At The Beginning Of The Novel, The Villain Forced The Protagonist’s Step-Mom To Bear His Children


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Transmigrating, he possessed billions in assets, started with a sexy and charming wife, and had seven daughters, each more stunning than the last.

However, Xu Hao was in a panic.

Because his role was the vicious villain in the novel, and the ending was that the protagonist, his illegitimate son, returned and killed him to take his wife and daughters.

Fortunately, there were still two and a half years before the plot started, and Xu Hao could lay out his plans in advance.


He activated the Emotion Harvesting System too?

Campus Belle, CEO, Female Police Officer, Mature Woman, Lolita, Princess, Twin Sisters…

When the plot opened—

The God of War protagonist returned, and his mother and sisters were already embracing Xu Hao.

The Divine Doctor protagonist descended the mountain and saw his fiancée with a big belly.

The Rebirth protagonist met Bai Yueguang and Qing Mei, both holding a baby.

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