As Long as You Have the [Shop] Skill, the Dungeonized World Is a Breeze ~The Bullied Youth’s Payback Lifestyle~


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I, Bouchi Hiro, was ostracized by the entire school because I stood up against the student who held an absolute power in the school. But no matter what kind of bullying I received every day, I never yielded. Today as well, I was getting beaten up behind the school building. But at that moment, I heard the students screaming―That was the moment when the world was transformed.

On the school grounds, the students were being attacked and killed one after another by monsters that seemed to have come out from an RPG. Using this opportunity, I managed to escape and return home safely. Then at that time, I realized that I had a strange power dwelling inside me. A skill called “Shop”.

As long as I could pay for it, I have the ability to buy variety of items on Earth, and even fantasy items that couldn’t possibly exist on Earth. In this world, where humans were gradually being wiped out, I decided to make the most of my new skill to live a slow, comfortable life free of worries.

It was truly thrilling and delightful to see all the people whom hated and ostracized me being killed one after another because they didn’t have the power I did.

This is the payback story of a boy who was once bullied, and uses his skill to take advantage of those who are now left with nothing.

Associated Names
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"Shop" Skill Sae Areba, Dungeon-ka Shita Sekai demo Rakushou da ~Hakugaisareta Shounen no Saikyou Zamaa Life~
As long as I have the [Shop] skill, I’ll have an easy life even in a world that has been transformed into a dungeon~
Shop Skill
『ショップ』スキルさえあれば、ダンジョン化した世界でも楽勝だ ~迫害された少年の最強ざまぁライフ~
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dominusdeus17 rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: c45
Man this MC is an angsty boy. This story is written with all the skill and plot of a thirteen year olds OC fan fiction. Uncaring, tough, disillusioned with the world. His only soft spots are for kids and animals. An adult could get brutally mu*dered in front of him and he wouldn't care. But hurt a kid and he'll kill you. For real this is s*upid. No actual human acts like this. Terribly angsty boy MC aside his motivation is also super unclear and changes on a whim. You... more>> could drive a bus through the plot holes. Do yourself a favor and just skip this one. <<less
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Phiteros rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: c50
It seems like the author can't decide what to do with the main character. They want to have him do all sorts of things, so he keeps making up new identities. By chapter 50 he had 4 false identities all doing different things. Basically all the time is spent in one of these personas, and not as himself. It's like the writer wants him to be a loner, but then can't handle the fact that there would be no significant supporting characters. These identities are also all significantly older than... more>> the MC. It's like the author wanted to go with the standard "bullied high-schooler MC", but then didn't want them to be that young. <<less
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Daoist CtrlF Quotation Mark
Daoist CtrlF Quotation Mark rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: c45
It's tr*sh. I'm not even referring to the apathetic to others MC, that would be somewhat novel and I like new things. It's everything else, the poor writing, plot holes, and inconsistencies that makes this unenjoyable to read. I've decided against listing in detail what I'm referring to because the story is simply too poor for me to justify spending time on deciding how to do so with minimal spoilers.

I am disappointed in myself for giving it 45 chapters of a chance.
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Sendura rated it
April 13, 2023
Status: c210
Finished Volume 1 and I must say that it is really promising. A short overview:

    • MC is a bit of a Tsundare for little children
    • MC is OP (he could just get far stronger, if you really thought about ways to get money, but doesn`t)
    • MC likes to keep to himself. (A lot of fake personas are used (At least he uses his powers unlike other stories))
    • The World is sometimes not going 100% logically (Author misses some bigger pictures. Example He said that 300.000 People died -> Thats just 1 in 26.000) or that MC can place everything in his BOX even houses and sell everthing in his BOX, which would mean a LOT of money from selling houses would be possible.
    • Extra: Why does it become a food novel ? Isn't there an apocalypse happening and a lot of people starving ? So why does the author try writing a food novel ?
    • Extra: MC is sometimes really dark and selfish so be warned he is no Hero

      Extra: Why does MC think it is a fanatic cult of woman that wants to kill all men is completely fine for what they do, but other groups aren't ? WTF MC think it is completely fine for women to kill innocent men, because other men hurt them ???? And then even starts helping the cult. But he speaks high and mighty and thinks pretents to have the moral high ground.

