Four Color Goddesses


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Shota Mukawa, an ordinary boy with no special characteristics, was broken by the shock of being betrayed by the four girls he trusted. Heartbroken, he moved to the countryside and worked on himself while healing his emotional wounds.

One day, his mother remarried and he became Shota Nijitani, returning to the place where he was born and raised. At the high school he transferred to, there were girls called the “Four Colored Goddesses”. These goddesses are the demons who betrayed Shota and threw him into hell.

Shota was shaken by the trauma of his past, but the goddesses didn’t recognize Shota Nijitani as Shota Mukawa because he had changed his appearance and last name.

He takes this as an opportunity to keep his distance and try to live his life, but somehow the relationship grows deeper.

Gradually, the truth of what happened in the past begins to emerge.……

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bakquak rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: v1c10
I've only read the English translated version of this story and so far it has been a sh*t show (the good kind). The story is your typical broken, depressed, and untrusting MC just like the other novels soafp translates, except this time, all if not most heroines in the story are all discriminate, manipulative, and 'b*tchy' women. Thankfully so far, it is not a harem and the MC should not take a love interest with one of the Four Coloured Goddesses. I mean cmon, ... more>>

3 of them have mentally and emotionally scarred the MC whilst the other didn't speak out when the MC did a crime he did not do that would typically ruin someones life forever

. No matter what anyone says they DO NOT deserve to be in a relationship with the MC. Hopefully though, he could make them fall for him (not deliberately) only to be in a relationship with a girl he actually loves MWAHAHA. Ahem anyways, I do still recommend you guys read it though, it's a rollercoaster of a read however it will all be worth it in the end (hopefully) <<less
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Casitaaaaaaa rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: v2c25
3/5 stars, I was so disappointed to the MC, like, why you easily forgets what they done to you. And keep paying them with kindness and even fix their problems.

The Heroines are all tr*sh (except Kuromine) imo, and his friend (Renji) is the only good in this novel.

i was so pissed on how he easily forgives the girls like c'mon, they put unforgettable scars to you, if your past self sees that for sure he will punch you, is he dumb or what? Why MC of jp romance novels... more>> are all like this lmao.

Overall, The plot is good and the translations is smooth. Every heroines have their own character development, I was hoping for MC's Character development and not some kind of tools to push other heroine's development. And also, I want to see The interaction between Renji and the MC, The reaction of his step-sister when she discovered the truth. <<less
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stanljpierre rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: v2c25
Honestly cant stand this sort of novel. Not a single character is likeable, including the MC himself.

The MC being the victim that he is is way too forgiving to a disgusting extent. At first, I surely did feel bad for the guy, but he's got to be a masochist with the way in which he interacts with the people who previously hurt him. It's as if he treats everything that happened to him as water under the bridge. I don't care for revenge, but a cold shoulder would've been preferable.

Then... more>> there're the "heroines". They're truly terrible women with the exception of perhaps Black, but she isn't all that great either with accordance of the most recent chapter I read. I would hope that the MC never gets together with any of these women, but it's more than likely.

Such a frustrating read, don't bother wasting your time. <<less
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apoctri rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: v2c25
I finished catching up to the raws earlier and I can say it's pretty good. It reminds me of the other series TL did and it does get pretty interesting. This series is very much my cup of tea. You just read about his past and what the 4 goddesses did to him. Major spoiler below so a big warning

Red/Aka kept humiliating him and berating him until MC couldn't take it anymore and a rumor popped up of him being a stalker and eventually stopped talking to her

Blue/Ao was messed up by rumors and got new friends so she slowly stopped talking to MC and she accidentally pushed him down the stairs and he got hospitalized (she broke a bone later on)

Black/Kuro is scared of men but was good friends with MC but one day a senior tried attacking her while she was unconscious and MC saved her but other girls saw the scene and thought MC attacked her and horrible rumors spread about him but kuro never denied any of them

White/Shiro is the mc's ex gf and she cheated on him while they were dating. Turns out she was using him as a tool for her own advantage and didn't care about the mc's feelings

(Later they'll all have chapters to "justify" their actions)

all of this caused him to transfer and move out and later on he slowly tries to reconcile with them (?), so far it's only been shiro and btw kuro is the best girl :>


It's a nice short read and I recommend it a lot. I'm looking forward to more chapters by the author.
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betoran rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: v2c25
... what in the actual hell?

The premise? It's nice, and the execution is incredible. The backstory of each color and their PoV on what happen was nice too... but...

The MC kills the story, no. He doesn't just kill it. He mu*ders all the hype about it.

... more>> There exist something called kindness, but what the MC does is not that.

This story can be compared to something like this... It feels like a good looking steak but when you smell it... it smell rotten. The sight might be amazing, mouthwatering even... but at the end of the day, the insides are all rotten. The moment you decide to bite once, it might left a horrible feeling, but thinking it might have been just that part was the mistake. It was not just the part you just ate, but everything is rotten.

