Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You


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There has been a lot of gossip in the upper circle of capital city lately.

Rich anonymous 1: I heard that the abducted daughter of Mayor Chen’s family was finally found, it’s rumored that she was sold to the deep remote mountain area and had suffered a lot.

Rich anonymous 2: I heard that the daughter of Mayor Chen’s family is a fool, she claims that she can see ghosts everyday.

Rich anonymous 3: I heard that the daughter of Mayor Chen’s family forcibly kissed Minister Lou’s family third son.

(Everyone with frightened faces: She dares to provoke Lou Ming?!)

Chen Yu pushed Lou Ming onto the sofa and kissed him for a while.

Chen Yu said: “Don’t worry third brother I will be responsible for you.”

Lou Ming was stunned.

Chen Yu secretly thinking: “How long will I have to wait before I get to kiss third brother again…”

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Meatshield rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This author is a genius and the only thing I don't like about her stories is that they end!!!

This is a fantastic story about a money grubbing ghost catching girl and the powerful but lonely neighbour next door.

As a FL, Chen Yu is hilarious because she's bold, cheeky, and clever. For example,

... more>>

When she first moves back home, one of the rude second generation girls try to belittle her as the she was raised in the countryside but the FL solves this girl in like two seconds by telling this girl very seriously there's a ghost on her shoulder. This scares the rude girl so much and later on the FL charges the girl an exorbitant fee to exorcise the ghost lol. Then later on the FL encounters a complicated situation with forbidden magic that she doesn't know how to deal with involving people she knows. Instead of tiring herself with thinking about what to do she straight up sends a complaint letter to the local god to let him deal with it. I thought this was so damn cool because usually the leads just make a bad decision and everyone blames them.


Lou Ming the ML is a sweetheart and I love him and want one for myself. Before he falls for the FL he treats her like a good older brother (he's like 6-7 years older than I her I think). Because he's born with this evil resentment on his body people can't really stay close to him without suffering. Interestingly, the FL is the only person who can stay near him without being affected and moreover, she can also use her spiritual power to repress his resentment so that he can go outside like a normal person from time to time. Lol one way that she repressed this power is by kissing him. The reason the FL is the only one who can do this though is because

They were lovers in their past lives but there were extenuating circumstances that led them to be separated and cursed. Since then they've been trying to find each other in every subsequent reincarnation to solve the curse and be together but they've failed each time. I don't want to reveal more about this because I want you to read it and their past life stories was really interesting but just know that in this life they're able to solve the curse and live happily ever after.


The ML is powerful because of his status as a genius military weapons designer from a prestigious family but he only uses his authority to help the FL and he dotes on her the whole story. He's never overbearing or controlling and he always lets the FL do what she wants. When he finds out that he can scare ghosts away when he releases the seal on his body and let the resentment fly out, he does so to save the FL at the risk of his own life (too much resentment harms the body). He's just so precious! 9 (///> 3 <///) 9

The side characters in here are pretty great too because the FL's grandfather (the one who raised her in the countryside and taught her about ghost catching) is an absolute riot.

His ghost catching skills are OP but he's sassy AF and addicted to playing online games. When the FL goes to live with her biological family he goes straight to the city and spends all his time at a PC room. He becomes so good at playing he even gets offers to join a pro league at like 60 years old lol. Despite that he cares about the FL a lot and he'll go and help the couple from they really need him.



In the pseudo-sequel that tells the story of Chen Yang, the FL's brother, and his future gf, our couple makes an appearance here and there and they're just as cute. That story isn't as good as this one imo but it's not a bad read because this author is so damn good at what she does.

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novem rated it
August 16, 2022
Status: Completed
ALRIGHT, that one review who says this book is 'racist racist racist' is blatantly clickbaiting for likes.

This book starts off with the female protagonist moving to the city for college after living in the countryside her whole life, spending her time outdoors exorcising ghosts and whatnot. Because she's an exorcist. And a pretty damn good one too! Kickass- ahem, back on topic. As such, her skin is quite tanned.

