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AWM: PUBG’s highest damage dealing and most difficult to acquire, monstrous sniper rifle within the game. The ultimate air-drop dream, with ample power doing large harm, one shot to the head is enough for one to fall to the ground, regardless of the head gear one may be wearing. Its only disadvantage: The odds of it dropping make it extremely difficult to obtain, in which it all relies on luck.

You are my AWM, meaning: You are the one who I can only come across serendipitously.

Associated Names
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AWM [绝地求生]
AWM极限狙击 (donghua)
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New dewiii rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: c67
This one is really nice, why the low ratings? There's fluff, angst, comedy, etc. Gosh, I love the main characters, gotta be one of my fav couples in esports danmei.
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meridianna rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c33
eh? I don't understand why this one gets low votes, it's pretty decent though.

I'm not exactly well-versed in esports, I only play oldie JRPGs lol. so I can't tell much about the competitions. it's quite entertaining imo.

one thing I can say, the shou is such a cutie, earnest and serious boy. really need to be praised. and pat in head ofc. how he blushes easily makes my heart flutter awww. the misunderstanding between shou and gong will be resolved early tbh. gong also cherishes his shou greatly afterward.

... more>>

it turns out shou has anxiety disorder. he looks fine and all but when the attack comes, he becomes flustered, eyes become red, blushes, short breath etc... much like a person who is extremely scared. so yeah, that's what happened between shou and gong. it's not like shou tricked and played gong, he likes gong very much since the beginning! but his anxiety just ruins things okaay. frankly, shou can't take romantic advances readily. he's flustered far too easily. gong finally knows about this and then he tries to get back with shou, little by little.


tbh, just a sweet story between senior and junior, and how senior trains junior to be first-rate player. <<less
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omgquiznak rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel has a really good reputation in the Chinese community, so I decided to check this out.

The author ended this novel quite quickly, ... more>>

They ended it since they didn't really want to show whether the MC or ML is better at playing the game, and just left the novel as a cliffhanger/open-ended for the readers themselves to imagine.

So you can imagine how some parts of the story came out as a bit short, and could actually be expanded a lot more. However, despite the rather short story, the author did manage to capture their personalities rather 3d. It was really nice to read, and it's straight fluff, except for two deleted chapters that were smut. Unless the translator decides to go around snooping on baidu looking for the deleted and rewrited chapter 77 and 85, you'll get to enjoy a long ride of the MC shoving dog food down your throat while smiling lovingly at the ML. The ML has a nice personality. He's determined, and will try his best, no matter situation he's in. You can also see a lot of character improvement, and he grows from being a little kid with a grumpy-ish (?) personality to a mature adult fully capable of leading the team.

The misunderstanding is also quite minor, and it kinda works as a introduction to how they met and leading the plot to progress, rather than serving as actual plot. Normally I'd find a detached plot like this annoying to read, but it's mentioned rather often in the story (not so often it gets annoying though) so it still feels quite natural.

I would recommend this novel 9/10. Please read it if you have time. Sorry for the bad English and horrible sequence of the review. <<less
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potxki rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c25
omg, this is so freakin adorable, especially ML. Our MC here is the gong and he dotes and teases our ML in equal measure, lol. I'm reading blackboxtl's translation and so far I'm in chapter 25.

the conflicts of the story are ... more>>

ML's past that led to him developing anxiety and MC's hand injury while being at the peak of his career. How they will handle the situations coming their way while they resolve that makes the story interesting. Plus, seriously, ML is a badass ingame but easily gets embarassed when it comes to MC in real life. Their love story is already a sure thing at the start of the story, affirming their attraction to each other by being ex-bfs who broke up due to a misunderstanding that is resolved fairly quickly in early chapters. Okay, I'll repeat it again, ML is just so adorable, lol


i tried to mtl this but stopped because it just gave me a headache, lol. I managed to read other e-sports webnovel via mtl but this one is really hard to understand without actual translators doing it. Blackboxtl is doing a good job so I have to wait. <<less
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: c33
Even though I'm not a gamer this is still quite an enjoyable read for me and I'm looking for more chapters to come. Thanks to the translator that made it easier for me to understand.꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡


I'm pretty sure that before this story ends Yu Yang might explode from all of the teasing, meng and dog food he's been receiving lol.

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maria1014 rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I mtl-ed this one. The ending is a bit abrupt for me, I feel like the author could've wrote a few more actual chapters (there's some extra chapters at the end).

