The Witch


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Wu Miaomiao was the last in line of the Witch Clan. When she was 2 years old, her master found her a fiancé. When she was 18 years old, she felt that it was time to meet with this fiancé. And so, she carried her school bag and took the train into the city.

“My dearest husband, come follow me back to the mountains.”

Ji Lang was amused. Amongst the ghosts he had met, this was the first time he met one who came to groomnap.

“In that case, shouldn’t we first have our nuptial night?” said Ji Lang. Wu Miaomiao tilted her head. She felt it was logical and headed home with her husband.

Ji Lang was the reincarnation of Ephialtes. It was said that if he was to be fully awakened, he would possess the powers to drown the entire human population in their nightmares. He could enter into anybody’s dreams, probe into their dreamscapes and pry into their deepest secrets.

Because of this ability, for these 20 years, Ji Lang could not have a good night’s sleep. He was forced to sink into all sorts of nightmares till the day he met the girl from the Witch Clan. On the first day he met her, he slept on her bed.

Ji Lang: “You said that you are my wife? (I finally can have a proper sleep (#^.^#))”

The people from the metaphysical world feared the power of Ephialtes. They were constantly wary of him fully awakening his powers and destroying the world afterwards. They planted spies near him to put an end to him upon signs of his awakening.

Wu Miaomiao: “I heard that you people want to bully my dearest husband, I will curse you all oh~~~”

Ji Lang: (#^.^#)

Big shots from the metaphysical world: “When are the two of you going to divorce?”

Ji Lang: “Do you want to die?”

Note: Ephialtes – A nightmare/demon who causes nightmares

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25 Reviews

Apr 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This was such a nice read. Idk what Honefuusen was talking about when he/she said that the FL was an idiot because she is not. Hello??? You're just at the first chapter and you're using one chapter to review the whole novel which is 153 chapters long? I personally enjoyed the whole novel and especially everyone's development, not just the leads. The only thing I didn't like was that there were no extras like 😭 whyyyyyyyy. Anyway, I read it through mtl (not the site) and it was 80% readable.... more>> This novel made me cry too. As expected of grumpy crab. Don't worry, it's an HE.

Edit: Nvm, there's actually extras, it's just that the site that I read in before didn't have it so I'm reading it now and I'm gonna start crying cause I'm so happy. <<less
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Nov 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This came as a surprise. I was expecting a simple story with fluff. But this turned out to be an amazing read. Loved the novel.

I loved the FL and ML. Both were perfect for each other. The ML will be the incarnation of the Ephialtes. He will be able to cause nightmares to the people around him and destroy the world if he wakes up his powers completely. The FL will be a witch and her master saves the ML once when he was kid and makes a marriage pact... more>> with his parents. When her master dies, the FL comes to the city to find him.

Although the ML is shown to be very cold to her, he takes cares of her really well except talking a little rude. I really like the ML, he is very strong. Since he was a child, he will be having constant nightmares and will be able to barely get any sleep. Everyone will shun him, even his parents will get tired after reaching a certain point. So the ML will be all alone by himself. He builds a career as a novelist and becomes successful. Given what he has gone through as child, its really amazing he was able to live to this level.

I usually dont like novels where the FL chases behind the ML. I am not against the notion but some novels make it too cringe worthy and the second hand embarrassment is too much. Seeing the FL give up her self esteem and chasing behind the ML getting constantly abused by him pisses me off. BUT in this novel it was shown perfectly. The FL was herself some start to begin. She is very cute in her ways and even if the ML is a little cold sometimes, he never insults or debases her. The flow of the story from the FL chasing and the ML liking her is really good. Their relationship is also very realistic and she is also not shy about the physical intimacy which I liked very much.

I loved all the characters too. All the ghosts, the doll, all the people in the MLs office, police officer and the cat. The association people pissed me off sometimes.

Story flow


The story starts from the ML and FL life together. The ML will never would have slept peacefully for even a day, but after the FL comes his sleeping becomes better hence he lets her live with him. The story flows as the FL helps various people using her witchcraft and the ML solving some cases using his powers. The ML is a total tsundere and never accepts that helped. I loved the relation between the ML and the police officer.

The FL also has a doll which will have a soul she will be cultivating. Its very cute too. It consumes soul of some ghosts and starts talking like the ghost and its really funny sometimes. Later the ML and FL will be regarding it as their daughter. The FL will want to complete its soul and send it to reincarnation so that it can born as their daughter.

