Became The Leader of a Girl Group Destined To Fail


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10 years since debut, won the grand prize for 3 years in a row.

Baek Nokha, a female solo idol, has perfect visuals, skills, and personality.

If it’s fandom, then she has a fandom. If it’s popularity, then she has popularity.

The moment she reached the peak of favorability and recognition without missing anything-

“…What’s up with these unmanaged vocal cords?”

Back to 10 years ago!

It’s not her own body, but someone else’s!

[Congratulations! You have became ‘Yoon Cheong’] [From now on, you must save the destined to fail girl group, ‘Steel Blue’!]
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Became the leader of a girl group fated to doom
망할 운명의 걸그룹 리더가 되었습니다
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2 Reviews

New th_
Jul 06, 2024
Status: c74
Somewhat generic and predictable so far.

Main character is basically omnipotent even though there are a few downsides after transmigration (vocal chords thingy of possessed person is for one, even though it did not cause any setbacks), so there is not much of character building/growth. Interactions with others are stereotypical, really bad characters are single dimensional. Possessed person background is vague and I start to feel it is intended to suddenly reveal random facts to cover plot holes later.

There is no question "will MC win here?" because she never suffers losing... more>> in any arc. That said, there is a little bit of intrigue here and there, but it is very simplistic and often wrapped up in just a few chapters. Some events are quite forceful rather than natural for storyline progression.

Also, at chapter 70 girl group is not formed yet so I guess main story is not even started. In this sense story development and pace is slow.

Not related to novel itself: translation on Fenrir lacks editing in many chapters: he/she mistakes in the same paragraph, usual MTL problems with names. Sometimes it is difficult to follow story. <<less
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Aug 30, 2023
Status: c13
Like tr*sh pd become idol, game like interface, parallel word, both need to improve their soon to disband group, the only difference is Baek Nokha has never exist in the parallel world, while the tr*sh pd still exist and only few can remember him, nokha return to past 10 years, while tr*sh pd become 10 years younger. She see the block blob that gave her the chance while the tr*sh pd never see who f*kn send him to parallel word.

I like them both.

... more>> ~~~~

So, after reading up to chapter 13, I can tell that this story is really good and have more potential l. <<less
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