Born to Be Rebellious [Quick Transmigration]


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Ge Xiu is a nefarious star criminal. After being arrested, according to the Interstellar Supreme Law, he will face two choices: either serve a sentence of 1156 years in black prison or enter countless virtual worlds and become a miserable person who is tortured and abused all his life. How much he suffers is how much his sentence can be reduced. Ge Xiu chose the second one without hesitation.

So… The trial surveillance system stared dumbfounded at the Former•Interstellar Most•Wanted•Criminal•Currently•Weak•Poor Ge Xiu in the virtual world, punching the empire, kicking the Federation, overthrowing oppression and building a new world. Then he turned his head to the camera and cried: “I’ve had a miserable life, really.”

“…” The surveillance system that was about to explode of anger: “Like hell I’d believe you!”

Associated Names
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Tiānshēng fǎngǔ [kuài chuān]
Trời Sinh Phản Cốt/Tinh Tế Đệ Nhất Tội Phạm Truy Nã [xuyên nhanh]
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September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, Bamboo translator here!

This is a great, action packed novel with one of the craziest MC you might ever meet who treats rebellion as his breakfast and constructing weapons of destruction as a dinner. He would never let anyone decide his fate at all costs and is very intelligent despite the somewhat childish behaviours.

The arcs

... more>>

This is Quick Transmigration novel made out of nine to ten interesting arcs where there's always a twist

We have: interstellar arc; where MC is a captain of a starship and ML is a captain of whole fleet fighting against the Alliance;

Forces of dark and lights gods arc, where MC is a human with Dark God's bone inside his body from an experiment and he becomes really powerful in that one, ML is the last fallen fenrir.

mermaid arc, with emperor gong that became absolutely obsessed with merman Ge Xiu.

ABO mecha arc, apocalypse arc, entertainment industry arc, modern beastman arc and even unlimited flow arc! And more!




Is the same person every time. It's easy to discern and there's no unnecessary love drama other than Ge Xiu not trusting ML (quite understandable). In fact ML is the reason Ge Xiu got dragged into illusionary worlds because ML's brain would only react when he saw him... It's all hidden in their past and there's a lot of foreshadowing to it.

I especially love this ML, he loves all of MC's craziness and MC is like a light in his devoid of emotions life. He respects all of MCs decisions and falls for him early on, but being a man used to hiding his feelings it takes a few arcs for a confession~ You'll never be disappointed by him though!


The plot is mostly Ge Xiu figuring out a way to survive in merciless words where his indentity always gets the shorter end of the stick and ML always appearing to help him and protect him from harm (even if Ge Xiu doesn't need it he still gets everything the best from ML).

The ending


The truth behind everything was that MC and ML were only successful experiments with extremely high mental power which was supposed to be used to make a super powerful starnet. Ge Xiu was too aggressive and was supposed to be killed but ML stopped it at the cost of him not being able to escape from there and so Ge Xiu came back, jumped into the punishment worlds and deactivated chip in MLs brain. Then he blowed up everything and took ML with him.


I really recommend this novel, it's a light exciting read where action just never goes down and with great MC and ML dynamic! ML has great self control and he never forced anything onto MC when he knew he didn't got his consent. Furthermore ML is just so pampering and MC so protective! They've gone a long way in all arcs.

100/10 recommended <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Bloody and beautiful. Nothing can compare.

I personally like QT genre. But have you found yourself reading another QT novel and thinking "well, this was done before"? And this is basically what happens in QT all the time, they have their own routines they follow, and it's rare to see individuality. BUT THIS NOVEL IS SO NON-MAINSTREAM. And I'll tell you why.

First of all, the story.

