Although I Am Only Level 1, but with This Unique Skill, I Am the Strongest


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Satou Ryouta who died from overworking at a black company was reincarnated to another world. Although Ryouta was alive, he is now burdened with the inconvenience that his level is fixed to 1 in this new world.

Although he wasn’t able to raise his level, he had a unique skill that can create a cheat-like item that shouldn’t exist in the world from a monster.

He got to know about his status and MAX them with the help of ability-up items. He gathered a number of weapons and items that can only be used by himself, allowing him to be level 1 but yet, having the strongest equipment.

Associated Names
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Level 1 dakedo Unique Skill de Saikyou desu
My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 (Manga)
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Shiraori_ rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: c8
For those wondering is this novel is different, here's the deal:

-The protagonist is level 1 with F in everything but has a legend status in drops.
-Said legend status lets him get stat boosting items.
-For some god forsaken reason these valuable stat boosting items aren't limited drops like in any normal game, but they're drops from weak skeletons and zombies that any old mook can kill.
-Being Level 1 obviously doesn't prevent him from consuming stat boosting items.
-Guess what happens next.

Also worth noting:
-There is literally no set... more>> up or backstory, and there are literally no descriptive details of the locations, or the world, or anything. Enjoy reading a story in a setting the author can't even be arsed to describe in a few words, if at all.
-Writing is plain and amateurish, translator puts annoying TLNs every few sentences. (TLN: Stop doing this please)
-Up to C8 and only girls have appeared. All seem to gravitate towards our MC for some reason. It's not exactly as gratuitous or blatant as say, World Teacher, but it's still incredibly obvious what's happening here.
-Protagonist has no character or personality to speak of. Neither do any of the characters. Why should I give a sh*t about any of these people?
-It's really boring. Nothing interesting happens.

If you want me to say it any more clearly: it's boring and it's not creative or different either. Don't bother. At least read some shitty isekai that has a world to get invested or interested in. Here there is nothing.

P.S. About the translator notes, trying to get immersed in a story while someone else comments on everything happening constantly is difficult. I'm not sure if anyone else has issues with this, but I certainly do. It's disruptive. I appreciate the work translators do, but this stuff really peeves me. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c16
So the premise is perfectly fine, it's totally workable for an Isekai story... Then the author says "screw it" and tosses it out the window.

Despite starting with the absolute minimum stats possible and being locked at level 1, he goes into a dungeon by himself armed with one little wooden spear and no other equipment and mows down monsters by the hundreds. Already the author has completely destroyed the premise of him being locked in as a super weakling.

Then he finds a way to get stronger and he starts to... more>> really use it... at first... then he gets bored and stops training his stats and instead finds a gun and focuses completely on the gun (why he would focus on a weapon that his stats can't affect and requires consumables items when he has already found a way to increase his base stats, I have no idea).

Then the author introduces some disgusting enemies just to justify the existence and use of the gun.

Then I got fed up with the author not fleshing out any story, any purpose, any intention of getting stronger, any interesting RPG elements, and stopped reading.

I suggest you pass this one up. <<less
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DevilScarlet rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c41
some guys give a review after less than 10 chapter and other blindly follow it. Sight.

After more than 40 chapter I finally wanted to give my own opinion that I hope will help ppl understand what they are reading and how they should read it.

First point, if you come after some battle angry Chinese LN (not that they are bad or anything) but I kindly tell you that it's not for you

... more>> If you want and intricate novel with detective like story or world building, ot's not for you either

What you got there is a simple isekai story and you should just take it as it is

If you don't like the genre, just don't try to read it and rate it, I don't even know why some ppl are so obstinate to down vote isekai novels and Japanese novels in general, are you some sort of cyber racist?

Anyway back to the subject, you got quickly a fluffy ambiance with no tension, you know that there will be no big bad guy and hard core level with danger at every corner

The MC is trying to understand how the word where he is work and tweak is at is advantage to continue his fluffy story

No harem in sight and romance is very soft as of ch 40, I think it will be a slow slice of life with a time leap at the end to finish it. <<less
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montblanc512 rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c11
Pretty generic "Transported to Game-like world" setting with one interesting concept; the MC is weak but has cheat-like ability to always get rare-drops. I generally like these cheat-level ability fantasy novels, even when they're just okay, but this one really doesn't do much at all to develope characters or the world. We pretty much get; "There are dungeons and all resources come from drops". My problems with this novel so far are:

1. The MC almost immediately finds a way to stat up and get tons of money. There is no... more>> tension whatsoever.

2. The female characters are one-dimensional to the point of being cardboard cutouts of characters. You have tiny girl with big hammer who cooks and doesn't like bugs. And rabbit girl who is strong and likes carrots. Going on 11 chapter and we have learned nothing else about these characters, one of which the MC is living with.

