She is a Great Demon Hunter


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Five hundred years ago, Great Demon Hunter Mi Wan was reborn into the modern era. With the strength to crush all demon clans, she opened an expensive pet shop. A single diagnosis costs three hundred thousand dollars, and for a million dollars, she can expel and treat demon poison. However, due to her unstable spiritual power after rebirth, Mi Wan will go into a coma whenever her spiritual power is depleted, and her soul will fly to the male protagonist’s side. The male protagonist is the current demon king who possesses the highest demon level, has a hobby of buying land and building parks, is devoted to the peaceful coexistence between humans and demons, and protecting the environment.

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She's a Legendary Demon Hunter.
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DaBrick rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
A great novel!

I trust the author other novels that have good qualities and story. And lo behold! Wasn't wrong at all!

The story take place in a world where demons and humans live side by side in the modern time like the current era we are now. Both races live in harmony but most human doesn't know the existence of demons because most demons tries to be in their humanoid shape. Demons that are talked here aren't like most demons in xianxia or wuxia novel. Demons here are any living being... more>> except human that aged and cultivate long enough until they gain a sentience of their own. Therefore demons are animals or plants.

The Female Lead is a powerful demon Hunter from the time both races is still against each other throat which is 500 years ago. But since demons nowadays are very much like human beings except in some parts, she tries to accommodate herself to the current era right now. The Female Lead is a clever, charming woman that has her little quirks and she is also pretty shameless and hilarious which bring comedy to the story.

Meanwhile The Male Lead is a demon king that support humans and demons live harmoniously together to minimize the decline of demon beings. His original form is a tree demon that have live for a very long time. The Male Lead has never met FL before 500 years ago and therefore there are no old grudges between them. ML is a calm and collected person but after meeting FL the time ML become speechless from FL shamelessness are increasingly growing. :)

Some hilarious snippets:


"The power on Qiankun Vine comes from my original demon power, and its power is absorbed by your soul, so when your soul comes out, this power will echo with the demon in my body and automatically come to me. " Fan Chen explained.

"Then how to solve this situation?"

"Give me all the power of Qiankun vine." "How do I return ?" Mi Wan asked.

"The power of Qiankun Vine has soaked your soul, and can only let it penetrate out little by little if I force it, there is only one way..." Fan Chen looked at Mi Wan.

"What way?"

"Double cultivation." Fan Chen squinted, waiting for the other party's reaction.

"You..." Mi Wan was startled, and her soul subconsciously wanted to float away, but her soul was only one meter away from Fan Chen, and she was forcibly dragged back again. Then, "I, I, that..."

Fan Chen's mouth unconsciously smirked, letting the demon catcher and his demon clan double cultivation, it is estimated that they would rather die unyielding.

Mi Wan floated in the air and began to weight: In this way, she had only two choices, either to continue to float in the state of soul, or to be with this elder brother... what? If she chooses to float slowly, until all the power of Qian Kunteng is given back to the other party, but even if she is willing to wait, her freshly human shell can't wait, it will stink for three days.

This is either death or sleep, what should I do?

"Come on." Mi Wan gritted his teeth, decided to close his eyes, and passed it after a while.

Fan Chen's face turned green, and he never expected that the stone he lifted would hit himself.



ML: I can't think of a woman whose skin was so thick five hundred years ago.
MC: Wrong, women had no thick skin five hundred years ago. I lived for five hundred years and grew thick.


Mi Wan picked up the stainless steel pot and poured all the medicine inside. But instead of giving the medicine bowl directly to Fan Chen, she turned to open the refrigerator and put the medicine directly into it.

"What are you doing?" Fan Chen was a little fascinated by Mi Wan's operation.

"Will you drink when the ice is cold."

"Shouldn't the medicine be taken while it's hot?" Fan Chen wondered.

