World’s Fastest Level up! ~As a Result of the Awakening of My Incompetence Skill [Transfer Within Dungeon], I Became the Strongest Without Being Restricted by the Rules of the Dungeon~


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It’s been 20 years since dungeons suddenly appeared in the world.

Humanity got supernatural powers like Level, Status, and Skill.

Dreaming of becoming rich quickly, Amane Rin, an adventurer challenged to capture dungeons.

Even though he possessed a skill unique to even adventurers [Transfer within dungeon], he was deemed as incompetent because of the poor usability of the skill.

However, the turning point for him came.

After a year since he started capturing dungeons, [Transfer within Dungeon] evolved with a level up.

As a result, Rin became an existence unrestricted by the rules of the dungeon.

Rin, who became the only singularity, continued to level up with overwhelming speed and climbed to the strongest position in the world in the blink of an eye.

This is the story of a boy who was looked down upon because of his incompetence but eventually became the strongest in the world.

Associated Names
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Sekai Saisoku no Level Up
世界最速のレベルアップ ~無能スキル【ダンジョン内転移】が覚醒した結果、俺だけダンジョンのルールに縛られず最強になった~
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February 21, 2021
Status: c101
A pretty enjoyable novel. Rather light in terms of content. Mainly focuses on the fact that the MC can teleport freely into dungeons.

As for characters, there's not much to go off on. The MC has his small interactions with his sister, along with a couple other girls here and there. The MC himself is pretty decent. Though a bit 2 dimensional, his personality is on the likeable side of the spectrum.

For the world, the power scaling is pretty unrealistic (in terms of rpgs anyway) level 100, 000 for world rankers...... more>> odd (also the MCs progression is insane, so is his undying dedication to clearing dungeons) and the actual setting itself is default Japan but with dungeons DLC.

A light novel to its truest 'light' form. Not much suspense, no serious consequences, basically a training montage with a hint of Slice of Life. I'd give it maybe a 3.7-3.9 stars but 5 stars on this review since hey, it's not that bad. <<less
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leprosus rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: c99
Short chapters, easy to read and fun, isn't that the definition of a good webnovel.

I found this one on the syosetu's top rankins. To be honest I'm not a big fan of dungeon novels in modern time but this one is a well written novel and ir can cach the reader's interest. In fact I readed all the chapters in a couple of days.

What can you expect? Grinding and many combats, the MC has a cheat but he is faraway of being opOP. The novel is closest to all those... more>> korean grinding novels than your typical japanese WN. It seems it will have romance in the future, but not now.

Just give it an opportunity, it might surprise you. <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: c173
.......... hm... I'm troubled with how to write the review... cause for me this novel seriously have many flaws.

1st lack of world building
about the [Game Elements, Level System, Dungeons] in this novel... frankly from this alone that really~ seriously~ lack of world building. is already bad. there's no clear information about the world state.

"It's been 20 years since dungeons suddenly appeared in the world."
"Humanity got supernatural powers like Level, Status, and Skill."

only that, no info about the setting, trend, law, etc about the current world that changed massively.
the author just bulldozing all of that and focusing on MC, without subtly inserting any information about the world.
not... more>> only that, theres no character traits when the author introduce characters. (no info about his hair color, length, Eyes color, Body Type, feature, etc... NON!!! no information to feed our imagination how that character look like! ヽ (o`皿′o) ノ)

only in volume 3 that author begin to include the character traits on a FEW character, but that's too late...


2nd the title is a massive LIE!!!!