3. Really? Of all the cool loot items you can give your MC, and he gets a thematically inappropriate and fantastically boring gun? A GUN!? Not only is it dull, but in this fantasy world where it might be considered interesting, nobody seems curious about what it is or where it comes from. It's never addressed. The author doesn't even get interesting with limited ammo or something, the MC spends bullets like they grow on trees, and oh-so-conveniently gets another rare drop of about 500 rounds. 4. The author seems to lose track of his own plot, mixing up what monsters are on which floors of which dungeons and what they drop. The translator points out that it's not a translation mistake but the way it is in the original.

Overall, it's just really not very interesting. The fantasy elements are explained non-chalantly, the non-fantasy elements that should be unique to a fantasy world are ignored, and the characters are generic. <<less
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Karsus rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c174
When I read the title of this novel, I expected MC to be stuck at level 1 with tr*sh stats but somehow make do and become op using good items. Compensating being frail with having a very good armor that protects him or things like that.

Instead of that, we indeed get a MC stuck at level 1, but in this world levels are meaningless and pointless. Most people would get extremely slight increase in their stats from level 1 to their max level (like going from E to D in... more>> a single stat). There even is this one character that managed to go all the way to level 94, extremely high in this universe, without ever increasing a single stat and still being incapable of soloing the lowest of slime.
MC doesn't have any such problem because he's the only one that can drop items that increase stats and gets all his stats from F to godlike, making any other item redundant because he's basically Saitama.

Author confuses having a quirk and having a personality. There is this one character, his entire thing is that he eats sugar. Every time MC does something for him he'll offer a reward in the form of metric tons of sugar. See how funny that is... especially after the tenth time.

Speaking of character with a quirk. There is this character who's entirely defined by the fact that he acts like a stereotypical homosexual. Every single time this character appears we will have a good three pages of back and forth between the MC calling him a homo, him denying it, trying even to prove it, then undermining it by acting like a stereotypical gay person and the MC claiming, "I knew it, you're 100% a homo". And it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on...
Who the hell cares whether that person is gay or not? By the way, you may be wondering how that guy tries to prove that he's not gay. By treating women like objects, of course! He has these two beautiful female subordinates that he would kiss to show that he's not gay.

And if only that stayed at the level of a joke between the characters, but there is this one time when this stereotypical gay offers a job to our MC. The MC refuses for the sole reason that he's sure the other guy is gay and that would be "dangerous", something that he even goes as far as telling the guy to his face. They treat that as a joke, but quite frankly, I find it difficult to do it myself.

MC is abysmally s*upid. Sadly, it's very hard to know whether it is the MC or the author, because most often the story will never give any hint toward the fact that the MC might be incorrect. For example, MC works tirelessly for days in order to afford a piece of tuna or to afford some jewellery. But these things are drops from monsters, he could very easily ask where they are dropped, go there and get the items himself. You're one of the strongest adventurers there is, stop farming bean sprouts! Go to a place that drops items that are expensive, you're guaranteed to drop anyhow and most monsters are easy for you to kill.

Everyone is always taking advantage of the MC. For example, if the mayor calls you urgently because there is a catastrophe happening that would mean the entire collapse of the city's economy (up to having to abandon the city completely, famines and whatnot). That only you can save the city but it is very dangerous and involves fighting a powerful boss monster. Then in such a situation, don't you think you're entitled to a slightly better reward than the mayor telling you in private, "Thank you, I don't know we could have done it without you"?
Things like that happen all the time. He spends his entire time working his ass off and getting in danger for the sake of others and gets no reward.

Even if the MC were too nice, s*upid or righteous to ask for a reward, the people in charge should still give him a lot. Let's say you're the mayor of a city and you have this guy with more personal might than your entire city combined. You'd want him to feel comfortable so that he doesn't get pissed off, he keeps his good will towards you and he doesn't get enticed by other cities who would dream to have such a powerful, nice and gullible adventurer working for them.

