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Nearing the end of his life, Wei Xun was dragged into a thrilling and supernatural voyage.

Here, he was surprised to find that he could not only prolong his life, but also experience the feeling of pain that he loved!

In this regard, Wei Xun, the patient who was suffering from analgesia, responded—I am extremely satisfied!

* *

[Hello, tourists! Welcome to Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. I’m your tour guide. Now I’m going to distribute the Xiangxi corpse experience coupon to you. Please store it somewhere safe and don’t damage it.]

The mysterious tour guide’s voice rings slowly on the train, controlling the life and death of every passenger——

[Otherwise, you will die on the subsequent parts of the tour~]

The other people were tourists, but Wei Xun had become a tour guide!

Intoxicating Xiangxi, The Heavenly Road of Tibet, Beijing Suburb Funeral Palace, The Pharaoh’s Pyramid, Meili Snow Mountains, Dasht-e Margo, surviving in Iceland, sinking into depravity in the Western Continent……

Q: How can one survive in a tour jam-packed with mystery and terror?

A: Join the tour group of Tour Guide Wei! Believe in Wei Xun and live forever!

Some crazily loved Wei Xun, while others were crazily afraid of Wei Xun. But all of them tried their best to squeeze into Wei Xun’s tour group. As Wei Xun aims to become the strongest tour guide in history, Wei Xun will become their hope and belief!

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Date Group Release
10/21/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c25 part3
10/19/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c25 part2
10/14/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c25 part1
10/12/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c24
10/09/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c23 part3
10/07/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c23 part2
10/05/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c23 part1
09/30/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c22 part3
09/28/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c22 part2
09/23/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c22 part1
09/22/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c21 part3
09/21/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c21 part2
09/16/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c21 part1
09/14/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c20 part3
09/11/21 Chrysanthemum Garden c20 part2
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Not going to spoil anything this time~
It only has 3 chapters translated right now, but based on the MTL version, the story is good. The novel got me hooked because each of the tours is unique in its own way and the characters aren't that bad (also because I'm quite into survival novels, but I don't regret reading this). Hope you guys will give this novel a try! Looking forward to more chapters getting translated!
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Survivalstar rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c174
Oh my god, why is the review so bad. It is only three chapters in and people are judging it. Just wait for a more chapters. This novel is amazing and I read the mtl. Waiting for more chapters. I was browsing through chrysanthemum garden and though it was only 3 chapters in, I could not stop myself. Never have I been so proud of this decsion. I never wrote a review before but this novel seduced me to.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tanni103 rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: c197
I wasn't expecting much at the beginning and only tried to read it because of the book cover.

This novel begins very strong and the MC will directly begin with one if the most dangerous journey as a newbie tour guide.

And those journeys of his gets crazier and crazier, because the MC likes excitement so much that he unearths every secret of that journey as much as possible and that results in the the journey getting more dangerous.

I dont know how to describe the feeling while reading it, but the more... more>> you read the more you cant look away.

The most funny is when everyone wants to lay their hands on his shoulder and shake him hard to finally give them a break from his craziness. It is so serious that they find it weird if he doesnt make crazy moves here and there.

This novel should also have some romance but I dont know if the MC is willing to really go into a romantic relationship with the ML.

Their first meeting is really sweet, because the MC will meet the ML as snow leopard, because he got some serious injuries or something. And the snow leopard only has his animal instinct and nothing humane. The ML treats the MC as some kind of little cub that has to be taken care of and hunts food for him and acts as his pillow and laze developes to MC being seen as his mate lmao


This novel is still updating and I would recommend you to not read the incomplete arcs but wait until the arc is written completely. It's such a torture to read only one chapter every day while you feel so excited about the next developement QwQ <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c131
The novel is still on going (257 chapters as of Sept 2 2021) so how come a reader put completed? 😅 Novel is too lengthy compared to other infinite/episodic novels. Even though the description is really long, you cannot stop yourself from reading.

I'm fan of slow romance and this one has too. But I find the romance here a little forced even though it is not abrupt. I can't understand how the ML fell in love with MC. Is it because the ML always watches the MC..? He should be attracted... more>> first and not just suddenly fell in love. Another unreasonable things is that the ML saves the MC, BUT later he suddenly hurts the MC physically (severing MC's arm). I think the author wanted this to be unique and write an ML with multiple personalities but failed in portraying them in realistic circumstances.

Anyway there are a lot of mysteries involved. And I guess the ML has his soul splits or probably he can control or transmit his mind to a living. Aside from being head of the brigade, he has also part in the thriller hostel. I hate how the ML just played the MC feelings using his different identities 😅

Less 2 stars due to plot holes, psychotic ML and too lengthy description. A little disappointed, I feel I wasted my time because the author ruined a good novel by writing an unreasonable ML. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nahira rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: c12
it's good and very interesting
but the chapters... are so, so, long.

At some point it becomes tiring because the chapters are way too long
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