You start in the same condition as the MC (blank), he has a memory loss, but he is told that he is a notorious space pirate,... more>> a criminal, the story makes you believe in this notion. He is put into experiment and is sent to specially built realities. But it's nothing even remotely similar to the usual play of a character, release of the task, etc. No-no-no. MC knows nothing that might help him and work in his favor. And even if he did, he will never play according to rules. He is given most unfavorable conditions, like a weak body or he is in a very dangerous situations etc. But he survives with his teeth and claws (sometimes literally). Worlds might start at a rather abrupt part and they also might end the same way (there's a reason to this too), but it doesn't really feel that way. Every world is unique to me, it relies on few details to be fully immersed. You also have enough time to enjoy an absolutely savage MC (I mean where else you'd read about MC who kills people left and right, blows things up and creates chaos everywhere), you have enough joy to see the slow burn between MC and ML. And when reading you realize that some things were not as they seemed at the beginning and the truth about MC and ML by the end of the story is really touching.

Secondly, the characters.

I can't emphasize enough how cool MC is. He is super intelligent, but his character is completely nothing you'd expect from MC. He'll shed blood if it's needed, he'll blow things up, if it's needed, there's no setting of a compassionate Jack Su who loves the world. Simpy because MC knows, although all his emotions and sensory are real, but worlds are not. So Ge Xiu might blow a ship and won't give a damn if he killed someone. The only thing unexpected between the two is that MC, who has trust issues and is alert of many things, very slowly warms up to ML. Basically they come together at the very end, so there won't be any 'hello passion pa-pa-pa' at the get-go, and it honestly would have spoiled the entire novel if it was written the other way. But feelings are real and they're good. ML is also in those worlds, as you could guess, and not without a reason. He also becomes MC's best support. The story slowly reveals who ML is and most important part, which is the past of the two, will be told at the very end, which was quite heart-wrenching to me. But it's a HE, so no worries.

The style of Sangwo.

It was my first novel I read from Sangwo, later I finished the retired infinite player and the dragon one. All novels share the same feeling and I call it - bloody and beautiful. Sangwo has a beautiful, almost poetic style when it comes to descriptions and such. But they also like to follow quite bloody stories, which are full of blood and gore. Their style is immersive and I find it really wonderful. Their characters are consistent with their settings no matter how you think about them (which is a big plus to me). Relationships do not come as abrupt, but slowly brew throughout the novel and it links both character into more solid connection.

And lastly. 'Nothing can compare' are not some loud words. I've read my share of novels and a load of those were about QT. But I've never read anything similar in terms of storyline and characters. I did meet really great QT novels that are full of charm, had wonderful worlds or characters, but still when you want to ask - is there anything close to 'Born to be rebellious'? I won't be able to answer. Because it doesn't follow the routines of MC and a system, there's no scenario to fix, no tormented souls that should be avenged, no world to save, no falling in love each world and getting old, nothing of that sort. But it's interesting and exciting. So I hope to whoever who stumbles upon this novel to give it a chance. I think it's worth to have the experience. <<less
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October 14, 2021
Status: Completed
really good it's your standard QT novel with the standard tropes (all predictable different worlds), but I thought each different universe was an entertaining read. MC is beautiful (duh), sadistic, and wildly competent at surviving. The MC is overpowered (my pet peeve), but the author does a good job of placing him into situations where it does feel like he has to struggle somewhat lol. The ML is really into MC's sadism; That's the best way I can describe his character.

I'd say this is a slow burn novel--the ML is... more>> into MC pretty early on, but mutual affection isn't established until near the ending. It's a convincing slow burn!

My favorite world:


I liked the zombie apocalypse one the best! The fact that MC actually became a zombie was unexpected and kind of really entertaining. The tension about if he was gonna eat the still-human ML or not was also DELICIOUS lol... literally...

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Honefuusen rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: Completed
ML's adorations of MC already sold me early on. It's such a beautiful love, 😭

The world building was done well. What I also love is that every world generated is so interesting. Like, many times the story goes the way I wasn't expecting. Author used many cliche troupe in the QT genre but put her own twist into each world and it just adds to the intriguing on goings in the novel. I especially love the apocalypse and Calvary world. And they end in complete opposite results.