MC is way too nice with criminals. When some people attempt to assassinate him, he let them get away with a fine. Not even that, but the fine amount to the money they extorted. They extorted money, MC was getting in their way, they tried to assassinate him, and he caught them. So they had to give the money back... don't you think that it's a rather mild punishment?
I stopped reading at chapter 174 because of a similar event. Debt collectors were trying to force themselves on a woman who couldn't pay them back. So he told them to stop, ask them how much she owed, they told him an exorbitant amount, and he proceeded to pay them and let them go without even bothering to check whether their obvious lie was true. I say it was an obvious lie because of common sense, the amount due was orders of magnitudes more than what a mob boss would have lent to a waitress. However, the obvious lie might have been intended to be the truth and it's just that the author has no common sense or understanding of the value of his world's money.

That did it for me, if you care about justice then you don't simply pay off rapists and let them go as if they hadn't done anything.

Finally, author doesn't understand the consequences of his own world-building. He goes to great extent to explain to us that every item is a dungeon drop. Be it food, metal, garbage, jewellery, money... and so on. Furthermore, when an item is left unattended for a few minutes it will transform back into the monster it was dropped from.
Unattended means no human in a few dozen meters, a hundred metres at most. The distance is not explicitly told, but it can happen if you leave an item at the other side of a very big room in a mansion.

A city in such a world would require incredible logistics. You need to make sure there is a human in a few dozen metres of everywhere at all time. If there is no one on the streets at night, then the pavement would turn into monsters. If you leave your house for more than a few minutes, then the house will have turned into a bunch of monsters. <<less
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prograMAnimus rated it
February 22, 2018
Status: c30
This is, without a doubt, the worst thing I've ever done to my brain; reading this garbage.

Everything in this world is being shaped (in realtime) for the pleasure of the protagonist. EVERYTHING.
The Protagonist has a particular problem - some lines away a miraculous solution presents itself, totally devoid of any logic or cohesion to the worldbuilding.

It is apparent that the author just started writing one day and builds the world along the way, more reactionary than presciently. This presents itself in quite bizarre ways, as in every couple chapters... more>> another rule is added onto the already nonsensical pool of events that only exist to help the Protagonist.

For example:

He 'discovers' that monsters out of the dungeons drop other stuff as in the dungeons.
After getting a handgun dropped (red flag #1) he contemplates that he needs to refill his ammunition anytime soon.

In the next chapter he 'discovers' that any monster that he kills outsite of the dungeons drop him bullets (red flag #2). Problem solved, right? But why did the other monster drop a handgun, opposed to dropping bullets?
Well thats easy, because the Protagonist needed it ;)


There is no further value in reading this story if you're not 12 and need a strongly self-inserted Protagonist that is quite dumb and accepting.

I was trying to use this as a filler for the other stories I read but it was more harm than good tbh... <<less
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August 13, 2017
Status: c37
Story with world rules that makes no sense, characters that act like they miss half of their brain that appear and disapear when story needs it. Overall 3 since it's viable to read if you don't focus on details too much.


More you read it, more it gets absurd. Author tries to build story based on rules he himself made, which ends... looking weird.


Stopped at ch37. Unable to read more of that.
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Icetower45 rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c50
The story at first seemed to be good but it went downhill after the use of guns in the story. In your typical another world story you would expect sword skills and the like but all the MC does is use a gun and that gets boring very fast. I don't recommend it but if you like a gun type of story then go for it.
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GregLuck rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: c92
I actually wanted to give it 2, 5 stars. This novel is pretty generic with bad writing, no backstory, too many flaws on setting and world building.

Imagine, world without anything except land and some stream of water, all necessity came from dungeons, including money, just how bad is the environment that grass is not even there, but strangely on the ilustration it's all greenery. The author just practically write anything that comes to mind into the novel without thinking how it would go, how it would affect the upcoming chapter... more>> or whatsoever.


It was mentioned that anything came from the dungeon, even material for building a house, BUT on chapter 87 it was clearly mentioned that they have trees.

[Yeap, though it was blocked by trees, but sometimes you can see it from a certain perspective.] (Alice)


Also, the author said that you can't plant anything or herd anything outside, but they have a village which literally doing nothing, without any income, and the 'big city' kept them around 'just in case' a dungeon will appear ??

I have to mention that the way author put prices on the 'farming' of drop item is ridiculous, a whole salmon cost more than 1 million yen, etc. I have to mention that even though our MC have a crazy amount of strength, he never ever even once of thinking of utilizing it's strength by using sword/axe/hammer or any other arms, instead he was fixated on using guns, in which he have to mind the ammo. And I have to mention that the gun the MC use is a revolver, but in the story it says it uses up an entire magazine, though it's possibly error in TL. The author thinking is so shallow, and honestly I think the author is a fifth grader trying to write a novel.

