
It's quite sad. This story has a great setting and background along with variety interesting personalities people. However, I can't bring myself like this story due to its story flow that very unstable and quick pace lacking of emotion.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tikkitumble rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: c10
I really like this novel so far. The grammar and spelling is good, easy to read and digest. The plot itself is very simple at this point but good enough to sustain long-term interest. I'm definitely bookmarking this one. We have an "ugly" MC who is actually beautiful in disguise who was accidentally chosen to be the Prime Minister's wife. The storyline so far shows how she maneuvers her way into accomplishing her goals. Her husband is a gentleman and doesn't seem to be the wiser about her true self... more>> YET ;). But since the title is "Both are Foxes, " I assume that will change very soon. I'm interested in seeing how long she can go without revealing too much of her intelligence & face. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alexfilia rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c26
The MC gets into an arrenged mariage with the favorate prime minister of the country due to a hillarious reason... Both the MC and the ML are wolfs in discuise :D ... more>>

the MC tricks her hubby into divorcing her after 3 years by making him believe she had a lover... Unfortunatly the plan was cut off due to an ''accident'' that led to the mc's ''death'' and was the reason the hubby got to know her true identity


Watch as the MC goes off to unite the kingdoms and bring peace to the land with the second ML who unfortunatly had too many rensposibilities for her liking <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: c14
It's okay. After a while the MC just seems two faced. She is both childish and mature. She has dealt with oral abuse for a long time, but she is still angered by it and hasn't learned a single cent. I feel more emotionally connected to her servant with the amount of times she has appeared and taken over the story.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crimsoniv0j rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: c14
Looks great. Hoping for more updates.

Edited review:

It was really interesting at first. The witty and brave FL and the cunning ML are both amazing. The story is really good, the politics, war and a LOT of amazing events happened but idk if its the author that lacks the idea or the translator bec. It became a fast paced story suddenly. Like how can a tragic event like Rouge being raped and the seizing a city happen in just ONE or 2 chapter?! Like wuuttt??!!! Where is the excitement in that.... more>> Im quiet disappointed. Meh 😒😒 And one more, the ML was introduce as a cool character then having him have a loonngggg conversation with his assitant about boring matters. Ughh!! I cant.

But I appreciate the effort of the translator, Its just not mah taste. 😒😒 <<less
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MewMew rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: c10
The MC is disguised as a weak frail ugly girl but she's truly a cunning intelligent woman inside. I like her character and also the flow of the story. The translations are also pretty good, it's not too deep and very lightly described which is easy to understand and you can enjoy the story much more. Kyah! Men are all around her. Hot gorgeous men wants her beauty and brains! I hope she can sneakily keep up her weak ugly girl act for a long time before she surprises the... more>> whole world! I can't wait to see her as the hot prime minister soon! <<less
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Maria Jasmine
Maria Jasmine rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c57
I love the story going on. At first, the FL and ML got marriage cause of imperial decree (Its not decided since they're child). The FL known as ugly (she wear veil but the rumour is started by herself).

However, the ML never see her true appearance and this story, it shows us, the FL is an intelligent and know how to plan the plot, as she plot her death (but somehow the ML know at the last minutr her plot), and they got separate.

The FL never known that after she... more>> gone, the ML has always help her quietly. It a bit heartbreaking for me as the ML keep his feeling inside for manh years and always remember her but cannot do it at the moment.

Realllllly hope its gonna have an update sooon.. <<less
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