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demonfield rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: c49
GREAT MC and people don't like it because he don't thinks with his d*ck lol

good start poor plot but only 49 ch for now waiting for the next

anyone who being give up by humanity and society like this lost faith and for a long time trust me on this the title is

... more>> the true. It's a real payback for last from the start he never give up nor ask for help and only count on himself so he's

not a clicher op MC with d*ck for brain but just a human who lost his faith in humanity if you don't understand very

well don't read but don't make a bat review because you live in rainbow fake world and go see harem pokemon novel

then you don't have your brain too work and escape from reality

have fun <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: c44
seriously, this novel good at first then it goes downhill. The only cause of this is due to the MC character who remain unchanged.

... more>>

the MC was described as a teenager who suffer a heavy bullying on his high school days. The cause of this incident was due to one of his class mate were a spoiled rich brat that arrogantly spread mischief to the entire school and the entire school community have been unable to help him. Since then the MC develop trust issue toward humans.

Then in a specific chapter, he manage to kill the rich brat due to his special power and the case of his misfortune days is over. However, his trust issue towards humanity does not disappear which resulting to not help anybody during world crisis was becoming annoying. It is disgustingly apparent on above chapters 30 when one of the client wife were kidnapped by thugs, he just avoid and treat it as not his problem. This makes MC a total idiot and naive


overall, it is a poor story. <<less
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GreenRiver rated it
October 31, 2022
Status: c251
Update: Just to be clear, the MC isn't a hero. He's an emotionally broken youth that has no obligation to help people. If you want to read about a hero, this isn't for you.

The MC, Hiro, is a bullied orphan. Keep in mind, bullying in Japan is TERRIBLE by western standards. When he started getting bullied everyone turned their backs on him. This leaves us with a tsundere hero who feels no obligation to help people, but will conditionally.

This story is better than people are giving it credit for.

I think... more>> the problem's the tags like "revenge", "harem" or "school life". Basically, there is none. The story is good, but it's not "as advertised" here on NU.

Revenge: Hiro (the MC) kills a former bully, but that's only because the bully was a thief that had taken hostages.
Harem: None, there are people that have feelings for him, but he's basically uninterested.
School Life: As far as "school life", it's the apocalypse, schools are shut down...

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Because it works
Because it works rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: c60
What can I say, I understand the desire of writing a character that is not simply "good" or "evil" and I read many thrillers that (succesfully) make even the purest people take harsh decisions, but this is not one of this stories.

As someone who's been on the verge of going psycho 'cause of bullying, the way this story's been writing is too unhealthy, (if the summary didn't made that evident). I decided to wait a bit longer and read a set amount of chapter before reviewing, and I'll simply... more>> say don't read it, it's not worthy. <<less
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Mikodami rated it
October 23, 2023
Status: c290
This work is an abandoned web novel. So the last chapter, chapter 290 is not the end of the story.

According to TL, the author abandoned the WN for a LN version which is significantly different and not translated here.

The story itself is interesting to a degree but suffers a lot from slow progression, too much quasi-philosophical life lessons and generally middle school level shonen like story telling.

On the other hand it gets very rough and R-18 at times with r*pe, mu*der, senseless violence and other very brutal stuff.
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Arteg the bear
Arteg the bear rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: c80
What an eye opener! I had always wondered what had been the motivation of a person telling others : "This isn't real life, you'll stay single forever" and other way to be mean to another person. But the evil characters depicted in this novel were a great open door to their motivation to bully those who seek gentle sweet piece but already understand themselves to be evil from the understanding of society.

This hero doesn't just sit around, there's a whole drama going around about people at scheme to destroy his... more>> dreams at a societal level and the fantasy of a world in survival against danger and an overpowered hero offers the chance to understand the true value of having a MC with a mindset of being able to feel good about doing charity in the shadows, doing his own work alone and standing for his own moral authority.

If this novel could have been better, it would have been to make the bullying more horrible since the motivation are clearly dramatized. It was a super novel for me with its sweet moment. Thank you author-san for the fresh woman and little girls in need that give us reading motivation as well! Society will be better off when having better knowledge against the evil of blame prone society. Keep being sweet to one another while doing the good battles in the shadows! <<less
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Zilno rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: c63
At the beginning I could see that the MC wasn't really evil or good but as I read further I realized that this MC is a sociopath and no amount of goodwill towards him will change him. After getting his power he stopped acting like a normal human being and just went to having almost no emotions. If you're not a sociopath you will have a hard time relating to this MC. The MC was just boring and used his powers in the least entertaining way possible. This MC avoids... more>> almost all conflict and makes money for his shop in the slowest way possible on multiple fronts. <<less
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carrack rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c58
As far as apocalyptic novels go, this one is not the worst I have seen for sure, but it's also not a good pick if you are selective and want a good writing and engaging plot. There are two main problems that were very glaring to me:

The first problem comes from the Main Character, who is too cool with everything that's been happening for someone his age that's been living in modern society. It's a very unrealistic behavior, even more so if you consider that even adults wouldn't be able... more>> to keep a calm judgment when faced with such an unexpected situation. He's shown as someone just too detatched, even if you consider the bullying and what is known of him on those first chapters. In this case, the author would have been better using a Third Person Perspective instead of a First one. He probaly intended to make the MC as someone who lacked trust and was apathetic towards other human beings because of all the bullying, but not turning him into a sociopath, except that the way the MC describes his actions and thoughts just came out as bizarre in this case.

