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Nocturne rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: v2c12

Greetings you beautiful People,

I was rather interested in reading this novel since it deals with a, let's say, 'delicate topic'. That coupled with modern-day China, I am in.
I was even more surprised to find out that it had even gotten its own Drama adaption. So, It must be good, right? Right? I mean - why would they make a Drama out of it if it wasn't good, right? RIGHT? Well, sadly nowadays everything gets adapted for better or worse.
Anyways, let's get to the main course, the review of the novel, shall we...

The synopsis was rather lacking honestly. I had no idea what to expect. Especially the first few chapters were especially confusing. I had absolutely no idea who was who. I have to admit, it took me to about chapter 20 or so to figure out who the two protagonists truly were. Not the best sign to continue on reading, to be honest. Anyways I continued on, 20 chapters are after all nothing less than 1/10 of the novel.

So, what is the story about? - you might ask...
Well, it's basically about two boys BLY and GU and the hardships they face throughout their student life and later on their relationship. (That's not really a spoiler - the story is pretty clear on that part)
But that was pretty much it. The story doesn't go beyond that.
I really expected more. I don't want to go overly political here, but China - China isn't the best place in regards to the Geneva Conventions. So I thought that the topic, the hardships/fear of finding out to love differently, would be a story worth telling, worth illustrating....

I had held onto my expectations, firmly believing that now, finally something would happen, something - anything that would save this poorly written mess. But it never happened. That was when I realised that the story was not just going nowhere but I was also wasting my time.

The story doesn't offer anything besides its smut moments and absolutely ludicrous 'dramatic' misunderstandings. I've seldom read a couple whose quarrels are not just stupid but also painful to read. What the heck does the "romance" tag do there, it should be replaced with "two extremely horny teenagers". Their relationship never goes beyond their carnal desire which is fine, but then stay that way. Whoever encouraged the author to also go full 'typical romance troops', should never advice anyone EVER! Where does all that desire even come from... They are after all both straight, somewhat - I guess?
Since the entire story played in China, I expected more of a harsh, prosaic view on the topic.
The fear of not being accepted, the fear of others finding out - the problems, hardships they could face: Maybe even seeking out other people who love the same way, who had to face these challenges, heck, even some strange methods to turn them back 'normal'. This would have been a story worth reading, a story that mirrored reality and not some Fujoshi's dream of two boys 'seemingly' in love.
That and not some abusive/excessive bodily fluid exchange between two immature imbeciles. Especially a certain scene was extremely off-putting for me. There was absolutely no legitimate reason to why it was done.


r*pe! Once again we have the usual Stockholm-Syndrome twisted and turned to fit the story. And create some drama and some suspense. It was not just handled badly but GH had no reason to do so. His reasoning is absolutely flawed and makes no sense. Especially when it's later mentioned that he is such a good person compared to his older brother who is the epitome of evil, or so he claims...


I hated all of them.

GH he is extremely selfish and has no sense of empathy or any other human emotion besides his desire to satisfy his own lust. We don't even know how he looks like, all we know is that he has one huge package! Characterization at it's finest.


He would have been better off to die in the car accident. BLY would have actually been able to effing live his life and not be controlled by some unreasonable egomaniac knob


BLY. I found it quite hilarious to read the author to claim him being some clever/intelligent boy when he clearly isn't. Not only do their quarrels outline the fact that his personality is as exiting as watching water evaporate but also does his behaviour not go beyond his own selfishness and stubbornness. How he was able to live to that point is beyond me.
GY. Well, he was only introduced to give some more drama flavour. It's not like the story already had enough of that... *sarcasm*


For him to go as far as trying to kill BLY to save his brother is bullsh*t and makes no sense. He almost let his brother die and it didn't look like he cared much about his brother's situation whatsoever. It was only because of BLY that he did something about his younger brother's situation. So, tell me - why does he want to kill his brother's boyfriend???


The parents. Not much screen time to speak of. We have the bad parent - "You don't understand me, you are evil - I am right", and of course | in contrast | the good parent - "I love you, regardless of what you do." You know, to save some extra exposition. After all to characterise isn't the author's strong suit.
Everyone was more interesting than those to idiots. Heck, even the female teacher who had like six sentences had more depth than the two randy teens.

