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Nearing the end of his life, Wei Xun was dragged into a thrilling and supernatural voyage.

Here, he was surprised to find that he could not only prolong his life, but also experience the feeling of pain that he loved!

In this regard, Wei Xun, the patient who was suffering from analgesia, responded—I am extremely satisfied!

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Survivalstar rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c174
Oh my god, why is the review so bad. It is only three chapters in and people are judging it. Just wait for a more chapters. This novel is amazing and I read the mtl. Waiting for more chapters. I was browsing through chrysanthemum garden and though it was only 3 chapters in, I could not stop myself. Never have I been so proud of this decsion. I never wrote a review before but this novel seduced me to.
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tanni103 rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: c327
I wasn't expecting much at the beginning and only tried to read it because of the book cover.

This novel begins very strong and the MC will directly begin with one if the most dangerous journey as a newbie tour guide.

And those journeys of his gets crazier and crazier, because the MC likes excitement so much that he unearths every secret of that journey as much as possible and that results in the the journey getting more dangerous.

I dont know how to describe the feeling while reading it, but the more... more>> you read the more you cant look away.

The most funny is when everyone wants to lay their hands on his shoulder and shake him hard to finally give them a break from his craziness. It is so serious that they find it weird if he doesnt make crazy moves here and there.

This novel should also have some romance but I dont know if the MC is willing to really go into a romantic relationship with the ML.

Their first meeting is really sweet, because the MC will meet the ML as snow leopard, because he got some serious injuries or something. And the snow leopard only has his animal instinct and nothing humane. The ML treats the MC as some kind of little cub that has to be taken care of and hunts food for him and acts as his pillow and laze developes to MC being seen as his mate lmao


This novel is still updating and I would recommend you to not read the incomplete arcs but wait until the arc is written completely. It's such a torture to read only one chapter every day while you feel so excited about the next developement QwQ


I think the only downside of this novel is that each new tour is extremely long. Each Arc/Dungeon usually ends after around 20 chapters, but this novel brings it to another level. The highest amount of chapter for one arc is now over 200 chapters!!! I would really have liked to read it but the MTL began to get so bad that I can barely distinguish what they are doing und which name are from which character.

I hope they can continue to translate it QAQ It's impossible to read now T_T <<less
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quiinhee rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: c355
This is absolutely perfect, the world building is soo good and there's barely any loophole, the side character also have their own stories and quite detailed

I thought this novel were going to be like another unlimited flow BL novel but this one is different! Comparing this to other novel is simply looking down on the author hahhahsha

the arc is quite long, sometimes its kinda feels boring because the author literally write anything that happens there but its actually very good bcs we would understand more about the world inside and... more>> would not feel like "the MC would solve the problem anyway even if I don't understand it would have a good ending". The plot its very interesting I always end up thinking that if I drop this novel I must be s*upid. And im also a fan of novel with long chapters, when I read this novel sometimes I only read 10 chapters per day hahaha

the MC is also very good although he's not a completely good person but he has his own moral understanding, there's also many side characters but they also has their own part and stories (there's barely any cannon fodders who would be discarded once they have been used) and also I think the final boss havent shown themself yet🤔. When I think that the MC is finished and he already reach the peak benefit the MC always turns out to be planning a bigger things its always makes me speechless but thrilled at the same time! Ahhh so goodd!!

the things that makes this novel my favorite is because this makes me feel like the world inside is soo big and there's much more things waiting for us and the MC to explore its a very exciting feeling!!

haah you guys should read more chapters if you think that this one its not good and has many loopholes, I think bcs this novel has so many chapters that the explanation is also in a later chap it's actually not that long tho based on the novel timeline but this has too many chapters so it feels like eternity.