The novel is truly... more>> slow burn. MC and ML romantic relationship only started to bloom in the last few chapters. But every lead-up to their mutual love is definitely worth the agonizing wait.

How much ML cherish MC and the meager time they're allowed in every world was so so beautiful. It's heartbreaking for me every time they were separated. And as every world is a punishment world, there's no peaceful end.

And MC design is a marvel. I love the MC. He delivers to his design as a vicious cruel shou. He's certainly cruel, almost sadistic, but in his essence, a soft-hearted insecure little child. And ML played a big role on how his psych was formed.

It was a most satisfying read. I look forward for more translated chapters. Highly recommended. <<less
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Seriously_Misspoken rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Ahhhhh please take a look at this! It has a witty, smart MC x a slowly turning yandere ML. I won't spoil much but the story begins with our criminal MC going through different punishment worlds. In those worlds he meets our lovely ML and slowly turns the world around in his favor. The worlds and plot are both great, the only lackluster thing..... you'll get at the most some heavy petting, but even that takes a while to happen. I understand the reasoning behind this, but listen, this brain... more>> of mine is wired for smut, I have some grievances about being blue balled so hard. But this is an enjoyable read and the mtl is completely readable, so make your favorite cuppa, grab a nice throw blanket and get to reading! <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

The MC by himself is truly worth the read. Sure he's good at being a wanted criminal and likes to go cray cray while fighting but one thing that he can't do : acting. Finally, a MC that can't act and not perfect. In the abo arc, MC is an omega and got into estrus during a war against zergs. MC then cut out his gland. We respect a responsible king.

Hats off for ML. My boi knows how to respect and treat their so. In the 1st world, ML... more>> just let MC travel all around space. In the merman arc, ML didn't sleep with MC even when given the chance. Why?? Cus ma boi doesn't want to betray MC's trust.

The arcs are interesting and most arein modern times or interstellar. One of the arc is a fantasy arc, ML is a dragon and MC is a princess. The last arc is something that I never seen before, it's a thriller game. ML is the boss and MC is a player. I appreciate the details from all of the arcs and how they connect with eachother in the real world.

The translation is quite good and the mtl is very easy. Love the little theater and the translator comments throughout the novel.

Cons :

The romance isn't something revolutionary and kinda tame. I appreciate it but not my cup of tea. This might be the closest thing I could find that resembles QTWTFOD. Honestly I enjoy the ending of this novel more. <<less
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Snowflake1 rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: c104
This book is awesome! Do not let the summary make you think that the MC is unlikeable or Gary Stu/overpowered. He has his own weaknesses that are quite glaring, which make the plot interesting. I am in love with this novel and here's why:

First of all, the romance; it's very slow. However, this only makes it all the more rewarding and sweet. Throughout the novel there is a slow buildup of trust and feelings. The ML is also very respectful and sweet. Nevertheless, he has his shameless moments - not... more>> in a sexual way - which make his personality seem more realistic.

Second of all, I really like the worldbuilding. As in every quick transmigration novel, this one also doesn't fully flesh out each and every character and the rules according to which the different worlds function can sometimes be a bit wonky. However, this is never misused for plot convenience. The worlds are interesting and simply a back drop for the awesome protagonist.

Lastly, the translation is great. It isn't perfect, but very well done. The translator's little comments at the end of the chapter are always very cute and/or entertaining.

In conclusion, you should really read this book! <<less
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Meloman rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: c85
I think I have recommended QWTFOD several times on this site somewhere, but I am now terribly tempted to go and delete all those recommendations... this story, Born to be rebellious, is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than FOD. One- so far (chapter 80-ish) no "rapey" ML. There is kissing, but not forcing the MC, really a good point. Two- the fact that the "mystery" is still there is also great. Three- the world-building of those little worlds is great. Four- so far I haven't found a reason for dropping this novel... more>> even while reading mtl version... <<less
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Sisithatlikestoread rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This... was one hell of a ride. The love between MC and ML was super touching and sweet🥺🥺

The MC was a badass, a true true badass. I can't even put it into words what I just read. Definitely a secret gem I discovered, and I am super happy I did!