The Logic
There was none to speak of. If my son was engaging in 'immoral' behaviour, I would cut his allowance and freeze all his accounts. I wouldn't feed him with more money so he can do whatever he pleases and whatnot.
I am pretty sure that the Chinese government works a little different than that. I strongly believe that a person mentioned as important as GH's father would guard his son 24/7 - only to be safe. I mean, you could get some serious ransom for a VIP's son.
I am not too sure myself but I firmly believe that some general couldn't throw his weight around here and there and put pressure on everyone when the real power lies within the party or the Secretary General respectively.


GH's mother's death was something that made no sense whatsoever. I still don't understand why she seemingly committed suicide and how that saved her husband. This was one major plot hole.


Furthermore I found it rather strange that BLY was able to solve this whole incident in a week what others (powerful people) couldn't do with a lot more resources and manpower. (poor writing)
I found the reasons for BLY hating his mother extremely petty and stupid. How can he expect others to accept him if he doesn't even tolerate his own mother living in happiness? This last aspect actually sums the book up pretty well. They don't accept or tolerate anyone besides themselves. Only their reasoning is correct, only their love is allowed. Nothing else.


It's really not that good. I haven't watched the Drama yet, so I can't say anything about it. But my guess is that it's better than this gibberish of words.

Apart from the smut scenes the story doesn't offer anything else. There is no romance to speak of. Both protagonists are unlikable. I was rather disappointed to say the least, the author should have done her research better and elaborated on more important topics, such as acceptance, struggles, problems etc. Topics the LGBTTIQ community has to face everyday. This could have been so much more, sadly - it wasn't.

Love :) <3

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Reamie rated it
June 3, 2016
Status: c47
The people who rated this novel poorly have clearly never read it. Just because a novel has bl does not mean it it poorly written and not a good story. Wow the homophobia is real.

This novel is extremely well written and worth the read. Definitely an emotional roller coaster and just the right amount of comedy. PS- there is also a series which was based off the novel. I highly recommend it. The acting is wonderful and the actors are sure to get your attention.
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Celebration rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: --
People that rated this a one are homophobes. Just saying. It is one thing to ignore bl content, but to go out your way to give bl content negativity shows how much you hate. Just saying. I really love this novel and it expands on the drama. Super sweet, high school sweetheart type story. Love it.
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rhianirory rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: Completed
this was a pretty good novel with a few rather annoying and overly melodramatic moments that made me think the author might have watched too many makjang kdramas in her spare time. Honestly, I liked the beginning and the end but could have done without a lot of the stuff in the middle. Despite it's flaws though, there are some pretty awesome moments and the end is certainly squee worthy. Since I watched the drama first I can't really separate the written characters from the ones I met on screen... more>> and that's not a bad thing since the actors did a really good job, especially for newbies.

the drama was surprisingly good but the Chinese government is apparently afraid of gay content and first censored the hell out of it, then took it down off the web (three episodes from the end) and banned it and the web drama company from airing inside china. Luckily, the company released episodes 13-15 outside the country so the rest of us could see it. They made such a big deal over it that even the two main actors are no longer permitted to stand side by side on stage or have any social contact and it's been years since the show ended. It's completely ridiculous. <<less
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nixxara rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: v2c27
I seriously love this novel, if I could rate this more than 5 stars, I would. The love between the two main characters is so touching. They're both so silly but are also so in love with each other. The way they interact with each other is like tug-o-war, but they treat each other with so much sincerity. They're both like a drug to one another, even if they want to break it off it's impossible because they're addicted! Honestly, they wouldn't even try to separate anyways since both of... more>> them are stubborn and if they love someone, that's that. Nothing's ever going to change it.

The story starts with them meeting when they are only in high-school. You'll follow them on their journey through adolescence and into adulthood. Don't think that just because they are in school that it'll be boring. Actually, the majority of their story happens outside of school and trust me, so many exciting things happen that you can really feel in your heart the bond they will make! The school scenes will allow you to see more of their interaction with their friends and also responses to other people interacting with their beloved. There's jealousy, friendship, loyalty, and also silliness. Another thing that makes this story so exciting is the plot! One is a poor student, the other is the son of a rich military general! The military general's son is a handsome, sturdy guy who's trained in military since childhood but honestly, the MC isn't lacking at all. He's smart, fit, and also super handsome. Anyways...