[Without Being Restricted by the Rules of the Dungeon]?

thats a massive BULLSHIT!!!! HE STILL RESTRICTED!!!! (ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻
he only utilize a loophole in the rules. what a letdown

『You have captured this dungeon for a specific number of times』『You won't get any reward for capturing this dungeon in the future』


he still can't crack that rule. and honestly with him can't do anything about it, that can't be called [Grinding] in the truest sense.
with that restriction his [Accelerated Growth] only shine when he chase the top. when he start heading the top his growth will lose the brilliance.

with him only gain bonus level in new Dungeons, and with unknow Dungeons spawns, his growth rate will seriously stalled

unless, the author want to makes apocalypse with Dungeon spawns all over the place at high rate.

and for [Awakening of My Incompetence Skill]
the 1st & 2nd awakening is acceptable but for the 3rd, his Conditional Power is really not worth the price... and not only that, a few of his skill/power have inconvenient activation condition or ridiculous cost... it's like already in nerfed state.
so for me thats still Incompetence.

as if that not enough....

he's not the only one that not affected by intermission


so the premise of [World's Fastest Level up] is gone too -_-

.... so... is there's any uniques in the title anymore?

3rd reek of shounen plot armor

.... yeah personally I really hate this type... without any basis, just with willpower & courage, he will overcome any crisis that come his way with OP plot armor. (maybe theres some reader that like this type but this novel deliver it in a really bad way that its give me cringe)

drop it -_- <<less
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snoopy rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: c48
This is fluff that produces exactly what it says on the cover, yeah? It's a story with an average japanese protagonist with no parents, a cute little sister, and various other female friends and make enemies in a fantastical version of the modern world where nothing is different other than monsters. That in itself means that there is no world building outside of "there are dungeons, monsters, skills, and levels, and this is how it works... Also, we still have normal cab drivers and schools and pretty much nothing at... more>> all is even a little bit different from how things are in real life".

I mean... If you read the title and expected something else, then I guess I should welcome you to the world of japanese web novels?

Anyway, the dungeon system is passably unique. It has drastic limitations that make the idea that anyone could actually advance to the point that they supposedly have pretty hard to believe (farming monsters provides roughly a few levels per day, while defeating av dungeon boss gives a set number of levels (starting at one and scaling to ten, fifty, one hundred, etc along with difficulty), but also closes entry to every dungeon for a full week, meaning that a dungeon crawler can only really choose one method or the other to level up. Yet people have reached levels into the hundreds of thousands... And the early antagonist has a full party of people who leveled up to 2000 in a single year. It's a system that the author needs to handwaved into plausibility, especially since that party has no problem at all randomly clearing a dungeon that only gives them 25 levels for killing the boss, then forces them to take a one week vacation.

My biggest complaint, though is a spoiler.


Soooooo, the entire premise of why he is a solo adventure is extremely weak. He has a unique skill that allows spacial traverse inside dungeons. We learn eventually that this TYPE of skill... Both transfer of any kind AND skills related to dungeons specifically have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE EVER IN THE WORLD. Everyone in the association knows about this new type of skill (thus everyone in the world also knows), and he ends up joining a party unassociated with a guild full of kids his age that also have unique skills.... That in itself is a little strange, since those kids would likely be heavily encouraged to either join the association or a large guild so that they can grow safely, but whatever... Kids can be s*upid. Then the leader of the party he joined, after a week and a single level up of his one-in-the-world transfer skill, starts to spread rumors that his skill is worthless and turns him into a well-known loser after another week a rumors spread by a child who has been a hunter for a week. Then he's entirely forgotten by everyone except for one guild that sent him an invite one time which he ignored. All of this despite the fact that skills get additional abilities when leveled up. Like.... That history is so impossible that I can't even wrap my head around it. Even if his skill never improved to the degree that it eventually did, just having a scout that can teleport around a dungeon would be invaluable for a large guild, and if he was ever able to bring others with him, he would pay for his own salary a hundred fold by just being a shuttle to take parties directly to the boss rooms. There is no way that a less-than-half-ret*rded adult wouldn't see the value in a gamble to level up the kid's skill to ten, or even twenty or higher. It only took 100 levels to see his skill reach ten. That's ONE trip to a dungeon being carried by advanced hunters. ONE DAY OF WORK. That the author expects me to believe that history is mind-blowing. Just make his skill unknown outside of his party. Have him dropped because they didn't know you could only have a party of four people in beginner dungeons (this exact situation is how he got his first harem member). Instead, the author has to explain in an as*hole party leader and shoehorn in five chapters of angst.