There is also a association constantly trying to bring down the the ML and preventing his awaking. They will be attacking and hurting him even though it wasn't his fault and constantly monitoring him in the name of being righteous. After the FL comes his situation will be much better. She will stand by him and protect him. I really hated them sometimes. So narrow minded in their thinking. In the last chapter a ghost explains why his existence is there and why he is reincarnated every 500 years and he is essential to the world so they trying to suppress him and kill him was a very s*upid move. All just shut up and they dont ever apologize to him either.

The ML will also be scared of his awakening and hurting people around him especially the FL. He will be trying his best to control his powers too.




There will be a 7 to 8 years old child ghost who will be the daughter of a general in her previous life. She was my most hated character in the whole novel. She will be totally spoiled. She is extremely rude to the people working around her and kicks them and is so mean. I love kids and I am very tolerant towards them but this kid pissed me off very much. She kills more than 100 people just for her fun and tries to hurt the baby doll of the FL too. The FL fights her and her soul gets scattered.

The ghost king will be her father. He will be a general and he will have a complete ghost army and will be super powerful. He will come blackmail the FL to help his daughter to reincarnate using the soul of her baby doll. But the FL will be treating it as her own daughter so she doesn't accept it and she will also hate that child ghost and not want to help. So he gives them 7 days and decide else later fight a war.

The ML and FL doesn't agree so they go for war. The ghost king will have a seal and they will also try to get his seal to help ML help seal and have complete control over his powers after his awakening. During the fight, the ML will awaken and the ghost king will be no match and he will realize it and later tries to negotiate with the FL again to help his daughter. The ML will be totally consumed by his powers so to save him she will agree to raise his daughter as a doll for a few years and try to send her to reincarnate. The ghost king gives his seal to ML and the ML gains control over his powers and the war come to an end.


I haven't been able to find the extras but I guess it might be about the married life of FL and ML. I will update the spoilers once I find them. Its a really good read. I loved it. I binged it in a day. Go for it. <<less
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Aug 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Perfect balance. This novel has an amazing mix of supernatural elements, fluffy romance and crime-solving adventures. I'll keep it short since the former review is so detailed.

Wu Miaomiao is a witch who heads to the city to find her future husband arranged by her master in childhood after her master's death. She likes him at first sight since he has such a pure black aura and pretty much devotes all her efforts to develop feelings with him and build a home together. Her target is an horror novel writer who... more>> gets his material from the nightmares of others (including criminals). He is the reincarnation of a nightmare demon like creature whose powers have the potential of destroying the world so he's constantly watched and harassed by supernatural organization. Their daily life includes Miaomiao's efforts to romance her dearest hubby (casually terrifying supernatural agents with her power), Ji Lang's reluctantly solving the crimes he somehow ends up being dragged into and Miaomiao's curse doll being the cutest soul-devouring baby ever.

The characters are pretty simple but have their own personalities, stories and priorities. I don't understand the hate to the MC? She's pretty good, she's simple-minded and carefree but she's not s*upid at all. Wawa (the doll) is so funny. Great, light-hearted read. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 02, 2021
Status: c79
This is not a review. This is just me ranting about a doll. Yes, it is about a cursed doll named Wawa, FL's greatest witch's tool. 🤣🤣🤣

... more>>

Wawa is a doll with a mutilated soul. Witches have this as their tool or medium in their contracts, Witches raised them to be a complete and repaired soul. I love this character so much more than ML or FL because it was described not in a creepy way but in a comedic undertone. Wawa eats ghost's resentment and turn into an emotion, you can say the resentment is Wawa's food supplement to grow. The older the ghost, the greater it was supplemented to Wawa.

Wawa, at the beginning: Hahaha~

Wawa, when she digested a resentment: Hahaha, Go Die! You want die?! Hahaha

Wawa, when FL exorcised a woman that encounter a flirtatious ghost: Uhhh~~ Haaa~ Harder~~ or Do you want to sleep with me for only a silver~~

Note:When she ate and digested the resentment, she tends to repeat what the resentment or the soul's inner desire for half-a-month non-stop

When ML found Wawa when she was repeating 'go die', ML left her in his villa with another ghost in contract with FL.

When ML found Wawa repeating the flirtatious ghost's inner desire... ML stuff Wawa's mouth and locked her in a cabinet 😅

Well, in truth Wawa's mutilated soul will be repaired when she ate the soul's resentment or inner desire and she will grow and can have the chance to talk straight. It was also revealed that witches' soul comes from this, which is why FL suspected that her soul was also like this before becoming human and this is why Witches were rare.


