Arcadia’s Labyrinth


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A boy named Alkain comes to the labyrinth city to become a successful adventurer but loses his life on his first day due to his immaturity. When he woke up again he was in a strange room. There he learns the truth. That the world he had lived in so far was an eroge, and he was the protagonist…

When he knew everything he decided to look for a walkthrough.

This is the story of a protagonist who acquired knowledge of the reality.

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Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru (1)

Latest Release

Date Group Release
08/11/18 SheepTranslator c4 part2
07/21/18 SheepTranslator c4 part1
07/10/18 SheepTranslator c3 part2
06/27/18 SheepTranslator c3 part1
06/14/18 SheepTranslator c2 part2
05/29/18 SheepTranslator c2 part1
05/15/18 SheepTranslator c1 part2
04/29/18 SheepTranslator c1 part1
04/02/18 SheepTranslator prologue
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EmEm rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c4 part1
Probably not for everyone but I like this novel. It's interesting and slightly different than others.

For me and for now the only minus is release pace - 1 chapter a month (I'm reading novels which have 1-2 chapters a day so this is quite a difference) so you probably will have to check the last chapter before reading a new one, just to remember what happened. Despite this I really enjoy reading this title, so go ahead and try it yourself.
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