Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau


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“Then why don’t I marry you!” Yu Dong suddenly proposed.

“You…” Xia Feng thought he had misheard.

“You see, you’re looking for someone to marry to ease your mother’s heart, I also want to get married, we’re right in front of the doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and with all our papers too!” Yu Dong exclaimed while holding up her red household book.

“And the most important thing is that we just broke up with our exes. This is fate, ah!”

Right up until they left the Civil Affairs Bureau again, holding a newly registered red book, Xia Feng remained dazed still wondering, how did he end up getting married?

Did he just pick up a wife at the doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau?


What Xia Feng doesn’t know is that Yu Dong traveled back in time to this encounter from 10 years in the future where she was alone with just lot of money.

Now, having a second chance in life and be able to have a good husband, Yu Dong will live her life at full throttle and without regrets.

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New SublimiSomnium rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Thank you, translators, for bringing more mature romance stories to the attention of english-reading people like me. This story has it all! All the characters feel like actualized people - they have flaws, differences in opinions, distinct personalities. Both the MC and ML have great outlooks and earn what they achieve, including a wonderful fluffy romance!

Each chapter makes my day, even when something relatively bad happens. Thanks again!
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New rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau

This is a story of various people's second chances at life and love, especially Yu Dong, who's given a second chance at life, and Xia Feng, who's given another shot at love.

As soon as Yu Dong opens her eyes, her ex-fiance had already left her at doors of the Civil Affairs Bureau, with snot and tears running down her cheeks. Not far away from where Yu Dong was in a daze, Xia Feng, who's asked his long-time girlfriend to marry him, was left standing at the same building as the said girlfriend broke up with him, citing she wasn't ready to marry him and had to leave the country to further her studies (nothing wrong with that).

... more>> Upon seeing Xia Feng, Yu Dong recalls who the man would become in the future. Without hesitation, Yu Dong walks up to Xia Feng and asks him to marry her. The breakup must've really muddled the otherwise brilliant man as the next thing he knows he suddenly got himself a wife whom he just literally met.

Honestly, I can't say how much I love this story. It's short and sweet and full of fluff.

Yu Dong, the reincarnated MC, had been through a lot of ups and downs, pre-rebirth, and has decided to make the most of her second chance in life. She could be a little childish at times, but she doesn't let allow herself to be petty (or too petty, except towards her ex-fiance who literally left her at their supposed wedding, so I can understand her vicious remarks against her ex whenever they encounter each other). Her knowledge and ethical views from the future had both helped and hurt her and those around her, but instead of wallowing and solving things on her own, she talks it out with her husband, Xia Feng.

Xia Feng is almost too pure of an ML, especially for somebody who's been in a relationship for years. He gets easily flustered when Yu Dong acts a little shamelessly, but he gives as good as he gets, which becomes a hilarious interaction between husband and wife. He has a believable character growth through trials he goes through by himself and with the people around him

his wife, his parents, his wife's family, his friends, his wife's friends, his colleagues, and his ex-girlfriend.

Why I read this:

    • With 61 chapters, it's short. So, there are no long, drawn out, unnecessary dramas and no repetitive schemings to break up the couple or destroy either the MC or ML's reputation as some novels tend to do.
    • There is character growth for both MC and ML, either through their own experiences or their interactions with each other and with the people around them.
    • The side characters are adequately fleshed out so they don't feel one-dimensional. Their dynamics with the MC and ML are also relatable.
    • The supposed villains, namely the exes, aren't really necessarily the "bad guys". Yes, there is a lot of snarkiness involved with the MC against her ex-fiance, but I think the MC deserves that bit of pettiness as the guy just literally dumped her after promising to marry her. As for ML's ex-girlfriend, her mentality can be a bit irritating but as much as I want to hate her, I've seen her type in some of the friends I know.

      They broke up but she can't seem to accept that Xia Feng has moved on and thinks that Xia Feng was merely acting out in the heat of the moment and probably was too responsible to even think of divorce now that he's married to somebody he just met versus her (the ex-girlfriend) whom he has known and has had a relationship with for years.