Spoiler alert kinda, the story is a lot more impactful and one of the reasons being the MC, his journey from distrust and then to love towards ML, how they never had scenes more intimate than kissing! Now, I know it... more>> kinds puts some people off (trust me, if I knew that I wouldn't be as happy to read it), however it just makes the story so much better and, as I said, impactful. I bet they had plenty of juicy scnese later on tho hehe *wink wink*~

Wish we got some extras tho😭😭

Edit: Actually, I guess there was 1 extra but I can't find it so oh well OTZ <<less
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yuyahaku1_1 rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Great non-cliche story. You would think it's like your usual QT, but MC really is crazy!

This is a good story if you want something a bit different from accidental-cinderella stories.

He's wicked cool too, I love the Cannot-Be-Contained property of his. MC has extreme adaptive abilities, in every world we see his strength and the deep changes he makes to the world, absolutely defying usual world order but still completing tasks somehow.

ML is very interesting, he's easy to spot in every world, but he also has a complex real life. I... more>> love his and MC's backstory.

The ending (Real-World) was a bit confusing to me (Google MTL) but the other worlds were almost perfect to read. Easy to MTL even using Google. <<less
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lilly2805 rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c14
Only 14 chapters and it's already doing great 👍 sure hooked me pretty fast. Then again this novel does show it's shine right at the very beginning.

I personally can't wait until more comes out so thank-you Bamboo for deciding to translate this beauty for us to feast our eyes upon. 😊
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LukeLukeru rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: --
Even though this is from Mainland China (I think). This novel feels a lot like Taiwanese novels, it's "filthy" and "unclean", you have the MC literally crawling through tr*sh and filth.

The highlight's the adventure and action, the romance itself is mainly emotional and slow, actual physical romance is scarce. The MC has trust issues (besides him being shy) and the conditions aren't favorable at all.

The downside is the repetitive use of the same descriptions, almost every time a character appears the author uses the exact same description, it gets tiring,... more>> although it gets a little better nearing the end. <<less
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hanarealbess rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: c29
It’s boring. The MC is op which is fine but it’s almost never explained how he does the incredible things he does. No offense to the translator I know they’re working hard but the translation isn’t the best and can get quite clunky. The MC and ML have no chemistry so far. It’s just the ML falling in love with the MC and we don’t get to see how the MC really feels about the ML but from what I can tell he has no feelings for him and just... more>> sees him as a way to stave of boredom and his opinion is entirely neutral. Maybe it gets better but I can’t keep focused long enough to find out. The characters aren’t compelling enough, the writing might be good but I can’t tell because of the translation and I’m not invested in their romance so I’m gonna drop this. <<less
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Yoya rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c32
Honestly, the novel is a bit over hyped. Granted, I only made it through half of the second arc. However, it was quite boring to read, the MC is extremely OP and can instantly know how to do all these things even though (implied no knowledge of the worlds??) The writing style also felt very detached like we can kinda see the MLs feel unexplained attraction (ugh) every arc yet it feels like MC’s only seeking out company to stave off boredom. I don’t feel invested in the arcs... more>> whatsoever :/ <<less
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Minmin99 rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c44
Not a novel review cause I'm still reading but, can people who only read like 3 chapters stop writing reviews please? It's an eyesore... If you don't enjoy something drop it and move on... But talking about plot consistency, and romance or lack thereof (as if slow burn isn't a thing) when you read no more than 1k words is embarrassing...
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Queli rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: c81
Really good novel. If you liked QWFOD this will not disappoint. The first 2 arcs are a bit slow but after that, just wow. The MC is so spunky and ML just loves everything about him they are so flirty just my favourite type of romance. Both are good chaotic characters. They are equally strong. The novel is interesting, very well written. Translation is great. I just can't wait for more updates.
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Birguslatro rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this one! As with all BL quick transmigration, one cannot avoid comparing it with the holy bible that is QWFOD, and though there are many similarities, this one is different enough that it at least avoids being a clone. For one, the MC while also being a genius is decidedly a lot less suave and conniving than ZYS hahaha I can't even. This MC is such a ball breaker and a chaotic mess. ZYS meticulously plots every step of his path to defeating his enemy while looking... more>> cool. This MC finds tries to find a loophole in every world and then aims a bazooka at it.

