Lord of End of World


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This is a story about Gong Lixin who was the young master of an ancient underground palace in the ancient times. He was raised by his master and forced to partake sexual relationships with numerous people to cultivate his Yin Body. His master who has a Yang Body was going to absorb him after he has reach a level to become stronger. MC refused and killed his master while also dying at the same time. Then he transmigrated to the modern time and thinking he will enjoy peaceful life, the end of the world arrived.

Being someone with no special powers except for his martial arts, see how he use his martial arts to dominate the times and find his lovers.

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New Gluttony rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c172
Strangely very very good.

1. A breathe of fresh air amidst many novels that start strong and fizzle and drag. This novel sets out with a mission, stays consistently strong, and is executed well to the end. I stayed engaged and excited for new chapters the whole time.

2. Doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. Unashamedly smutty and done well. Unashamedly uses the trope of the OP yet emotionally naive MC yet done well and I actually liked him. Only sad thing was it never ended up being more than 3P... more>> 💁🏻‍♀️.

3. Villains are annoyingly hateful and yet the novel doesn’t fall into the trap of demonising and women who do dodgy things during the apocalypse. The sister is hateful and yet not hateful and well fleshed out. Seriously impressed by her arc even though she’s annoying.

4. Distinct characters and satisfying interactions between them. They all revolve around the MC and join his worship cult and it’s entertaining as hell.

Look, it’s not a masterpiece and yet I’ve seen many tr*shy novels get around a 4.3 rating and I think this one deserves it too. Only difference is those novels pretend they aren’t tr*shy because they’re a wholesome slice of life genre but let’s be real they kind of are. This one tackles a different kind of genre and does well in making it damn entertaining. <<less
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New Prithikaa1 rated it
July 23, 2020
Status: c107
I just read this novel out of boredom. I thought this novel would be ok but the truth is 'it's worsttttttttt!'. This novel fully revolves around MC and those MLs loves MC bcuz of his simplicity and marysueness (but he is actually not, they all think he is simple &lovely) and MC's sister, I understand her situation but she doesn't know how to cherish things and how to plan bcuz of her s*upidness, she got what she deserves. Actually, MC doesn't know what is love but he allows... more>> MLs to get close to him and wants all love from them & returns nothing. When I read this novel, I got to remember (cannon fodder record of counterattacks, CFRCA) bcuz plots in this novel similar to that (CFRCA) novel's arc (except counterattack). If u guys likes smutty novels this one is nice.. But if u guys want a novel which has to be reasonable and rational CFRCA, this novel is super funny and also the protagonist is more far sighted and rational. <<less
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April 13, 2019
Status: Completed
3 stars only

I had a feeling that this story is quite off when I got to 30-50 chapters. I will enumerate the good things first then I will say every hole in the story which made me entirely disappointed.


... more>> Great things

1. MC is op

2. MC is a white lotus

3. No supporting characters died

4. Easy to mtl

5. Things go way the MC likes


1. The author demonitized the sister too much, she didnt deserve everything that happened in 169 chapters (the whole f*cking story)

2. He wei which was supposed to be an "important character" was left behind, and the author said that its because he doesnt show up that much, WHICH is her/his fault for making it that way, He Wei ddint deserve being a left behind character

3. Even the characters that you think might be exposed in the story a lot was only introdyced for 10 chapters then later on can only be shown for like 1 sentence

4. The mc's character is so f*cking off, and the author makes reasonable explanation to make up for it which didn't make me like it.

5. The 2 male leads were made into horny dogs, for f*cks sake the MC was onlt 16 yrs old and you make them horny for him? F*ck no. Disgusting.

6. The story is not interesting, I finished it because of the supposedly one of tge male lead zombie.

Dont bash me just because you loke the story, if you've read more than hundrefs and even thousands of novels you'll be able to find out what's good and bad about the novel. In the past I simply like stories such as Nation's husband, 99th divorce, but when I read it again I found out that those r*pe moments the 1st chapter of the story are trult disgusting, and the fact that the author portrays the female MC to get revenge and instead becomes a damsel in distress and has as*hole of a husband is so f*cking disgusting.