Also, the dungeon names what based on element, that suggest there should be around only around 115 dungeon would exist, and it was inferred that each city would have around 4-6 dungeon, so that makes it only 20-25 city exists. That in itself shows how small minded is the author. Practically the world building is total crap. I repeat, TOTAL CRAP WORLD BUILDING

The logic flaws, plot hole, no clear aim, shallow MC, unclear side character, lots and lots and lots of s*upid choice by MC is making me frustrated.

One of the biggest logic flaw is when you a dropped item have no human around it for a few moment, they will turn into monster again, if it's tr*sh it's become some frankenstein's monster, just imagine you cooking rice and let it go for a while came into kitchen full of monster rampaging. There is too many question hanging about the world building, no clear distinction, no clear laws. Just imagine how far people would go just to transfer rice, or wheat, a staple food.

Another flaw is when MC make the rogue monster drop item, he could actually get unlimited exp from it, he just didn't realized it, total idiot. Item drop > rogue monster > better item drop > rogue monster > better item drop. All the while having exp ball collected each time monster killed, and the item getting better in quality.

Okay, now that the worst part from the novel is barely over, the novel somehow is entertaining, it's like a s*upid show but you just keep watching it. There is a slight typical jap-skit, tsukkomi.

Anyway, if you are fine with reading a half-assed story with lots of flaws, but makes you slightly entertained, then go ahead. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c22
Dont bother, if you only want fluffy story in another world with OP MC theres plenty that is as good or better than this, all of the character is at most 2 dimensional, the MC is meh, change him with any other average random dude and it will be the same if not better, the author is also often very inconsistent, from the content of the story and the way it was delivered I could tell he (or she for all I care, I doubt tho) was young (or should... more>> I say immature?) and inexperienced

I've read literally over hundred of WN/LN also read hundreds of manga etc, plenty of them start out decent or really good with potential of getting even better but end up face planting, so this kind of sloppy WN I dont have much hope of the future, dropped <<less
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warfox02 rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: c35
Why I gave this a 1star?

  1. MC always asks dumb obvious questions
  2. A gun in a world of sword and magic?
  3. Spoiler

    In this novel, stats are rated in letters F-A with A being the strongest, his base stat are all F, but his droprate are all S (higher than A), he managed to make his strength an A because of the seed he could only touch but hey I've got a gun so f*ck this sh*t imma shoot the lights out of every slimes

  4. so many plotholes like

    in that world, everything could be dropped by slimes, different slimes drop different things, from food, materials, construction materials, everything! Some even drop water and air. That being said, everything, except air water and land, becomes a monster when left alone without human presence around it, ex (garbages, or unpicked loot) then why the f*ck the houses ain't turning to monster, he rented an empty house! Meaning no human occupues it!

A complete waste of time and braincells, the author did think a new way of world transfer but this is too much cringe..
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Abhis rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: c21
Its fun to read and with a new concept. I dont get it how can you form an opinion after just reading a couple of chaps. If you dont like it just stop reading.

The chapters are short but sweet. We have a dense hero and dwarf san who sleeps in the dungeon initially only moving after hero bought her a house. The story revolves around their day to day life and the evolution of hero.
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violetbroom rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c10
An otherworld novel that start differently, compared with what I usually read (MC came from the drop of slime!). The story is light without any real conflict, tell us about mc's every days life in otherworld. Other characters are cute and heartwarming (except several who are not important but annoying).

It has simple game system stat, but without number (except lvl). It use A, B, C, etc. The simple stat make it easier to understand and comparing rather than stat which full of numbers.

It looks promising and interesting, try to read... more>> it if you get bored with usual otherworld novel.

Corcerning its negative point about lacks of physical desciption (about the otherworld), its true, but I don't think it's so bad. Wether it's bother you so much or not, you will only know after you red it.

... and the translator's blog looks nice and comfortable to read in my mobile phone. <<less
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DarkberserkerAA rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: c11
The MC is missing half of his brain.I can imagine the MC while yelling "I love guns (ret*rd sounding) ". No world building, might as well crawling in the dark and feel the environment. Characters are so dumb I don't know what to say. Everything can only be taken from the dungeon even the food, building materials etc. Really?

If you want to be dumb just like the characters in this novel then read this, it is contagious if you read more enough.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c212
The MC mentality is like a child. He is willing to forgive a person who not only tried to kill him but use a innocent girl as a suicidal bomber and MC even calls him a good Person!! I get that Author is trying to make the Person look like a "le*d Uncle/Older Brother" to try to make it funny. But please. Just stop. You failed in executing it properly.


