Sword Moved the Ninth Heaven


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A Mysterious continent, with many powerful sect and countless strong one. Juvenile Zhou Heng with a mysterious black broken sword, from the original stone town out into this world of war. Ascended the throne of the world with only a sword in hand.

Associated Names
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Kiếm Động Cửu Thiên
Sword Moves the Nine Heavens
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vaporingchain rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: c1149
The story is a pretty good harem novel. It is not a must read but did enjoy it. It is typical xianxia MC fighting and leveling up to protect loved ones.

some harem info below

... more>>

MC has 10+ wives a bunch are forgotten in a sense but I like how the author handled it. Basically, once he f*cks girl and considers her as a wife she will follow MC for the whole story no wife is left or forgotten in a distant place. So when the MC goes to cultivate or do something solo they stay at their home author does give some love to wives lol, before MC leave or comes backs he states that MC spent 10 days satisfying all of the wives and all need equal love. But that does not mean all girls get a lot of screen time but at least you know they are with him and not left. There is 1 exception 1 girl in the second half of novel captures MC and a girl gives him to pill maker so they can experiment on MC. He is tortured for a while until he escapes kills pill maker and r*pes and kills the girl that caught him.




The ending was ok the author was supposed to make a second book but never did I think. Basically, MC world is fake even though there are multiple realms and billions of living things. His world is the virtual world of a dead god. The main antagonist is just a grave robber that got sucked into the dead god's world. While he was robbing the god's body. MC finds this out in end of the story they are just frogs in well and weak. MC kills antagonist escapes his world since its decaying since the god died. And that is it once he is in real-world MC breakthrough but is about to die but a little girl saved him. The girl ran away from home cause she didn't want to cultivate. I guess this is to show how they on the bottom again. MC brings everyone from his world to real world says he wants to explore this world then it ends.

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mKrytz rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c125
Very generic harem novel is my first impression after reading 125 chapters.

I didn't know the tags beforehand I got into this and if I did I wouldn't start reading this.

I like polygamy xianxia, xuanhuans but netori, s*x s*aves, r*pe etc... and that the novel isn't a finished one is enough for me to drop this.

... more>> MC's personality is bad. The author portrays him as "righteous, heroic character" but everyone can see straight through the facade and realize he's just a arrogant, vulgar, rapist that sometimes do good deeds.

The young masters that appears a lot are all the same generally; a rapist in short.

Do I recommend this to anyone? Definitely no. <<less
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Kakeru rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: Completed
A generic novel as usual. It has a lot of harem, and the MC is arrogant. I think it was like a parody in the aspect of harem because the girls literally get wet about MC and some of them are masochistic. It is really generic, but I somewhat liked it. And the author ended it as a first book, so the ending is not complete. 2.5/5 at best.
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