I'm not being bias ont his story, but this is one of the bl novels that made me not like it. I love bl novels, I cant live without reading one everyday, actually I cant live without reading a novel at all for 2 hours (unless im sleeping or eating or wayching movie)


1. If you are the type to analyze the story and actually likes one with a storyline and proper characterization then I dont recommend this

2. If you like an op MC with nonstop plot armor then this is for you

3. If you dont like an ML being left behind then dont read this

4. If you're not sensitive to characters being suddenly not showing up in layer chapters then this is not for you.

This one is good, but not my cup of tea. Dotn let my review stop you from reading this, some of you might like it and some might not. That how the world works. <<less
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Chi rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c23
Well, it's a good premise of a MC transmigrating from a wuxia world to a modern world but that became an apocalypse world, with a pure (in a sense) protagonist that is a little perceptive and optimist........ but.... they keep glorifying the MC, saying how pure and naive he is all the time! And so?! They just want to f*ck him!!!!! Alright, this is a smut novel, but I simply can't let my brain too behind because there's plot other than plot. I simply can't like when all the characters... more>> just want to sleep with the MC just because he is naive and pure! It feels like no one else is worth of their love/like/admiration just because they aren't so pure and naive!!!..... which makes me think that other than MC would their target be little children??!!!!!!!

I'm out! <<less
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Delhaia rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c142
Don't waste your time

I'm gonna finish it bc I refuse to come this far just to die on the road but, you guys.... you guys.. They are all so s*upid

Random chara: I farted

... more>> Everyone else: ew that's disgusting

MC: I farted

Everyone else: ohh my god so cute so lovely so smart oh my god I wanna smell his farts forever

Logic simply does not exist in this novel... If you put all the characters together, you get like maybe half a braincell, perhaps

And I'm not even exaggerating

The only thing the MC has going for him is that he's strong. Thats it. He's basically ordinary in every other aspect, not to mention that he's incredibly s*upid. BUT he's the MC. So, in the eyes of the rest, every flaw is cute, and every strength is maximized to the top

Rando chara: let's kill it

Everyone: lmao so dumb, are you out of your mind?!

Mc: let's kill it

Everyone: holy sh*t how did I never think of this before! So smart! So powerful!!!


Also, the women (like, all 5 of them) in the novel are treated horribly. For real. With the exception of like, two, who are (obviously) the Mc's followers. Otherwise they're whores or villains.

So -1000000/10, but i've got like..30 chp left, so, I'm not going to drop it now

The translation is really good tho, props to them, and if you end up reading it anyways, don't forget to appreciate what they do <<less
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White Sky Translations
White Sky Translations rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Yay!! Someone is translating this novel!

This is my favorite harem novel. I really really love this awesome MC.

Basically the story is about the MC transmigrating from a cultivation world where he had a "perfect yin" body had high cultivation (there is a sad backstory where he was a cultivation s*x s*ave) to a modern, quickly going to become post apocalyptic world. In this world he is super OP because of his cultivation powers, so it's about how he survives and helps others in the post-apocalyptic world.

MC is also a... more>> "wan ren mi", the type of person that everyone falls in love with, and probably because of his upbringing he is capable of falling in love with multiple people (he never gets conflicted about it, although MLs do...) and so this is a harem story. But the romances are all genuine and heartfelt, it's not like the typical harem where the MC doesn't care about the MLs. MC really truly loves all of them. There are spicy scenes!! For those who find that important (like me).


However really it's only 3P, maybe 4P if you want to be generous. There are I think 2 other MLs that never get anywhere with the MC because the already existing MLs are guarding him too tightly. Author wrote she meant it make it legit with the other MLs too but chickened out hahaha


This novel is a super awesome combination of a fast-moving and exciting post-apocalyptic story-line, face-slapping against villains and super charming MLs.

This is the same writer as "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil", there's no world hopping however don't worry the storyline is more than enough exciting without it.

I have so much more I want to write about this awesome story but I'll leave it at this. Just read it! <<less
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Sytjen rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c65
Double standards for main character and his sister are really irritating. I've liked it in the beginning, but I'm dropping it because it's to much. Everything the boy does is always good and holly and everything the sister does is bad (the same with most of the other women in this novel).
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DarkSun rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: --
A good novel with a cute MC ruined by s*upid supporting characters and bast*rd MLs without brains.