Our MC was hurt in the worse way possible, kick over and over again into the depeest hole possible. This SPEAKS to me. This whole plot is similar to something that happen to me in seven grade, even the whole forced to move schools. Yet, it portrays such a unlikeable character as our MC.

If it was rummors that ruined him, why doesn't he tries to speak out loud the moment people start getting the wrong idea about him? Why does he even SMILE or actively tries to get close to the ones that hurt him. Yes, they don't know in his eyes that he is the one they hurt... but he doesn't even care. He treats them kindly and even goes with what they want. He does this over and over, never even getting a single word.

Our MC can't be called a beta male. He is simply a doormat. Seriously, at this point I can see it. He was a sentient doormat the whole time and it will be the ultimate plot twist.

The whole White goddest was just the worms inside the rotten meat that you found later. How in the name of all that is good, can he even STOMACH speaking to the girl that BROKE HIS HEART and even TOLD HIM how she was just using him at that time (she used another guy in the past to get closer to her brother to his face and how she broke with him, not knowing at that moment HE was that guy...) and how she never loved him. He doesn't question how manipulative she is, he knows that she viewed the other goddest as evil yet suddenly wants to pair him with one?

No, the whole deal with white is already ret*rded. Can't believe how they killed such a good premise. There doesn't need to be vengace or scorn... but MC acts and reacts is beyond ret*rded. There is moral high ground, but this isn't that. This is just us watching MC be the doormat of the world. <<less
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-Isa- rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: v1c24
This story embraces the troupe of JP harem novels, but has elements that deviates it from others.

We have another Gary Stu MC who has no character or substance. He has no character flaws, and doesn't act consistent with his character (he even said himself that he won't approach any of the heroins). I guess the MC acts like that so the whole plot can happen.

The main focus of this story are the heroines, which are the main reason people read this novel in the first place. They are interesting as... more>> characters, have good character arcs (for now) and even though they are generally recognized as antagonists in this story, their personalities and pasts are still worth learning about. No matter what you might think about them, the fact that you are invested enough to learn more about these girls, and want to find out what would happen afterward makes them objectively well-written characters.

The story also hints at a main antagonist who hides behind the shadows and manipulate rumors regarding the MC, driving him away from the heroines to gain power as someone who stands on top of the school caste. The more we read, the clearer it is that the above statement is possible. I would like to see if my guesses are correct or not.

So far so good. Would recommend you giving it a try. The only thing I'd like to see is the MC developing some more character traits so that I would be more invested in him as a character instead of seeing him as a tool to drive the plot. <<less
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Kuroakai rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: v2c25
Finished up to the raws, story really pull you in as you read till the latter part and among the 4 heroine so far, I would say only 1 of them is so literally so much scumbag than the childhood friend goddess mistake seem like a small issue but I still think none of them beside scumbag heroine even deserve to be with MC even after they justifying their action of why they did it especially when the reason of at least 2 of them was relatively dumb.

... more>>

Shirase Mayuki is the absolute garbage heroine in this series, she intentionally chose to confess to MC knowing how mentally weak and heartbroken he was at that time just to exploit him to make her brother jealous and be aware of her more to fell in love with her '' the so call forbidden love'' after finding out her father got her engagement partner instantly dump MC in the worse way ever and even add on how she is only using him that's all. Now that MC is back into the area again, she intend to manipulate and exploit him yet again because she felt there's noting wrong with exploiting '' kind MC'' among all 4 heroine, she's the only that felt zero remorse for what she did and think what she did is just a small mistake.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jake1230929 rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: v1c4
It’s going fine right now really intriguing I want to know what happened but for now the way I see it is that when in middle school they tried to attract his attention to get him to like them but he misunderstood and thought they were making life hell for him which could be true this is my theory. Children are prone to make fun or mess with the one they like which is probably with those four goddesses did. But well see it’s really interesting right now I’m hoping... more>> that the MC doesn’t end up with one of the four goddesses. <<less
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Pelouch rated it
December 25, 2023
Status: v2c25
The biggest knock against it is no conclusion and hiatus. What we got it's fairly short, about 2 ln volumes. It's one of those teenage romance betrayed story the heroines are all conveniently color coded... It's funny how when we're in school we think these little social interactions are the entire world.

So the MC got a pretty rough deal from his color coded acquaintances, skipped town and came back and it's pretending he doesn't have a common past with them, they all have their unique circumstances and it all makes... more>> sense. Of course there's some unnecessary drama that could easily be solved by talking but it never feels too too forced.

Some preliminary info the rainbow goddesses in order of how messed up they are:

  • Red (childhood friend)
  • White (blitz gf)
  • Black (well meaning acquaintance)
  • Blue (former best friend)
Although it's a really nice read, not overly gloomy, I don't recommend you give this a go because it ends in a mild cliffhanger... Well I can imagine how it's going to go from now but I'd like to read it y'know. I'll file this under pending. <<less
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