PLEASE do not apply your own cultural understanding onto Chinese culture. It is a literal translation when they say that her skin... more>> looks black. It's not a racist thing at all and has literally no ties to racism. They're just describing her skin as very dark. Hence black. HENCE the translation. As for the quote unquote 'obsession with pale skin' said by other reviewers is quite the hyperbole given that they don't really discuss her looks that much for the most part of the story. Aside from like the initial introductions to a very limited set of people in the beginning.

An explanation about Chinese 'obsession' with dark skin and why it's not racism enclosed in the spoiler for space sake. It's pretty long so... so read at own risk. I'm not defending colourism, but I am doing my best to explain it from the perspective of someone who has grown up in this culture myself and is trying to break free from it.


Chinese people associate pale skin with beauty NOT because of colonialism and racism reasons, which is quite... Western-minded of people to say and ignorant, frankly, but because it's associated with rich people. Rich people don't need to farm. They stay home all day. They hold (HISTORICALLY) traditionally educated jobs. Thus. Pale skin. On the other hand, the less fortunate tend to work outdoors. Hard labour but for simplicities sake: they're usually farmers and spend time under the sun. Hence: tan. Dark skin. Which is transliterated as 'black skin' if you take the Chinese word literally.

AGAIN. Please separate your Western mindset from this. And any frequent reader of Chinese novels should know the Chinese cultural understanding with being rich. Chinese new year. Gong Xi Fa Cai = Hope you get rich soon. Gods of wealth. Red packets of money. Gold everywhere. SO DOESN'T THAT PROVIDE CONTEXT? Rich people, white and soft skin. The farmers, tan and rougher skin from literal labour. So this is some brief context on how these values and fixation with the rich and thus white skin have caused China to become the colourist society that has those beauty standards today. Yes, it's problematic in that Chinese people see 'dark skinned people' as ugly, and the author DOES introduce some problematic elements by displaying the dark skin as 'ugly' from other viewers but again, that's a very small part of the story that some reviewers (most likely with a western mindset) have chosen to hone in on and fixate as a reason for why this story is bad. And also, the female protagonist does not give a sh*t about her skin. The reason why she decides to use skin products and stuff is at the behest of her roommates, and she does not want to stick out by not participating in face mask activities and stuff after military training. Also, because she moves to the city and out of the countryside, her skin begins to lighten and lose it's tanned colour.

The Chinese public have started to embrace more accepting views of beauty (plus sized women representation etc) but if you think about how homogenous, traditional, patriarchal Chinese and East Asian society is compared to the Enlightenment Era foundation of Western countries... please understand that it'll take a while.


Moving on, aside from those elements, there is another issue. Not with the novel but with the TL sites. Some other reviewers have mentioned it but use SleepyTL translations for chapters 55 onwards. You'll have to use aggregate sites to access ch. 11-20 cause the original link is broken, but note that like the chapters around 55 ish or 70 if you use other sites skip a whole section that only SleepyTL has.

Aside from those two issues, the novel is funny, humorous, comedic. I do agree that the transitioning from friendship to romantic relationship between the ML and MC was a little bit abrupt in that it seemed like they were chill friends who were chilling at each others houses to wanting to kiss each other, but honestly, doesn't really detract when you just continue reading past it. I mean, it's not like there's no insinuation that there's romantic feelings etc etc but you'll get what I mean when you read.

Genuinely, this novel is so funny. My favourite character was definitely the Old Man Grandfather of the MC. He cracks me up and is soo good at roasting people to the point where they're speechless. Made me cackle, and I highly enjoy how the MC learnt some of that skill.

Note: It may be kind of Mary-Sueish if you don't like kickass female leads. By that I mean, the female lead is quite powerful against ghosts and very badass. <<less
37 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AnotherBoredPerson rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c10
I'm curious about this novel because this is being picked up by Mad Panda and Novice Translations (they translated My Husband With Scholar Syndrome before).

So, I still read the translated chapters and still dunno how the story unfolds later. I will write the review again (later) if I'm finished reading this.

I like that FL's family is caring and full of love. At first I thought FL is being thrown away by her parents, but the fact is FL abducted by human traffickers. So that's explained why FL is living in... more>> the mountain.