The second problem is the lack of explanation for some very important knowledge the MC seems to have. It's just weird, for example, how he just decided that a place was a dungeon out of the blue and then, later, it was confirmed. Aside from that, there are other points where you feel like he has too much unexplained knowledge about what is going on and is too proficient in what he's doing.

Aside from those two problems, the secondary characters are well written, with consistent personalities and actions that don't go too much out of reality, even when we're talking about the alternate personas the MC made. The world building is poor, and there's only a minimal desciption of the characters appearances.

In short, it's a novel to read when you have nothing else to do. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c89
All of those bad reviews is ticking me off, so I decided to write one.

To fix some misunderstanding here,

  • He treasures his house, to the point of putting it on his «Box» and deploy it later on his private land
  • He's definitely have bipolar issue, though it's no wonder as he's quite traumatic to having human relationship. He's actually a kind person to the core, but forced to take the bitter pill of harsh reality and decided to just stay away from having emotional connection. In other words, all of his helpful tendencies stemmed from his original trait, while his refusal to be closely connected to other human stemmed from his distrust thanks to his past
  • I won't say the world building is good, but it's clearly passable by normal standard. Unless you have high expectations, which I will suggest you to read other novel instead of this one
  • Character development for MC is honestly negligible at this point (start of arc 3) because, eeh, his character is already developed? Read the second point above
  • Overall, I won't say 5/5 novel, but it's definitely not less than 4/5... unless you're expecting some meta OP MC getting drunk on his power and having some bullsh¡t heroic moment, because this guy is more like an antihero (?)
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Unianonanymity rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: --
From the way this MC acts, in pretty sure he's bipolar. The story is okayish. Not amazing, but not god awful, either. Assuming that you ignore the mood swings of our MC.
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Hantosh rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c20
Starts off with a revenge premise, except the MC is unrelatable; he acts like a pretentious douche to any of the people who try to reach out to him, intending to fight alone against his bullies for the rest of his school years (Narcissist? Brain problems?).

Cue system apocalypse. MC gets OP [shop] ability. Doesn't buy a gun because they're "hard to use", opting instead for knives since he's so good at melee combat as evidenced by his routine ass kickings at school. Doesn't use this ability to get revenge immediately... more>> for some reason. Doesn't go on a dungeon conquering spree. Instead goes around in disguises in convoluted schemes to make money. I dropped the WN there since my interest dropped to zero.

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gaffout rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: c131
Dropped as of chapter 131. Story was enjoyable early on but mc's character becomes vague in later chapters. I am ok with good or evil mc's but this one just flips randomly between the two. MC has killed others before and allowed innocents to die even when he could have prevented it (because in his words he is a merchant and gets paid for his services). Final straw for me is chapter 131.

... more>>

MC meekly gets blackmailed by an old merchant, because he now says he doesn't kill innocents.... not sure how a blackmailer is innocent, but whatever. Character inconsistency has reached critical level for me. There were other instances before this that started ruining this novel for me, but this was my personal limit.


If you like random or schizophrenic mc's then this novel may be for you. <<less
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LTigh rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: c146
Not the best story, and not the worst.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I have no issues with the MC's self-professed amorality, it seems to be the defense mechanism of an emotionally and physically abused child. He does make excuses for his minor lapses into altruism (in a "methinks the lady doth protest too much" way), so there's SOME amount of humanity left in him despite his trauma and paranoia when it comes to the REST of humanity who aren't "innocents."

Things seemed to get interesting as more and more Otherworld... more>> inhabitants started popping up in GLORIOUS NIPPON, but THEN things seem to take a decidedly horrendous downturn as of the last few chapters.

It seems as if these chapters and the ones that preceded them are either parts of entirely different novels or written by different authors. Maybe the alleged author of the story changed ghostwriters or something, but what started out as a somewhat edgy and chuuni slice-of-life tale in a world rapidly sinking into hell has somehow morphed into one of those idiotic harem "comedies" complete with the power-reversal trope that Nipponese Otaku seem to enjoy touching themselves inappropriately to, complete with the surly Meido character who's there to bully the male lead, despite the difference in status.

