Apocalypse: Counterattack of a Cannon Fodder


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In his previous life, Tang Shi was a cannon fodder. For a jerk, he even turned down a blind date his father arranged for him, but finally died in the hands of his lover and half-blooded elder brother.

Before he died, his elder brother told him that the one that always went against him, teased him and used him as a bait was the one who truly loved him, also that blind date his father had arranged for him—Yan Xu.

Feeling regretful?

What would have happened if he hadn’t made that kind of choice from the very beginning?

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New Oes rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c33
There are not so many chapters but as the novel is not complete yet I can not tell it is promising or not. But the story background introduction kind of intrigued me.

As seen in other novels, MC shou gets back stabbed by his close friends (or loved ones he thought) where the ML sacrifices himself for the MC and then the MC get returned. But the thing that interested me is that the apocalypse background is a little bit different. I will not give much spoilers. Here, card stage starts... more>> , cards granting power, alien invasion and MC has a system that is his family heirloom which activates at a perilous situation. It is not also a typical system, though the functions of it are fully not activated as the story has just started.

But I really think the story will be a great one though can't tell about the ending. So I gave it 4stars to show my support🙂🙂🙃I hope the story ends well <<less
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New TamedFox rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c475
There are no likeable characters in this novel. Even the main characters, I don't think I like them very much. I think their thought process are weird or they're just plain s*upid. The tags never said that there are clever characters but I still can't believe how they can be this annoying.

The MC is like an unemotional killing machine at first and he's pretty ruthless but he got better. Also there are glaringly obvious things that the MC ignores just to add drama which is why I said that the... more>> characters are s*upid.

Ml... is okay. He had a bit of a sense of justice at first and tries to stop MC from killing. Then he became pretty ruthless as well. Also, he's very powerful. He's pretty plain or uninteresting compared to the other colorful characters.

ML and MC often fight and have disagreements in the first few chapters. It's annoying and I don't think it's all the ml's problem because MC just forgets that he's reborn and he's in a different life now. I think ML stopping MC is actually reasonable. ML actually cares for MC.

Also, MC adopted this kid and MC promised that he'll take care of this guy but he just left him to fend for himself for a year. He wasn't metioned or heard of again until almost a hundred chapters. I thought that the author almost forgot about him. Also I actually pitied this kid until

he had a weird obsesssion to MC for leaving him and well I let it go since he's too pitiful. After all that, he became a thirdwheeler (or a fifthwheeler) so I kinda still pity this kid.

The author seems to notice the reader's attention for this kid because suddenly without warning a guy appeared that pursued (kidnapped) this left over character


MC's follower or brother. He's a thug. He's also a dumb straight kind of character. I don't really care about that until


the author bent him and got him together with this pretty elf guy that looks kinda like a girl. Their relationship is annoying but then I just didn't care about them.


Even more annoying, the author seems to forget important details and we'll never see this details again until the time the author finally remembers them which is probably a hundred chapters after.

The revenge can't even be called revenge

because the MC didn't kill the brother and his ex-boyfriend himself.


After all those annoying things, I still continued reading this story anyway because I thought that the world setting is pretty interesting and I really like this kind of leveling story. <<less
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March 22, 2021
Status: --
The story is pretty different from the other ones as in, they level up and fight using cards (think Yugioh). The cards can be weapons, monsters, or utilities (example: a card to summon a tower to shelter and protect them, a card to get a weaponsmith to build armors, etc.)

As for the setting, the apocalypse is due to the invasion from alien monsters. The earth is a fragment of a larger world with multiple races. In the past, the protoss (?) protected the weak human race and temporarily moved... more>> the territory to a protected space. The so-called apocalypse is because the earth returns to its original position. MC has a storage and a system store so he cheats by leveling up pretty fast. ML has the blood of the protoss race. MC's teammates include a half-beast boy, a human turned elf due to an inherited bloodline card, a dragon rider, and a half-dragon.

