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Long Junhao was a prince, but by some ill-fortune, he transmigrated to the present.

And worst still, he realized that he had transmigrated into the body of a mentally ill person.

And…He discovered that he was in a place called an asylum. From observations over these few days, Long Junhao realized that—

Of those people receiving the same treatment as him…Not a single one was normal…

This was totally unbearable!

He wanted to flip a table, “Impudence! Are you s*aves trying to revolt?! Kneel in front of your prince at once!’

“Yes yes yes, you are the prince. May Your Highness have good health. So…Your Highness, could you take this medicine first?”

“…” Long Junhao wanted to flip more tables. “I really am the prince!”

“Yes yes yes, you are the prince. I will strike anyone who says otherwise.”

“…Enough is enough…”

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Sugaminny rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c22
I chose to write this review because the story so far recieved overwhelming positive ratings and reviews (as in almost 100% extremely 5-star positive), and while I enjoyed some parts of the story I'm considering it dropped for now at least. As some others have done, after reading the 9 chapters translated (so far) I continued reading with MTL up to chapter 22. The story is pretty short with only 56 chapters so I don't expect the story and writing to change much, for this story to be worth to... more>> read in and up to the end.

What I liked about this story:

  • mainly the comedy. I love comedic stories and the premise here sounds good and was done really well imo. Lots of funny jokes.
  • the MC was quite relateable at times
and some aspects I disliked:

  • mainly the setting. What works as a comedic backdrop doesn't work that well if you try to take it seriously. I'm not expecting a lot from a chinese webnovel with a "asylum" theme, but as someone who takes mental health seriously, this story seriously annoyed me multiple times. That includes:
    • the asylum as a real and serious institution trying to help the patients

      The asylum only has 4 then 5 patients and loads of staff. It's for rich people only, and the staff have to indulge in the "crazy" acts of the patients, which also includes hurting others (staff and patients) if another patient wants them to. Like?? This can be funny, sure, but... yeah it's just not ok

    • questionable doctor-patient relationships

      First of all doctor-patient relationships (romantic or sexual) are extremely unmoral, esp. from the doctors perspective. Imo it depends on the situation of the patient, but in this story you have really crazy "crazy" people, to the extent I don't think they can properly give consent and yes that includes s*x. And it also includes MC and MLs relationship. Since the story is written from MCs perspective he could honestly really be "crazy" and he or we for that matter wouldn't really know. So my main reason for dropping this is the questionable and non-consentual kissing and s*x between doctors (and others) and patients (yes it's multiple...)

    • MCs and MLs relationship

      I don't see any reason for ML to like MC other than him being cute or looking good. Although that is a valid reason, i'd like to see a relationship not only based on physical attraction, but also based on liking each others personality and whatnot. Considering ML as a doctor still thinks MC is probably "crazy" I'm not sure he actually likes MC that much. All in all a relationship with someone with serious mental issues/challenges should be explored more tacfully imo.

  • where's the broadcast? I'm sure I'm not the only one expecting a resident to live-broadcast the life in the asylum, but till chapter 22 at least that is nowhere to be found.
  • the background or "underground"

    MC's questionable past and the organization trying to kill him and whatever are really not that engaging to me and only serve to confuse the story and not to make it better. I didn't really get engaged in that subplot. I wished the story focused more on MC and the other patients and their development or antics.

If you still want to read it, I would recommend to wait for the translation, which is done quite well and not to MTL the story (just not worth it). <<less
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Hweianime rated it
July 8, 2020
Status: c4
omg the premise is so interesting!!!!

read the first two chapters- MC is a ancient China prince who lived happily but due to a dumb reason he died (?) and woke up in a modern day asylum, but like a super high class one with only three other guys who believe they are a mermaid, a general and a... female singer? I kinda hope the plot twist is that all of them were transmigrators, or at least the mermaid lol. Anyway I think ML appeared at the end of chapter 2 and he seems like a little sh*t hehe. ML appears in chapter 3, I guess the one I thought was ML is the patient who thought he is a general?? (I may have to reread I uh, I don't remember... more>> the names lol) anyway ML looks similar to someone to MC's past that's all I'm gonna say. (It also turns out he's pretty funny haha)

so far I guess the only weird thing is the asylum doesn't seem very asylum-y. Like there doesn't seem to be mention of doctor/psychiatrist appointments and the workers so far are choosing to indulge in their delusions instead of slowly trying to pull them out of it which I feel is a bit not right but hey, suspension of disbelief am I right? Anyway this story seems pretty fun and the translation is solid so far, can't wait for more!! <<less
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otpsfloat rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c28
AHAHAHAHA only read 4 chapters but it's really funny so far!

Tried to MTL and

... more>>

MC has the same name of the guy he transmigrated into. Like the previous reviewer said, MC use to be a prince in the ancient times. He had a general surnamed Gu who sometimes he claims is chasing after him *literally chasing* and other times he says he was in love with this General.

When MC crossed over, he acted as a prince. Fortunately, he was already a patient in this asylum so the nurses there just thought he went more crazy. The asylum is one that treats the patients' words as reality in order not to upset them too much. ML is MC's new assigned doctor (the previous one was beat up really badly the first time MC woke up in this new place) and MC recognizes him as the general. But pretty early on ML reveals that he is not the general. MC runs around causing chaos in the asylum whenever he's angry/bored.

MC wants to get out into the modern world now that he isn't a crazy person but ML keeps spoiling his escape plans. ML says to himself: before, weren't you pretending to be insane to hide from the danger outside, now that you've become really insane you actually want to go back out again.