At first after reading the sypnosis, I didn't feel like reading this novel since there's a foreshadowing of misunderstandings (which I really hate when it comes to CN, you know the type where everything could've been solved if the characters TALKED).

I gave this novel a shot since I have nothing more to read. I've read almost all the BL CN... more>> novels out here in NU to the point that I've been lurking on actual chinese websites these days.


The misunderstanding between the MC and ML is bearable (especially for readers who hate those setup). This novel is really fluffy. The MC is shameless but its the funny type of shameless. He's so cute whenever he's boasting about his relationship with ML. No smut. Just fluff. By the way MC is 1.


Its still a good read. 4.5 stars, worth it <<less
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roadsoft rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I LOVE THIS NOVEL SO FCKN MUCH! YOU GOT ALL YOU WANT HERE! Fluffs? Comedy? Angst? Heartwrenching moments? Interesting and thrilling esport match? Cute couple? Friendship? Teamwork? Found family? YES AWM GOT IT FOR YOU!


And if you are wondering whether there is a great novel with seme/gong protagonist, and you want to read a novel by gong pov, yes this is also for you!
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Lindsy rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: c22
Give this a novel a chance! I didn't read it for the longest time bc I had no idea what to expect, what with the descriptions being so vague and all.

Basically, MC is a gaming God nearing the tail end of his career, and ML is an young rookie (super bad ass in game, and a cutie in person, with the ML at least...) who joins the team to get close to MC, who is the captain. There is a bit of an age gap between them, around 6... more>> years. They originally met each other a year ago, and were both interested in each other, but due to an misunderstanding, MC thought that the ML was just pretending to like him. He ends up blocking the ML, so he's not able to explain.


Not really a spoiler since it's literally in the first chapter, MC tried coming onto ML, but got pushed away, so thought that the ML was grossed out, and was just pretending to be into him the whole time to get help to win. Turns out ML really liked the MC back then but has severe anxiety disorder, that was prompted by the sudden closeness.

Anyways, not the best impression on the MC. One being that it was like their first time being alone together, seemed a bit quick and presumptuous to be making a move without communicating first. But anyways, he will end up redeeming himself though.

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jellyfishies rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel made me redownload pubg lmfao

I really enjoyed this novel! Overall, it was a fluffy and light-hearted read. There were moments when I shed some tears but they were mostly emotional/happy tears. There were some dark moments within the story because of Yu Yang (the MC) 's angsty backstory^tm. By the way, ... more>>

f*ck that shithead of a father.

But that conflict was resolved relatively quickly. Most of the novel is about Yu Yang and Qi Zui (the ML) being really good for each other, pubg, and the entire HOG team being f*cking precious. The side characters are so good in this novel, and the comedic moments are gold. Anyways, the MC and ML really had a rough patch to work through at the start because of a misunderstanding, and there were some really heartwrenching bits as more and more of their past and period of separation was revealed. But all is well, they get together relatively quickly and they're so sweet together ahhhhhh.

The esports part of this novel was done pretty well. The game mechanics were pretty on-point. Props to the translator by the way for the sheer amount of footnotes and explanations on some of the earlier chapters. The author herself played PUBG, which definitely helped with the accuracy. However, she played in one of the earliest patches so there were some differences between the novel and what the game is like now. Not every every was described vividly, many were actually just summarized with the result. I think the author struck a good balance between the details of the game and the overarching storyline. Some of the games got my blood seriously pumping tbh. The realism of the players' skills were pretty good as well. Although we had a really f*cking overpowered ML, due to certain reasons, the story isn't just him curb-stomping through every competition (although there is a good amount of it!) It's more about how a very talented MC was thrown into a leadership position with a team that was lowkey falling apart and how every single one of the team members worked together to improve themselves. The novel touched on how fleeting the glory of an esports player is, and how harsh retirement can feel. It also kind of delved into the management side of things with the difficulty of obtaining sponsorships, especially when the team is on a decline. But!! Don't worry!! It's a feel-good type of novel. They overcome the difficulties!!! At a swift but not unrealistic pace!!! And it's a happy ending, of course.