The premises are interesting but the story is too long so it can be a drag especially when there're chapters after chapters of the 2 side pairings which I don't care about. MC's team also gets OP so fast so quick. <<less
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Aylik rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: c123

The ML is really f*cking annoying sometimes (most of the time) and ch 95 was especially sore. I don't know how else to describe it. I thought we had seen some progress on the ML personality and how he views MC but nop. In ch95 he really went: "SIKE!", he just kind of bottled it up and it exploded in that chapter.

You may be wondering why I'm annoyed with ML, this is 50 points because of his savior complex. Not only does... more>> he put himself REPEATEDLY in dangerous situations, knowing full well from experience that the MC is going to follow him, after the MC explicitly told him that they shouldn't go because there was nothing they could do/it was too dangerous, etc. This resulted every single time on MC being hurt while saving ML from his own s*upidity and taking the brunt from it. Afterwards, ML always feels bad and "guilty" and says he should have protected MC, he needs to become stronger to protect him bla bla bla but then he rushes without a care at the first sight of a death flag, like tf? And the cycle continues. Not only that but he doesn't want the MC to be stronger?? And like the only reason ML wants to become stronger is so that he can become stronger than MC and restrain him when MC goes "OOC". And the whole "OOC" thing is really f*cked up and the other 50% of why I am disgusted by him:


For context, MC is reincarnated back to when he was 22 (he died at 26) like a month before the apocalypse (before he died, in the apocalypse ML was the only person around him that never betrayed him and supposedly loved him, so when he came back he wanted to be with ML. And so they meet and ML instantly wants to f*ck him, but plot twist they actually "knew" each other before (AKA: ML had seen MC once and instantly wanted to f*ck him) that was when MC was in military training and was like 18, I think.

Anyways so ML has this twisted idealized perception of what MC should be like, so s*upid, innocent, naive, all of those things (basically, like a CHILD, omg ML really be showcasing pedophilic society values, if I remember correctly he even said he wanted to push MC down and make him unable to resist or some sh*t like that). Thing is MC has now lived 4 years into the apocalypse and has seen the ugly side of humanity. So he kind of cruel, but not really. What you need to know is that MC now is not the MC from before, he has a relentless ambition to become stronger (due to his inability to control his own livelihood before) and he is also extremely decisive with his decision, mainly when it comes to killing, he is not cruel, in my opinion, rather he has been toughened by his experiences and he knows the value of his own life, he is called a cynic by ML but I must say I disagree. MC simply knows and understands that his life has value and why should he give up his life for others? Especially when they wouldn't do the same. He is not a virgin mary and it is not his responsibility to keep other people alive. ML hates this, he misses the naive and s*upid MC.

Flashforward, basically MC really wants to become stronger so that people can't trample over him and he can decide when he dies and when he lives, which really, is fair enough, but ML insists on wanting MC to be like a porcelain doll and not get his hands bloody, leave all the fighting and killing to him. At one point ML even said to MC to let him protect him yada yada and MC straight up told him, and I'm paraphrasing: "f*ck you, I am not letting no one, not even you, have power over my life" and ML still didn't quite get it, like after that he realised he wouldn't change MC's mind and so he decided to become strong to be able to ""protect"" MC. Which would be FINE if it wasn't for the fact that what ML actually wishes to protect is not really MC but the idolised image he created of MC when they first "met". Which is really f*cked up, because, once again, that was like 4 years ago and he refuses to acknowledge that MC has changed and is a different person now and he blames MC being different from what he expected on literally any outside factor.