As for ML, he's a lot less unique? Strong, silent archetype that adores MC to bits (once he "falls" for him). Not that he's not likable.

Even though this is classified as QT, I'd hesitate to really read it as QT. For one, the sense of the overarching plot is very strong, even when the MC travels to different worlds. It's clear from the very beginning that the worlds he's traveling though are just simulations meant to punish him, and the MC hardly tries to fit into the role he's assigned so the immersion is broken from the get go. He's just there to raise hell, not perform missions or whatever, so many times the world is terminated abruptly, leaving us with no sense of closure. I would have liked to see classic QT format in which the worlds are episodic in nature, but this would be almost impossible with the personality of the MC hahaha. Also the settings won't allow him to settle down and grow old with ML like we would see in some classic QT. He's meant to be miserable, it can't happen. The relationship between MC and ML is so sweet. ML has such an enduring and patient love for MC even though the little bastard is so prickly and distrustful it made me go uwu. MC takes a while to warm up to ML, but when it finally does and the backstory is revealed it really made my chest twinge.

All in all, it was a wonderful read and I was not disappointed by how it ended as is the case with many Chinese novels. The mystery of the MC and ML's back story was solved neatly and the resolution was so so satisfying. Everyone got what they deserved. :) <<less
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December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a pretty enjoyable novel. For a QT, the romance and the world building is pretty nice. Keep in mind the MC is pretty OP, as well as the ML, though I think it's the enjoyable kind of OP to read.

For romance, it's quite slow. From mutual interest to falling in love, the ML starts over in every world, but the MC changes from doubt to love gradually over the different worlds. Although it doesn't go deep into their reasons for loving each other, the process of them falling for... more>> each other was pretty believable.

The world building isn't too in depth as it is a QT, but it does a good job of conveying the world system gradually over the arc instead of infodumping you all on the very first chapter of the world. The different worlds were quite refreshing. There were some worlds that were just basically common troupes but regardless enjoyable, and there were some arcs that had an unexpected twist in it. I dislike QTs because there always seem to be an arc that I hate a lot, but I don't hate any particular arc for this novel.

If I really had to day something I'm dissatisfied about, it'd be the abrupt ending. The ending of the main story was fine (though I did wish it had more chapters), but the extra was ended really randomly. It's been exactly a year since this novel ended, so I'm guessing the novel won't get any more extras... I guess. <<less
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Vicyaxx rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of my fave QT, that I mtled and raw read since the extra chapter is can't be found anywhere lol. The first arc is a bit boring but just keep on reading it and it will all be good. I think the first one is boring since it has too many words and it lessen in the next worlds. The 2nd Arc is where it get interesting and it improve the further chapter you go so keep reading before rating it on halfway of reading first arc... more>> or second arc! You'll miss something. The MC is not that OP but he really has protagonist halo like any other novel, he also doesn't depend on ML which is a plus factor for me since I've read a lot of QT where MC became dependent to ML but nothing in here. The MC was crazy from the start but then you can see the development where he became soft and tame his craziness without him realizing it. I love it. <<less
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The_yiling_patriach rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow wow now this one is my third favourite QT novel and first one is ofcourse qwfod and second is beloved husband 😅 And btw only 110+ are officially translated but MTl is also much readable in readwn
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