Well my ranting is just me sharing how I laugh when Wawa is doing something and the misunderstanding that ensue after with the other characters. Read this and you will never regret knowing Wawa 😂 <<less
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Jan 23, 2022
Status: c48
I find that the author did a great job in characterization and plot. It’s not too often when I read a Chinese Novel that is not overly cringy and takes too long to get to the point. The male lead is also not the typical “he’s so handsome” type. His facial features are not really detailed in the story and instead it is his aura. I really appreciate how the author did that. It really focused on what the story really centered around. The female lead, even though she comes... more>> off as naive and possibly annoying, she’s nothing like that. She is actually quite pleasing and a change of the typical female leads I come across. There is also no unnecessary drama so far. One of my favorite parts of the novel is the characterization of the FL’s curse doll. The author’s details of the doll show her relevance and she keeps the details consistent with enough context to transition the scene.

It’s also hard to come across supernatural stories like this. The only other story I can think of most similar to this one is “Supernatural Girlfriend”. Though the premise is not the same but somewhat similar, the feelings I get from reading them are similar. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 02, 2021
Status: --
This is by far the coolest, cutest, and funniest novel I've ever read. Its the perfect blend of supernatural, mystery, and romance. The female and male lead is really unique as well and the side characters are also incredibly written. Definitely recommend to those who like supernatural stories with lovable characters.
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Apr 22, 2022
Status: Completed
A very fun read! This is one of my favorite novels from the author mainly because it's funny, cute, fluffy and it has a touch of action from all the ghost fighting and crime mystery. Wawa is super cute and loveable and for some reason, I kept imagining her as Guoba or Baron Bunny from Genshin Impact. That's how adorable she is based from my imagination 🤣 I loved reading about her slow growth and how everyone around her were charmed especially her brother.

FL and ML were super sweet, especially... more>> FL. Instilled from her young age about the idea of her future husband, she did her best to treat him well and make him feel loved which he never experienced since childhood due to his condition. Even if he was an anti-social guy, he accepted FL pretty quickly imo which implies how much he missed the kind of care she gives him. Despite thinking that FL's dolls were pretty weird, he accepted Wawa as his daughter very early on too which was super sweet.

It's just kinda sad that the author didn't include any info about Wawa's incarnation and her future training as a witch. Would've loved to see that.

Anyway, this was a super fun read and I might go back and re-read it some time. <<less
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Jul 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh man this was good. This is this author's recent work, they wrote other popular books like Please Confess to Me and Believe it or Not I've Already Caught You. But in terms of writing style and plot, the author has improved so much and it shows in this book. It's kind of like a romance with a strong supernatural horror comedy theme that I really enjoyed. This is a popular bl genre matchup nowadays, but you dont see it much in hetero novels. Until now I guess. I'm glad... more>> the author went this route, because do they suit it! And it's so unique (at least to me). I'll go into some details on plot and stuff now, to give you an incentive to read it. Even the mtl was decent enough to understand.

So the story starts out that Wei Miao Miao, the last witch in existence, leaves her home when her master/teacher (whatever) passes away. She takes her stuff and her doll, Wawa (the mtl calls it her baby and I like that so much. I just love this doll in general you guys will too) and heads off to find her arranged future husband, which was decided when they were both babies, when her master helped the ML and thought he was simply too lovely to pass up! She goes with basically no expectations besides to meet him, as her master didnt pressure her just saying for her to be happy, and if they both agree she'll just marry him into her family (the witches are matriarchal lol). At this point in time I felt kind of bad for her since shes basically all alone now. But she didnt let me do that for long. Shes actually a very strong person mentally, and her ability to accept things as they are is so strong. Shes also very adaptable and persistent. These are all traits under a straightforward and simple personality. The user below me who called her an idiot has probably never seen a truly idiotic FL. Shes simple and pure hearted, yes. Straightforward, yes. But those traits shouldn't be mistaken for her being dumb. She neither makes dumb decisions nor does s*upid things. Just say you dont like simple FLs with low societal interactions (because shes a witch raised by witches, obviously not a normal person). Anyway, she goes to find her future husband, Ji Lang.

Now if Wei Miao Miao identity is interesting on her own, Ji Lang is equally as interesting and poignant to the story. Hes currently a horror novel writer, except what makes him special is that all his horror stories come from the nightmares of people around him. Every night, hes forced to see other peoples nightmares against his will, because he is a creature called Ephialtes destined to destroy the world if once his powers get too strong. He never gets a good night's sleep because of it, is also constantly stopped by the police because he has a criminals aura, and is perpetually cynical and grumpy. When he meets Wei Miao Miao who follows him, he thinks shes a ghost attracted to his yin energy and is amused by her not being scared of him. But when it turns out shes human, he resolves to kick her out. But then he realizes that her ability as a witch allows him to have one good night's sleep a week, as her doll can eat the power that he gives off. He decides to let her stick around.