I suppose it's fine if that's your thing, but keep your disgusting fetish to yourself, Mr. Ghostwriter.

But yeah, once the maid gets introduced (and it isn't even HIS f*cking maid), things go downhill fast.

SO probably 4-4.5 stars for the story pre-introduction of Otherworld denizens to GLORIOUS NIPPON, but minus about 2 stars for the maid and the tonal shift.

Quite unfortunate, it was a pleasant bit of snack-reading until then, so I'd recommend reading until the latest arc, then abandon afterwards once you start wishing hideously awful things upon the newly introduced character and the (alleged) new Ghostwriter for introducing her to the story.

Hopefully someone who's read ahead in the Japanese can spoil if that rotten maid meets a horrible demise so I can skip to that part and cackle evilly at the thought of Nipponese Otaku sperging out at the thought of their now-deceased Meido-waifu.

Update: Looks like the new ghost-writer is firm in his maid-and-power-reversal fetish, MC is still getting sweated out by the obnoxious maid character. Hey, I can understand maid fetishes, but as far as the power-reversal thing, I've witnessed it IRL, so a hard NOPE from me (many moons ago, my roommate at the time discovered that we lived down the hall from a professional dominatrix, who went and degraded dudes for money. Most of her clientele were not what you would expect-- corporate executives, fairly well-known people from certain industries, generally, men with some impressive professional accomplishments with status and power, but their fetish was getting humiliated by this not-quite-a-whore. Having struck up a friendship of sorts with our neighbor, my roommate became privy to some of the goings-on and details of her occupation, which either he or the dominatrix relayed back to me when they hung out at our apartment, most of which was pretty gross from the perspective of someone who ISN'T into having the foot of a woman on the back of their neck.

So yeah, got to hear some pretty disgusting stuff with regards to this power-reversal fetish thing that Nipponese Otaku seem to think is so appealing. Anyway, it all ended when the cops busted her and raided the apartment a couple of months after my roommate's discovery. Good times, good times).

Anyway, tl;dr: Damned maid STILL isn't Minecrafted, and now there are more of them. <<less
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Dcrangerange rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: c93
It starts off great for the first arc. The second arc has its moments but then it starts going downhill from there. The ML does not keep a consistent enough character throughout the story. He goes from bloodthirsty to extremely nice to I’ll help you if you can help yourself somewhat to if you pay I’ll do anything. It doesn’t even stay consistent in the same chapter as his mood moves around more than a teenager changes clothes. It’s not even good as an adventure story even though was what... more>> the author was going for because it bounces around too much with sometimes no connection between different events. Overall just a slightly below middle of the road story. <<less
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ecaayu rated it
November 3, 2022
Status: c35
The premise was good, but the plot is... well.. kinda dissapointing? MC is an orphan, and when the world turned he goes back home and describe this house from my parent I will cherish it. Then next few chapter he stay at the rich people he's doing bussiness with. Like so what about his home? It's been almost a month and he still living in that person mansion, why tho? I don't think he needs to maintain that one fake identity that long, not even he needs to stay superclose... more>> to them. It's bussiness he said but blegh, he can just leave and visit them when he needs to sell or doing service. there was no need to stay that long? I mean if there is a reason then okay, but I can't find any strong reason enough for him to stay that long there. And his care toward kids is annoying for me. Personally I do thinking kids are annoying but this novel can make them more annoying and MC being him allow those kids walk over him. Idk why he bent so much towards kids, maybe I don't share the same sentiment but still his over-act of kindness towards them is kinda a deal breaker to me. I just reading 30ish chapt but hmm... <<less
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Someg_Other_Guy rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: c55
I can understand why this main character may seem to be a bit of an angsty teen who is trying too hard to be an edgy loner. However, this is still fairly early on in the story. I have not seen the raws so I do not know if the author develops the character in a good direction or not. However, the author has done a decent job of setting up a mentally traumatized character, even if unintentionally. The MC only has sympathy for animals and small children as he... more>> judges them to be innocents not yet molded by the cruelty of the world. The fact that he

uses his system to gain a loyal animal companion shows that he wants to receive and give affection.

Overall the story has not developed its plot much so it loses a star, but the protagonist can be developed in a good direction so 4 stars for potential. (Subject to change obviously should the author drop the ball with this character.) <<less
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