(Btw, this is not a spoiler but the MC is obviously the poor student. This is a mini spoiler but I think its needed for people unwilling to accept that the MC is in such dire straits: the military general's son chases the MC first!)

There are enough chapters for the readers to actually gain emotion from the various difficulties they go through, not to mention you will also feel extremely happy when they are happy, but also feel sadness when they are sad. This will make you laugh out loud, cry, smile. It's a rollercoaster of emotions but who doesn't like riding them? It's fun. I hope all you people who read this will enjoy as much as I do! Have fun! <<less
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addictedso rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
In love and addicted to this series and novel!! Love the main leads in this drama - xu weizhou & huang jingyu, brilliant natural actors for first timers in acting, well done!

Thank you so much for the English translations of this novel, love it so much!! Look forward to all the other chapters to come. Addicted fan from UK. Brilliant writer, a beautiful story and beautiful perfect actors, in love with all four main leads!:)))... xxx
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BellMarsT rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: Completed
I forking finished this novel today, and I am in tears. In tears! This is one of the best novels I've ever read, and believe me, I have read a significant share.

I had this novel on my reading list for months, and I was very apprehensive about reading it due to some of the reviews here that wrote that there was ... more>>


in the book. I finally got to this three days ago, and I was not able to put it down since. I read it until high hours of the night; I read it at work while standing my co-worker's look as they saw me smile, laugh-out-loud, curse, and get angry; I read it in the train; I read it in school, and I read it while sitting in my toilet.

And today, while lying on my bed, I finished, and I am crying like if I just lost my two sons.

I recommend people to read the story. Our dear Chai Jidan created two well flesh-out main characters. She created a story of a couple that struggles for their love. They struggle not only against the cultural values of their society but against the challenges that come with age and youth. The relationships that they had with their parents was very touching and very significant to the overall plot and very moving. I am lying here on my bed thinking about what their future will bring, and I am all smiles.

Now the following part of my review comes with spoilers:


Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai are united by fate, but what maintains their relationship is their will.


  • Like many other Chinese novels/writers, Chai Jidan's Addicted has details that come off outrageous. For example, Luo Yin becomes a Mayor in the Air Force unit, and he uses the planes as if they are toys, and I could not help but wondered if China has so much money that they would not care to lose so many planes. LOL.
  • Gu Hai is an extremely jealous MC which makes you want to wack him hard. The pattern of his jealousy becomes repetitive as so is the outcome. For example, Luo Yin interacts with a man or woman; Gu Hai gets jealous and punishes Luo Yin usually with a sexual move intended to shame Luo Yin or berates him like "Ah! Do you like her? Would you like for her to kiss you instead? Blah blah..."; Luo Yin would retort back because he is mad and would walk away; Gu Hai would apologize and say something romantic. This pattern repeats again and again and has all the indications of a dysfunctional relationship; however, after they separate gu Hai changes, sure, the change is minute, but it is there. Also, with the way that Chai Jidian describes this, you realize that this is the way that they communicate as a couple. They are both stubborn and proudful men.
  • The r*pe. Yes, Gu Hai r*pes Yu Ling and is disgusting and heartbreaking. I hate when in TV shows, movies, books - you name it!- the victim pardons the abuser. In this story, the way that the reconciliation was handle was neat. Luo Yin went back to Gu Hai because he wanted to give their relationship a chance and as they are together, they learn to forgive each other and to respect each other and let the past remain in the past. It only happens once and does not become a repetitive offense. I feel this scene could have been cut from the story since it was a little bit OOC, but I can see how the circumstances and Gu Hai's personality and mentality pushed him to this. Although, I wanted to pummel him when he did.
  • At the end of the day, the side couples were not fully developed. I was sad about that.


  • The couple. Their relationship grows on you like a bud planted in cow's dung and germinating against the strongest storm to finally become two little flowers dancing with the wind. LOL. This is the first BL where both Male leads topped each other. It was nice to see. I sincerely liked a line in one of the epilogues when they are having sex,
    • " This was merely two individuals linking without neither suppressing the other's mentality as they use their most equal and honest hearts to welcome another aspect of life."
  • The relationship with their parents. Luo Yin's father is the best! I loved how he was so accepting of Gu Hao and his son's relationship. He even suggested and helped them to elope.
  • The grow the characters showed was great. Luo Yin had more grow that Gu Hai.
  • The feeling of being part of the story. In the end, you are going to feel like you walk a long journey. A journey expanding more than ten years as you relished in the youth of this couple and their life as adults. You will wish to have a print copy in your bookshelf. I know I want it!
I really wanted to see more of their lives, but I am not going to be that greedy. I thank the writer, translators, proofreaders, and editors who work in this project. You all deserve a big Hwaiting! And Banzai.