So the romance and story kicks off from there. We have kind of have two stories coexisting along side each other, one with Wei Miao Miao catching ghosts for money to spend on her " dearest husband" and on the other side Ji Lang unwillingly using his ability to help solve human crimes with a police officer that suspects hes more than he seems. There isnt much mystery I would say, not long ones, but all the events are super fresh and fun and entertaining. Wei Miao Miao abilities as a witch are very interesting. Shes pretty weak herself, but her doll, Wawa, which is an undeveloped spirit that needs to develop emotions by eating ghosts memories or energy or whatever, basically acts as her weapon. The doll can talk at about the level of a child, can smile and move and laugh. Shes actually pretty frightening to other people but is so cute to me. When she learns new words, she repeats them over and over, even if shes telling someone to die or if it's a pe*verted phrase. I loved her to bits, almost obsessively. Probably my favorite character actually. AND she gets development as she gains emotions. Shes just lovely in her creepiness and sweetness.

Wei Miao Miao on the other hand has her own set of skills. She can curse people. And also help set up contracts, acting as a medium. So say for instance someone wants to live longer, if a ghost is willing to lend it, the human is willing to give 10% of their wealth, then shes able to do it. I really liked the idea behind this because it felt so interesting. Kind of Full Metal Alchemist style equivalent exchange. Shes definitely lowkey op, but there are obvious weaknesses which I liked.

Ji Lang can go into the dreams of people he sees, and can choose who's dreams he goes into. His skills eventually develop and he

is able to hear peoples thoughts and move things with his mind. Also swallow up ghostsDude become super op by the end but it took a minute to get there. And his body was still human.


Alongside these supernatural entities, we have the ghost catching association, who are basically a bunch of useless people lol. They spy on Ji Lang to eventually kill him when he goes out of control, but are basically useless besides hypocritical and annoying. Frequently our main couple, the "evil" side, has to save or aid them. And yes, they somehow viewed Wei Miao Miao as evil because shes a witch. To the end, this association annoyed the f*ck out of me. I really disliked most of the members, because they were so narrow minded and suspicious. Even the police werent as s*upid as they were (and that's saying something because usually the police are the dumb ones in books like this). In the end they even wanted

Ji Lang, who theyd been trying to kill for years, to sacrifice his loved one and also fight off a ghost king to his death. While also planning his death. Yall they were crazy.

Anyway I had fun seeing the leads run circles around them.

Getting in to the main couples relationship, Ji Lang is slick tsundere. Slick. Hes just a lonely boy ok, whose family is scared of him due to the nightmare thing and him being able to read what's inside they're heads. He has no friends and the only people he interacts with is his staff from the book company. When Wei Miao Miao comes into his life, he predictably has low expectations. Even when shes chasing him and calling him husband, hes still a little resistant. But it's understandable as hes grown to with even strangers being unconsciously wary of him (he has a criminal aura). Wei Miao Miao isnt scared at all, as he views him as a natural entity, not evil, and as a witch, she loves things with "black" on them, like black cats and such. And Ji Lang, with his "black" aura is exactly her tastes. She sticks by him and defends him from cops and ghost catchers alike. Shes just very lovely to him. And Ji Lang falls, hard. He cant not to be honest. A girl who hands you her check as soon as she gets it so you can spend her money is hard not to fall for. Their romance doesn't overshadow nor is buried by the plot, it coexists along side, with proper development. By the time they get together, it's like melting snow and they're super cute. Ji Lang is really soft and gentle with her, as she is his home. He comes around to even referencing their eventual marriage pretty soon. Probably the thing I like best about their relationship is them being parents to the doll. Ji Lang slowly falls in love with the doll too, who is Wei Miao Miaos daughter essentially, and the two raise her up and watch her grow. Yall, I hate kids. I hate kids in books especially because I feel like they get in the way. But this baby! But this baby was so cute! And charming! And interesting! And crucial to the plot! I loved her! I loved our little three person family!

