Aizawa-kun Can’t Love


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“I can’t love you…”

The protagonist, Tatsumi Aizawa, is incapable of love. Ever since he was a child, he was distanced from his family. Yet, there was always a girl next to him, his best friend since childhood.

However, in junior high, he was betrayed by that same friend. The sheer shock of that let-down caused him to lose his capability to love.

Entering high school, he came into contact with a variety of different people. A noisy classmate, a slightly unusual senior, his own estranged sister… and the girl he once loved.

Through his encounters with them, he eventually gets involved with that childhood friend once more. A noisy, yet peaceful everyday life ensued, and as the days went by, his feelings gradually changed.

“Will I ever be able to face her again?”

—Such is the conflict that plagues his mind, yet Tatsumi has a secret locked away inside.

This is a story about a boy who can’t fall in love, and a girl who yearns for him to love her once more.

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あいざわくんは愛さない ~好きだった幼馴染に裏切られて恋愛感情を失くした少年に幼馴染はもう一度好きになってほしいそうです〜
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New amit_orko rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: v1c33
Certainly, there are similarities with other Soafp translations, but if it ain't broke am I right? The MC this time is certainly physically strong, he is also not that much self-loathing and is very understanding of others. He has much room for growth as a character
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New Eti2d rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: c30
At first, I didn't expect much as it only had a rating of 3.5 (as of this post). But I still gave it a go since only a couple dozen have rated it. Having read quite a few "betrayed and traumatized" stories, I find this one actually quite decent. But don't expect something heavy like The Girls who traumatized me[...] or heroines you just loath because of their past actions.

From what I gathered from 30 chapters, our MC isn't some bland protagonist and also has some backbone. At one time... more>> he beat up some delinquents when he noticed that they wanted to r*pe a group of girls and women at night. It's also shown in multiple occasions that his gaze could be very terrifying when he's annoyed. Furthermore, his common sense is a bit warped which makes for quite a few funny moments (especially his interactions with his homeroom teacher).

Another plus for me: the heroines' actions in the past and how MC behaves in front them is quite balanced. He's not some overly depressed victim where the heroines actions don't justify his extreme behavior (in the sense of "You didn't trust me at that time, so I lost all feelings I had for you and will forever hate you"). On the other hand, he's also not depicted as some selfless idiot who easily forgives unforgivable actions and then behaves like nothing happened. In the first place: the things the heroines did to our MC aren't actually that repulsing:

  • the older sister gets terrified of MC after he protected her from a few kids by beating them up even after they surrendered. While doing so, he smiled like a predator and seemed to revel in that violence. MC thinks she hates him because of it
  • the mother has to work more to provide for her children after her husband left them, thus making her unable to spend time with her children
  • the childhood friend gets peer pressured into bullying MC. The 1st and only thing she did, however, was writing "idiot" on his desk. Unfortunately, this gets seen by MC
Our MC seems to hold no grudge against these heroines, but he is of course still haunted by these events. Quite a few readers can't seem to accept how he holds no grudge against his childhood friend (CF). But let me give you some context:

When the bullying started, CF actually wanted to report it. But MC seemed to have thought that this bullying would pass away quickly and not turn any worse which is why he was adamant not to report it. In the end, it did get worse and finally led to CF being forced to participate in the bullying (note that she only wrote the word "idiot" on his desk). MC regrets that he hadn't acted before things escalated to that point. That's the reason why he sees her as a victim rather than a perpetrator.

Btw., the reason why MC didn't fight back at all was because of his promise with CF. So the only thing he did was trying to endure the bullying and hope that it would end.

It was mentioned that he initially loathed her. But thanks to his benefactor he doesn't resent her anymore. He/She told our MC:

"Life is a combination of the good and the bad, isn't it? Will you live your life pretending all the good times you've ever had never existed just because you're going through the bad? Living like that is just too sad. And so is constantly living with hatred. I just don't want you to live a sad life." (ch. 28)


I see this as an acceptable reason why he doesn't resent her. There's just one thing I can't cope with. He somehow sees the need to apologize to CF for how he behaved when she betrayed him as that must have hurt her a lot. But why should he do it? It doesn't change the fact that she did betray him, and at that time he really thought that she willingly participated (probably for quite some time) in that bullying. And note that at that time he saw her as the only person he had a bond with, thus making her alleged betrayal even worse for him.

Well, at least MC only seems to want to put the "bad air" btw. them away. He himself also said that while he doesn't resent her, he also finds it impossible to love her. <<less
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Sksksksks rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: c21
read the raws. oh my fgod this novel is so bad lol

out of those edgy bois novel (traumatized stuff), this thing is probably the worst one out there. this is probably the author's (wannabe) first novel but... *looks at entrail_ji

... more>>

the way our MC handles the situation when he got bullied in junior high is so s*upid. he literally can report it to someone that hes being bullied by the whole class yet he? hes waiting for something for some reason and one day he beats up everyone (in the classroom) yaaaay~ hes waiting for things to escalate~ if his plan was only beating the sh*t out of them, he could've just beat the first guy who bullied him lol but nooooo hes letting the bully beat him for no reason and spread rumors about him w/o any basis~ but typically, they're all facebook moms, flat earthers and gullible people so they believed what the guy said and join the fun~ MC is still silent for some reason. jesus thats why I hate japanese wannabe authors <<less
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GreenRiver rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: c18
It's decent. The characters aren't well fleshed out, but their actions and motives are believable. It's very, VERY similar to "The Girls Who Traumatized Me", just toned-down.

... more>>

The short version is:

Dad took off.

Mom works too much.

He defends his sister from 5 bullies, she sees him in "fight mode" and gets scared. She treats him like a monster, but later regrets it.

Childhood friend gets peer pressured into bullying him when he's at his lowest.


He didn't fight back against the bullies, probably because he didn't want his friend to be scared of him like his sister was. But as soon as he saw his friend writing grafitti on his desk he snaps.

'Why should I care if she's scared of me now?' -> He beats up every boy in the class (so, maybe 15 on 1?).

It's not an amazing story, but I enjoyed it. <<less
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