    • Cannon fodders are unavoidable evil, but thankfully, they are too few and not distracting to the story as a whole.
    • The MC's and ML's interactions with their families. I love the relationship that the ML has with his parents, especially his strong-willed mother. As for the MC's family, if you grew up in an old-fashioned environment, you can't help but nod your head with how much you sympathize with the MC.

      For the rest, don't hate her parents too much, especially her mother. The mother's logic may seem backward to a lot of the readers and can make the readers rage at the unfairness of the mother's words, but the mother grew up believing that once daughters leave the house, they're expected to get married, have a family right away, and just be a housemaker. This old-fashioned values can be a little deterrent but they pretty much shaped Yu Dong to how she was. The last part of the novel where Yu Dong's mother found out from Yu Dong's son that Yu Dong had lied about Xia Feng's real relationship with Yu Dong, meaning that they were really already married and living together at that time and not as Yu Dong had stated then which was they were about to be married during their visit to Yu Dong's hometown. Yu Dong's mother literally twisted Yu Dong's ears and Xia Feng had to return home quickly to calm the dragon mother-in-law.

    • There is a lot of diabetes-inducing sweetness between the MC and ML, but the interaction is actually an enjoyable read as it doesn't sound forced to the point of being awkward. You actually look forward to them interacting whether they're together in a scene or not.
    • Have I mentioned it's short? But it's amazing how such a short story can have so much heart in it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hate, you'll love. Well, you get the picture. Despite the awkward and unrealistic beginning, the story flows nicely and fluidly and each chapter ends in an almost episodic manner, but still very much a part of the whole story. So you don't feel like scrambling to find out next until the translator would be kind enough to release the next chapter.
What could have made it better:

    • The beginning. I can't even begin to tell you much the beginning made me cringe. I mean the whole "arranged marriage" or "marriage of convenience" trope is almost a prerequisite to every modern reincarnation story, but the one salvation was that it wasn't under horrifying duress. The MC and ML were just two people who had just been dumped by their significant others. Marrying a complete strange seems like a giant step to moving on, even for a rebound. However, the MC's future knowledge eased the awkwardness of that meeting somewhat, so that little "cheat" made the beginning of the story a little bearable. (I think?)
    • I don't know if this needs to be better but the strength of the MC's halo is pretty much indestructible. With her "cheat", she had helped a lot of people, but you know what they say about paradoxes being affected when certain events are changed. For every person she helped, what would happen to the other people who were affected by those certain events in the past? (So maybe it doesn't need to be improved?)
    • With how well the MC and ML get along, a lot of people would disagree with the need for improvement but I think the level of their maturity can be a little off-putting to some people. As Tony Stark has said, "I don't trust a man without a dark side." Yes, I'm thankful for how well they resolved an issue so there are no chapters that leave a reader hanging, but it does tend to make the story a little bland. The fluff does make up for it.
    • The side characters' endings will either make you like it or be disappointed with it.

      But Yu Dong's and Xia Feng's intelligent son is hilarious though.

    • There are no page breaks. Sudden changes in sceneries gave me more than a few whiplashes. I had to reread it a few times to make sure that it's not connected to the previous one. Then again, I'm using Google translate to read the untranslated chapters, so that might be why.
In conclusion, if you want a short but sweet novel, this is highly recommended. You won't regret it as you don't need to trawl through 1, 000+ chapters to enjoy a story. If it's too much fluff and not enough conflict, aka the infamous face-slapping and counterattacks, while this novel may not have those in spades, the MC and ML's snarkiness make up for sure. But if you're still unsatisfied, there are other novels for you to enjoy.

To the translator, thank you very much for sharing this story. I do hope you get somebody to help you edit it as some paragraphs tend to miss some words or punctuation marks are placed wrongly, but other than that, I appreciate your work a lot. <<less
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: --
A fantastic rom-con, er, rom-com that's it.
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FableCat rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: Completed
T_T the journey was soo short but it was wonderful. I love this story soo much. No much drama but the FL was awesome as she helped many people after her rebirth. Changing their course destiny to a better one.