As the tags saying, this is about exorcism and ghosts. FL is talented ghost catcher. While ML is genius military man.

Fighting translator-sama~ :3


There is sequel about FL's brother love life :v

Still not translated.

The title is : 我的女友是只猫

The English name is My Girlfriend is a Cat (translated using Google Translate)

Chen Yang (FL's brother) is a policeman while the FL in the sequel is cursed (if I'm not wrong). Most times she became cat, but sometimes she transformated back in her human form. She couldn't control her transformation

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Eclat123 rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed

It's been a long time since I last read a CN web novel with one of a kind uniquely interesting plotline like this one.

While everybody else is busy writing about transmigration/reincarnation, entertainment drama, 2nd gen riches cinderella stories, swapped kids, and unplanned pregnancy, this novel wrote about a little GHOSTBUSTER! And a super badass one at that.

The main premise is brilliant, focusing on a promising young heavenly master who is not in any way beautiful, kind, or genius like the... more>> typical CN MC. She's just badass and powerful that she could protect ML.

It felt like I was reading a modern feminized version of Nube or Ghost at School. Maybe we'll see another wave of ghostbuster stories trend in the future.

From technical perspective, the writer is very good compared to other CN web novel authors. The pacing is great, similar to battle stories, the character development is good, and the sentence structures are nice to read. She's obviously experienced in writing. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
miumiumiu rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: c82
The female lead is cute yes. The best character here! A nice girl, optimistic, cute, happy, naive, but she follows her values and sticks by it even if it means defending the wronged ghosts over living humans even tho thats a faux pas in her ghost exorcism field

But... My opinion... the male lead is annoying... a burden to everyone... he's like the token burden or something! he knows he wont be a help at all, but he just tries... BUT f*cks everything up!! Then he gets sad...... talking self sacrificial... more>> shit... like, the female lead was doing just fine without your dumb egoistic interference? aaaand look. youre dying again

You just gave more trouble to her.... to everyone around you...
It's not just once too.. He just wants to fit in and relate to her world so bad but honestly... just stay by the sidelines and help her by supporting her please :)

Also the male lead's father sucks ew...

Btw sorry I accidentally pressed one star and even when I use edit button I can't change it..? <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 24, 2021
Status: c75
(Disclaimer: I MTLed this so maybe some information was wrongly interpreted... But this is my own opinion of what I could understand from the MTL.)

I couldn't finish it so I'm not going to vote... I honestly tried but couldn't swallow anymore of this novel... I feel like if I did I'll be more angry than watching Bai Weiwei being an abusive as*hole and Ye Dog being a pro sadomatist.

1st) I can't tell if MC is super confident or super s*upid especially when she ... more>>

decided to effing resurrect her elder brother

I don't mind confident MCs but she seems to be a hot-headed one... It's okay if she has the skills to be confident but honestly her skills aren't enough for her to take on some tasks.

But still mam', remember you're only a mortal stop trying to fight against the heavens, is a brain dead move!

2nd) Honestly the two leads are made for one another... Self sacrificing themselves without thinking about the implication they'll have on other people... Like ffs man when

idiot 1 (MC) saved her brother she had a hella backlash and proceeds to effing cry a river about it... I'm not sure if the translation is wrong but she's currently in UNIVERSITY.... UNIVERSITY people!!! Sometimes I forget and think she's 9 or something.

... It was written as a selfless act but in my opinion it's pretty selfish. Plus your grandfather warned you multiple effing times if you don't have a good enough cultivation for the spell the backlash would be hella bad... Like @#$& man what did you think would happen? You puking rainbow farts?


Especially when her grandfather just traveled just to see her after he sensed something was wrong and even went to the effing underworld for her!! She first complained about her situation THEN her first request was for him to save the ML and proceeds to act like a spoilt kid when her grandfather who literally went to hell for her just wants to take a effing nap.

... yes thank you for saving your grandfather for nearly being put to cremation but still!!! I'm angry she's ignorant I'm angry she's selfish and a happy doodoo protagonist... If she was my granddaughter I'd slap her ass until she can't sit for a few days.