    • The MC not aware he's been proposed too. Girls fall in his lap every now and then and yet he he blushes and wants to escape. (He avoids the issue for over 100Chapters) It would be natural if he was a teenager but he's a freaking Adult for gods sake! Be you know, a adult male!
    • I still fail to understand how the crazy age gap is accepted... The girls where called "Ten Years old" and are "Intimate" with Neptune. Even MC no exception to this as most his girls mostly look younger then a high school student!
    • He gives them more reasons to tie him down! Eve had to speak up for him.
    • He is not a nice person, he's just a nosy dumb person.
    • Emily whose the 1# girl wont even be Queen! And yet even she supports it..
This WN sucks! Idk about LN but considering Manga, it might be better. Though if he's anything like this MC, it's freaking terrible! No man should profit from this junk.. It's a worst version of even Another World With My SmartPhone!!!


    • The little plot is what kept me reading. It's pretty cool seeing the world is based on dungeon drops. Genius Idea. (But not used properly)
    • I really love Eve and Emily. But Emily not even used properly. The Polygamy really ruined it as Emily is perfectly suited for MC as both of them are just as naive.
I really love the Translator notes. They made my day. I hope you can translate something... more better you know? This is really a brain cells killing story. I look forward seeing your next work!
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ehutch79 rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c40
The setting is absurd. Everything, from the food you eat, to utensils to whatever, all come from drops in a dungeon, and if they're left alone, they turn back into monsters. How is the world not overrun by monsters, it's not like there's nothing left at home or a shop overnight.

Also, kinda homophobic in parts for not apparent reason.
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GodTurtleOm rated it
November 3, 2017
Status: c40
I read a big chunk including MTLs of the raw and stopped after that. The sheer number of flaws in this series makes it difficult to read. It's bad for a freshman effort, much less the author's 5th or 6th series that's on this site, most of which have been published now. The characters are pretty s*upid, including MC, who, as another reviewer pointed out, completely ignored the double drop item ring he got. Biggest problem with this world? There doesn't seem to be any way it would actually work... more>> and the author wasn't very convincing that it has somehow persisted as far as it has. Everything in the world only can come into existence as drop items from dungeons, dungeons are relatively high risk, anything left alone in either a dungeon or the outside world also turns into very powerful monsters. This applies all the way down to tr*sh. Maybe it's resolved somehow later in the story, but that degree of nonsense should be cleared up much earlier.

Edit (2/28/2020) : Because, about once a month I'll think to myself "Japanese society is a bit racist (and a bit more so towards China) and a bit mysoginistic, so how does a Taiwanese woman who consistently writes garbage keep getting published? Is it because the novels wholeheartedly embrace most of the dumbest cliches? Is Nazuna Miki cute? Maybe she's cute, and maybe that's her secret."

Let's approach the ridiculousness of the setting in a more roundabout manner. Let's say there's an isekai series, and about 10-20 chapters in, a character mentions that the floor is lava, not just where they are right now, but everywhere. "Well, that's odd, maybe they'll explain it a bit more, " you think to yourself. But they don't. Occasionally, other people point out that the floor is lava, or sometimes characters will burst into flame because of the lava they're standing in, but usually it goes unmentioned. Maybe a character will burn themselves on a tea kettle and almost drop it, and another character will say "Whew, good thing you didn't drop that kettle into the lava we're all standing on, because it would have melted down to scrap." and the first character will say "Yeah, that was a close save." And it continues as such for hundreds of chapters. <<less
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prozerg rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c22
Very sweet and relax read for any of you who wants some peace of mind after reading those novels that make you want to kill the author. Romance is there and it is not forced.

MC and Emily are very cute together, not to mention the clerk Elza as well.

Definitely on my reading list.
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Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c32
Like most everyone else is saying the story isn't great. The setting had some initial potential despite the author wasted a large chunk of it by not really fleshing anything out. The story dies, however, around the mid-twentieth chapter once the MC gets a gun - at which point the story begins to ignore everything rpg related to focus on the gun.

I won't go into too much detail as others have already done that, but a few other cons:

h*mophobia - played off for laughs, but kind of jarring

Cliches - You... more>> helped me with "small task", here's the item you wanted

2D characters - Random girl harem member, shop clerk in love with MC, rabbit girl who likes MC as he owns carrots... <<less
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FinzRaizer rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c165
Well it just easy life stories. You enjoy easy way and not complicated story and everything will go easily with plot. Well many people have their owm reference either they like it or not. So the story and chara not too bad for me~. Since there are many bad rating I give 5 star ~
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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