Even tough the MC doesn’t have a well developed character the novel overall was good, with an interesting plot and smut, but I discounted it as I really really hate the supporting characters and the MLs.

Why? Well it’s the way they treat the sister of the MC. She is the most pitiful one in the novel (for me). She was a good girl who was betrayed by her loved ones in the first life... more>> so of course she is not the same as before.

She was sold by her beloved brother, raped and forsaken by her lover (that bast*rd of Lin Wenbo), so it’s understandable that after rebirth she would be cold and indifferent, but even so she told her family of the apocalypse so they can prepare for it (so she literally saved them and given them a “good”life even in the doomsday, but they were ungrateful and always point out her shortcomings and ignore all the things she has done for them) .

Her character is really similar to the MC, but for some strange reasons (or not, damn protagonist halo) she is always seen as despicable and ruthless while the MC cute and decisive when both of them decide to not save someone or kill them. Like wtf. She could be a protagonist in some other novel with justifiable reasons to hate the MC (as she doesn’t know he is a transmigrated person with a sincere heart), as the original host was a fake white lotus who is two-faced that sold her sister even though she risked her life to save him.

The boyfriend of the sister is a scum who abandoned her in the first lifetime and in the second he is an hypocrite who wants a reason to separate from her and f*ck the MC.

While all the others are s*upid sh*ts who doesn’t have brain and they behave like children and are too biased to the MC. They all say that the sister is inconsiderate as she always remind them of the apocalypse (so it’s depression and all) but sh*t she does it for their good!! Like f*ck the zombies will not bite or eat you if you don’t think about it. And it’s kind of annoying that the author use half of the book to describe how cute and innocent is the MC and how ruthless and despicable is the sister.

The father is also a scum who is too biased to the son while neglecting the daughter but well what’s wrong with it, the son is the MC and it’s right that the whole world revolves around him.

And grandfather Lin is another s*upid one who doesn’t seem a man with great capabilities and experiences in the business world, but a kid who blame the sister for always reminding him of the cruelty of the apocalypse. Like why that b*cth always remind me of the danger, can’t I look at the MC watching cartoons and live happily in the doomsday. Sigh😥

(And sorry for the grammar, I’m not really good at English but I really wanted to write a review) <<less
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koouniverse rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: c143
The MC is fine.

Though I dont like how they handled the mc's sister, she had a reason to be distrustful of the MC.

She was basically tortured and betrayed by her original!Brother yet there's no closure in this topic. She's just left to be hated by everyone even though she has a good reason to hate her brother. But I'm sure that if the novel was written in her, we would root for her. She has no character developments, shes just shitted on by every character. She's demonized for acting almost... more>> the same as her brother.

Her father is super biased towards her for some reason even though she made some points in living towards the apocalypse. He keeps saying that he wants to mend his relationship with his daughter but doesnt communicate his concerns towards her. He just there silently judging her and humiliates her occasionally.

The male leads are typical possessive and yandere lovers but its like towards a 16 year old boy which is kinda ehhh?

Its an cute read but its really hard to enjoy the novel with the double standard treatment the mc's sister had, 100 chapters in and theres no redemption arc for her (even though she has her reasons and the other characters just have to understand her point of view). <<less
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Lotus200 rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I understand why many people criticize the personality of and favoritism toward the MC. The MC was raised in an environment, where he was raped, starved, tortured, humiliated, controlled and imprisoned and witnessed murder, betrayal and greed. He has been exposed to the darkest sides of humans and yet he remains innocent, naive and pure. He is capable of being ruthless, but this only makes him more lovable and admirable to the people around him, while the sister is constantly being criticized for this trait. The sister was originally a... more>> kind person, but she changed after experiencing the apocalypse and being betrayed by the people she loved. After turning back in time, she warned the family about the apocalypse and helped them prepare by foreseeing events and storing resources in her space, but no one seems to appreciate her and keep focusing on her shortcomings.

The sister is being treated unfairly, but it makes sense. Her experience of the apocalypse has traumatized her and made her concentrate on self-preservation, which is why she appears selfish and inconsiderate to her family. Even more when contrasted with the MC, who because of his past life, treasures his current family and is generous to anyone, who has been good to him. The MC is favored, because his childishness brings comfort to those around him. He makes them forget the reality for a moment, while the sister constantly keeps reminding them of it. The sister is not doing anything wrong and you can only blame human nature for this. The same reason can be applied to why their display of ruthlessness are perceived differently. They are both shown to be ruthless, but only the sister is criticized, because she displays her ruthlessness at inappropriate times and does not hide her selfish motives.



