Boku to Kanojo no Game Sensou


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Kishimine Kengo, a boy who moved into a high school that was an all-girls school until several years ago. In spite of the so-called harem environment where he was surrounded only by girls, he wasn’t good at socialising and his sole hobby was immersing himself in reading. He lived a quiet life.

But, he decided to participate in club activities that he hadn’t done until now, and so his high school life changed into something stormy and full of drama. He joined the one where he played modern games – in short, the game club. Kishimine was supported by the beautiful student council head and a perverted teacher, and he displayed unexpected talent. Now the curtain has been raised on the exciting gaming life of an ordinary boy.

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My and Her Game War
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BabyDalyn rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: --
I don't like the main heroine, Tendou and mostly the annoying club adviser Sena.

Rating 5 stars despite my date? Well that's just how good the novel that you get frustrated with characters along with the MC.

The MC is the typical loner that can't decide concretely for himself but he shows character growth which is the main point of a plot. As annoying as those two mentioned above, it blends well with the MC. The story is about a book nerd joining a club despite having internal conflict because he got... more>> used to being a loner. Despite these, because he have high concentration level that he get himself too much immersed in stories that he forget the surroundings, he got the talent for gaming thus those two which I hate got interested in him as they persuade him to join.

I recommend this for readers who is fond of loner MC which is dragged in a group with interest far off from MC's likes. Similarly got the same vibes as RomCom SNAFU!

Ig you like Hachiman maybe just a little it felt the same. <<less
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