A couple plot points that might be of interest:


It turns out that all the people related to this asylum are somehow connected to this underground organized crime group.

MC - original character use to be this really good hacker. Leader of group didn't want to let him go.

ML - don't really know his relationship to organization. MC speculates ML was going to kill the original character but it's not really clear. There's some psychological tricks involved so we can't tell what's truly going at this point. ML is very skilled in fighting, etc -- lots of *non-doctor skills*

Dean of asylum - loves money, has a lover. His lover likes to tease him a lot.

Some other characters come back as "volunteer" doctors to protect the person they like who is a patient at this asylum.

Some other patients (all guys for now) :
-self-proclaimed mermaid who keeps jumping into the water. Later on, stops because the self-proclaimed doctor diagnoses him as pregnant with the Emperor (MC) 's child

-self-proclaimed doctor: used to be an undercover agent, was sent to infiltrate the organization and ended up this way because of some experiences (real details unclear to MC and readers at this point)

-opera singer guy: sings songs--often times the lyrics he sings voluntarily are true/come true. Seems to be on the same team as the Dean and ML when an attack happened and MC was asked to stick with this guy to stay safe.

-new patient brought in by MC's ex-doctor: split personality--> self proclaimed shiitake mushroom, other times he is the undercover agent sent by the criminal organization to watch & observe MC. Originally, ex-doctor expected to be the gong but ended up getting done by this guy (is what it sounds like so far from MC's perspective)

It's full of comedy and there's definitely some mystery as well.
This isn't really a spoiler but:

5 stars for the story, but I'm dropping because the MTL-ed plot makes my head spin and I get more confusion than enjoyment out of it now that I'm deeper in the story.

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whateverlol101 rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: --
It's a pretty good story and premise and is really funny.

The only issue I had with it


was that I'm not sure that the MC could've really given consent in the setting. The whole main relationship is questionable because for all the ML knows, the MC really is mentally unstable. So the idea of consent is very thing, and there are multiple situations like this with doctors trying to have relationships with the patients, and the consent open to debate

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shouahang58 rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: c21.1
Can't wait for the next chapter!

This novel is really funny! I love all the characters in this novel!

this is pure gold!
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Roxasfleur rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: c36.1
This story is totally mental! I Love it!

Main couple is prince MC who transmigrated into computer genius currently seeking help in an asylum and doctor/assasin ML.

Second couple is Ex-mafia boss turned policeman and policeman undercover as a mafia. Lol

... more>> The asylum has total 4 patients. One being the prince, the miracle doctor turned into taoist priest, mermaid turned into pregnant abandoned wife, songstress, and later an additional dual personality shiitake mushroom. All in all a really hilarious bunch of people

However, there is also lots of dub con and questionable moral, mainly due to all characters are somewhat from the underworld with questionable jobs.

Bit of advise, just try to enjoy the hilarious side and ignore the questionable parts. You'll find yourself laughing out loud. <<less
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raza10 rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c56
Really great and fun read. I mtled it all until finished. Very recommended the same author as the world has gone crazy.

The plot is interesting, all the patients has its own background story that will be explored
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December 6, 2021
Status: c56
I loved the main couple but my god the secondary ones were not left behind, this was hilarious with a hint of anguish that is then rewarded with 100kg of sweetness

... more>>

Damn I cried with the mafia x police, and when the other asked "Why do you want to be a mafia?" and the other replied "I don't know, I was born as a mafia prince" I broke up, he is my favorite secundary partner and they treat his past as a past life although it makes sense for everything that happened but it is like loving each other for two lives and aaa, and the rest of the secondary couples God could do 7 essays to each one with pleasure


Now I probably enjoy this more because I have no bottom line but there are several tags that you should add and that could put many off even though this is a gem

Now what they should add goes from incest to r * pe, murder and probably malpractice BUT WAIT before you throw this away give it a try, this is a huge HE for the world that heals the soul I SWEAR

Brief explanation of the labels with a little spoiler

Incest: Because they are half siblings
R * pe: I'm still not sure if it's r * pe because the bottom doesn't seem upset with the action he's probably angrier because it's something they shouldn't be doing for the taboo even if they like it.
Murder: Only bad people so it's okay :D
Malpractice: I am not sure if it is malpractice because in the end it could be said that if it works, there is also the questionable doctor-patient relationship, honestly if you put it in the real world it can be a horror but this is not the real world like that that it is well besides that there are several reasons and explanations why everything happens


Love the MC, he is intelligent, funny and his adaptability is incredible, ASKS QUESTIONS, and does not remain guessing for three days leaving the reader hanging, the ML is VERY sincere and answers everything he can, for those who said that the feelings of ML is questionable because he only talks about how cute he is and he only likes him because of his physical appearance. ExSCUSE ME, are we reading the same book? The ML clearly tells him that before he didn't like him and he liked the one from now, if it were only for the appearance, shouldn't he like the one from before ??? Also about whether the MC is really crazy or not, I tell them no, we have a special chapter where they show us the other side, each couple loves each other for how they are even if at first they are only attracted by physical appearance shortly after they are They will fall in love with your personality, expressions etc.

5/5, 4 forks, and 7 tomatoes, this story was fun and interesting I would definitely read it again

(aand I'mverysorry I know this has horrible spelling and grammar errors but I just gave it a go with google translator because now I have a fever and my brain is no longer able to translate, guys, drink water, put on a coat and don't forget to close the window at night, don't be like me, good night QAQ) <<less
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