"I just saw a story on the Internet today." Mi Wan said seriously, "Say a pair of very good friends. They often water their little saplings of friendship. Suddenly one day, one of them poured a bowl. Hot water, and then the young sapling died, ha ha ha... Isn't it funny? "

"... "Fan Chen was speechless.
[In case the reader didn't get it, Fan Chen is a tree demon :) ]


The interaction between FL and ML is very entertaining and later on become sweet and probably because FL and ML grew closer that FL shamelessness rubs off to ML.


Later on when ML is the one chasing FL to become his lover

MC: Well before I gave you the chance to double cultivation and you don't want it. Now regret?

ML: Really regrets. Now how about we do it?

MC:... No!


The story is full of roller coasters of emotions but there are plenty of MC and ML cute interaction. Especially when ML is very happy because of FL, the flower and trees around him will bloom like springs around, while if ML is sad because not seeing FL, the flower and trees around him wilted away: (

It's a fantastic novel full of dog food and brilliant plot that is rarely seen.

The MTL is very easy and therefore please try reading it.

Those who are skeptical can read 5 chapter first before deciding if its worth it (In my case it's definitely worth it!)

The Translator did a good job for the chapter that are translated and thank you for picking this up!

Most important: Care for the environment more and don't throw garbage not in their place. The novel was written by the author to point out environmental issues in the society right now that is still ongoing these days. It's sad to see how many animals and trees that are damaged because of industrial expansion. The natural habitat of many trees and animals are also gone because of this. Therefore it is important to always care for the environment as we take some from the nature we also must give more back to the nature. In that way the world will still have clean air and can goes on to the future generation :) <<less
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Nanya rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: Completed
4/5 stars... wish I could've given it full marks but the last arc knocked a star off for me.

The synopsis tells you pretty much everything so I won't repeat it, but instead I'll tell you why I rated the novel as I did.

Throughout the novel we get to see our MC Mi Wan adjust to the new world after she ends up possessing a body 500 years after her original death due to the demon war. The novel really focuses on both sides of the demon hunter/demons feud in which... more>> we can understand both sides. In this way we empathize with both parties, especially the demonic side with their symbolism/connection with nature. Personally I was all for this premise since it is always a great message to tell... however comes my *personal* problem with the novel which

is the great amount of criticism our MC gets from both sides when a disease breaks out. As much as I know it was to demonstrate the innate nature of struggles between human wants vs environmental needs it got very tiresome for me. Suddenly MC is demonized when she just wants the greatest outcome for everyone. The demons (specially this annoying shark demon who we're supposed to like because she's straightforward or whatever when she's actually just someone who's rude and irresponsible) villanized MC as being selfish for wanting their help to stop the virus cause apparently only through these natural disasters (like a virus...I guess) can humans learn their impact on the environment (which idk how they're supposed to know those 2 are actually correlated?????? Lol) While the demon hunter/human sides don't see her struggle and tout her as a traitor. Either way it just left a bad taste in my mouth for this otherwise amazing novel. I just felt like it was a very abrupt turn from the demons when you have characters such as the ML's assistant making the MC feel bad for the ML doing an action that ultimately hurts his body when it was ML's decision to do it and the MC already felt horrible about it????? Idk stuff like that pisses me off.

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October 24, 2020
Status: --
This story is a good story, not very exciting or gripping but its a comfortable read where u can just keep on reading. There was one scene though that really "touch" me which is just a small detail in the whole story (nth to do with the storyline). When the MC opens up the pet store, a fight broke out between a demon hunter and a fish demon. So basically, the demon hunter family open a nucler power plant and release chemical into the water which kills the aquatic animal... more>> in the area (thus conflict). The MC summarize in later chapters that both parties are in the wrong for fighting, for the human need to make a living and it also justified for the aquatic demon to be angry because the pollution kills half of their children. So the ML asks the MC what would the MC do if it's her problem she say to make money so no power plant dares to set up near her region. So the ML say how bout other body of water? Are u not concern? And the MC replied so casually

"I'm not a god. I have managed so much, just manage one acre of land in front of my eyes. You see so many chemical plants around the world, why the aquarium flooded that house alone, It ’s not because the waste from that house has flowed into their family land. ”Mi Wan turned his head and saw Fan Chen frowning. He seemed to disagree. He couldn’t help but hit him with his elbow. After Fan Chen looked over, he said again. The one who cares less is easy to live happy."