That said, it was a fair way to kill an hour of quarantine. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: c106
exactly what the title says.

light and mostly shallow with a lot of grinding so far in a world where levels have no cap and quickly become ridiculous (some of the rankers levels are in the hundreds of thousands. MC is at level 13500 plus at c106). If you can get past that set up the dungeon crawling is interesting enough, but our clever MC turns into a stereotypical dense beta idiot as soon as he's around anyone female, so I'm guessing this will end up as either harem or harem-tease... more>> (he already has two girls very interested in him, plus his little sister). C106 is the end of the second book so it's a good place to stop before the vague harem elements completely piss me off. Honestly, it's his interactions with woman and his beta-ness that dropped this from a four to a three for me. <<less
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sjmcc13 rated it
December 4, 2020
Status: c140
The story takes place in a modern world where dungeons have appeared, other then when a dungeon is dying it appears monsters do not leave, so very little damage to modern life.

When the MC turned 18 he decided to become an adventurer (largely to support his little sister since the funds left by their deceased parents were there but not abundant enough for both to go to college/university). He awakened a unique skill and joined a party of arrogant and short sighted idiots with their own unique skills who only... more>> look at the skills initial capabilities (it does suck when he first develops the skill, it is a subtle change in the clauses that makes it go from useless to OP) and slander the MC to the point he is a laughing stock and target of mockery by the other adventurers of their level range and area, while still pretending to be his friend to his face (they are obsessed with their image, and looking good, so booting him after a week or 2 is not desirable as it would make them look bad).

The arrogance about the strength of their skills ends up being their downfall, as they effectively becomes 1 trick ponies convinced of their power and challenge a foe in an emergency situation they should know not to (after giving their word that they would wait for a stronger party to clear the foe)


Only one guild is willing to risk investing in him (which is a risk as developing someone who turns out to be a dud would reflect negatively on the guild) but the MC turns them down. This causes the MC to becomes a Solo adventurer, which greatly slows down his development (adventurers in a party can handle greater challenges, allowing them to level up faster, and also move on to more farmable dungeons earlier/at lower levels while solo adventurers progress slower and since they need to be higher level to venture into a dungeon (I think the dungeons he is in at the start is like lv 50+ in a party, and lv 70+ solo) will take more kills to gain a level, which only gets worse as they go on)

A year later, at the start of the story, the MC reaches level 100 and develops the skill to the point it evolves and becomes a work around for one of if not the greatest limitation on an adventurers development, when you clear a dungeon you receive a bonus reward of a set number of levels depending on the dungeon but can not enter any dungeon for a week (which causes a tradeoff between clearing dungeons for the bonus, and farming the dungeons for drops to sell, as well as experience from the monsters since the bonus could be outclassed by farming mobs for a week if the adventurer is in the right level range, the leveling/experience does seem some what somewhat dependent on your relative level to the defeated mob) this supposedly acts as a balancing factor allowing part time adventurers who only delve into the dungeon once a week and work a full time job the rest to somewhat keep up with others, which allows him to greatly speed his development since he can farm the bonuses for completing a dungeon.

With this the MC starts to develop towards clearing dungeons faster developing his speed and strength to move through them faster and kill the bosses quicker. So he can farm as many clears in a day as possible. During one of his runs he encounters a party who not knowing that there is a limit on the members in that dungeons boss fight abandons their healer outside the boss room (a major no no since it is the same as killing them) and he lets the healer (who is a girl 1 year younger then the MC, and turns out to be a friend of his sister) join him for the boss fight so she can leave the dungeon with him, and has her report the abandonment while he confronts the rest of the party (who attack him to try cover up their crimes, since they did not see the healer leave to make a report so are not aware there a F-ed either way).