To those reticent readers, I tell them don't judge a book by its cover. You'll definitely fall in love with this. <<less
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Kian_Roronoa rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: --
This novel stands by it name "Are you addicted?" and yes, I was addicted to the point that I didn't sleep for 50 hours.

This is the first BL novel that I read in one sitting. I read Book 1 and Book 2 just under 50 hours. Some of the scenes are disturbing but the love they have for each other will kinda make you feel jealous.

Bai Han Qi: Best father in BL world.

***Minor Spoiler***

Yang Meng laughing at You Qi's movie premier was hilarious.
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izayaYY rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: --
Yes this book is not for everyone. It is about a pair of extreme lovers, a tale of obsessive love and obsessive behaviour. There is a lot of drama but all the conflicts come from outsiders, not within the couple.

For me, GH/BLY is one of the best BL couple, because of their unwavering love and adorable silliness. I love their obsession with each other, their sense of humour and their extreme approach to almost everything. This is what makes them so special.

It is funny how many hated the book. Denigrating... more>> a book genre on the basis of it's tropes is as useless as blaming horror genre for being full of horror tropes. If you are looking for a serious book with a serious plot about the serious struggles of the LGBT... read biographies maybe? 🙄

This is a work of fiction but also surprisingly comedy, with a lot of slapstick, almost cartoonish humour, common in CJD's novels. I am chinese so I am used to this humour but it seems that chinese humour might be lost on many 🤔

The first book is just about the blossoming love between the 2MCs, how they met, how they bullied and try to out-smart each other at school, how they fell in love, how they tried to fight those feelings and how they fight family pressure.

Prepare your poor hearts for a harrowing r*pe scene and the heart-breaking ending of book 1. Many say that the r*pe scene is useless but I don't think so. Isn't it coherent with GuHai's extreme personality? But I think it's the separation that is useless or maybe too long


The second book is my favourite as it is the story of their re-encounter 8yrs later. They are now strong, powerful, successful and self-confident adults who can defend themselves against any drama thrown their way. This 2nd book is full of fluff with the usual brand of comedy and silliness. Surrounded with new friends, they now take less bullsh*t from family and try to rebuild their relationship and re-create their little nest, step by step. The 2nd book is the one I re-read often. <<less
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LNOnlineOtaku rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: --

First of all, I’m not homophonic, I love BL and GL and had great expectations for this. But it didn’t meet ML is a female dog and MC is stupid and petty. Srsly when I first heard ML ripped out MC’s paper because he liked his handwriting, and admitted and not sorry at all. I was angry to say the least. I’m angry MC didn’t beat him up! Convenient bell-sama just before everything escalates and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. ML cuts holes in MC’s vest..... and MC doesn’t try to get compensation but gets revenge instead.... yea no this was simply *sigh* If people can stomach stuff like that maybe you will like it*

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kumastories rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: Completed
The plot is awesome, the characters as well. This story is basically about two boys growing together in rural (ish) China all the way to adulthood.

I am not sure why there's so much negative review but probably since I read more than half of it in the original language I was able to better appreciate the nuances that are lost in translation.

Give this a try for all those who love taboo romance. I don't think you will regret it.
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cutiejoongie rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: v2c11
First time I watch the drama I became addicted. It's so good film with not only smut but also good story, great actors and natural acting.. And It's really heartbreaking when it's must discontiued because all homophobes people!!! I'm so hurt!!!! Well... I'm so thankful for this translation. Hope I can see the ending now...

It's still hurt the drama can't continue... But that is life.