I want to thank Slow Day for his/her wonderful translations. I should also thank google translated machine for the raws... but it feels umm.. weird. Most my thanks would be to the Author Mr Crab for his wonderful short fluffy story. 😘
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earlgreyt rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: c25
There are lots and lots of fluffy stories out there are are purely entertainment. The stories are full of honey and so ridiculously sappy (though sometimes they have a bit of contrived drama or misunderstandings to spice things up) that they represent an idealized, fantasy world. This isn't one of them.

This story is filled to the brim with fluff, yet somehow still manages to ground itself in reality. The MC is a radio host at midnight; in between her own developing relationship, she still manages to exert such a positive... more>> influence on various strangers in her small corner of the world. From the midnight bus driver to a lost youth standing in what will one day be a roof garden, this story reminds us that there's nothing that's inevitable, nothing that's hopeless, and we all have more ability than we think we do.

I love the MC to pieces; she's truly a wonderful bold character who isn't afraid to take initiative to grasp her own happy ending.


The side characters are all fun and hilarious, including the exes. There's also a truly enviable friendship between the MC and her girl friends. The author is is clearly not teenager writing a black/white fantasy, which is ridiculously refreshing.


Translation is great! Speedy updates & humor is conveyed well. <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a rebirth story without revenge. If anything the vengeance was against loneliness. MC is a successful leftover woman who got reborn to the time when she's thrown away in marriage bureau. She met ML and reminded him from his past achievements. She decided she has had enough of loneliness. Both people were jilted and so why not hit it off. And so the fluffy sticky couple was born.

MC is a young rogue girl just out of University. She has a headstrong yet not naive personality. Cheeky, smart... more>> and direct. She's actively pursuing ML and when ML pursued her back she become shy but didn't back down. She's cheerful and enjoying life as it comes to her. Although her insecurities can be ooc but readers can relate alot with her.

ML is a maiden gentleman. He's a successful doctor. And author depicted the scenes wonderfully. As a doctor he's always busy but they both make sure to always keep communicating and keep each other in mind.

What makes this novel wonderful is that they rely on each other. When MC is sad ML is there to reassure her. And when ML is sad, MC is there for him. Most of the "antagonists" got redemption of some sort. MC didn't actively pursue a revenge to her ex bf (in fact she forgot him lmao) and the ex girlfriend of ML also given chance of redemption. Each characters have wonderful growth.

There are some loose ends but over all this novel is quite satisfying. No dog blood drama but still heartwarming and fluffy without being boring. I find myself laughing and crying to this story. Totally recommended. <<less
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Elise rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: c15
I always love reading strong independent FL and that's why I fall in love with YD! She's the depiction of roses with thorns. But with her a-bit-dense but lady killer husband, she's like a cassanova roping in a not-so-innocent girl xD It's kind of refreshing, in many ways:
... more>>

1. FL chasing the ML

She actively trying to help and get close to him, also with his family. And I think that's also why XF can't help but fall in love with YD~

2. No bossy self-important CEO, welcome gentleman and indulging doctor💜

3. The friendship between the three girls are worth envying! Go girls!

4. No devil scheme, no OP chara, just a simple reincarnation story about the FL who wanted a normal happy life with her ML. And that's really heartwarming💜

Eventhough for me the reason for their marriage is really... Unrealistic and abrupt, how can you marry someone you just met without even a single question..

But I'm really thankful for the translator that has picking this up, thank you for sparing your time translating this amazing novel, fighting for all your works!💜


I'm so jealous with all the reviewers who had completed this novel *hiccup* <<less
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Arrynne rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: c13
Simplistic and yet to have complicated plot twists, I imagine that they will never get divorce and go through challenges together as a team.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
ooohhh yes! That was some good comedy fluff! A bit of plot here and there, but nothing super annoying or anything! It's mostly how their relationship develops, and I'm here shipping and cheering for them, kyaa kyaa! I liked the two main characters, twas fun! Fuwahahah!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 24, 2019
Status: Completed
cute and sweet story, the fluff is everywhere after MC and ML confirm each other feeling. Story pace is fast and the both exes is reasonable, but like in other story. My favorite part is the side story, but too bad that one of MC friend not get her own side story, but I assume that she is happily married
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute story.

MC is dumb but cute.

ML is sweet.

Baby is op.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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