All in all, the MC has a busted ability, but for his level is not over powered though he does pick up some strong abilities and equipment, he is just able to develop much faster then others, his former party who were leveling faster then most rose to 2000-2300 range in a year, after his skill evolves the MC surpasses that like 2 months. But the worlds strongest are all over level 100, 000. <<less
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DaBroski rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: c130
I have read all the way up to 130 in the RAW's and damn this is a really good series. You don't have some OP guy where the author has trouble balancing it and makes the MC do s*upid stuff to limit them. No in this the MC is smart, he thinks things through he uses what he has to the fullest extent and breaks through. While he does garner some female attention I don't see this going down the harem route or anything like that. It's just him and... more>> his ability to constantly clear dungeons in his journey to the top. Foxaholic does have a good translations but the text is simple enough that an MTL and some common sense will allow you to stay up to date with the author. <<less
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orpheus_rm rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: c82
Endless internal monologues. A solid 40% of this novel is just the MC worrying about stuff and way-over rationalizing every single minute action in excruciating detail. For such short chapters, it really feels like the author is milking that word count.

The fighting is decent, but the plot is pretty much "get strong".

I also absolutely hate that the MC is always about one second away from not saving the day and it's usually because he was ignorant of the crisis and just wandered around nonchalantly until everyone was almost dead.

All in... more>> all, read this if you have nothing else to read because at least the personalities of the cast are decent and there are some cute moments. Don't bank much on plot <<less
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Fluffums rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: c24
It's not as cheaty as the title makes it sound.

... more>>

Basically, dungeons and levels are "balanced" so that you gain a lot of bonus experience when you clear a dungeon, but then you get locked out of the entrance for a while after that. So his skill lets him transfer into the dungeon from outside, ignoring that limitation. He still has to be able to beat the bosses solo to gain exp.


Anyway, I like that instead of being a cheat that he lucks into or is given because reasons, he has an ability that starts off weak but becomes strong when a lot is invested in it. And even after getting it, he just levels faster than anyone else - he's not going to be particularly stronger than people at the same level, and it will take him a while to become the strongest as per the title.

What I dislike is that he basically only solos. His cheat basically forces him to solo so it makes sense, but it's about as exciting as watching someone speedrun a low-level dungeon in a MMO... over and over... hundreds of times... with precious few interruptions. Other characters exist and there's hope for more interaction with them in the future - maybe the ability will evolve to let him carry other people with him so he can make a group, who knows - so there's potential for more interaction.

What I worry about is the extreme focus on leveling. Based on the title, this should still be considered the prologue. What happens before the real story starts. What will he do when he's the strongest? 24 chapters in and I don't see any clear goals or desires other than the leveling itself. When (if) the story starts for real, I might try to update the review. <<less
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bthnccklr rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: --
Childish, wish-fulfillment. Your beta JP male, girls fall him cuz he is special. He is dense and dont understand anything that isnt direct. What is with those japanese novels and that dense, s*upid males? Is it funny? Is it enjoyable? Every character -including mc- is not special at all. Dialogues and monologues superficial. Every character is one dimensional. If you enjoyed this novel then it must be your very first novel that you read in your life. Please dont do this to your intellegence. I wasted my life reading this... more>> and lose some IQ but you should not. <<less
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Fuxy rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: c163
It was gooing well enough until it fell off a cliff exploded in mid air and got atomized by a galactic ion beam at chapter 160.

I know it's common to need more powerful enemies because of power creep but that was just a train wreck... completely out of the blue and not in line with the pacing of the story so far.

Could have done better without bringing the usual stereotypes into the story.

As far as world building or character descriptions go I didn't really care I usually skip character descriptions... more>> anyway it's too annoying for me to imagine their look would rather remember them by their quirks and world building can happen naturally as the MC interacts with the world without much narration from the author so I'm not bothered by it much but the story needs to be solid. <<less
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HappyLulu12 rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c102
The novel has many flaws.

First is the dungeon and power system. They are really sh*tty tbh. Like everyone who fight dungeon for a long time will eventually become freaking strong. (Will be more acceptable if the difference in strength cause of level difference isnt so big. Anyway the level cap is almost limitless and there are pp with lv100.000 so it should be good if ur strength isnt much different when u have more or less than several hundred lvl compare to orther pp, that will make skills more important... more>> than lvl, high lvl will mostly mean more sp to upgrade more skills)

If everyone goes into a same dungeon then:

- Case 1: everyone appears at same or different place inside that dungeon but they will raid dungeon together. Which mean parasites are common, solo isnt really solo anymore. And also monsters that died by orther group wont revive for u to kill. If it's like that then it will make sense when MC is afraid of being spot when teleport, but it also a nonsense because that will mean MC wont have monsters to fight because orthers (which come before him) have already kill them all.

