Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao


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An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, he, with the ‘Invincible Heaven Scroll’, was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved as he set himself against the uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend has begun once more. Of all eras underneath the heavens, I am the strongest!

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Thần Đạo Đan Tôn
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Ner0 rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: c3
Ridiculous beginning. Lots of "Fortunately..." Of random miraculous facts that help the MC before the story even started.

His interactions with the little miss from the academy is just too embarassing to read.

He has absolutely no credibility, a wasted young master offers her the moon and the sun?
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Trabca rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: --
I've only read the first three chapters. Even so, I had to stop... it's just a terrible imitation of every other reincarnation xianxia novel out there. Don't touch this, unless it's your first time reading something like this. I need to cleanse my eyes...

Seriously though. This novel has more cliches than the number of cliche novels on this site.
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arahera rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c210
Yah...! Seems like there aren't way too many reviews for this novel out of the beginning zone (first couple of chapters).

Let's see, this novel started out rather funny with the point of the MC and so on and going through reincarnation.

Well, I do have to agree with that guy ner0 as it's 'unbelievable' that the female lead could that easily trust the 'trashy MC, but if I'm not mistaken it was said that she felt the MC to be mysterious or whatnot which I don't even remember....

Let's go away from... more>> the beginning and continue forward...! The plot itself isn't slow like you would have guessed with a novel with over 4k chapters posted, but it isn't fast paced either. It's in the middle where you can somehow enjoy the pace of MC getting his power-ups, random encounters with villains and allies and sooo on.

As of chapter 83 (where I'm currently at) the MC is somehow starting to change, from his starting "I'm the best!" attitude to an "I'm good, but I need to protect those I care about" attitude. It's the example of his soul bonding with the previous owner without him actually knowing, which is rather nice to see.

Well, yah... if you're only thinking about reading the first chapters, then don't do it as you'll only get somewhat annoyed and drop it, if you're thinking of actually reading it, then stick with it over the full 50+ chapters and you'll understand that the novel is good. No wonder, the novel is over 4k chapters, who would actually write really really damn good since start 1 with full of plots and awesomeness...! I wouldn't at least :/ so, take your time with this novel and just enjoy the chapters as most of them are really well written. <<less
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edoc rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c48
It is so ridiculously cliche that its actually quite funny. It may not be the authors intention but this is at the level of parody/crack.

Do not read this if you are too serious about your novels, this is just for laughs and entertainment.
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Lordusopp7 rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c400
Honestly this novel has decent points and all but it is very cliche. I love the verbal face slapping the MC does but ultimately I had to drop this novel. Why? Because this MC is undefeatable. Literally even if someone 5 tiers above him were to kill him, he will have no stress. I feel like the MC knows that plot armor is his strongest asset so his never worried at all. I have seen him multiple times battle it out with people 15 levels higher than him yet he... more>> makes them flee. Thats alright but for some reason they cant even catch him in terms of speed. Wasnt it established that they are much higher in terms of cultivation thus making them faster and having more energy. They dont necessarily have to be stronger. But its a minimum that they are faster and have more energy. I dropped this because it is very very simple to put the dots together. If you tell me a few points than I can tell you what would happen. He literally escaped against a peak heaven tier expert when he was at the spiritual infant realm. While carrying one of his girls. WHat a joke, I had to drop it because of ridicilous overpowered bullshit. Its okay to be overpowered but not to the extent of breaking your own established rules. Imagine a budget Li Qiye that my friends is Ling Han.
The harem is also a joke of clingy women who don't even know how they ended up falling for him. The worst thing about his harem is he is adopted a little child and somehow the author thought it would be funny for a 5 or 6 year old to fall in love with the main character. Technically he adopted her but it's never stated in the novel. I like to think adopted because other than that it is straight kidnapping. Anyways this little toddler has fallen in love with the MC and is definitely a future harem member in my opinion. That Liu tong girl also has become usless and is now a puppet that follows his every command.