That statement hit me all at once that humans really should be concern about the environment and that thnx god that not everyone in the world only cares about themselves like the MC cause there are ppl out there that do care about issues that doesn't impact us right now but will def. Impact later generations.

Sorry for this post just need to vent lol I just feel what the MC say carelessly sound very selfish to me but again in general I do find Chinesen novel MC to be quite self-centered and lack a general sense of kindness (god forbids they help someone first or out of the kindness of their heart, or donate money (even when they are rich) or volunteer, not to say this MC is bad, no she is not, she is quite good compare to many MC in lots of novels actually. <<less
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October 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I like this story so much.

Its not just a story. It has a lesson and a touching story. Its funny and the romance is good. I wish there are extra chapters.

I recommend this.
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Takara rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Sweet story. But of a tear jerky at the end (very brief) before I goes on to happy ending.

FL is super OP and there are some fun moments where she showcases her abilities. She enjoys making money and charging demons $$$$$$$ to help them. She refuses to join the hunter association just so she could do business with demons.

The ML is super sweet when he starts falling for and woeing her.

... more>> The interactions with the little demon kids are very cute.

I found the FL char development was very well done. She doesn't start off helping altruisticly. She does it purely for profit (charges more if the demon looks rich) but as the story progresses she learns more about the demons and the symbiotic relationships between demons, humans, and demon hunters, and her views start to change. She also initially didn't want to make things easy for demons as she's human and stood staunchly on humanity's side. But as thing progress, she starts to see the role everyone plays and she becomes more active in her community and in trying to make the world better.

Her family is also heart warming though they play just a side role in the overall story. Her butler is very devoted to her and he does his best to help her lose weight (original owner was obese) and detox (original owner turned to drugs to try to lose weight).

10/10 would recommend. It was a very satisfying read. I wish there had been some extras.


Esp about her older brother and the shark demon. I'd also like to read about the previous Demon King as you could see he was starting to change by the end of the story.

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Nelle rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has great world building and good intentions. The author did well in incorporating real life world problems into the conflict of the story. I dived into this thinking I will read a cliche novel with a domineering extremely rich ML. I also thought by Demon King, I'll get a moody character with a stoic default facial expressions who is feared by everyone. It turns out he's not like that. The tag "kind love interests" is spot on. MC was also given character development which is nice.

You can't really... more>> find fault with one, except for the abrupt ending. I thought I'd be getting 20 chapters more after the climax of the story. But no, the resolution of the story was concluded in 2 chapters or so. You can finish reading this in one or two days. Anyway, I have no complaints it still deserves 5 stars. <<less
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CaliforniaMaki rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Too short! The only thing I'm dissatisfied with is the ending 😭😭😭 Need more chapters! Besides that this is just perfection!

The world building in this novel is unique! FL and ML are OP but this novel goes beyond their powers. It gets deeper the further you go in and I love how the author is able to evoke a sense of conscientiousness in this work. I guess this novel tackles existensialism and relationships of humans and demons.

The tone of this novel is like:

... more>>

Princess Mononoke but ofc has romance..


Romance is sweet and fluffy. No drama between the CP. This novel is not like that. Not enough snu snu tho 😭

100% GEM! <<less
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Tiara Johar
Tiara Johar rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is greattttt, it's no too dramatic, there's no angst whatsoever, the conflict is great, the characters are loveable, whether its lead char or side char. The romance is sweet :)))) too, and it has a

happy ending

i mtled the rest of the chapters, it's not that hard to understand, but if you want to thoroughly enjoy the story, best if you wait for the translation.
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alyx_teohwj rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: Completed
A fluffy romance novel. It gives a new insight on the relationships between humans and demons on how they coexist in the modern world. The premise is quite interesting and creative.
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