The ML thank God isn't too bad (yet) the first s*upid act was when he tried to

suck out some ghost or dark energy **** from the MC after she had the backlash... It's ok if he knew what he was doing but he doesn't... Come explain author why must you make our ML who was rational and who create weapons for the government be involved with some s*upid **** I understand he needs company etc. Etc. But these two aren't even dating yet and their IQs has dropped to the bottom of a dammed fish pot.

No I don't understand how people lose their heads when they're in love... I can't relate to some s*upid **** self sacrificial acts... Like TM I love my life and I know my family love my life... I guessed ML didn't want to lose MC since yeah she spent more time with him than her own family and made him feel warm ladeedaa and that he won't live long anyways according to everyone and he might as well give his life to save MC who can live long... Sigh.. F***ing hell.

I wanna slap everyone!

I just can't stand the MC's character although she's a cheerful and bubbly type but there's a part of me which finds her incredibly irritating. Optimistic, cheerful and kind? TM if she doesn't poke her nose into everything, implicate others... Has a cheat like body so she's the only female who can go near the ML... Like author thank you for telling me she's the female protagonist she's literally what the ML needed!

No! I request for a MC replacement I request for a safety measure to be put in place so ML can be both happy and safe!

Like TM she caused so much **** just to build a bloody road!!! What happened to studying hard because that's the most reasonable way to earn money... What happened to not wanting to learn about the arts of dealing with ghost because it won't earn you any money?! @$#%!!!!! Go do some effing waitressing then! Go and do a work placement isn't your damn father a mayor?! Doesn't your mother who SHOULD be in a circle of rich ladies find you some part time jobs to do if you acted spoiled like you do 24 hrs a day?! Why the hell are you catching ghosts now?!

So angry +10

But I honestly think the plot is quite good, the author did a lot of research to create this story and I again learnt a few things about feng shui... Although not sure how accurate it is... but it's also the reason why I stayed to read.

If we replace the MC with a more level headed character that is interested and puts her heart into learning about how to catch ghost before going out and fighting ones that are several stages higher than what she can stomach I'll enjoy this more.

Although I understand slightly as to why MC rejected to learn from her grandfather before but still she's been going round with him to catch ghosts since she's young, I don't know what rock was stuck in her head to not study the skills properly even if she did it as a side hobby.

No now that's confusing me... In the book it clearly indicates that she didn't study the feng shui seriously then how tf did she manage to do a better job than those who took catching ghosts as a profession?! TM author!!!


So effing angry.

Don't get me wrong this novel is well written and the characters are all 3D. They all have their own individual personalities and reasons for doing things... That's WHY I don't understand the MC! Like

from what's written up to chapter 75 the amounts of pages she interacts with her family is less than 25% of the book so far!! If she had a close relationship with her brother one way or another I'd understand her actions of desperately wanting to save him!! I might even be touched enough to cry! But MC for the majority of the novel so far has either been out dealing with ghosts and other feng shui masters or spending her time with the ML... I've read this far and still can't see MC having a close connection with her family... Maybe because most of the time she never spends time with them!!! The only family scenes seems to be at the beginning during the one bit where she went out with her brother who was trying to find friends for her and her mother taking her out to shop and get a beauty makeover done also at the damn dinner table and at the hospital when her brother was about to die... So that's why I can't understand the MC when she used the forbidden spell.

Like where the hell is the bond that allows you to do some s*upid ****?! @#$&!!! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Isai05 rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c1
I'm 10 chapters in and I'm eagerly waiting for updates. As usual, crazy panda's translations are excellent and the story itself is great. It's a different concept. I didn't expect the male lead to be so gentle, he gives off the vibes of second male lead who needs to be cherished. Fortunately, female lead isn't heartless, like other FLs to treat a gentleman as a spare tire.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kawaii12345 rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c50
It's well done but it has some truly annoying tropes and serious missed opportunities that leave you shaking your head.