In conclusion, I actually love MC he takes none of ML's bullsh*t but he still is quite a complex character. Like at first you don't quite see it but I feel like ch95 was a big turning point because MC finally gave us inside into how he viewed ML, and why their relationship hadn't advanced over the months despite ML's eagerness (he literally looks at MC and wants to f*ck him). In ch95 we finally understand what has been holding MC back, and with good reason, and we get a grasp on the pain that it causes him, especially at the end of the chapter


when ML is cleaning his hands that were bloody. MC is still angry and very much hurt by ML's obsession with his past self because he understands that ML doesn't love HIM but the previous Tang Shi, and he knows he cannot go back. He can't regress into that naivety and s*upidity, he refuses to do so and yet ML insists on trying to force him into being the idolized version of himself that ML fell in "love" with. He knows ML doesn't love him, and it hurts him so much and yet he can't do anything since ML refuses to even acknowledge that MC is different know out of his own volition, and that *that* Tang Shi is dead. And still he can't help the warm feelings that come to him as he looks at ML cleaning his hand. He truly feels something for ML, maybe not love, but he has feeling for ML, while ML is stuck in the past and refuses to go forward and because of that MC knows that they can't be together. As a matter of fact he says that he didn't even had hoped for being more than friends or companions because ML doesn't love him, not HIM at least. It is actually very f*cking sad the more you think about it.

In conclusion, as far as I've read ML is actually quite scummy and refuses to see that the person he "loves" has changed and blames that change on the death scythe, thinking it impossible for MC to be capable of change, which is such a toxic view to have over someone, you literally view them as if they were objects incapable of change.


In any case, although I lowkey hate the ML after writing this review, the MC is really f*cking badass and has some serious introspection arcs at specific points which are actually kind *chef's kisses* because you don't actually expect them. The more you get into the story the more you start seeing the different facets of MC and it is nice, if you like feeling like you want to strangle the ML. In other news, I have read quite a lot of apocalypse based works but this one has some pretty original ideas,


I thought it was going to be the usual zombie apocalypse but it is actually based on like an alien invasion type of setting. Also they have this whole thing about the awakened using "cards" as their weapons, it gave me lowkey D&D type of vibes (never played it so don't come for me if it wasn't like that) mixed with Yugioh vibes, which I actually ended up liking more than K though I would. Also, around ch94, I think we get some foreshadowing for some sort of organization that has recruited a lot of powerful awakeners and was hunting for the ancient family treasure of the MC


In conclusion, I am enjoying the story despite the ML being a royal arrogant self centered as*hole :)


Brother, sisters and non binary siblings, I am pleased to announce that we've seen major character development from the ML in chapter 122. All the pain and suffering that we've endured has neared its fruits in ch122, so do not despair and do not give up in this novel when you grow exasperated by the ML, he shall be reborn in ch122.

Ok, seriously now. Ch122 didn't hit me like a bit*h slap, rather it was kind of soothing and like, it was as if I had been holding my breath ever since chapter one and finally, finally I could relax. Totally recommend to keep reading to this point, since we finally see ML sort his own emotions out and communicate them to MC. We see not only a lot of character development in his part, but we see a lot of couple growth in this chapter. Cat's out of the bag now and they can begin to trust each other and build their relationship. Kind of wholesome to be honest. <<less
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Raukatau rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c130
5 stars, because rating to low for now.

Really like relationship progression between MC and ML. MC and ML had many disagreements, mainly because MC lived 3 years in apocalypse and was already full of cynism and ML is from military family, just and upright person, not yet having seen enough horrors of human nature in this new world. Rare case, where ML said "I'm sorry, I was wrong". Their relationship have high and low points, they talk, give in, compromise, apologize, trying to understand eachother.

Not so good with other characters... more>> though. MC family a 2d cartoon villians, a shame. Same with many others villians, they exists only to be hated and killed without any scruples.

Quite a number of unnecessary faceslaping, especialy with women, and lack of women in general. 8 out of 10 characters is male. Number of "awakened" (people with abilities) females mentioned in 130 chapters... 1 (one) ? Like seriously?

And rough writing overall, a lot of plot holes, illogical actions, brainless characters etc. (start with "safe zone", this concept works in zombie apocalipse, but when the first monster represented in novel is spider, that can change its size and have some normal animal IQ, how on earth you can keep big area safe from that? It can change itself to a size of c*ckroach and sneak into "safe zone" with zero problems).

But on a bright side, because author didn't spend much time on well-thought details, plot progression is fast and keeps you interested. So far (130 ch) I enjoyed it and want to read more. <<less
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