I really like the MC's character setting. He clawed his way up from a tragic childhood and he's tough and can fight and smokes and has tattoos and doesn't speak much and is incredibly cool and steady under the pressure of games. But he's also very soft and oh my god when he's with the ML he's so f*cking soft and cute my g o d. As for the ML..... heh. He's uhhh quite a character. He's really sweet and gentle with the MC, but he's also a total bastard (and a pervert towards the MC) and completely shameless about it. But it's done in a comedic way. He's like the type of person that you would find annoying and probably should hate but can't bring yourself to hate. And it's because he's actually a hella genuine and nice person despite the sharp tongue and the crude words and he's very very good to the people he cares about.

Anyways. Good novel. Not too deep but not too shallow. Not too sweet but --- nvm it was hella sweet. <<less
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gegeTT rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: c58
Look who got artbaited.

Would definitely recommend!!! This is so good and its easy to understand the e-sport aspect of it. (Probably because I play PUBG but oh well)

I'm quite serious when it comes to e-sport novels, most of the time I'd drop it because I can't understand the game, (I know my reason sucks) but! This! Is! Really! Good!

What can I say? FLUFF ALL THE WAY! Though I may have to warn you on some TW that people may not be comfortable with, it also has that... more>> good amount of angst that makes your heart ache. Yu Yang (ML/shou) is ADORABLE !!! and Qi Zui (MC/gong) is absolutely shameless.

I really like the pacing of the story, not too slow, not too fast. It also makes you hold your breath especially when they're in a solo, duo, or squad match. The side characters are FUNNY, everything about them is hilarious.

Probably because I'm in a daze, or since I know that they're from the same author I keep confusing it with FOG... But really, give this novel a shot. Its worth the time. The translation is amazing. The romance is also good, seriously good.

I read this since I ran out of novels to read not exactly but this definitely worth a shot, you won't regret reading it. <<less
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tomr1 rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: c54
this novel has me hooked! 10/10 recommended.

a+ characters depth. MC & ML, - both are powerful, but have distinct and substantial character foils. They aren't OP.

misunderstandings that hurt your heart but also their resolving which warms your soul!

all the characters, main + supporting, are genuinely nice. The only villainous character so far has been

ML's father.


The writing is top notch; the author uses the technique of "show, don't tell" with exquisite perfection. The cliffhangers will have you on the edge of your seat.

translation is also great! Thank you!
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Feiyiguo rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed

Guys please read this!!!! If you are looking for an esports danmei with exciting competition, awesome game, hilarious teammates, very good rivalry moments, sweet couple, VERY shameless protagonist please read this!!

Oh fyi the MC is the gong (Qi Zui). He's the captain team and god tier pubg player and he is very very shameless! He's literaly one of the top 4 shameless gongs (四大骚攻) by polls run in chn fandom so you can already expect how shameless he... more>> can be. He's also very funny! And he likes teasing the ML so much!!! Omg poor baby haha. On top of that, he's a very nice person, understanding, sweet, and protective towards the MC, I really love his character! &Lt;3

Our ML is the shou (Yu Yang). He's a cutie babie <3 he blushes easily and he often speak stuttered (cz he has anxiety disorder /oh no/) but he can be a badass when playing games! And he smoke! He's baby but badass! He's very caring towards MC too!

The teammates? OMG THEY ARE HILARIOUS! I really want to spoil you much some of their antics but no please find it yourself! I promise you a very good laughs when reading this because of their craziness!

This is an esports novel, right? Do you expect only games? NO! This novel can be angsty too!!! Beside the fact that our cutie baby Yu Yang has trauma and anxiety disorder and the background of how this happen, theres also some angsty moments too! (Yes I wont spoil you again, find it yourself ^^)

This novel is a whole masterpiece! A gem! It has fluffs, comedy, angst, exciting gaming scenes, rivalry moments, all of them in one story! What I'm upset of is because I have to finish this novel by mtl, but I promise myself to reread it again once it fully tl-ed cz its so good and I want to read it with proper tl. Anyway thank you so much dear translator for picking this up!

And I'm waiting for the donghua to come! They said it will air this year, I cant wait to see them moving (╥_╥) <<less
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Sivajani rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: c1
This is damn good. Deserves its very own special category among escorts novels.

Cos unlike others there isn't really any writings done to portray whats happening in the game itself. It focuses on the grp dynamics, life struggles of the MC n lots n lots of fluffiness (N IM SO EAGER TO BE FED MOREEE)

Gotta say it really reminded me of FOG then realised they were written by the same author. I love their novels 💖💖💖💖
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