The MC and the sister have both refused to save survivors, but the MC did it when surviving outside on his own, while the sister did it when the father wanted to send the army out to save survivors. The MC was not criticized, since it would be inconvenient for him to save and take care of everyone. The sister was criticized, because the army belongs to the people and they have a responsibility.

The MC is not more noble than the sister, since they both have a mentality of not wanting to save strangers for nothing and only doing it because the father wants them to. But the sister actively opposes to any actions that may be a loss for them, while the MC simply doesn't care and does whatever his father wants him to do.

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August 17, 2019
Status: c54
2*/5* only for the translation. I'm sorry :' (

I don't know how did I come across this novel. Just took a look for it and haha.

As a harem and "pieces-of-meat" novel, this is not bad, but unlikely to be one of the bests. I wonder how the qualified meat with actual plot authors' works aren't here?

As a novel, this novel is disgusting to the core with a fake white lotus MC being loved by everyone. I've read other stories with raped MC as well so don't misjudge me, but this... more>> one, it's like reading a well-developed BG Romance instead, not a well-written Danmei. How come a person who had been raped and raped over and over until adolescence is able to see the world all pure and innocent? (Not people ofc) And he is a man, please. A man who isn't acting like a man. This kind of Female-Lead-like character is the reason why now in much of BLs, there is the word "wife". <<less
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August 13, 2019
Status: c54
Honestly, it's not that bad? It's a pretty classic zombie apocalypse novel, except the MC is actually "ordinary" but is very strong due to his cultivation and there's a lot of MLs. I don't see why this is classified as smut since even up to this point there hasn't been any intercourse (although I imagine that'll change), so for people interested in the story but not willing to see smut you can just skip those scenes.

The relationships between MC and ML are not bad at all for a harem novel.... more>> Although at first glance the MLs are attracted to MC, the feelings are developed over time.

I like that the MC is strong, but he's a bit too cute?? Like he acts like a small child even though he's supposed to be 16. I mean I get it, given his background, but I find it weird how he's so attractive to all these MLs because of it.

Also, it makes me really sad that the sister is treated as she is. Yes she is cruel to the MC, but she does have her own reasons and if it hadn't been for MC's betrayal, she would have given everything to help him. If she were the main character of her own story, Lixin definitely would've been the bad character. She already suffered so much in her past life and she wants to use all of that to help her loved ones and live a good life this time, and yet now she became the bad guy doomed to suffer again :/ <<less
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Mightiwen rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: c161
I don't understand why some people hates the MC. People keeps on forgetting that he originally came from an evil sect and was basically a shut-in from the outside world. In a sense, he's both naive, but also understands the evil part of humans. Who cares if he's OP. I'm so tired of reading weak to strong MC. Why can't MC starts off strong and becomes stronger? Why does he needs to be save when he can save others himself? In addition, MC is the backbone of the... more>> base, but he isn't an overall OP. He isn't a scientist genius nor he can miro menage everything in the base. Since some people hates it, why bother continue to read the story. <<less
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alixiae rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c145
I'm really not sure why so many ppl are hating on this novel. I personally love it. I usually stay far far away from any harem novels but this one I really love. Yes, the sister was horribly betrayed in her past life, but she doesn't share any of this with the rest of the ppl. Her personality changes completely because of her experience from her past life, but it's not inline with the rest of the ppl who haven't experienced the apocalypse. So I can also understand how the... more>> ppl around her will think that she's going crazy. And because she doesn't tell anyone about her past life sufferings, when she does that to her brother in the beginning, of course ppl are going to be angry at her and start looking at her differently. You can't expect ppl to understand how you feel without explaining anything to them. So I really don't understand why so many reviewers are saying that she's being treated horribly. <<less
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linnauesss rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: --
MC is from another world that died and transmigrated into the body of Gong Lixin, the soul of the MC is from a world of cultivation where he's a human cauldron (? Idk if the term was correct but I think he said he was a human cauldron), was tortured and raped.