Overall this novel has decent strong points but it is ultimately an old man in a child's body constantly praising himself for defeating genius children. Other than that and the poorly written harem where every beautiful girl will somehow fall for his charm it deserves a 3. Only because the MC has the ruthless tendencies of a 'heaven realm' expert. <<less
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Zeraphin rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c224

I started reading this novel because my fav novel was finished and I was looking for something like fast food such as invincible, atg etc.

Alchemy Emperor of the divine dao, such an handful of words right?

I mainly hated this novel the initial 80 chapter with the ... more>>

cliche "your mother is taken by her clan and was forced to marry a seventh (or sixth?) young master of the moon sect.


I intially thought that the characters/antagnotist were going to be the cliche young -master but oh how I was wrong.


Even thought there are young masters in this novel they aren't the same cardboard cutouts of the cliched " I like your gurl, give her to me!" after the young masters recognize his potential they ask for his forgiveness and become his friends


The thing I like is the profound ness of the world that the MC lives in as he himself is another frog in a well


suddenly after he dies he discovers that 100years after his death countless void breaking realm masters roamed the world and some calamity wiped them out


Honestly the only thing I hate about this novel is that the female characters don't get much screen time.

Disclaimer : I read Chinese mainly using a mix of mtl and my own comprehension of the Chinese language. Forgive me if I have grammatical mistakes in this as I just read mtl and my brain is a carload of junk. <<less
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Soutenko rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c40
I'm skimming it rather than carefully reading it, but it's not bad yet. As previously pointed out, it is very unnatural for the female lead to believe the MC so easily, but eh. Similar initial knowledge level as Tales of Demons and Gods with knowledge of high class cultivation techniques, but much less elaborated on how he got them or his comprehension with regards to it.

EDIT: Too boring, dropping it. He doesn't make use of any of his previous life knowledge on a scale anywhere near Sovereign of the Three... more>> Realms or Tales of Demons and Gods. Not much to actually keep me interested. It's still basically face-slapping but without the cool gimmick of the Library of Heaven's Path or shear overwhelming strength and knowledge of Emperor's Domination. <<less
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Oz-kun rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c705
Quick review: in ch 1 to ch 705


World building - ✔️

... more>> Fighting/Action - ✔️

Translation - ✔️

MC - so so

Con ▪️

Harem - ❌ they are just accessories for the time of being. I mean who wouldn't want a beautiful companions.

Romance - ❌ I fear that this is a late romance. While the whole story is filled in actions and who offend who?

Story telling - ❌ It would be much better if it has a multiple POV. But sadly it doesn't have one. I mean you wouldn't know if the MC companion is still there unless it was mentioned.

Alchemy - ❌ it doesn't mention how to make pill medicine. It just explain how cool the sh*t and stuff he did.

Recommendation 👍

Yep I would like you to try it out.

The chapter is short too short.

The equivalent of 705 ch = 235 ch if it is three parts each.

But the Translation can't keep up. If you can read raw it is much better or just like me who translate on my own.

Anyway it isn't that bad. Just that it is so slow that is all. I mean there is a freaking 4000+ ch. While in 705 ch mortal realm hasn't ended yet. <<less
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Storminy rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c650
hoenstly many of the reviews are from people who haven't read past 100 chapters so I felt the need to clarify a few things.

1) this is very cliche. Majority of the cliche in reincarnation wuxia novels will be found in this novel. There are no twists and turns in these cliches they are straight out exactly the same as other novels. Auction? The MC competes with rich people and trucks them while buying everything he needs. So on and on.

2) the harem is ridiculous. I can sum it up in... more>> one sentence. If the most beautiful woman he had ever seen fell for him he would allow her to follow him. Only to find out that she wasn't so beautiful after all. Since prettier women who say a few nice words and blush at him asking to follow him. He thus allows them to follow him. Anyone who tries to court them is courting death. While this man knows absolutely nothing about love and is so cringey whatever romantic stuff he does. As Lordusopp7 said, the little girl is literally adopted. She is practically nurtured to be his wife. She repeatedly stated she wants to marry him in the future which is interesting to say the least.