Biggest problem, endless use of "I can't talk about this, won't talk about this" and " I have the solution in my hand but I won't use it BECAUSE REASONS". Then there's the ML who is just a downright manipulative bastard who excuses it as protecting the MC. Makes me feel very sorry for her. At this point in the story I'm ready to start reading every 5th chapter just so... more>> I can mark it done.

The writing and the translation are both well above average. The translation has some reoccurring name problems. The writing is occasionally disorganized and confusing. Neither of these flaws really damage the work. The episodic nature of the novel compartmentalizes the harm.

If the annoying tropes don't turn your stomach this can be a decent read. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
En-Jay99 rated it
April 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Funny and OP! MC was really fun to read. It’s also funny how the ML feels a little like a damsel in distress as the FL goes around beating up zombies and ghosts. Gets a little draggy at the end.

the MC forcibly kissing the ML wasn’t really funny and the novel should’ve stopped treating it as a joke after the first time.
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Imsobored rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This was such a fluffy and fun novel like I laughed and I cackled. The whole ghost and supernatural world aspect was very well written and explained, and blended in with the characters lives. But my favourite part about this novel was the characters. Mainly the ML.

He is the role model gentleman, perfecto boyfriend, ideal husband material. I initially didn't want to read the novel because of the summary as I thought the ML was going to be a classic overbearing, abusive, full-of-himself as*hole who didn't even understand what respect... more>> was (sadly there are too many of them) but I was so pleasantly surprised. The ML was a total gentleman, a sweetheart and oh so respectful towards FL. Even the chasing was done by FL. Although ML liked her, he didn't want to force her (awww).

And I also loved the FL because she was a strong person, who could protect herself and wouldn't blush and act shy over everything. Rather... her confidence both with the ML and her work and with other people was refreshing.

Other than them, the other characters were also so loveable especially Wu Lai. I absolutely loved his character. The end notes with him had me struggling to breathe. So funny and so so dependable 😂.

To conclude THERE SHOULD BE MORE ML'S LIKE THIS. But seriously read this if you like FLs who don't just depend on the ML for everything.

And while there is no face slapping, the writing and how the plot joins is amazing. Lots of love to the author and also the translator. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jemuy rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I loooove this novel!!!!

I really felt like I’m being part of the story (like I’m a ghost, watching MC and ML’s interaction).

No spoiler here, Go! And read!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HiddenHermit rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Cute and entertaining novel. MC, Chen Yu, is straight forward, strong, and shameless. ML, Lou Ming, is smart and lives an isolated life. MC enters ML's world and makes it brighter.

The plot of the story seems simple at first but it becomes more complex later. I enjoyed the extra twist to a seemingly cliched plot.

... more>>

ML lives an isolated life because his body has evil qi which will be harmful to people if it escapes. However, he is a highly valued person since he is the top expert in weapons design. He is protected 24/7 and his residence is situated in an area with the most abundant spiritual qi in the capital.

MC is a celestial master and wants to earn enough money to build a road in her hometown, which is a remote village in the mountains. Therefore, she takes on jobs to earn money but it depletes spiritual qi. So she becomes close to ML in order to replenish spiritual qi faster.

Yes, they eventually go from friends to liking each other in a romantic way.




MC and ML knew and loved each other in their past life. ML's evil qi's origin was from MC in their first life together.

During that time, MC was a princess who was considered a Goddess of War. When she died after an enemy prince reneged on his promise, she turned into a drought demon. ML absorbed the evil qi from her to save her soul, allowing her to reincarnate. Due to his actions, the evil qi attached to ML's soul and followed him throughout his reincarnations.

In their current life, MC and ML collected the six spiritual artifacts required to allow ML's evil qi to be transferred to them. ML was finally able to be free.



MC is the 6th artifact.

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AppyFizz rated it
December 6, 2022
Status: Completed
A Master Piece 👏👏💓💓🥰🥰..... Everything was perfect.... And the best was GRANDPA WU LI😂😂😂😂..... Even after going to the Underworld, he was shameless and savage....

Chen Yu and Lou Ming were Perfect 💖💖💖....
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 24, 2022
Status: c122 part5
Oh, I really enjoyed almost every scene in this. It's perfect for relieving stress even though it's almost action-packed (so it's also exciting at some parts).