Now the thing I mf hate in this story is the overpraised MC like a character was introduced and they'll be like: Oh, this master is so handsome, this master is so ruthless yet has a good heart, this... more>> master is too powerful. - The twist is that the author will make that character praise MC to the mf ninth heavens, there was one thing where two chapters were sacrificed to be able to praise MC and I can-fkcing-not.

Now, the second thing I hate was one of the ML being left behind like bit*h you pick them up and then you dribble the fkc outta him to the tr*sh can, wtf author?

I understand the sister, I feel like the sister can be a saving grace to if those mf think with their head not down those needle dicks, like come on man, how many seer can there be in the apocalypse predicting everything cause bit*h lemme tell you, the author really made MC like a god and the sister the banished angel. If yall think logically I would monitor the fkc outta them and serve the sister like gong lixin and just shut the fkc up cause not everything can be done by lixin brute force - this is my thought if this kind of apocalypse would come true.

and this is the part where I hate them charac the most, more than the overpraised MC. Everyone in the story would be suspicious of the sister if she wanted to take in a powerful character late bloomer, that was underfkcingstandable, its the apocalypse bit*h and yall not even assigning good ass bodyguards for sister like yall blind?! Not everyone is a mf transmigrator what yall expect from sister?! Atleast she got em power and damn the father is a mf dumb b*tch. He let everyone rule and his like a puppet for MC, cant even think for his daughter. Its the apocalypse, all of us needs to gather men and women and yall be suspicious af with sister but kind for MC omygad yall are sick and think with dick. Fkc yall.

i take the side of the sister but in a team fight, I would go with MC, dont start with me b*tches, I know the differences between sister and MC power and their personality but the grievance was high enough to fkc up god. And theres a reason why sister hates lixin, "its not the sme soul" bit*h lemme fkcing tell you, you cant say sh*t to everybody that you sh*t yourself right? Fkc off then.

for the rest of the time its boring you can even predict the chapters. Itd be like this

killing zombies - picking up spicy chickens - killing zombies - picking up fkc up mls - killing zombies - praise - killing zombies - blackening sister - killing zombies conquering the fkc outta world <<less
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elvira12 rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: Completed
5 stars!!!

I dont really like harem type novels but this one is quite.. Good. I like the MC. I like apocalypse stories. I like how the ending was wrapped up. There are so many actions. And most importantly the s*x scenes are so damn hot (nose bleeding). So what is there not to like?!
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rocca.linne rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: Completed
YESSSSS!! Finally, a non reliant shou!

i love this so so muuch! Although they glossed a lot of thing about the apocalypse factor, and the MC is kinda op, but this kind of MC even though OP is not annoying (in my opinion).

there's no holy mother of stale white lotus routine, no super vengeful or too ruthless cold hearted routine, and no half hearted shy boy shou routine. A 200 of 100 for the MC setting!

definitely reccomended for those who fed up with the too reliant or too 'pure' shou in... more>> action BL novels! <<less
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Darkness7913 rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I read the raws and I liked it, the story was smooth enough except for several time skips for the story to develop... I was just sad how the author didn't proceed with fully including the other MLs... Because Yes I read this due to it being a harem and the clean MC coz you don't get novels where MC is innocent (in certain areas) and the MLs aren't annoying or with a child or something...

  • I actually liked all the ML's except the last one, I felt that his chara was there so that MC could have a zombie ML (if he's even considered as one)...
  • ML 3, 4, 5 are left for your imagination since they don't really get anywhere as the story cuts short when the zombie king gets eliminated and MC heals
  • ML 3 enters and exits that it sometimes becomes a bit frustrating
  • I like ML 4 (the lightning guy) : he was so sweet and a good protector
  • I personally don't like ML 2 must be because he was the prev fiancee of the sis it makes me feel like MC did something when he was actually innocent.
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Aachiin0914 rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: --
Hey~ don't blame sister it's not her fault. She's just a normal person with a weaker mentality than other. No one can blame her for her change after she experienced all that and then reborn before apocalypse and having a new hope again. But what she did wrong is that, she didn't trust her father and her fiancee.


This is really a good novel. I didn't really like harem. I don't like to see the mls fighting for the MC's attention and be hurt. I prefer to have a yandere ML... more>> who would dare to kill everyone who's on his way.