3) the power system is horrible. The fights are decent, but the horrible thing is this star battle prowess system. It's easily the worst iv ever seen. The cultivation system is not wntnim talking about. It is the battle prowess. Those stars that are constantly repeated and we are given vague answers about it. For example this man just fought a peak spiritual infant stage with battle prowess of 10 stars. That sounds amazing yes. But he was an entire realm and few levels lower than him with battle prowess in the twenties. He absolutely rolled the fella. I still don't understand because it's very weird. Usually ten stars means ten levels. However here I believe it means trash.

4) the character of the MC is the easily the best thing about him. He is a white knight in shining armor that Is easily swayed by a woman's beauty. However he kills everyone that tries to kill him or those he cares about. He doesn't even spare woman which Is something I admire since he is very loose in romantic feelings for women. He is not like other MC who will spare women then the women become infatuated with him and fall in love. Even though he will trust beautiful women blindly but never trust a man and always be vigilant it is still better than most other MC.

5) the story is quite decent but it is filled with plot armor. This MC found a black tower thingy that is invincible. Whenever he hides in it he turns invisible and can see the outside. This for me is a very cheap method of plot armor that is copy and pasted from other novels. Where's he fun if the MC can't cop massive defeat. The bullsh*t if I ever lose I'd lose my way in the martial path is nonsense. 'The path to perfection is a dead path. A path to be the best one can be is a path of hardships and troubles but will eventually lead to success.' (My own words dw I'm working on my own novel hehe) so this plot armor which I'm utterly sick of is too overpowered and I'm never believing that the MC will actually lose something precious in battle. Ahh but that is my opinion maybe many people just want to read entertaining stories knowing the MC will never lose in some way or the other.

6) the MC to me feels like a 1000 year old virgin. Simply that. He and his experiences amount to so much but in romance me in my spring time of youth far surpasses him in that sense. If you give me a situation I can literally explain to you what this MC would do step by step. If he sees a damsel in distress he would risk life and limb to save her. But if he sees some men getting chased "better to mind my own business since I will offend these people for no reason" that's exactly his character and if it suits you then go for it. But for me this novel isn't entertaining it merely is a time killer. The women are just superficial and only have their beauty to offer. No substance at all.

7) also one other thing to note. This novel is one of those novels that have the subconscious mindset that women are more righteous and men are more evil. This isn't specifically stated however I can tell you this that no minor or major villain is a female. There have been a few women who have come across him however they belonged to the family of his enemies so they were always going to oppose each other regardless. Women are righteous and are also weak. Since they are always hunted to get raped by men. It makes you wonder if it really is a good thing to be born a beautiful women. Because if your fate is to be a plaything of a rich young master they will feel prettt bad. Also speaking of young masters. Why do such novels write such young masters as rapists and delusional fools. I mean these guys are rich and famous, of course they will be arrogant and have that "I can have any woman I want." I understand when they see MC women they feel lust but what my question is. Is there not any women who are poor who would flock to live with such young masters. Despite knowing they would be toys. I mean look at the real world there are rich playboys who don't even pay beautiful woman and they voluntarily leave their partners to be with him. Why write such pathetic lines such as "who knows how many young maidens this man has ruined" I despise people who make mass r*pe a plot device. It's disgusting and hurts to read. Single r*pe offences are bearable but mass rapists and such is too filthy for me tbh. Also mass murderers and stuff, it really isn't necessary to write such plot Devices.

Anyways this is my little rant that I wrote while bored in class. Don't take it too serious after all this is just entertainment and most of all it's fantasy. <<less
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spastic117 rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: c935
Ah novel that is so bland and cliche it’s actually ridiculous. I absolutely hate when plot armor is so thick that even the MC knows it himself so he doesn’t worry about anything. Legit you don’t understand how much he survives by plot armor. And it’s as if he himself knows. Some expert 3 realms higher than him tells him to do something, “I was weaker than you in my previous life and this one but who do you think you are ordering me around.” That’s his thinking and he... more>> doesn’t stress because he has some built in tower that is even more broken than him.