-WHY ML FALLS FOR MC (thsi may not be accurate)

(the one who interacts with the MC in the early chapters is the ML second personality aka the principal)

as for why the ML attracted to MC its bcs the maria butterfly fragment, the MC carries maria butterfly fragment in his body left by his brother, and bcs the butterfly Fragment attract each other and the ML is also a fragment holder and he has some kind problem that can be cured with maria butterfly he would automatically attracted to another maria butterfly fragment holder, this is why he was helping the MC at the first arc with the condition MC must join his brigade (the ML brigade cant accept more new people for unknown reason for now, but he can accept the MC so the ML should feel happy that they finally could accept a new teammate), so because of this the principal began to interested in him and start watching him and the reason why the ML fall in love with the MC should be because of one of MC title effect that is the adventure title (as for whats the function of this title you can read yourself, im not quite sure abt it) when he used the adventure he got the effect of the principal (sec personality) love and an xuefeng (first personality) possessiveness, bcs the principal is so strong and the MC title at that time is still low levelled the effect is actually doesn't last long but the feelings of fall in love is so wondefull that he began to fall for the MC and bcs the principal and an xuefeng is a one person so an xuefeng would naturally fall for the MC too, actually although its called different personalities in essence they are still the same person just with different bodies and power..

um I actually not quiet sure myself abt the adventure thing but there's 2 theories the first one is like what I wrote before the effect of the title didn't last long for the principal but he still fall for the MC or the second one is because the MC title is a rule based title and even the principal can't escape this rule, or simple there's still uncovered mysteries

Oh yes please read this with a grain of salt!! I read the mtl ver and its not quite right sometimes, and if im wrong I want to apologize first ya hehe


and I think this novel still has a long way to go, I cant wait for another chapters ahahhhahaha~ <<less
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Not going to spoil anything this time~
It only has 3 chapters translated right now, but based on the MTL version, the story is good. The novel got me hooked because each of the tours is unique in its own way and the characters aren't that bad (also because I'm quite into survival novels, but I don't regret reading this). Hope you guys will give this novel a try! Looking forward to more chapters getting translated!
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Nahira rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: c12
it's good and very interesting
but the chapters... are so, so, long.

At some point it becomes tiring because the chapters are way too long
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ylial rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c131
The novel is still on going (257 chapters as of Sept 2 2021) so how come a reader put completed? 😅 Novel is too lengthy compared to other infinite/episodic novels. Even though the description is really long, you cannot stop yourself from reading.

I'm fan of slow romance and this one has too. But I find the romance here a little forced even though it is not abrupt. I can't understand how the ML fell in love with MC. Is it because the ML always watches the MC..? He should be attracted... more>> first and not just suddenly fell in love. Another unreasonable things is that the ML saves the MC, BUT later he suddenly hurts the MC physically (severing MC's arm). I think the author wanted this to be unique and write an ML with multiple personalities but failed in portraying them in realistic circumstances.

Anyway there are a lot of mysteries involved. And I guess the ML has his soul splits or probably he can control or transmit his mind to a living. Aside from being head of the brigade, he has also part in the thriller hostel. I hate how the ML just played the MC feelings using his different identities 😅

Less 2 stars due to plot holes, psychotic ML and too lengthy description. A little disappointed, I feel I wasted my time because the author ruined a good novel by writing an unreasonable ML. <<less
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Rida rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c320
There are way too many characters. It's an ongoing story; how am I supposed to remember all of them? I'd understand if they were important to the plot but I feel like at least half of them are unnecessary.

... more>>

For example Dream Chaser. I understand that he was needed as a character so that the MC could enter the Sahara Desert arc. But he literally does nothing else? Even in the tour guide exam, he did nothing in the end. And Zhang XingZang as well- I feel like he's purely a plot device to reveal the relationship between the MC and his brother.


The MC is a little boring to me. There's nothing that makes him stand out from other QT horror novel protagonists- he's the the typical cold, bored-of-their-life MC who somehow end up being the leader despite their initial disinterest. He also doesn't have a solid character setting. In the beginning he craved pain but now he doesn't like it and I'm not sure why. It's not something that I'd class as character development either. Overall, the MC is nothing special.

The ML is also the typical strong, possessive and silent ML. He's always there to save and help the MC.

I'm also tired of reading about how the MC always ends up being 'teary-eyed' because of the 'extreme pleasure and pain' that 'connecting' (a mental connection between a tour guide and a tourist) with the ML brings him. We get it; the author doesn't need to keep on bringing it up.