Moving on now*wipes tears*... back to the plot, both the ghost cases and the human crime cases were entertaining and fun. The human crime cases were interesting because Ji Lang would basically drop the cops clues by starting a new book (that would eventually have to be taken down lol cause it's too real) and would finish the book same day because he re-expreriences the nightmare and wants to get it over with fast. The cops know theres something up with him, but cant find any clues. A particular police officer who also became one of my favorite characters frequently seeks him out and I would even say becomes Ji Langs friend (if Ji Lang could have friends). On Wei Miaos side, shes dedicated to making money for her husband and is dutifully looking for ghost work to complete. We meet alot of ghost friends, some who become reoccurring side characters who I also grow to really like.

That brings me to the next point, which is the side characters. Man I loved the side characters. The cops, the ghosts, the humans who worked with Ji Lang, even some of the ghost catchers, man the damn cat! They were all entertaining and fun and made you care for them. Imma name some highlights. I mentioned one particular cop that interacts with Ji Lang most, in the end he

saves the day through righteousness. Making me love him more.

He was a great guy. Then theres the staff members, one particular one being a member of the ghost catchers sent to spy on Ji Lang. In the end he ends up on their side though, often lying to his association to keep Ji Lang alive. He was cowardly and kind of useless, but I liked his empathy. The other staff members were great in that once they found out that the doll could talk and move, they treated her like a princess. So cute. They had some human friends, like Wei Miao Miaos classmates, who were pretty nice but I dont remember them all that well. Then theres this black cat spirit animal that hates everyone and is frequently tears peoples faces. I loved that cat. The ghosts Wei Miao Miao puts into temporary doll bodies to fulfill contracts (who are also used as cat sitters) are super entertaining as well. Ordering food and asking the delivery drivers to say "This is intended for___" so that they could eat the food dedicated to them ad they are ghosts. There are three main ghosts that end up doing this and I liked all of them. You'll love them too. They're just very sentimental characters, with alot of fun.

The ending is a HE and is pretty tight. No loose ends that are too loose. Wrapped up very nicely. Never felt rushed and had a proper sequence of events that made sense.

To conclude, you can tell from my review this was a fun read. It seems long, but its fast paced and ever entertaining. The plot and details are unique. The romance was solid. The characters were great. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an enjoyable read that gives them an interesting blend of genres. You'll really love this. <<less
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Sep 18, 2022
Status: c82
So good, so good, so good T~T

ML is not of the cliche type ✅

FL is also not of the cliche type ✅

World setting is well thought out with good explanations for supernatural happenings ✅

Side characters are also very lovable for once ✅

Missing out on gold if you don't give this a chance ✅

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Doves and Daffodils
Doves and Da
Oct 03, 2021
Status: c30
I was pleasantly surprised by the story, the only displeasure I had about this story is that I have to wait for more chapters. But just as the ML writes excessively to bring good content, so I will wait for new chapters. Please continue this novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 08, 2022
Status: Completed
This is so good!! The romance is cute and even their baby doll is so adorable. The plot building is steady and conflict build up is well done. I love MC's character so much. I definitely recommend this to others.

I just wish the author put in an epilogue or some side stories. I was excited for MC to achieve her 3rd and 4th dream.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Such a phenomenal story! It's fulfills the need of romance and fluff, but it also have a tinge of dark notes in it. I have to say that the author did a great job on the novels that the ML wrote/crimes that a happened. It highlights the evil and dark side of human society. There are events such as: organ harvesting, kidnapping, serial killer, and etc. But the ML and the MC was so so adorable that it made it all worth it. It still had a comedic relief and... more>> wasn't all dark and depressing, which made it even so much better. I love love love Wawa, the doll. (Not sure if that's how it's actually spelled. I MTL the whole novel.) I just imagine a creepy doll with sharp teeth just smiling, being all happy and dancing. How this novel has distort the word cute for me. XD Grumpy Crabs has done it again! Another 10/10 would recommend if you like demons and criminal investigation stuff. The action scene was good, could it have been better? Maybe. But I'm satisfied. Character development was amazing. We got to see more ML side than MC, but it made me feel more about the couple itself to see the ML's struggles through life/childhood. I heard that there's extras to this novel. Currently trying to find it.

Edit: I found the Epilogue. IT WAS AMAZiNGGGG.... We get to see Wawa as a daughter. -cries- <<less
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Dec 13, 2021
Status: Completed
THIS WAS SO GOOOOD QAQ I still have a lingering attachment to all the characters wuwuwuwuuwu

The main leads have such a good relationship. I do think that Miaomiao's love for Ji Lang is what made them a really solid couple. FL (Miaomiao) loves and cares for ML (Ji Lang) unconditionally. Her love for him was more of a love at first sight that grew stronger with ML's care and well, darkness. Because of FL's love, ML became more human and experienced happiness and other various things like normal people. Both... more>> of them are incredibly strong and protective of each other which just made me look up to them. I also like how both of them weren't afraid of expressing their love towards each other when they realize their feelings so I didn't encounter any misunderstandings.