Do not read this if you hate

  • thick plot armor that makes the MC know his invincible and he will always win everything by a mile. No stress no drama no maybe he will lose. Just peanut gallery praising him endlessly
  • A harem that is by far the worst. They all look down on him and humiliate him but then he flashes his **** size and they come running to him. He was a virgin in his old life so he doesn’t know anything about women which is absolutely weird. He was an alchemy emperor with an extremely high status, yet he was a virgin?? How? The women enter harem through extremely weak fashion, typical heal a sick girl, create a fake marriage and then fall for each other, pick a slave girl up randomly, save a girls clan from destruction, put a spell over an aspiring alchemist girl. They all have their little jobs and dreams before they enter the harem but once they join, they become ling Han bitch#1 Ling Han bit*h #2 etc. No difference other than their number
  • story is meh. Nothing ground breaking. Full of plot armor and convenience for the MC. Randomly people just keep popping out of the sky when he is about to go to immoral realm. There a bunch of pretty women see his harem and take them all. He of course trusts them because after all they are WOMEN. So naturally he allows them to leave despite them trying to kill him.
  • Oh yea an MC that treats men and women extremely different even though he has a harem. Now I understand people courting women and being more lenient to them when it comes to enmity, but this guy is up there. Overall he has killed one woman but he was life and death enemies with that family so he had to end her anyway. But as I was saying, when you already have a harem of extremely beautiful women. Why in the world would you keep treating other women with the same flirtation tactics that got you your harem in the first place. Example: in the immortal realm some fierce beauty with a great background is offended by Ling Han when he defeats her in battle. So she sends some geniuses to beat him up but what does Ling Han so knowing she sent them to beat him up? He smiles, beats that guy up and becomes good friends with that girl. He didn’t say don’t plot against me don’t mess with me or anything. She made Ling Han have a life and death enemy that started a war between Ling Han and that dudes family but he never ever pursued the matter at the root. “Do you know why I sent him to beat you up. Because he always pursues me so it’s good you bashed him for me. Now you are my follower blockhead.” That’s exactly what happens
  • if you hate an MC that is unyielding at the start but when he gets to higher realms. He yields every two seconds. However when it comes to youngsters fighting him or beauties wanting his help he will never yield. So anything else “it’s better I yield here so I don’t cause much trouble” ahh very interesting mindset. I’ll give you an example. He saw a female with beauty on par with his top harem girl. He then saw her naked by coincidence. Meh girls taking public baths and blaming peekers lol. Anyways she makes him take responsibility despite having a higher background higher power higher status. Ling Han is just a talented little shit. And the lifespans of these people are millions and billions, so who cares about a small brat. Anyways he says I’ll tske responsibility so she makes him forge a fake marriage with her. Mind you she is being pursued by an extremely strong youngster who comes from a powerful background. Ling Han the fool cannot handle a woman being in a tight spot so he accepts. He knows he has plot armor so nothing happens to him. He then meets her father who tells him to stay away. Ling Han then tells the father to his face “your going to be a grandfather” now the father was extremely mad and guess what. He didn’t try kill him at all. He just raged and Ling Han walked out smiling. Such a foolish move that would have gotten him flattened even in this world let alone cultivation world. The girl obviously became mad and tried to kill him. But as a joke, you know girls can joke about murdering you but when a guy does it. It aint funny.
  • Barely any alchemy. This title is nonsense. He only relies on alchemy for getting money that’s about it.
Overall a cliche plot with overpowered MC that attracts beauties left right and centre but doesn’t know what to do with them. He once slept with a woman while unconscious lmao. How? How? Both of them unconscious btw. It just came out of nowhere. And he got a kid from that. Wth <<less
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IMakeCopperMirrors rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c700
Rating: 5.5/10

This novel is MADE out of tropes out of which the endless harem is most irritating to me, but other than that I have nothing to complain about. The plot advances quickly so there is not that much empty filling for the word count other than the amazed reactions of the crowd and young masters.