Some points I liked about it:

  • The setting/concept is very interesting and fun (ghosts - exorcists). Also hilarious at times because they integrated modern tech to it lol. I love that.
  • Every character is distinct. Their banters/interactions with each other are enjoyable and there's hardly any dull moment in the plot because of that.
  • There were no frustrating parts. It's a lighthearted read with fantasy element. The romance part is cute too, I like female leads that are not afraid of being transparent about their feelings and doting male leads haha.

China's beauty standards include having a pale skin so there are scenes that ridicule the female lead's tanned... more>> skin. <<less
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Mag-0 rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked this novel. The MC is strong and cheerful, with a pinch of naiveness. ML is great and a complete cinnamonroll. Their story starts kinda weak, but as is goes you see the whys and hows. The Chen family is GOLD, and same can be said for the Lou family.

Old Wu is great and the ghosts are amazing. The bodyguards are PRECIOUS! But Chen Yang is by far my fav s2

This is a funny yet not shallow medium-sized novel. Good 1-2 weeks read.
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pearlception rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished reading this last night and had hard time containing my laughter. The FL frankness rlly amuses me. Typically, I fall inlove to the ML but in this story, I fall for the fl- I love her frankness, humor, wit and her love for money (because of situation when she was young she learn the value of money and her aim to build a road) HAHA!
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alwayscolder rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: Completed
I love Grumpy Crab ?

This novel was so entertaining, and the side stories very funny ^^

I wanted to know more about her brother and the cat haha


Forget it,

just found out that brother and cat girl also have their own novel !
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mcol1617 rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the best story of this genre that I have read. It has comedic undertone but not so much that it overshadows the romance aspect. The pacing of the story allows us as reader to feel all the emotions properly. The MC isn't OP, neither is the ML. Oh and can I say I loved the side story of MC's grandpa.

All I have to say is it's totally worth it.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Actually I like this novel. There is naive but also smart MC. She loves money because her grandpa "washed her brain" since very young and also she has a mission to build the road to improved her fellow villagers live's condition.

She meets ML and soon she found out that his house has rich spiritual aura which is she and her compass needs the most, so she is clinging to ML shamelessly.

The ML has special condition that nobody could stay close to him but only Chen Yu, our MC could stay... more>> close with him without side effect.


The story slowly reveal the relationship between Chen Yu and Luo Ming since long long time ago.



One thing that I feel bad about Chen Yu in this story, in her previous life, she created disaster by curse or something else, so many human suffered and died because of the curse for three years (if I'm not mistaken). Although she did it in her most desperate and miserable situation but it didn't justify her action. Because of her previous life cursed, many spritual masters has to sacrifice themselves to reseal the disaster every few decades, if some of them unlucky, they would die.

I'm speecless when I read the plot about her previous life's mistake.


Afterall, this is a good story to read, fluffy with comedy, mistery and supernatural vibes. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rhiech rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: Completed

This story starts off with a bang! Super interesting idea, and the action scenes are awesome. Plus, the heroine? Adorable and totally kicks butt! The hero's a great guy too, none of that annoying drama. The side characters are hilarious, and I love those little bonus scenes at the end. No s*upid crying over nothing, either, thank goodness!


So, what's the deal with the whole college thing? The heroine's always jetting off on adventures, barely even sets foot in class. Feels kinda pointless. And there are just way too many characters,... more>> especially all the human ones. The author throws them at you like confetti, then forgets about them faster than yesterday's lunch. Honestly, half the cast wouldn't even be missed. Speaking of convenient, the heroine's special constitution is a bit of an eye-roll. I mean, sure, it lets her be all buddy-buddy with the hero, but it feels a tad cheap. And that whole subplot about the "mountain girl finding her place in high society"? Totally dropped the ball on that one. Such a cool idea, wasted!


Okay, so it's not perfect, but it's still a fun ride. Like a bag of mixed candy - some pieces are awesome, some are kinda meh. But hey, all the characters are interesting in their own way, and the story keeps you guessing what's next.


It's 4.1, but I rounded up to thank the translator. <<less
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