- Then case 2: parallel worlds. Even tho many pp go to the same dungeon at the same time each team go to a parallel world of that dungeon. They only see orthers in front of the boss room. That means u have ur own monsters to kill and ur own resources to gain, hating parasite can be a logical thing now. But then it doesn't make sense that MC worried about being spot teleport above orthers.

- If u think because of dungeon vastness, the thing in case 1 can make sense then I will sadly tell u that it still didnt. If it's so vast u cant teleport to the lower floor with just 50M cap skill (which MC can the first time he tried to do it, not the second time with different method) so I would say the dungeon atleast the low rank dungeon isnt that vast.

The novel is like it was written by a teenage boy. Lots of only tell but doesnt show. The dialogues and thoughts are just cringed (the contents arent problem, the problem lies on how arthur use them). The plot is like non exist, the battle and dungeon quest are freaking lame. Even the comedy is a nuisance, it isnt funny at all (maybe if this has an anime version with lots of good facial expressions then I could be but sadly this just a novel). This is just a grinding + badly written slice of life (normally even bad japanese novels have ok slice of life) <<less
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samwalski rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c64
interesting premise but it just feels lazy.. It kind of feels like a montage of moments without anything inbetween. The power system in this novel is also pretty damn bad. The fact that the highest level in this novel is 200, 000 after dungeons being around for 20 years is just s*upid as hell. Theres also a serious lack of world building, We no nothing about the world other then dungeons popped up 20 years ago. There is no information about the current state of the world or backrounds on... more>> other high level adventurers. The author probably has nothing planned and will just throw whatever is in when its easy. And the MC is also randomly lucky, Typical plotarmor. <<less
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NosajVicarious rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: c191
Lets get the bad out of the gate first: there is nothing groundbreakingly new about this series. It's a modern day dungeon crawl with a main character who is a Kirito wannabe with a unique power which allows him to exploit the rules of dungeons to level up fast.

The good is that the story is still engaging enough that you want to see what happens next. Chapters are relatively short and bite sized, the level grindy parts are mostly glossed over, there's a good flow of boss action to keep... more>> readers interested and the supporting cast are interesting enough in their own right to keep the non-dungeon sections flowing.

Don't expect this series to change the world but if you've got some time and you're looking for a series to entertain without a heavy mental/emotional load then this one delivers. <<less
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The Best
The Best rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: c124
Nothing new/unique but nothing bad either.

MC was looked down upon in the beginning but after a while awakens his cheat ability and aims to become the strongest he meets comrades along the way each which also possess strong skills and add +1 to his future harem.

They can be categorized into types like an energetic, quiet, little sister (literally the best way I can describe that type lol), etc.
Similarly, MC is the dense harem protag who never gives up and tries to save everyone he has a strong ability but... more>> isn't peerless under the heavens he is smart enough to out smart his enemies in combat but his brain cells go on hiatus in nearly every other situation.

The best way to explain it is as JP Isekai type mixed with KR dungeon type so if you like similar stuff I recommend it just don't set your expectations too high it might have a couple of moments that surprise you. But it can get a little boring at times, and the story can be pretty predictable but not in a bad way (Idk how to explain it but it's not bad that it's predictable).

Chapters are short so you can quickly catch up, so if your looking for a shorter read here you are. <<less
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Jecker rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c165
The story takes place in modern world where dungeons, monsters and status appeared randomly. It follows the initial struggle of our MC who had awakened to such a skill which was initially thought to be a dud but after one year of struggle to level it up sufficiently it becomes a skill that removes a huge limitation and allows our MC to level up at a incredibly fast rate. However that doesn't mean that he has a easy time conquering dungeons and defeating opponents. On the contrary, despite having such... more>> a ridiculously growth rate, he often times fights against opponents who have a much higher level than him or is much more buffed up, which causes him to grow in multiple ways. The author does give sufficient detail about the dungeon and monsters our MC encounters when he is going to a difficult dungeon for the first time but because of his skill the MC clears a single dungeon many times so only the first entry is described hugely by the author which prevents the novel from being tedious. Imo, it is novel that is suitable fast paced and enjoyable to read in your free time.