A novel point is that the art of trash-talking and threatening between MC and enemies reached a new level, so that the author doesn't even make his MC talk like a person groomed in... more>> a xianxia setting but more like a hooligan from our times - intended or not I take this as some little ironic 4th-wall breaking. <<less
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Mangikop rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c4
This is just one of those cultivation novels.

I read a lot of them and now I feel like I've been reading about a single main character over and over again... just with different names and places, but essentially possessing the same immature and overbearing personality. The same goes for the despicable people in his clan; which I suspect of being a villain from another novel who reincarnated like the MC.

And the girl... sigh. Choose a random girl from the cultivation novels you read and chances are high that they had... more>> the same appearance and temerament.

As for the plot, it's just the beginning but I could already predict the offend-powerup-faceslap-gainlover pattern.

You could foresee that outcome the moment the MC reincarnated with trash cultivation and trash position with evil characters trying to take advantage of him, only to fail because the MC is superpowerful in his previous life.

I won't rate it 1 star because I feel like its unfair for the effort of the author and the translators. <<less
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popocake rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: c544
Very OK novel, good if you've got the time and want to just read something to shut off your brain. Lots of xianxia tropes like cardboard villains, unsurpassed beauties, "do you know who you're talking to?", adventures in secret realms, wacky scaling and a lot of face slapping.

The author's not particularly good at building characters but he does seem to have a fairly good idea of where he wants to lead the story on, leaving hints of a puzzle here and there. But then again, the mystery's still not unraveled... more>> by ch. 537 and from the novel's rhythm it'll take maybe some 300~500 chapters more to get there... but the novel totals 5, 000+ chapters, so it's hard to say he had the whole thing planned right from the start.

Oh yeah -- The novel title's a bit deceptive, as the main character does have skills in alchemy, having harbored the title of "alchemy emperor" in his past life, but since he's pursuing martial arts in this life, alchemy takes a back seat. Also, it's hinted that by ch. 1, 000 or so the MC will reach the level he had in his past life, so it's possible that alchemy may be even less relevant to the story by then. <<less
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Nedrey rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c261
A simple, decent amalgam of other cultivation light novels. I sense some BTTH with Emperor's Domination thrown in. I'm sure there were a lot more that I couldn't identify. At least the story sort of flows and there were some moments which I admittedly found funny.
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Barezzi rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c196
No need to say that there is no perfect novel, always has something in the novels that leaves us unsatisfied and in most of them always is some fault (be it at the beginning or the end) with MC. This novel has one of the best MCs I've ever seen, he is arrogant when it can but knows how to be humble, seriously he was humble at heart without pretending to fool an enemy or to get something, he knows when to retreat and when to advance the only thing... more>> missing so far is some romance.

For those who like Emperor Dommination, Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao can be a good read (until c196). <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c130
It's not bad, but it's generic and quite cliched. Nothing super wrong about the story, but it's nothing really special.
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bushwhacker2k rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: c82
I was actually enjoying this story, it's about a powerful peak cultivator who reincarnated and uses his past knowledge and unrivaled alchemy skills to once again reach the peak and this time to surpass it.

He was an alright character (fairly bland though) and the heroine character was pretty likeable (though also similarly bland) and things were going alright, but I started to notice some worrying signs...

The number of raging, murderous psychopaths and potential rapists just kept growing. After a few times, I realized, "oh, it's one of THOSE xianxia, the... more>> kind where it's really obvious the author has no intent to let up or have the protagonist simply deal with things (even though he's absolutely capable of doing so before a problem exacerbates) and instead just keeps throwing murderers at the protagonist." Eventually people he knows will start dying and then he will be filled with righteous fury and get his revenge!... except at that point I won't care.

He's a reincarnator, which means he has a great wealth of past life knowledge and experience. He should have some familiarity with how people behave in the world he comes from but instead of using his connections and abilities to get proper protection so he can just focus on cultivating and only putting HIMSELF in danger, he doesn't utilize those advantages and the result is obvious.

I don't trust the author to not keep pulling this crap, he's already throwing out psychopaths at such a rate that it feels guaranteed to keep happening.

Not interested. Dropped. <<less
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