Of course, a novel isn't completely a masterpiece without excellent supporting characters and consistent world settings. The characters in this novel were so wholesome that it warmed my sad heart during the two-three nights of reading this. The setting was also very logical so I didn't have to lower down my IQ to enjoy this (which I usually do when reading CN novels lol). I also really like how most 'villainous' and 'suspicious' characters weren't completely evil. Huo Mingzhi, though annoying af, is completely good though lol.

Defo recommend reading this~ Though I did want more side stories~ I kinda wanted the doll Wawa to be with the ghost brother tho but it's okay, I understand that the ship never existed in the first place lol <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 28, 2021
Status: c20
Just broadened your MC females please crab. They all don't have to be obsessed with the ML with a loud "hehehehe" laugh track.

This is so good but the MC is slightly ruining this for me.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 17, 2021
Status: c3
Gonna give this a provisional 5 stars for being a Grumpy Cat joint and very well translated. Already has interesting world building and character hooks, as I would expect from GC. Only a few chapters so far but they are relatively long. Hope it shapes up well!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 18, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a very interesting story. It's 60% romance, 15% supernatural things about the FL, ML, and others, 15% crimes, and the remaining 10% is about others. Nevertheless, this kind of ratio didn't make me bored because although it's more or less focused on the dark side of humans, it's comedic undertone somehow neutralizes that. Also, the supporting characters are funny and I also like the FL's straightforwardness and proactiveness.

Now, talking about their strength, in fact, I expected more from the FL, thus, I was slightly disappointed that she's not that... more>> strong. But somehow, because of her character, I really can't dislike her. As for the ML, although my first impression of him isn't that good because it's clear that he just let Miaomiao stay so that he can sleep well, I gradually like him. As for the supporting characters, Huo Mingzhi was my favorite (the poor little inspector lol).

Anyway, it's really a very interesting and enjoyable story. The translation is also excellent, although I finished the rest by reading the MTLed version, I was able to understand some terms due to the English translation. Thank you!

Lastly, I am very pleased with the extra chapters as well. Anyway, the author's unique way of lightening a supposedly heavy topic through the use of comedic undertone was once again proven. Now, I'm torn between having this story as my favorite work of this author (but I think "The Attack of Little Red Riding Hood" weighs more in my heart, like, 5% more than this? Lol).

Overall, another great work author-nim! Also, good job translator-nim! 9.5/10 (minus.5 because of my high expectations for the FL that wasn't reached) <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 21, 2021
Status: c153
I read the translated part and the rest with google translate.

This is a beautiful little novel with romance and action as it's main focus.

I think the 5 stars in many reviews are over exaggerated. 5 stars means there is nothing you would change about it, so 4 stars seem appropriate.

... more>> I liked the romance, the rate at which it progressed and their interactions, but I didn't like other interactions. Like how the male lead didn't really appreciate others help at times.

I personally think the romance part could have been expanded on, as the synopsis suggests a stronger focus on romance than there is in the novel.

What is interesting is that there wasn't really someone to retort to various words and actions. You know, someone who comments their lack of common sense as I've seen it very often in this type of story.

The ending seemed too abrupt to me. I was happily reading, see how one mini arc is being wrapped up and suddenly it wasn't another mini arc that ended, but the novel. This leaves me unsatisfied.

Edit: The fact that I suddenly remembered this novel 1, 5 years later and wanted to read it again, shows it has it's own unique charm, which makes it stand out and made me keep the memory of it a long time in a corner of my memory. <<less
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Dec 08, 2021
Status: --
It's good, it's cute, MC is powerful and takes initiative, I just forgot where I left off so I need to reread to finish it. It gets a little bit repetitive in some arcs and they make the MC kinda s*upid with regards to the ML sometimes in a way that's a bit frustrating

One of the best supernatural type novels on here
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Oct 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like the author style of writing 🤣👍, the story, the sarcasm-humour, really make my day ❤️.

the story was well made, the flow and the character - I just love it. It's very fresh
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Oct 11, 2021
Status: c31
I love this story. It's engaging without being overly dramatic or stressful. It's fairly light hearted even when it deals with serious matters. I love this author in general and the translation is extremely smooth. 10/10
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