However it has some short comings, one of them being that I feel like the author could improve the world building by a bit but for me the biggest flaw would be the character Claire. She is literally that stereotypical character that for some reason is ridiculously powerful and is also around MC's age. To further validate my point, the skill of our MC prevents him from being affected by a weekly cool down after clearing a dungeon and as its name suggest in the synopsis, it allows him to transfer anywhere in a dungeon. So basically he can enter a dungeon, teleport to boss room and kill it repeatedly for the dungeon clearance rewards. Which makes his growth rate of about 270+ levels in a day. Yet, Claire for some reason is still over level 100000 despite being equal in his age and to chapter 165, the author has given no reason other than her being special. I have no qualms about introducing a character to stimulate and motivate the MC even more but the problem lies that the character is extremely generic, like how she uses ice magic, has silver hair, s*upidly overpowered for no reason and somehow easily opened upto a little to our MC despite knowing him for less than a month.

If the author fixes these issues in the later chapters, I will update the rating to 5* <<less
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kokoro_konect rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: c40
It's just a diary of stat increases. Riddled with cringe scenes and very boring dialogue. The descriptions are mundane and just in general a pretty bad novel with nothing unique or new to bring to the table. Quite a dissatisfactory read for me.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wonjae rated it
August 11, 2021
Status: c194
Short chapters, most of it status description. I didn't enjoy it.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
amrit rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c180
Story -3.5

MC -4

Side characters -3.5

... more>> Well as the title says the story goes of MC having cheat ability wuth which he lvls up really fast.

It could have been a really good one if author tried a little bit more.

The world isnt explained that much like the changes in law and society. Uses of material in dungeons. The characters arent explained that well. The dungeon layout and fights are explained in really good way, for that I would give it 5 /5 rating.

But after a little while things changes it gets boring like all other lns. The MC loses its value as their turn out to be another person who isnt restricted like him. It feels like the author forgot the title of his own ln.

U could it if u r that bored. Its just too bland. <<less
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user2099 rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c107
This novel seems to incorporate a lot of Korean elements despite being JP in origin. It is an interesting mix between the two cultures, and there is a chance that it could be a perfect fusion for you if you enjoy both. However, it could also take your least favorite elements from both while leaving out the ones you think are best. Either way it is worth reading a bit to find out.

I personally like the very KR setting (modern urban dimensional dungeons) and protagonist (a bit edgy, way more... more>> assertive than a typical JP MC, and very proactive). The novel also brings several things I like from JP novels. A lot of sections are very slice of lifey (and mostly entertaining to read through). The (potential) heroines are a less forceful in approaching the MC (I think KR novels go too far in the other direction a lot of the time). Also, the story is mostly about the characters rather than the world or events taking place.

Unfortunately there are some flaws with this story. My biggest complaint is that the MC acts very much like a typical shounen protagonist that thinks they are immortal. Every time a risk vs reward decision comes up MC decides it is worth gambling his life despite the fact that he is absolutely not in a position where he can afford to die. His sister that he is supposedly very attached to relies on him financially. It is revealed that he never buys any luxuries for himself because their financial situation is so tight. Despite that he risks his life in fighting strong enemies when he could make more experience and money killing multiple weak ones with no risk instead.

The worst part is that I don’t think he started the novel this way. The author just suddenly made him

Choose to fight an overwhelming boss instead of running away

After the author changes his personality the MC is retconned to have The experience of constantly fighting enemies stronger than himself and he is made to have had something in his personality that made him a true adventurer compared to others. None of that seemed to be present at the start of the novel though.

I think the novel is still worth a try though, and I definitely recommend you give it one if it sounds at all appealing. <<less
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