In my opinion, the arcs are way too long. Some of them are 90+ chapters and could easily be compressed into half of that. This means a lot of information is repeated and the obvious is always pointed out.

On the other hand, I like the mystery aspect. What is Maria's Butterfly? What is the actual relationship between the MC and his brother? I like the MC's brother so far- I really would have liked it if he was the main character. He seems way more interesting even from the little that I know so far.

However, the pros don't outweigh the cons and so I decided to drop this for now. It's still an ongoing story and the excruciatingly long chapters are making me quickly lose interest. <<less
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April 15, 2022
Status: c30
Never thought I would complain about this but the chapters are too long. The author updates 10k words daily which leads to a ton of it feeling like filler. It will go on and on from the perspective of side characters and describing intricate stories. At first it was interesting but then it got boring and I skimmed through it. It's progressing super slowly and I'm unable to pay attention anymore.
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Nerium_ rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c165
Genuinely one of, if not, the best novel I've read. Every arc is thrilling and original with interesting side characters. If I could only read one novel for the rest of my life, this would be it
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nitan rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c408
I like how off-the-walls this novel is in regards to: the MC dealing with things. It makes the story interesting and very enjoyable to read, it feels very liberating.

It also keeps you hooked on what's going to happen next and doesn't rely on stereo-types/old tropes to sustain itself. There's alot of novel concepts introduced by the tourist-tour guide premise as well. It's really cool! It's a true PVP in a sense where everyone is out to PK the MC, he's living on the edge of the knife trying to dash... more>> before they catch up. It kind of has this feeling to it, which is pretty neat!!

I gave this a 4* because of a couple of reason. One is the random expositions that just pops up sometimes, it drags the chapter on for longer and also adds minimal to the novel/story at the time. I get why it's nice and gives a fuller understanding (maybe) but combined with the already long chapter that is stacked full of action -- it's abit cumbersome to read. An arc or even a small break in between can span for 50 chapters. While I do like how heavy it is, I think some parts can be screened a little... there's a time and place and somethings are tossed in only to be forgotten about for like, 100+ chapters later....

Overall, it's an interesting story but only if you have time. I don't think this is a necessary 'must-read!' -- the weight and time/effort I put into reading each chapter feels much more heavier than the enjoyment I got overall from the story. I'm not saying the story isn't enjoyable, I think it's probably one of the most interesting -- I'm just saying if I didn't have time to read, I'd probably drop or stop reading for abit due to how fatigued I am trying to gobble it up. If you have good stamina for reading novels though -- this might be different for you! So just take it as this is a good novel. <<less
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Darkness7913 rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c130
It's a fresh reading experience, MC really likes to push things to the limit but also knows his limitations and almost always has a plan ahead.

    • currently has 6 insects: the mosquito, the queen, 3 'mantis', 1 'ladybug'
    • lots of titles and items: like the false king, and stuff
ML: Can't tell his feelings towards MC at the moment, since he might still be under the influence of mc's skill. Not much ML POV about MC.

I read the comments about ML saving MC then severing MC's arm next, but I think...


ML severed mc's left arm cause he didn't know that person was MC, MC was pretending to be someone else. Or the comment might be referring to a different arc.

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MissFay rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: c37
I regret reading this while it's still being TLed...

The MC is so badass.

I don't really care about the romance because the plot got me so hooked.

This novel I would definitely recommend to people who like reading unlimited flow with slow-burn romance and mostly focus on the plot.


The MC is pretending to be someone on the first arc and I really like how the tourist misunderstands him. It's really hilarious.

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Hadrians Amateur Book Reviews
Hadrians Amateur Book Reviews rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: c25.3
One of the best online novels I've read so far. I really like the concept of the protagonist, cause it's the first time I've seen a major M main character. So far ML hasn't appeared (not truly, anyways), but that's what I like cause it makes the novel more focused on the plot. Just when you thought that everything was figured out... Boom, there's a plot twist.

I'm not gonna lie, for me, the translation is a bit hard to understand the exact meaning sometimes, but you'll get the gist of... more>> it. So I usually just shrug and move on.

Overall, I really really like this novel so far. #camping <<less
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