In a harem everyone accept and understand that they have to coexist if they really want to be with MC. Even though it's hurts. The feeling of sharing your love one to another.

So read this if your in a mood for harem. Cause even though the MC only accepted 2 mls, you'll feel pity for the others.

But over all this is a good novel.

Although the MC is too op, it's not that bad.

He's still more powerful than the mls which is not common. <<less
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Maudy rated it
June 18, 2019
Status: c36
This is just a fun scenario mix up story. It can be a little redundant with MC characteristics but yet it is just as charming. I find this novel to be quite enjoyable. Anything translated by Chrysanthemum Garden is worth your while (I had to cheat and cut-paste the name as I simply cannot spell that flowers name for the life of me! Hahahaha). Truly a group of obviously very bright, slightly wicked-fun (*wink, wink*), tasteful individuals.
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QCY rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c54
Although I haven't finished the novel yet, I just want to make a review in light of seeing all these other 5 star reviews.

There were several things that didn't sit well with me:

    1. MC's personality - He's had a super rough past life and this should've done a lot of mental damage to him, BUT, after he transmigrates over the author is like, oh he's such an "innocent, naive, considerate, pure" child repeated at least 200 times. LIKE HOW. Makes no sense.

      You would think that he would have trauma, but right smack in the the first chapter or so, the MC is completely calm at the fact that he's been drugged, and then promptly goes to the corner of the room to masturbate in front of the ML. Completely normal.

    2. MC's obliviousness - He supposedly is super good at reading people, but it seems like (up until this point) completely doesn't realize three guys are pining and fighting over him, and continues with that white lotus act. Kinda peeved.
    3. Mary Sue-ness - Everyone HAS GOT to be interested and like the MC. Literally, you know NOTHING serious will ever happen to MC. Also that the apocalypse is just a walk in the park for him.
    4. Idiot sister - It was an interesting plot point which derailed sharply, because she has no idea how to use the cards in her hand and made EXTREMELY s*upid decisions (because of protagonist's halo ig...), which causes everyone to hate her and idk how she even survived in the past life. (Delusional idiot)
    5. The abruptness of the story and the poor translation quality. All the ML's fall for him within secs and only think with their lower halves.
The premise and the world setting was good and original, but the author just didn't carry it out well.

Will edit when finished.
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Seriously_Misspoken rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: c62
If I read the words "pure" and "child" one more time it'll be too soon. You could make a drinking game out of this alone and you'd probably have emptied the bottle by the end of the 3rd chapter. It's incredible how many times these MLs refer to the MC as "the child" and still get hard ons.

I can see why people would agree with the sister, she's suffered a hell of a lot and was only living based on how poorly she was treated in her past life. The... more>> problem is that, I don't feel pity for her, yeah she went through shit, but the MC went through worse. You can't really compare their stories because they are so different but in the end they were both given a chance to live a new life. It's just that unlike the MC, who wanted to move forward, the sister was so stuck in the past that it was impossible for her to see the chance she'd been given.

It's an interesting story, I'm glad I read it but the author spends a lot of time building up scenes before implementing them and imma be honest, I don't like that, I like plunging into scenes, I don't need the extra build up. Also the author likes to explain a lot of the reasoning behind why the MC does what he does and I don't care, I just DONT CARE, STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO THINK.

The fact that EVERYONE thinks the MC is "pure" and a "child" (I swear to f*ck I read those words more than the actual sentences that mattered), and yeah he is 16 but there are more descriptive words than "the child" to describe the literal 16 year old adolescent, teen, youth, juvenile etc. You are having a boner for.

This f*cking MC aint "pure" he'd already gotten his "flower" plucked in his past life -multiple- times. Also, I like OP MCs but let's be real here, the amount of sh*t he's capable of makes me roll my eyes. Like f*ck off, you want me to believe someone is capable of killing zombies with a mere branch? Yeah ok, I get this cultivating stuff but the whole point of an apocalyptic setting is the helplessness and the drive to survive, not for some MC who is the literal definition of a MARY SUE to swat zombies like flies.

Overall, read it if you're sick of weak MCs, and want multiple MLs to spring hard ons at "the child" but beware of mary sue MC who literally can do nothing wrong because he is oh so "pure". <<less
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