So, . Are you addicted? Definitely
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iyok rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c4
Mediocre writing. Plot isn't too interesting. Could find better thing to read. It was adapted into web TV seires, so it's popular among my peers. Seriously though, I personally think it's overrated.
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pinkumilkuu rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm sorry, this is a biased rating. I consider this my first BL novel (okay, feng yu jiu tian was first but I only read like 13 chaps) so I kinda imprinted on it and forgave every ugly/absurd scene this had. I won't ever regret reading it and it will still stay as one of my faves even tho there are lots that're better.
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Redroses__ rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
For me, this novel is downright unrealistic. It was full of petty fights, jealousies, and smut. However, it also feeds my ideal BL Fantasy. At the end of the novel, you can't help but say, "I wish I have a boyfriend like Gu Hai." Seriously seriously seriously Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai are both dreamy that even if you know they won't exist in real life it's fine.
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shad1234go rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I guess there is no middle ground usuallh when it comes to this novel, you either love it or hate it. I actually quite enjoyed the story you have to understand that both these characters take a while to get used. For me to read this I had to just let everything be and continue to read without any judgement. I truly believe you have to give it a try yourself to see if you like it. The reviews won't help as you have to make a personal decision.

As for... more>> me I loved it but my best friend hated it and normally we have have the taste when it comes to reading, so it truly depends on who is reading it <<less
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popcornvv rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: --
Technically 4.5 stars. Honestly makes me really sad seeing these one stars but I get where many are coming from and I'm definitely biased cuz this was my first chinese BL novel and because I really adore the actors in the drama.

This story is for people who like slower paced romance (seems like we're in the minority) and detailed development. I found a lot of the descriptions to be really enjoyable to read but there are a lot of plotholes and ass pull plot devices.

*cough* literally the whole transition from season 1 to 2.

But I mostly just turn a blind eye because I'm more invested in the main characters and their development, although it's totally understandable how people get turned off.

I still maintain the 4~5 star rating though cuz I just love the main couple too much. A lot of people have issues with their personalities so that's really up to preference. ML comes off really strong but I like that, and I know it's fiction so I don't really have any qualms about his character ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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September 27, 2019
Status: c145
BLY's mom and GH's dad remarried. The two step-brothers, who have never met, both opposed the marriage and rebelled. GH ran away and BLY rejected joining the family. By some twist of fate, GH and BLY end up as classmates without knowing their relationship. Instead, they build a strong friendship from a short-lived initial rivalry.

That's pretty much the premise of the story. As a disclaimer, I've not seen the drama, so my perception of the novel is contained to just that.

The writing itself wasn't anything extraordinary but it wasn't terrible.... more>> There's barely any plot at the start. It's just a blooming relationship with all the fluff that comes with self discovery. Something vaguely resembling conflict hits around the ch120 mark and I got excited for a bit, but the resolution came quickly and felt cheap. I'm still confused about the mother's motivations because it seems like she's coming from a good place but the MC and ML are very self righteous about her villification, so maybe I'll get my answer in the later chapters.

Besides ML and MC, the other characters had potential but fell short and instead came off flat. There's a hint of a side story happening but it's a painfully slow development that by ch140 all I know is that a side story is supposed to be happening but it's just not.

Dropping this because I'm looking for something more adventurous and exciting, but I'm happy to pick it back up again when I'm in the mood for some slowburn slice of life.

Read this if you're looking for something to pass the time. <<less
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GHBLY rated it
March 4, 2019
Status: --
I discovered this novel by watching the seriee first. I can't believe they didn't continue with the series because of the banned. Overall this story is amazing. Full of touching moments in Book 2. After a lot of hardships they finally meet again and get married. Gu Hai makes me set a high standard for men. We need someone like him in this world.

I can't get over the part where GH said "you're my child" to BLY when BLY said he can't give GH an heir. Deeply moved by this... more>> novel. <<less
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oceanofstardust rated it
July 26, 2019
Status: --
To be honest, this theme is pretty cliche, solely for the satisfaction of smut lover fujodanshis (Well CJD writes smut like a 14yo virgin girl. Not even the translators could do a good job making those s*x scenes interesting lmao!) While I loved the chemistry between the actors who played the roles and liked the story just because I imagined the boys while reading it. This story had potential but was ruined because of super toxic elements surely loved by its fans (shakes head!) Books have gigantic power over human.... more>> If you think, this is a mere bl story but it's still normalizing abuse and violence and you readers are just accepting it. This is like a culture in East Asian drama or something? Overbearing CEO being the biggest as*hole because he has a sad past and the girl has to understand him despite her having equally sad past? This trend has to break. So wrong. And you guys who love such stories because they are stories have no idea how many people are living such life in real just because people like you normalized this! Period! <<less
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